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Ira Rothknecke

The "Black Dragon Society" ? Ha ha ha ha ........... ho ho ho
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If you were real and any kind of perceived threat to the Bushmaster
DOV (Den of Vipers) you would have disappeared by now.

Bushmaster has to COME TO THE so-called "BDS" to BUY GOLD, to make payments to the Red Chinese Commies?

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You sound another piss-ant wanna be a spook, CLOWN.

O'Nuellan III

Fullford is just making a living spreading crap info, without sources .....all too "secret stuff" that only HE comes to hear about...!! All too BIG SHIT STUFF to be viable... this is all BS ! wake up folks !


I'm inspired to do further studies on numerology and number-based systems now, Saint Cheeze. What I gather, though, on those two mythologies you refer to is that the answer to their split or manipulation has a lot to do with the great deluge and the nations that emerged since- Ham, Shem, Japheth (along with few remnants of other surviving communities & cultures). The Semites emerged- eventually crazy Abraham. In turn, the rejection of Canaanite and other ancient mythology.
Of course, there's also the Greek and Roman twists to some of the same stories. Even the Superman/Kal-El myth has ties to these legends and scientology too. But the Sumerians apparently had access to the oldest, maybe most germane versions, of His story.
Regardless, I'm most interested in evidence of actual physical events- not symbolic representations or human/cognitive interpretations of them; though these are all we have to work with for now.

Thank you for your input.
Yours truly,
leX (Man of the World) A.K.A. El Yayé

Saint Cheez

"P.S. Saint Cheeze, great read, whattayagot on the Sumerians?" Sorry IeX, sumerian story is incredible but I have had trouble tieing them in with the semite, EL. Enlil and Enki seem like different persons in comparison to EL which I have assumed is named after a letter L or Lamed, the bull's rod, which by the way is the 12th letter of the alphabet. I believe the Sumarians had a base 12 system. BTW the first 12 numbers of the Germans have unique names but suddenly transform into a base 10 system...which I find rather curious.


I hear what you have to say there Mount Fuji except for one note about history books being the only source of what is truth... so... if there are gaps about Japan in the B.C. era, then I guess you believe Japan just didn't exist or wasn't civilized like the West during what is about 80% of human (civilization) history- according to any bible or ancient scripture, and scientific discovery. The fact that Japanese history starts at Jesus only tells you who wrote Nipon's story (not history) and who really controls it today still.
Your democratic mentality shows a lot of potential but you must open your heart not just read and watch what the facts are. You know the truth deep inside- its inside of all of us and it takes real work to find it- a lot of what you learned in school was designed to suppress it.

On that note let's all consider, let's search within and ask what is the real value of gold? Why do we feel we need it? Down to it's molecular structure it is useless to us. If we should collect something that brings health into our lives then we should be collecting quartz, people! Could it be, we have been conditioned to collect all of this gold for something else, some reason unimaginable? Is this why we have been, for thousands of years, stockpiling it? Is this why the masses are not told how much gold there really is (or was) on this earth?

Another question? what landed on California and along the West coast of America? The central valley of California, really the Sierras that were once there, carved out. For years I've admired the three or four spherical carvings that end up in and/or make up what is: El Dorado. Also take a look at the big scar (under water) where the Caribbean/Cuba/Yucatán is. This here, is the answer to a lot of our questions... This also explains why there is so much diamond on the West-coast of Africa.

Shout out to eye8one2! The backwards speech is nonsense!!!!! I know because I have degrees in Comm & Cognitive psych... and according to my understanding of quantum mechanics & physics you don't have to worry about that stuff it affects other planes/dimensions not ours. Just say what you mean and mean what you say and you'll be fine others' speech frontward or backward is only suggestive not controlling

P.S. Saint Cheeze, great read, whattayagot on the Sumerians?


i like you Ben...but could you give us more background on these statements?

i understand what they are doing...but do not understand 'why' they are doing stuff....it would be better to target the root cause of of the problem....which may be totally different to all these fights.

Fuji Yama

After reading the recent news over these "secret" societies like the Black Dragon and the Yatagarasu, I had to wonder if Benjamin-san is being used by the "secret" society guys, who are maybe from Japan, China or other countries. As long as we know the names of these "secret" societies, they are actually not secret enough. So, maybe Benjamin-san should be cautious now.

Japan was once called "the country of rising sun" by the Prince Shotoku, according to his ancient diplomatic letter addressed to the then Chinese Emperor. Therefore, this country belongs to none of those "secret" societies which are only shady guys. And this is why the once powerful ruling parties of Japan, the LDP and the Komeito Party, all lost the power this year. The ruling party guys were delusional enough to believe that they owned this country though. They actually belonged to the poor shady world, not to the country of rising sun.

As we all know well, the self-claimed 3,000-year history of the Yatagarasu society is simply untrue. None of the Japanese history books go back to before Christ. The Black Dragon had no power to force the corrupt Japanese government officials to correct their brutal policies either. Obviously, they have no power over this country.

It is true that Japan is facing the most serious political chaos these days. In these hard times, common people of Japan have to work together to remove their government's problems such as rampant corruptions and the assassination of late Koki Ishii. Secret societies of Japan, China or the West can never help.

Benjamin-san wrote recently about the assassination of Ishii. The former colleagues of Koki Ishii from the now-ruling party, DPJ, are not investigating Ishii's killer, who already confessed to a Japanese TV program of this year that he had been ordered by someone(s) to murder Ishii. Benjamin-san mentioned recently that some elements from the DPJ itself may have been involved in the assassination (accomplice). But none of these facts are being investigated now though two empty months have already passed after their "Japanese revolution" in the general election of August. These are the true problems for Japan today. And you will have to break the ice here, not anywhere else.

No "secret" society is (was) necessary for Japan to solve its own problems. People of this country worked hard to solve their own problems since at least 14 centuries ago. Today's Japan needs the people to work the same way. Probably, an investigation into the assassination of Koki Ishii will break the ice this time. You will need no "secret" society.

Saint Cheez

German Ba-EL or Baal worship: Please do not under estimate this mystery for the storm god is represented by a whirl wind or swastika. EL was father of Ba-EL or Ba-AL. Baal also means Lord.

Baal was the first full-length play written by the German modernist playwright Bertolt Brecht.[1] It concerns a wastrel youth who becomes involved in several sexual affairs and at least one murder. It was written in 1918, when Brecht was a 20-year-old student at Munich University, in response to the expressionist drama The Loner (Der Einsame) by the soon-to-become-Nazi dramatist Hanns Johst.[2]

The play is written in a form of heightened prose and includes four songs and an introductory choral hymn ("Hymn of Baal the Great"), set to melodies composed by Brecht himself.[1] Brecht wrote it prior to developing the dramaturgical techniques of epic theatre that characterize his later work, although he did re-work the play in 1926.

[edit] Plot synopsis

The story charts the decline of a drunken and dissolute poet, Baal. Baal is an anti-hero who rejects the conventions and trappings of bourgeois society. This situation draws on the German Sturm und Drang tradition, which celebrates the cult of the genius living outside the conventions of society that would later destroy him. "The outcast, the disillusioned tough becomes the hero; he may be criminal, he may be semi-human," argues John Willett, "but in plays like Baal he can be romanticized into an inverted idealist, blindly striking out at the society in which he lives."[3] Baal roams the countryside, womanizing and brawling. He seduces Johanna, who subsequently drowns herself. He spurns his pregnant mistress Sophie and abandons her. He murders his friend Ekart, becoming a fugitive from the police. Defiantly aloof from the consequences of his actions, Baal is nonetheless brought low by his debauchery, dying alone in a forest hut, hunted and deserted, and leaving in his wake the corpses of deflowered maidens and murdered friends.
[edit] Production history

Despite being written in 1918, Baal did not receive a theatrical performance until 1923, when it opened on 8 December at the Altes Theater in Leipzig (in a production directed by Alwin Kronacher in which Brecht participated for most rehearsals).[4]

Brecht wrote a revised version with Elisabeth Hauptmann in 1926 for a brief production at Max Reinhardt's Deutsches Theater in Berlin, where he had worked recently as a dramaturg. It opened on the 14 February for a single matinée performance. It was performed by the Junge Bühne and directed by Brecht and Oskar Homolka (who also played the title role), with set-design by Caspar Neher.[5]

In 1982, musician/actor David Bowie played the title role for a BBC television production of Baal. John Willett provided the English translation and screenplay. Bowie's recordings of the play's five songs were released as an EP, David Bowie in Bertolt Brecht's BAAL.
[edit] Notes

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[edit] References

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Omax Pi

I'd be happy to join the Black Dragon group. I need to do something different.
I'm still curious why anyone would trust these criminals of Bush/Obama to make any honest deals. What is to stop them from burning every bridge on their way out? Why risk it?


Whats with the IMF giving India all that Gold...well having a "transaction" of Gold for what?

Mark Atkins

How do we mobilize the BDS to deliver the funding packs necessary to rid us of these criminals for good?

Retired Scientist





Interesting things afoot with Merkle in Washington.
What is beyond the public consumption?
President of the European Union-Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeld; maybe also President of the European Commission-Jose Manuel Barroso, and European Union 'High Representative'- Xavier Solana as well.

Could be many things~ 'show me the money' or planning the next war...

Keep exposing those spies, Ben, and let's get some endgame negotiations going with the Bushco.

As always, Ben, I stand with you; no crapflinger is going to change that.


In what currency should i keep my money ? Chinese yuan / Euro or my national currency LEI (Romania)









As long as I see no chance for me and other readers to be teached about what the Bush-Thule-Nazis-Society should be, I cannot take those comments concerning the matter for serious.

Where is the link to Thule (founded in Munich 1918)? Why Nazis (National Socialists - think about it!)? ....

Indiana Jones-adventure?







Hi, Ben

How do you thing about this:


It can now be reported that the Obama Administration has negotiated a TREASONOUS deal with the People's Republic of China that will allow China to continue to finance the massive U.S. debt tied to QUAD TRILLIONS of dollars of toxic derivatives that remain parked in U.S. banks and threaten to bring down the entire world economy.

The TREASONOUS deal between the Obama Administration and the Chinese was struck in the last 48 hours and directs the Obama U.S. Commerce Department to hand over secret trading codes that would allow the People's Republic of China to have a 20-second lead time on ALL worldwide security, currency and commodity trading transactions.

The secret codes are tied to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and two major on-line U.S. discount security and commodity trading companies with a direct liaison to the noted criminal firm Goldman Sachs.

The TREASONOUS deal with China was struck in recent direct negotiations involving the government of China, along with current Obama White House Chief of Staff and Israeli Mossad agent, Rahm Emanuel, as well as Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate firewall, current White House legal counsel, "Skull and Bonesman" Greg Craig, current Obama U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, current Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, as well as former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his business partner, current de-frocked U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

The agreement also involves the government of Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who will also be allowed access to these secret satellite trading codes acting as a middleman between the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and the government of RED China.

Note: During her recent trip to Pakistan, Hillary Clinton, accompanied by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, also handed over to both Chinese and Israeli Intelligence secret U.S.-NATO-Russian nuclear launch codes that were used as a bribe to exact the Chinese acquiescence to continue to finance our massive debt and buy our U.S. Treasury bonds.

Item: Gary Locke was a former Clinton Administration official and former Lippo Bank executive who operated in duality with the Clintons, former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger and then alleged Independent Counsel and UN-registered lobbyist for the Chinese government, Kenneth W. Starr, to hand over secret U.S. technology to the Chinese during the 1990s.

So it is now clear, the Chinese have been paid back their $1.8 TRILLION loan tenfold.

In the last 48 hours, the Chinese-Israeli box gang have accrued up to $3.7 TRILLION of profitable trades in S&P, Euro dollars, U.S. bonds as well as gold and silver future contracts utilizing their 15-20 second lead time made accessible to them through the secret trading codes.

The Russian Federation, as well as the Republic of France is now on the HIGHEST level of nuclear alert given the TREASONOUS activities of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

As of this hour, daddy Bush aka George Herbert Walker Bush, and James Baker are in the German capital of Berlin while current U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to arrive soon.

Saint Cheez

If people saw religious documents as merely geo-political documents, every thing read would make perfect sense.

In Biblos, EL was pictured as a giant Viking with horned conical helmet and holding a battleaxe. Some might wonder how Germans could have been in the middle east. Well, the middle east was not always a desert area; it was once a garden of eden, but that was a long time ago. History does not state that white people migrated from the pacific ocean; however, the legends state over and over that they did. They were seen on a Japanese island, New Zealand & the Americas. So, why could not have they migrated from the pacific ocean?

Saint Cheez

First, the God worshiped by the Hebrews was EL Almighty, the Thunder God, represented by the Bull (Aleph) and the battleaxe. EL was worshiped in the oldest city, Biblos, where Syria now is. I guess they use to be called the Assyrians. The Tribe of Gad also worshiped Gad, the God of Good Luck. So, in Germany good is gut, and in England good is God.

Later, the Romans got their power from Tuscany. The EU is based on a 12 state Roman/Tuscany treaty. The facist, an axe bound by sticks, came from Tuscany, later adopted by Rome. BTW the battleaxe again represents EL.

History states that Germany destroyed Rome twice and left. This is a blatant falsehood. They never left Rome and always held onto the power of the Holy Roman Empire. The Germans have taken over most monarchies in the world. Not sure why folks should worry the German Queen who happens to live in England?

So, is there a EL/Gad/Germany world conspiracy? Even the US "dollar" is actually a thaler or German mark. Coincidence? Did not the US almost become a German speaking country?


Tuscany is located in the western part of peninsular Italy, north of Rome and south of Genoa. It is bounded by the Apennines to the north and east and by the Mediterranean to the west. Its major cities are Florence, Pisa, Sienna, Lucca, Arezzo, and Pistoia. Its major river is the Arno, on which Florence and Pisa are located. The Region of Tuscany includes the provinces of Arezzo, Florence (Firenze), Grosseto, Leghorn (Livorno), Massa and Carrara, Pisa, and Sienna (Siena) and has an area of 9304 sq. miles.

Etruscan, Roman and Mediaeval Tuscany

In the sixth and fifth centuries B.C., the Etruscans were the dominant power in northern and central Italy, and brought Latium and Rome under their supremacy. Towards the end of the sixth century B.C., Rome gained its independence and from the second half of the fifth century it began a struggle for supremacy with the Etruscans and other italic tribes. There were many changes of fortune during the long war, but it ended about 280 B.C. with the overthrow of Etruria. During the period of the Roman Empire, Etruria formed the seventh region of Italy.

After the fall of the Western Empire, Tuscany was ruled successively by the Germans under Odoacer, by the Ostrogoths, by the Eastern Empire through Narses, and by the Lombards. Tuscany, or Tuscia as it was called in the Middle Ages, became a part of the Frankish Empire during the reign of Charlemagne and was created a margravate, the margrave of which was also made the ruler of the Duchy of Spoleto and Camerino several times. In 1030, the margravate fell to Boniface, of the Canossa family. Boniface was also Duke of Spoleto, Count of Modena, Mantua and Ferrara, and was the most powerful prince of the empire in Italy. He was followed by his wife Beatrice, first as regent for their minor son who died in 1055, then as regent for their daughter Matilda. In 1076, Beatrice died. Both she and her daughter were enthusiastic adherents of Pope Gregory VII in his contest with the empire. After Matilda's death in 1115, her hereditary possessions were for a long time an object of strife between the papacy and the emperors.

During the years 1139-45, Tuscany was ruled by Margrave Hulderich, who was appointed by the Emperor Conrad III. Hulderich was followed by Guelf, brother of Henry the Lion. In 1195, the Emperor Henry VI gave the margravate in fief to his brother Philip. In 12O9, Otto IV renounced in favour of the papacy all claim to Matilda's lands, as did also the Emperor Frederick II in the Golden Bull of Eger of 1213, but both firmly maintained the rights of the empire in the Tuscan cities.


Thank you Ben for all you do, this is from a fellow Canadian and a defender and promoter of truth and justice.

One of my long passed relatives knew/worked with your grand-father. He tried to get women the right to vote but was blackmailed by doctored photos which today would be impossible as the past evidence now would nev er stand-up, it was that bad but people are so gullible and believe lies and abet the oppression of truth for sake of illusions and what is popular. The Nazis of today and yesterday are those who did horrendous things on Shark Island Africa, but what they do, they have been doing for many centuries. Each century, they do get caught, it is about spirit winning over spiritless-ness. However, their toys and i-dolls they sell that steal time which is worth and honor, are a part of their spirit/wealth transfer system/mechanism. Today, they have captured the entire mind, body and souls of those who now forget that life is a truly game or a test. Yu see, they do not take the bait anymore nor do they play the game of life which is to find truth and bring it home to love whereas hOMe is he with OM amid. Today they merely rot away in-front of video games, videos and for this they will inherit a 6ft Tall-Mud Hut, underground I might add, this is due to their being nil more then material worshipers, just like in the daze of olde. Cheers my friend, from one who eye8one2 at the BankofSpirit.

Daphne Delores

Thank you, Ben, for EVERYTHING that you represent and are accomplishing. I didn't believe the 'Christopher Story' conclusion/ accusation.. It didn't add up for me. It does appear to me to be obvious that you are both on more or less the same track and every conscious being on the planet should be aware of you and grateful.

Godspeed, always,





"However, the Papa Bush faction clearly still needs more money. They asked the Black Dragon Society to sell them some gold in exchange for Fiat dollars so they could give Obama a bunch of money when he comes to Japan in November"

Who sell gold, who give fiat money? BDS sell gold to Bush gang in exchange of their fiat money? And then Bush gang give fiat money again to Obama? This doesn't make sense.


How much is North Korea a "wild card" in all of this? Why was Clinton sent there to "confirm" that Kim was still alive?

I think the Asian nations in that area should be much on the lookout as desperation causes the foolish to become more so, senility and all.

These people would do absolutely anything to create mayhem in their quest for control, irregardless the price.

Thanks and best wishes,
Concerns from Canuckville

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