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Don Cake

Mr Fulford, as it is now March and Obama and Biden (and indeed the Bushes) all appear in rude health, could you explain why?


I would like to know where all the gold that is being acquired and melted down by the Cash-For-Gold businesses that are sprouting up in every neighborhood in the US is going. Also, if the IMF is begging for gold in exchange for paper, why did they sell all that gold to India?

Dan Derbick

How would Rahm be VP?

He's not even an elected official.

Zabeau Lorenbeau

allo! voici des liens sur quelques information vraiment bonne selon moi:
Pour le contrôle de la planète par la fed?



Par lorenbeau


Regards the comment above by Tom:

Poor Mr. Obama – he's got a lot of skeletons in his closet, but I hope he can be rescued and placed under the supervision of patriots within the Washington establishment. As Alexander Hamilton recognized, George Washington wasn't much of a general, but upholding his image was more important for national unity than the incremental improvement of replacing him. Obama can be salvaged – he and his family will be in my prayers this Thanksgiving.

Ben, keep up your great work and best to you. Forget about gold. You can legitimize national debt simply by national governments supporting the price of and guaranteeing loans for agricultural and mineral commodities at parity. The important thing is not control of money, but creditability of nations based on physical infrastructure and capability. We need price parity, fair trade treaties, and tariffs. I hope the power players within China and Russia have been through enough to realize that the development of their people and industry is more important than domination of the monetary system, which will be temporary and cause new wars. Credit, not money and lending, not spending, will give nations what they need to wither away the financial empire. Our two biggest enemies are the zio-nazi-communists in the suites, and the rabble on the streets who still think free trade is a good idea. Good luck, sir…

Posted by: Tom Joad | 11/27/2009 at 03:22

Tom, Finance does NOT work as you suggest above. I would suggest spending time at www.unoitc.org and in the Whistleblower section on my website, www.abundanthope.net. And the skeletons in Mr. Obama's closet are to great to deal with and this is not even the real mr. Obama, this is a clone, and I know of what I speak on this. He was cloned as were family before his official introduction as the next president back in 2004 at the DNC. This man is totally programmed and there are currently 3 of him running around. National Governments do not work as you suggest, and money has to be either backed by somethng and heavily controlled or you have what Zimbabwe now has, where it takes millions of their money for common stuff right now. Governments are NEVER responsible to the people, until the people actually put them into place and control them, and no people of his world have accomplished that yet. Some day it will come.


Ben, regards this post, and the one you made this summer on Dr. Dam (not Dan) and the OITC, you asked the OITC to come forth. Will they are. They tried through Patrick Bellringer and he ran them off, so now I am carrying the story. www.abundanthope.net, under the Whistleblower/OITC section. I assume by the owners of the Worlds gold, in this, you mean the OITC. I would like to ask you to reference the work on my website, because in time, I will have every word written for publication gathered on my site, and I am in daily contact with WB and we are posting more and more. Some material is under investigation and cannot be released for that reason, or may provide risk to lives of certains who should not be murdered. We release what is safe. Thankyou, Candace, CEO and President of AbundantHope. website is www.abundanthope.net. I am posting the material about the MG Rover stuff shortly.

David Rockefeller


Cocaine psychosis on public display is never a pretty sight.

Seek help, or it will seek you.

David Rockefeller

Joseph D. Casalaro

So Obama is a liability to the satanic Bush pedophile infanticiders (baby killers). Maybe the Monarch Child has become aware of who's been controlling him like the Lawrence Harvey character in The Manchurian Candidate and is trying to do his own counter coup despite the obvious threat to himself, his wife, & children.
Ben didn't you say once that if the Bush satanists touch Obama they are writing their own death certificate with the ninjas last year ???
When he first addressed the troops this summer on the subject of Iraq, he said they had performed the supreme sacrifice in a flawed policy engineered by "bad Leaders".
He's been stalling on a troop surge in Afghanistan for months after open hostility to him by General McCrystal. Now it should be interesting to see what he has planned for Afghanistan with the Pentagon generals' imperialist boot in his neck. Even Webster Tarpley who's been attacking Obama weekly slightly gave him some credit for resisting a troop surge in Afghanistan because the strongest group of his supporters is adamantly opposed to the war.
Webster though still has chief pit bull on the "citizenship issue" lawyer Phillip Berg give his listeners weekly updates on the impending prosecution of Obama for alleged lack of proper citizenship.
Its strange that too many of the 911 Truth crowd has put the pursuit of the top criminal scum like Cheney, Bush Sr., & baby Bush & Co. on hold, while they go like pitbulls after the lowest criminal on the Totem pole.
Too much time is wasted IMHO on getting Obama while his puppet masters laugh all the way to the bank. Obama was never in The Skull & Bones, never served on the CFR, & is not a member of the Committee of 300 while the top puppet masters are & they hold a gun to his head. They'll throw Obama off the bus at their earliest convenience to the cheers of many in the 911 Truth crowd.
Believe me if a Schwarzenneger type would have been elected by the People the neo-cons would be in a rush to change the law on citizenship requirements and retro-actively legitimize their candidates presidency by amending the Constitution. Not so with the pro-war DemoKKKrats if the other shoe drops on the question with Obama.
I don't want to be too much of an apologist for Obama. I didn't vote for him and I attended the Inauguration to protest while I was in D.C., but ended up being sweep by the crowd there on the National Mall.
It was a first time in a long time I saw everybody happy with themselves. The police were happy; the national guard were happy; and the crowd was happy with the police & national guard. As I walked to the National Mall to watch the Inauguration I couldn't help not to feel good with this crowd who were much different from the black tie & tuxedo crowd of the two previous inaugurations. It was a "Fanfare for the Common Man".
Although I couldn't psyche myself to celebrate the inauguration of the chosen puppet to lead us like a Judea's goat to the NWO, I did finally come to a realization that as I approached the Mall on January 20, 2009 that at 12 noon GEORGE W. BUSH WOULD NO LONGER BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!; And that was something I could celebrate with the crowd and the fact Obama was elected by the People without a judicial coup d'etat or vote rigging. It was a Frank Capra moment.
So if the Bush satanists were told that they would get hit if they tried to off Obama, is it possible that Obama has a latent potential of not following the Rothschild script.
When Obama addressed the crowd in Ft. Hood eulogizing the 13 dead it was obvious that he was very popular with the rank & file there. The same was true when he addressed the troops at Camp Lejeune this summer to announce the eventual complete withdrawal of all troops from Iraq.
The Lawrence Harvey character in The Manchurian Candidate finally had an epiphany and took out the traitors before taking his own life.
If the Pentagon is in near mutiny from the bottom of the pyramid up , could it be possible that Obama has the latent potential to become a "bad puppet" for the NWO; and as Commander -in-Chief of the armed forces orders a counter coup, complete with arrests, to defend and restore the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign & DOMESTIC? A twist on "Seven Days in May"?
BTW the way Frank Sinatra character in The Manchurian Candidate who was the first to figure everything out after getting himself de-programmed was named BEN.


With reference to Chris Story's very latest report of November 26; it appears George H. W. Bush remains solidly in control and is being obeyed by all the criminal elements working for him. Chris also points out that the Fed Reserve audit is being used as cover for a new operation to be able to restart the fraudulent finance operations and keep the Fed in power.

My question is; why is there apparently not one single high ranking law enforcement official in the US, that is willing to confront the criminal elements that have been totally in charge in Washington DC for several decades now????

Tom Joad

Poor Mr. Obama – he's got a lot of skeletons in his closet, but I hope he can be rescued and placed under the supervision of patriots within the Washington establishment. As Alexander Hamilton recognized, George Washington wasn't much of a general, but upholding his image was more important for national unity than the incremental improvement of replacing him. Obama can be salvaged – he and his family will be in my prayers this Thanksgiving.

Ben, keep up your great work and best to you. Forget about gold. You can legitimize national debt simply by national governments supporting the price of and guaranteeing loans for agricultural and mineral commodities at parity. The important thing is not control of money, but creditability of nations based on physical infrastructure and capability. We need price parity, fair trade treaties, and tariffs. I hope the power players within China and Russia have been through enough to realize that the development of their people and industry is more important than domination of the monetary system, which will be temporary and cause new wars. Credit, not money and lending, not spending, will give nations what they need to wither away the financial empire. Our two biggest enemies are the zio-nazi-communists in the suites, and the rabble on the streets who still think free trade is a good idea. Good luck, sir…


What is this:

"William E. Sparkman Jr. died of asphyxiation and was found with hands, feet and mouth bound with duct tape, a rope around his neck and the word "FED" written on his chest"



Dear Ben

I havent seen much of Leo Zagami lately. Do you know where he is?

Acording to Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot he phoned saying he was being tortured.

Are U Ben being subjected to any form of coercion or mind control?
I think that U have a rather "naive" personality that could easily be duped ... Of course we are all susceptible to subtle mind control...

Are U in any way linked to the Jesuits? Didnt U study at a Jesuit University?

Best of luck


For anyone really interested if a democratic alternative to current government, and a model that is not greedy but designed to 'live well', please google for "Team Syntegrity" and "Viable System Model". A revolution, without a good solution to replace the current state of things, is no more that a tantrum.


Although I find Fulford's reporting on geopolitical events to be insightful, I don't think he fully comprehends that certain actions will be prevented due to forces beyond the control of those who report to him. Even if his sources are correct with regard to threats against Obama, they will be prevented. He is protected beyond the imagination of many.


This entry is chock full of info.
Orley Taitz's case has been dismissed, so that the possibility of Obama being removed via a court decision is not in the cards.

Two "rags" had front page headlines about Obama's health~ The Globe and The National Examiner, planting stories for cover.
And RMN had a piece that if the CIA wants you to have cancer...you have it.
Or maybe Larry Sinclair gave him AIDS.
Point being that if the Cabal wants to remove their Puppet, they will.

Ben tells us from sources, they want to replace their incompetent Puppet Obama and Biden with Mossad Pelosi and Emmanuel.
Why would they do this?
It would indicate a more serious move towards war in the ME to preserve the Empire.

Yet the Gold owners have a great deal of power here, and are very clever in their Asia Strategic game of "GO".
And they do have the upper hand~ pay up or shut up.

The replacement of Obama to Pelosi, who may be hated even more, would create incredible upheaval; it may be the breaking point for the Patriots of America to take up arms and take back America...and with what sounds like the Military breaking ranks, it could be easier than we hoped.
This is hinted at by Ben...it could become a reality.

Everyone wanted this to be over much sooner, and there seems to be this continual push back of endgame dates.
There are many elements that are in continual flux with each other; one move here, creates a response there, changing the picture.

This is a war, not a square dance.


Here's A Group That Your Ninjas Should Go AFTER NOW!! If you want to stop the criminality--Below is one group that needs to be neutralized immediately. Then charges need to be brought and warrants issued for the immediate apprehension of the authors of this policy--Cheney, Rumsfilled (joke) and Bush Sr, Jr, Neil, Marvin and even, fat obscene Barbara.


Fighting Ghosts & Shadow Governments
Jim Kirwan

Back in the beginning of the First obvious Dictatorship of the Twenty-first Century; when the Shadow Government of Dick Cheney became the new rulers of this nation and the greatest threat to actual world order: A massive new shadow government was created to foster an international and perpetual war upon both the world and the citizens of the United States. This was done under the guise of a 'New World Order.' Dick Cheney was the founder and CEO of this criminal-enterprise that was created to live in the shadow of the actual departments of Intelligence, the Pentagon, the Executive, the Office of Management & Budget, as well as outside the purview of Congress, the Courts and the public-and was answerable to no one except Cheney and to his unofficial Criminal-Agent-In-Charge; Donald Rumsfeld.

At the time America was very much consumed by the trauma associated with the attacks upon the US of 911. As time passed pieces of Cheney's Shadow-Government began to be discovered on the fringes of actual governmental policies, such as, the totally flawed "intel" surrounding the bogus War on Iraq that ended up becoming the pack-of lies told by Colin Powell in defense of the administrations pre-emptive military plan to strike Iran, under cover of false and misleading security intelligence that was created by Dick Cheney's Shadow Government and then passed off as US government intelligence that did not pass the test of time or of international investigation. Today an article was released by the Nation, written by Jeremy Scahill that documents new evidence directly from the tracks left in Pakistan by Cheney's Secret Government that clearly gives away the whole game that is still being played against Americans.

"At a covert forward operating base run by the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, members of an elite division of Blackwater are at the center of a secret program in which they plan targeted assassinations of suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives, "snatch and grabs" of high-value targets and other sensitive action inside and outside Pakistan, an investigation by The Nation has found. The Blackwater operatives also assist in gathering intelligence and help direct a secret US military drone bombing campaign that runs parallel to the well-documented CIA predator strikes, according to a well-placed source within the US military intelligence apparatus.

The source, who has worked on covert US military programs for years, including in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has direct knowledge of Blackwater's involvement. He spoke to The Nation on condition of anonymity because the program is classified. The source said that the program is so "compartmentalized" that senior figures within the Obama administration and the US military chain of command may not be aware of its existence.

The White House did not return calls or email messages seeking comment for this story. Capt. John Kirby, the spokesperson for Adm. Michael Mullen, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told The Nation, "We do not discuss current operations one way or the other, regardless of their nature." A defense official, on background, specifically denied that Blackwater performs work on drone strikes or intelligence for JSOC in Pakistan. "We don't have any contracts to do that work for us. We don't contract that kind of work out, period," the official said. "There has not been, and is not now, contracts between JSOC and that organization for these types of services."

"Wilkerson said the JSOC teams caused diplomatic problems for the United States across the globe. "When these teams started hitting capital cities and other places all around the world, [Rumsfeld] didn't tell the State Department either. The only way we found out about it is our ambassadors started to call us and say, 'Who the hell are these six-foot-four white males with eighteen-inch biceps walking around our capital cities?' So we discovered this, we discovered one in South America, for example, because he actually murdered a taxi driver, and we had to get him out of there real quick. We rendered him--we rendered him home."

As part of their strategy, Rumsfeld and Cheney also created the Strategic Support Branch (SSB), which pulled intelligence resources from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA for use in sensitive JSOC operations. The SSB was created using "reprogrammed" funds "without explicit congressional authority or appropriation," according to the Washington Post. The SSB operated outside the military chain of command and circumvented the CIA's authority on clandestine operations. Rumsfeld created it as part of his war to end "near total dependence on CIA." Under US law, the Defense Department is required to report all deployment orders to Congress. But guidelines issued in January 2005 by former Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Stephen Cambone stated that Special Operations forces may "conduct clandestine HUMINT operations...before publication" of a deployment order. This effectively gave Rumsfeld unilateral control over clandestine operations.

The military intelligence source said that when Rumsfeld was defense secretary, JSOC was deployed to commit some of the "darkest acts" in part to keep them concealed from Congress. "Everything can be justified as a military operation versus a clandestine intelligence performed by the CIA, which has to be informed to Congress," said the source. "They were aware of that and they knew that, and they would exploit it at every turn and they took full advantage of it. They knew they could act extra-legally and nothing would happen because A, it was sanctioned by DoD at the highest levels, and B, who was going to stop them? They were preparing the battlefield, which was on all of the Power Points: 'Preparing the Battlefield.'"" (1)

Recently Obama has been creating a public-paralysis with his prolonged and supposedly difficult dilemma about sending more troops into Pakistan; despite demands that the troops be withdrawn, not increased. The release of this new information could not have come at a more appropriate time, because it proves the lies that both Bush & Obama have been telling about the true nature of operations within and around both Afghanistan and Pakistan, since Bush restarted this war; supposedly in search of Osama bin Laden: A person who is still not listed as even being wanted by the FBI for anything-yet the US military is willing to move heaven and earth to find the ghost of this long dead individual.

The "troops" Obama wants to send into the Afghanistan-Pakistan War, will cost the taxpayer's a million dollars apiece; due to the high costs of sending at least one if not two mercenaries for every GI that is sent. This is caused by having privately-contracted for all other services to be done by private-contractors, aside from and in addition to, the actual fighting. (2)

" Blackwater charges the government $1,222 per day per guard, "equivalent to $445,000 per year, or six times more than the cost of an equivalent U.S. soldier," the report said." (3)

So: "According to the source, Blackwater has effectively marketed itself as a company whose operatives have "conducted lethal direct action missions and now, for a price, you can have your own planning cell. JSOC just ate that up," he said, adding, "They have a sizable force in Pakistan--not for any nefarious purpose if you really want to look at it that way--but to support a legitimate contract that's classified for JSOC." Blackwater's Pakistan JSOC contracts are secret and are therefore shielded from public oversight, he said. The source is not sure when the arrangement with JSOC began, but he says that a spin-off of Blackwater SELECT "was issued a no-bid contract for support to shooters for a JSOC Task Force and they kept extending it." Some of the Blackwater personnel, he said, work undercover as aid workers. "Nobody even gives them a second thought." (1)

The line between the legal-forces of this country (operating illegally) and the actions taken by Cheney's secret government forces while apparently compatible, according to the built-in deniability; are in fact a criminally-liable private army that is being used to conduct outrageously-criminal-operations against civilians in war zones that have not been declared as war zones by anyone from the Pentagon to the congress? Despite the fact that these 'wars' were never declared-they are apparently being fought by shadowy mercenaries that answer to no one but Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld? This is a crime not only against those they are killing but against the public in America that is paying for every part of this!

JSOC: Rumsfeld and Cheney's Extra Special Force

Colonel Wilkerson said that he is concerned that with General McChrystal's elevation as the military commander of the Afghan war--which is increasingly seeping into Pakistan--there is a concomitant rise in JSOC's power and influence within the military structure. "I don't see how you can escape that; it's just a matter of the way the authority flows and the power flows, and it's inevitable, I think," Wilkerson told The Nation. He added, "I'm alarmed when I see execute orders and combat orders that go out saying that the supporting force is Central Command and the supported force is Special Operations Command," under which JSOC operates. "That's backward. But that's essentially what we have today."

From 2003 to 2008 McChrystal headed JSOC, which is headquartered at Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, where Blackwater's 7,000-acre operating base is also situated. JSOC controls the Army's Delta Force, the Navy's SEAL Team 6, as well as the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and the Air Force's 24th Special Tactics Squadron. JSOC performs strike operations, reconnaissance in denied areas and special intelligence missions. Blackwater, which was founded by former Navy SEALs, employs scores of veteran Special Forces operators--which several former military officials pointed to as the basis for Blackwater's alleged contracts with JSOC.

Since 9/11, many top-level Special Forces veterans have taken up employment with private firms, where they can make more money doing the highly specialized work they did in uniform. "The Blackwater individuals have the experience. A lot of these individuals are retired military, and they've been around twenty to thirty years and have experience that the younger Green Beret guys don't," said retired Army Lieut. Col. Jeffrey Addicott, a well-connected military lawyer who served as senior legal counsel for US Army Special Forces. "They're known entities. Everybody knows who they are, what their capabilities are, and they've got the experience. They're very valuable."

"They make much more money being the smarts of these operations, planning hits in various countries and basing it off their experience in Chechnya, Bosnia, Somalia, Ethiopia," said the military intelligence source. "They were there for all of these things, they know what the hell they're talking about. And JSOC has unfortunately lost the institutional capability to plan within, so they hire back people that used to work for them and had already planned and executed these [types of] operations. They hired back people that jumped over to Blackwater SELECT and then pay them exorbitant amounts of money to plan future operations. It's a ridiculous revolving door." (1)

But the most dangerous and least explored use for Cheney's mercenaries is the part they have been targeted to play in the coming lockdown of this nation. All of these actions overseas have just been practice for what this government has planned, when it comes to how to manage a hostile American public, once the Full Metal Jacket is revealed-which is planned for those who shall resist the Shadow Government on American soil!

Think about it These privatized-armies are not 'ghosts'. Cheney & Rumsfeld, along with those that were suppose to have controlled them, should be arrested and tried for treason.Then demand that this criminal and obscure practice be terminated immediately. After this is accomplished, then maybe Americans can move on into this new Millennium?


1) Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan

2) Barack Obama to Announce 30,000 troop increase next week?

3) Report Depicts Recklessness at Blackwater


Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel? Well, americans hate their same illuminazi warmongering police state policies just as much as Obama and Biden. There had better just be another election or all HELL Will Break Loose and it willnot be pretty. The american peoples tolerant behavior is about to wear out.




We don't want a "FED" anymore. Most of us would rather have a bank owned by the people like the state banks in states that aren't financially distressed right now. We want to be rid of all the programs that permit secrecy and the creation of weapons to "control" Americans, concentration camps and the theft of resources and assets from other countries.

We want a return to Constitutional government without the "behind the scenes" control of the banksters and industrialists like the Rockefellers and other mega-bankers. I personally want to see the National Education Agency, the FDA, the NIH, the CDC, the UN, the EU and the other apparatus created for world domination destroyed. Half of our agencies don't do what they are supposed to do at all. Our constitution specifically requires that taxes be made on businesses and not on people.

For this to really work, the military and "department of Offense" as well as the NSA, CIA, DIA and other "intelligence" agencies need to be reconfigured. Secrecy and the use of the phrase "national security" need to be eschewed. Military need to answer to the states as planned for by the Constitution. However, in order for this to work, the rest of the world needs to abandon aggression as well. Finally, if the people who dreamed this mess up are not jailed/punished/isolated and stripped of all their financial where withal so that they cannot do this again. This means that if someone gets "immunity, that immunity is only from the DEATH SENTENCE and not from punishment.



Please send your physical address. I have some paperwork for you.

Mail service appears to be compromised. Just trying to survive here. Red level alert if I don't get confirmation of receipt of 1 day posted yesterday.

wild hominoid

Concerned Canuck

Hey Ben, any way your contacts interested in clean air tech in China can do anything to help iron out this problem?


idiot le savant

I am so glad I didn't have to translate the Japanese of this post, Benny. Thanks for sharing this info with us. You will notice that the tungsten story is not much out there, I have sent it to rense and nothing. All their gold ads, I guess. Same-o for Alex ze Jones, Truthseeker, all of them. It's a tiny world. I hope you continue, and how about a daily post, in times like these, a day or two is too long to fall silent. If you are making history, make it every day!





FED透明化法案、有名になってきました http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/555yj/diary/200911250000/



thanks for the info Ben...would you who these 'gold owners' are? are they central banks or are they individuals?

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