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Have just read on a website called blue star prophecy under sustainable living that someone woke up with the word dulce. Had been repeated over and over in dreams. It is seaweed. It prohibits the effects of radiation from harming the body.

As a citizen of the US..I am seeing us more and more as the major terroist to the planet. Native American prophecy has stated seeing a white ball coming from the east.Fighting on US soil. I am going to the coast and bring some home. Have been used it as organic fertilizer for several years. It is the best!

Seaweed also shrinks tumors and treats rhumatoid arthritis.You can use it like salt.



According to Webbot, there is some probability that DOW will continue to soar up to 20000, while hyper-inflation and weaker dollar are going on.

I don't think that we can see a combination of soaring stock and worsening economy in such a degree as easy money policy prohibits.
In other words, government can raise stock price by releasing fake economic data and flooding money, but they can't conceal the terrible micro economy.

The attack you are saying is meant for stabilizing dollar by damaging Asian currencies while dollar is weakening, thereby allowing survival of FRB?

What is the substantial effect of it?

Bill Stadnyk

Hello Ben: I read your blog faithfully for it's entertainment
value. I doubt if I would invest a large sum of money on
it's contents. The people complaining should see it at a
different angle. As Jeff Rence says, it all sounds great,
but I'll believe it when I see it. It's nice to see somebody
positive in to-days trying times.
Take care


tennou wa anatano omou yona hito bewa naidesuyo soredakewa hontoi masu yo




I'm wondering how the EURO may be affected by the collapsing of dollar.

Will be a direct affectance, or it will not, but Illuminati, will take advantage of dollar collapsing and engineering an issue to steal also from the value of those having EURO's?

Would be nice to show us this thing, as many articles and documents are referring about the collapse of the US dollars and UK pound, by only at Mr. Fulford we hear about the collape of the EURO?

More details will be highly appreciated in a future disclosure article.


Ben....u got to hv some basis to write things like bank holiday on dec 16 and all.It is tmrw. And there doesnt seem to be slightest of indications....


I trust it wasn't Tweety Bird that whispered in your ear...

Ivan "Guru" S.

Dear Ben, dear Folks,

today World will change - change of paradigm.

In Dublin, Ireland at 10:00 h (Ireland Time)

only for guests (media) and from 1:00 pm (Ireland Time)

for public will First World Demo of real Free Energy technology.

Live Vide Webcam at: Live Stream from Waterways Dublin of Steorn Demo


details today morning at: www.steorn.com

You know all consequences, yes ?


Bank holiday starting on the 16th? Won't happen

Ben, I think you are feeding on dis-info.

When you said (before it happened) that they were planning something for August 8th 2008***, I watched in horror to see that war break out.

Lately, however, every date you've given these last few months have seemed to carry on with nothing to happen each time. Your credibility is seriously lacking all of a sudden.

***Sorry, I had the wrong date in my other comment, delete the other comment please


Bank holiday starting on the 16th? Won't happen

Ben, I think you are feeding on dis-info.

When you said (before it happened) that they were planning something for Sept 30th 2008, I watched in horror to see that war break out.

Lately, however, every date you've given these last few months have seemed to carry on with nothing to happen each time. Your credibility is seriously lacking all of a sudden.

Omax Pi

Again, not sure why we all should wait if there is a way to cut the head off of this beast.

As much as I want to believe in a fantastical planet earth, i'll believe it when i see it.
Literally everything in life has been proven to be false from childhood, including a trustworthy government, truth in religion, adults that know what they're doing, ect.
The network of human beings is too complicated to know what will happen, but if someone can make a big move to change the course of human history, feel free to do so before the desperate rats come up with a counterattack.


What do you expect from the copenhagen meating?


Dear Benjamin,

Cliff High is predicting a "context" change around the 19th of this month. An attack on Japan's finances would probably ripple to the US by that time. AGAIN, PLEASE COMMUNICATE TO THE BLACK DRAGONS AND EVERYBODY ELSE THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING IS NOT THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Americans are waking up, but they have probably been under years of EMF "programming" and memory erasure. They don't want the world to be trashed. They don't want any more war. They want their kids home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The only people who want this chaos to continue are those that are gaining money from the wars.

I strongly suggest that everybody watch the video of the movie "W," Colin Powell (in the movie) was tricked into the war with bogus information and did not understand that what Rummy, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice and the others were actually contemplating was CONQUEST until they were on the eve of war. In one scene, he says "What is our exit strategy?" Finally, somebody tells him, "There is no exit, that is the strategy." He had previously warned that "unilateral regime change" and occupying Iraq "forever" was an open invitation to war forever for the entire world.

There are British ministers who report that they cannot understand why they approved the war or did not fight Blair more strongly, I believe that there are psychotronic brainwashing weapons being used against people everywhere, There is an account of this activity in a fiction book written by a former FBI agent and it struck me as very likely based upon what I know of psychotronic weapons. BTW, the Russians were terribly disturbed that Richard Cheney showed up in the midst of the chaos of the collapse of the Soviet Union and asked for a demonstration of the technology used in "Project Zombie." The Russians were terrified at the thought of this brain-changing technology in his hands. (They were clear on what kind of person that he was.

Russia outlawed the use of psychotronics or "information warfare." When they talk about information warfare, they are talking about the ability to use electronic waves in varying lengths as "carriers" to implant artificial memories, images and ideas in people's minds. The people treated this way do not realize that what they think that they believe is false. They don't realize anything for a while. Some never recover their real memory...some do. Some actually suddenly obtain advanced abilities like telepathy (this is one of the unanticipated side effects of this technology).

I urge everybody to read about these weapons. There is another type of weapon that were used to "erase" memories of soldiers sent out to perform assassinations that definitely fell in the hands of the US intell services. The Russians quit using the memory erasure technology because they discovered that "periodically, those who had their memories erased went completely insane and became wildly violent...generally killing their teammates." Rumor has it that these weapons were used at VIRGINIA TECH and that the man who went crazy at Ft. Hood had patented a device based upon this technology that erased memories faster---and had just been revealed to have the same side effect as the other "erasure" inventions.

It seems likely that sometimes politicians decide things for their own benefit. Sometimes, they might be getting a little brainwashing to "make up their minds." The key thing is that these brain changes are not permanent. They appear to fade unless they are reapplied. That is probably why the ELF and other broadcast towers all over the US. They are intended to keep everybody "brainwashed."

NOW, EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW THAT AN ALKALINE/ORGANIC DIET CAN IMPEDE THIS BRAINWASHING. Purge the fluoride in your bodies with zeolite and eat lots of organic vegetables to replenish your calcium and other trace minerals. Get yourselves trace mineral drops and take them. Eat sea weed soup etc. (Sea weed is a great source of trace minerals which is probably why there are "awake people" in Japan)

Now that I know that there are HAARP installations all over the world, I am sure that there is an attempt to keep everybody under this electronic control. Defending against it is largely accomplished by alkalzying. Alkaline blood regulates electrical flow. The chemtrails are filled with cholinterase inhibiters. That means that the chemical in synapses that "halts" transmission of signal to prevent brain overstimulation is being destroyed. Clearly, this activity is to permit the body to be "driven from the outside."

The more that people learn about these things and change their diet, the faster that they will wake up.



此れ本当かなあ? (2009/12/14):
謎の人物=くりすとふぁあ すとうりい 

のかを、知る必要あり? 貧しい一般人では無いことは明確なのでは?

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