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Brad Vigansky

Greetings Benjamin: What a wonderful bit of news in your blog today.

I would like to make a comment at this point: Any good farmer will recognise what is actually happening in regard to what has been taking place in agriculture and all other businesses. The giant farms and all other businesses have been busy plundering, poisoning, and raping “Mother Earth” and in the process you can now look at the results. The Earth is nearly ready to exterminate mankind due to these processes of plunder for profit. Little do they realize that the Earth will respond to mankind accordingly. Proper Husbandry requires, actually demands that you give to “Mother Earth” and in so doing the “Earth” will respond by yielding; and yielding more abundantly. The abundance will become far greater than most people can imagine.

In order to convert to non poisonous methods of proper earth husbandry (in all phases of all business) will require quite a turn around in methods of operation and detailed methods of living. This new method will permeate every fabric of our existence; and our continued existence will depend on it. As time continues and as these new methods are implemented you will begin to see and understand what is happening. God has truly blessed us all very greatly. What a fantastic gift for the start of “The Golden Age”. Now it is up to us, lets evaluate and spend that real gold that is in our hearts.

Brad Vigansky




Forgiveness? Yes they can be forgiven but they must first REPENT! And after they have done so, then they must pay back 10 fold for all the evil and atrocities they have committed against humanity.

Starting with all th money they have stolen from all generations of people involved, that money from Theft Known as Income Tax must be returned to the now living heirs.


These people felt they were above the law because the law did not act swiftly toward them.

"Because sentence against wickedness is not executed speedily, therefore the hearts of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. Eccl. 8:11




ありがとうございます。 H21.12.14 am 2:40


I can't speak for what Ben is thinking when he says 'forgiveness, not revenge'.
But for myself, my understanding is this~
In my own heart, it does me no good and much harm to carry around hatefulness and vengeance.
It is an all consuming emotion that effects our Spiritual, mental and physical well being.
But this does not preclude JUSTICE.
These villains must be brought to Justice and face the consequences of their actions.

I do not have to be passionate when deciding the verdict that will be delivered.
I need to see clearly and NOT be clouded with emotion so that JUSTICE and NOT REVENGE is meted out.

There are those who say that "karma" will find these criminals and balance their actions their next time around on this Earth~ or elsewhere.
But in cultures that embrace this belief system, there is the Greater Law of Karma and the Lesser Laws of the People.
And part of the "karma" is to face the Lesser Laws as well.
It might even weigh in their favor to endure the Laws of the Land for their Trespasses.

Regan Patno

I have not heard of any arrests of top people.

Regardless, I pray that your use of 'sprinklers' and 'sprinkling' are in good faith and 'between the lines' communication to me.

May the heart awaken in all. May all see themselves in others.

wild hominoid


I take exception to your thoughts on Forgiveness for these political and financial criminals. In the US I have been involved with many movements to effect change in the corrupt status quo of the American

The actions of federal and state agencies and their agents against the interest of the citizen is rank with infamy. Nearly all that is done in the corporate body politic is with an agenda to steal wealth and freedom from the American people and undermine the Constitution of each state and the United States.

These bastards and that is expressing their description mildly deserve the fullest extent of retribution for their crimes; just as they have damaged and destroyed the lives literally of millions as agents of the Rothschilds and their collaborators....the Rockefeller's, Morgan's, Mellon's, etc.

They have stolen property, real and personal; broken people and family through their gangsters in alphabet agencies; legislated for the benefit of special interest, both on the corporate scale and individual. Justice is mandated upon them so that their punishment is equal to the crimes and damages they have committed. The laws of the land (US) and world apply to them as they have used them harshly with NO TOLERANCE or FORGIVENESS upon the people of this world.

A message must be sent to anyone in their families and in their corrupt fraternities that they were not above the law and anyone who does the same will be punished in the same.

These people felt they were above the law because the law did not act swiftly toward them. In the days of public ridicule and distain, when floggings, being put in the Stocks and hangings occured, this detered criminal activity even amongst those elected.

If a permanent change is to be effected than a very very strong message needs to be sent world wide as to how criminal behavior will be adminstrated. Anything less and the tone is set for testing the tolerance of society or the challenge of trying to abborate the laws of the land and the ethics of social and political interface.

The lives and the blood of many all the way back to the Founder's of the American Republic cry out for retribution both criminal and punitive.

Oz, (Ozilla )


Kill them,kill them all. Thomas (Stone Wall) Jackson. Tora,Tora,Tora.


stocks stayed strong today as the dollar went up.
i would invest in steel, aluminum and silver if i were u. (too late to invest in Google for many of us.)
the slaves in the west have been herded and gathered up for the next step,
rebuild or die


Sorry but that is a crock of shit! So was the Bush death story! I think your sources are smoking crack and making up wild shit to laugh about while we all go ooohh and oh, wow, that would be soo cool! Yeah right. I like a lot of what Ben has to say but these outlandish stories must end...or at least get confirmation BEFORE posting such news.


Hi Ben!

sorry but you can't be prosecutor and judge at the same time. You will have to leave this case to the International Criminal Court to decide it.

Besides that what makes you believe he's repentant? Did he ask for forgiveness? Only can a sheep forgive a wolf for no good reason, even if they haven't ask for it... Know that God Himself doesn't forgive just for the sake to forgive, but he forgives only if you're repentant - know this!

I doubt Kissinger is repentant... He simply got caught when he never envisaged this scenario. But that's part of the game he's been playing for years now, it's part of the deal and they know the road to the NWO is a bumpy one. How many countries and peoples from around the world does this beast have on its conscious? Do you know? I think to a certain point he stopped counting.



I am also one to believe it when I see it. So, whatever.
As far as forgiveness goes, Yes, this is a must. Do you think these people will relinquish control willingly on threats of death? We have already tried that. It is apparent to me, that they die either way. They die by our hands if they stay the same, they die by the illuminated ones hands if they betray, so threats of punishment makes little sense to me. If I am going to die either way, Why not stay comfortable until death.... Gears turning for anyone?
I think the question that needs to be asked is, why do YOU need to see someone punished? I won't go into it further, but a simple maxim, two wrongs do not make a right, should help. The bigger people that read this, the ones that perceive the entire spectrum of what is going on on a soul level understand this. Punishing them to get good, is no better than causing war to get peace, and similar to f*cking for virginity. IT DON'T WORK. If you need to see someone punished for a wrong (which is about 90% of the world), you need to ask yourself why, and pray for the strength to awaken to your eternal self.
If you were eternal and you never truly died, and this earth was just a sandbox where God let his children play, would punishment be your answer?


I hope what you're saying is true. Hopefully all will be well.

On another note, here's a link to an interesting phenomenon seen in the Norway sky last wednesday:


The author of the audio clip is linking it with the supposed approaching of the planet Nibiru. A moronically sensational clip, I'll have to say. Also, a commenter links this with LHC and a prophecy from Nostradamus. Quote:

"On Tuesday night Dec 8, 2009 ,
The 17 mile long Large Hadron Collider located in switzerland achieved collisions with protons accelerated to energies of 1.18 trillion electron volts apiece for the first time!

the French prophet Nostradamus, from 400 years ago
Century 9, Number 44

"All should leave Geneva.
Saturn turns from gold to iron,
The contrary positive ray (RAYPOZ) will exterminate everything,
there will be signs in the sky before this""

Unquote. I don't know about those conclusions, but the same thing has been seen in Russia three years ago:



















Luis Magno

British-derived Canadian-style fascist thinking is anathema to the efficient survival, rebirth and resurrection of the second American Republic. http://spanishamericans.webs.com/home.htm


Sorry. But I don't hear any news about any Nazis being arrested unless its done in secret which would be impossible to keep especially on Wall Street.


How can you report that Kissinger has been arrested without the slightest shred of detail (let alone evidence)? I wish you well Ben, but in my eyes your credibility has been diminishing at a fast rate of late. Surely you know that this is not the way to convince people that what you're saying is the truth.






"Everyone is going to die" is a yet-unquestioned-superstition?

【The Most Positive Thought.】(English):


Once again Benjamin,

be careful not to be taken in by some dirty disinfo tricks. Maybe the illuminati try to make it look like "oh, there is this evil nazi faction inside the illuminati, but we (the good guys) are already fighting these bastards." and in reality no real fight is taken place. This would be another version of the "good cop/bad cop" game.

Best Regards



does benjamin believe in karma?


................................................................................................................................................... Forgiveness? These bastards killed my mother brother with their beaming technology!! Forgiveness? How many millions in just the last 100 years died & sufferred needlessly because of their psychopatic agendas? 300 million, 400 million? What monetary worth is a mother or brother gone? Slash ther pigs throats. That is mercy. ALL the mercy they will get from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ZERO FORGIVENESS for those two killings in my immediate family.)

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