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I have read everything very closely, but I havent seen the explination of the light side in this matter. As some of you know, we have Sathya SAi Baba, Who is an Avatar, we have the 5th Buddha in Nepal, Maitreya and 11 other great saints who have come here in this time to turn the world around away from the datk side. Yes the NWO will be there...but just for a short while..
Sai Baba have said in the past that there would not be a third world war, but there would still be some chaos in parts of the world.
Its not in the agenda of God to let this planet and her people to go to waste or to be run by dark minded people who only live on power.


Hi Ben!

Why do you say "The old traitors and Nazis just don’t get it, do they?..." I think you should acknowledge you don't get it either, and here's the reason why. When you read Protocol V from the Learned Elders of Zion, Paragraph 6, this is what it says:

6. PER ME REGES REGNANT. "It is through me that Kings reign." And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth. God has endowed us with genius that we may be equal to our task. Were genius in the opposite camp it would still struggle against us, but even so, a newcomer is no match for the old-established settler: the struggle would be merciless between us, such a fight as the world has never seen. Aye, and the genius on their side would have arrived too late. All the wheels of the machinery of all States go by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is - Gold. The science of political economy invented by our learned elders has for long past been giving royal prestige to capital.

If you haven't read the Protocols in its entirety, I suggest you do it. I read it 5 times at least, and I really don't know why you say they don't get it?

You must come to the realzation that these guys mean business, and they won't let go one inch of their dream, when they are that close to their 1000s year old goal... even if this means losing their lives until they finally have their One World Government! Know who you're dealing with and forget the idea of being "Mr. nice guy", and all that peace talk. Read the Protocols because they tell you who they trully are (Wolves) and what they think of us (Sheep) (Protocol XI, line 4-9 "We Are Wolves").


This one's head on a pike soon? NO COMPROMISE. DESTROY EVIL. (NO sane human-being negoatiates with a rabid dog!) http://www.aei.org/scholar/126


I agree with Dr. Zaid. The three power centers that have managed to take over most of the westernworld are: City of London, Washington DC, Vatican City, ALL independent "countries".The Jesuits seem to have your RGS's & BDS's members all twisted with very good LIES!They/You actually seem to trust them! What a MAJOR mistake, and will be the cause of failure of this grand & noble attempt to rescue humanity from the jaws of EVIL INCARNATE.DESTROY EVIL. Do not negotiate with it! NO COMPROMISES, or you will fail if you do. Compromises give them back doors to use currently & in the future.****[The shadow-gubermint perfected cloning in the 70's here in the us u/g-bases.CIA tried to cover it all upi after some very good independent reporting from UFO MAGAZINES published some articles about it.All they could do was damage-control and threatened many magazine publishers and many, many dirty tricks they used to coerce & threaten them into submission. 3-4 months they even took every single copy of ufo mags here off the stands in their attempt at damage-control.This all happened in the mid-seventies.I'm sure many of your older US-readers here remember this.] How does one deal with a rabid dog? DEATH. Their heads on pikes outside their own home towns! SAME for the CURRENT traitors to humanity that are thwarting attempts to bring about ALL NESARA COMPONENTS!! NO COMPROMISE. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS, so that Western World mind-kontrolled masses can begin to wake up and see the picture. DISMANTLE every single fake cell-pnone MIND-KONTROL TOWER acroiss the globe.END CHEM-TRAIL poisoning of humanity NOW! These accomplished, and we will have a fine, VERY FINE new BEGINNING you envision.


Hi Ben. I love your stories, unique blend and creativity.
Yet, in order to maintain trust, as you go exponential in the field of "alternative" news and conspiracies all around..you must maintain news worthiness.

I wishh us all good happy long lives, but I find my self almost hoping that your credibility is intact and your information about ze-ex president to be collaborated.

Christer Svensson

Greetings Ben,
I respect Your commitment to global truce and equality of opportunity
and consideration of human values for which reason I would ask You to read the following
People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department Responsible for Harvesting Organs from Living Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos)
As a member of The black dragon society could You look into the possibility of adressing the "laissez faire" paradigm within the PLA in regards to the actual Logistics Department dealings that gave rise to the above alegations and mounting evidence that remind me of some pictures you posted previously. It would be to your credit and the merit of your society Best regards your regular reader Christer Svensson


日航ジャンボ123便 搭乗者 小川さんの写真を分析する。伊豆で、大阪行きのJAL123便が東京方面へ飛んでいる。迫り来る物体を回避している。






when i turn on the tv, all the news i see is based on pro-zionist side news.

i still see no evidence at all that there is any group reliable to oppose these criminals.






フロスト×ニクソンという 一介のトークショーの英司会者と退陣したニクソンが討論対決する実際の話の映画でてますが、面白いっすよ。

Dr Jay

Brother Ben,

One must create truth in the world and not fallacy. Therein lies the real crux of our problems...dis/mis-info. Were such a story to unfold, it would be a recycle of the old Hitler disappearing trick and before you know it, those criminals the boshes and clitons will all be down there in Paraguay sipping on Mai-tais with the rest of those who faked deaths to escape the coming holocaust of the dark souls.

And how come Maurice Strong looks like Hitler anyways?

Ah just a bah humbug statement. Discount that.

What is Strong doing in China these days? Planning the new world order and surprise attack of America?? Hummmm...those kids and their imaginations. The rokyfellers and rotchilds who use that glove puppet well like they do alfonse gore are well known to the awakening mass mind. What a joke the whole UN/IMF Talmudistic agenda is becoming as the Climatgate picture so excellently shows. It is only a matter of time before ALL these criminals are brought to justice and the ones who will be exacted upon the harshest of punishment will be the dis/mis-informers, liars, psychopaths, and deceivers. The day is coming SOON! We out west call it a neck tie party and combination BBQ get together, maybe even a little barn dancin. The rugs will be shaken of this evil filth that pollutes the spirits and minds of the worlds people. Your days of reckoning are coming babylon!!!

As far as the busshes being whacked, one can sincerely admire your wishful thinking, but lets stick to what is intelligent, true, and worthy of sharing. We are done with the pure horseshit.

Hey bro, you all come on back now hear, and bring some clarity around this dead boshe thingy OK.

Peace out Mon!


Great interview on Rense Ben!
I am very optimistic for our future.

All 4 parts can be found here~


Photo of GHWB taken in public Thursday evening November 26 (Nov 27 A.M. in Tokyo)



Omax Pi

I enjoy reading this information that you post, Benjamin.

I certainly have a world view that coincides with some of what you put forth in what you've expresses in your interviews and this website. I know 911 was an inside job and that much of what history is taught is a lie.

like another poster said, there are many, many conscious minds here in america. we're not the only population that's been duped. We truly need the entire planet to succeed if we are going to consider ourselves truly human in the future.

I am willing to do what it takes to have our species move forward and become aware of its endless possibility.

Thomas, Son of Peter, LJCIYIJJ

Dear Benjamin,
This morning as I lay waking up the word ISOTOPES
and JAPAN came into my spirit. Shortly thereafter BADUC. I will not pretend to know all of what this means, however I feel it is a warning about retaliation against bankers if anything happens to curb the Copenhagen talks.

I don't know how isotopes would be used but maybe you could find out.

The word BADUC seemed to apply to a University.


PS This is for your eyes only!


The photo of Bush Sr. appears to be him in a GOLF CART. He frequently wears caps so the cap is not necessarily indicative of where he is at the time. I think that a lot of you need to search and read the Dr. Peter Beter radio shows. Also, "Song of the Grays" by Kerner and Karla Turner's books on alien abduction. Here's what each one of these various bits of information will tell you. Dr. Peter Beter was in Kennedy's cabinet. He wrote a lot about what really happened with the space program, CIA mind control and CLONING expertise and "simulacra." A simulacra is a cloned container that has been Inculcated with the replaced person's memories, but is under the control of those who create it. Turner's stories of her own abduction and that of other women's reveal that the most common threat made to abductees is that they "will be replaced with an exact duplicate and their friends and family will never know." Kerner's book documents the very same thing--that clones, particularly of important people, have been seen by people taken to the Undergound bases.

There are some thing that happened during Bush's tenure that make some of this seem possible. One, he insisted on taking his own "Porta Potty" on AirForce One so that he would never have to use a public restroom. Why is this important? Because DNA can be retrieved from feces. DNA that is not completely human would be easily detected. Secondly, the simulacra that Beter describes don't last very long. They become very clumsy towards the end of their useful life. Think about Presidential pratfalls or pretzel choking??? Also, there are pictures of Bush in Germany where he looks either completely drunk or confused and he is being led around by Laura (she has a firm grasp on his arm).

Next, go review the information on red rain in India and chemtrails here. They contain a certain variety of red cells that grab DNA and incorporate it into their structure. When these cells land on people, those people get Morgellon's which radically alters their bodies to make them like gigantic radio transceivers. It strips silica and calcium out of their bodies and forms long ropelike structures inside their spinal column and through their bloodstreams. These ropes attach themselves to their nervous system. Obviously, if we have the technology to cause people to become something other than human...cloning doesn't seem that far away.

I don't know what the truth is, but I really wonder if our leaders have been "converted," "coerced," or altered by whoever used to reside in the Dulce base. Weirdness in this country began after the Rockefellers got their claws on government and founded the FED, the CIA, the DoD and the other perversions to this country. They have spent trillions of secret dollars on their secret pursuits. Given their remarkable diffidence to people, it would not be surprising if they were funding human experimentation and had achieved cloning etc.





For some reason my comments were not posted yesterday. Chris Story has been proven to be a disinformation disseminator, and not to be trusted.

Some more info about Bush Sr. Killed and the change in Monarchy.


Guy Fawkes

Hey Ben, there's one thing that doesn't quite jive for me: If these chinese secret societies that you are dealing with are so altruistic, why have they been allowing the chinese govt to treat their citizens so poorly? Doesn't exactly give me great hope of things to come even if the chinese societies win...





Bush Sr Killed? Here is some stuff on it.....http://www.galacticroundtable.com/


re bush sr. back on 11/06/09 http://www.worldreports.org/news




Why are you saying "George Bush Senior and his wife Barbara have been killed" in English and "George Bush Senior's dementia is progressing rapidly" in Japanese?

英語では 「パパブッシュと妻のバーバラは殺害されたようだ。」とあるのに何故

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