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Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

Hitler was my uncle and was Elizabeth II's uncle, because he was the HALF-BROTHER of my, and her, Father.

NOT great-uncle. Born in 1889, he was five years older than Edward the Eighth and seven years older than George the Sixth.

Emily E. W. Cragg

See how little people care what their leaders are made of, morally and ethically? It's as if having another Fascist hegemony at work reducing population and torturing people is just fine.

Harry the editor

Until you can tell "loose" from "lose", no, you can't write a book.



This investigative journalist was also a friend of Sherman Skolnick, the famous trust breaking lawyer from Chicago.

I don't know how right Mr. Story is, but he has a passion for finding out what is true.


Isabelle LeBlanc

Ben, the link to Ken Welch's latest release on the intended
pandemic by the cabal is:


Sorry! It didn't come in earlier post...

- the other location is NORWAY ...

children sent or “remitted” to South Africa.

- the other location is NORWAY ...


Fortunately, even at this late date there are ways to parse the Truth.

Emily E. W. Cragg

QUOTE-- If he had no physical impairment then it is possible that he could have fathered children with women other than Simpson.--QUOTE

He and Wallis were staying at Alyahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite; and he got an oppty to go see the development of saucer craft at Fort Huachuca which his Uncle Willie (Kaiser Wilhelm) had told him about.

Also, Hitler was born in Bavaria in 1889, when George the FIFTH was 23, four years before he married May Teck. Willie knew. Nicky knew. Albert Victor knew. Edward VII KNew. They had to be gotten rid of, anywhich way because Adolph was causing too much trouble for George the FIFTH.

It's truly difficult to get all the details straight, isn't it?












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OH MY!!!
So I'm sure you are aware of Chris Story's seemingly abject PANIC---the moorings are breaking loose! Are, maties, thar she blows, along with the entire mooring foundations of everything they've held as their illusory ship of power.
And---you and Patrick are NSA, disinfo sources---HA!!!
"Methinks he doth protest too much!" What and why is he so adamantly defending??? Just WHAT has spurred his excessively vituperative reaction???
Isn't it amazing to watch the rats freak and scatter as they lose their grip upon their carefully crafted reality?
They're now smashed upon the rocks, swimming blind, swirling in their own cesspool of deceit...
And how do we tell? It's in their behavior and reactions!
Story HAS used the extrapolatory benefit of his convincing word wizardry. But now, he reveals an even more powerful communication---his vehement reaction and defensive posturing.
Keep rattling those cages, Benjamin---there's more creepy crawlies ready to come slithering out!


The implications of these relationships is enormous.
Knowing that the Windors were sympathetic to Hitler and the Nazis, is expanded because of the familiar relationships is enormous!
It brings it into focus that the Germans have been the nation builders rather than the Brits. And when you start to see how the lineages connect together... even into America~ wow!

The parentage of Harry becomes important because he is not of the same lineage as the Windors.
He is a Spenser and a Hewitt...meaning that he *could* take the throne as a Brit and not a German.


//Since Di is still alive, why don't you ask her?

And admittedly, I've only been following your blog a very short time, but why is it, that everything you post desperately tries to lay blame away from zionism in general and Rothchild in particular?//

Have you read Dr. Henry Makow's article about "Zionism is British Imperialism"?

The British aristocracy is inbred with Rothschild interest and this financial force is also directly related to the Rockerfeller.

David Burton

Thoroughly unbelievable or what?

We know that truth is often stranger than fiction and that the Orwellian rules do affect our perception of historical events, even of our present and future. But I have to ask the simple question; why does the besmirching of HM the Queen matter and to whom?

We know for example that there are allegations circulating that the Queen’s gold was stolen and then perhaps given back. We have also heard that the Queen was behind a plan that would lay the evil-doer’s plots wide open by re-floating the US dollar, which supposedly has been staunchly refused by the American powers that be, and perhaps some foreign powers as well.

I do not know just how much of this material can be trusted. Until some of us out here see ACTION and an end to the constant DELAYS, we wont really believe anything is true. Seems to me there are a lot of shadowy figures still, with their shadowy games. As for Hitler, perhaps he ended up in Argentina with Eva Braun as some suggest, after having their teeth fixed by a dentist in New Jersey. You see how it is.


Astonishing. Prince Harry looks exactly like Hewitt.

Arthur Craig

goodbye benjamin


There is a new book coming out that might shed a great deal of light on what you have been writing. It is entitled Royal Bastards and does indicate some very interesting things.
By Roger Powell, MA & Peter Beauclerk Dewar

Sex, power, mystery and blood - gripping, untold stories about the British monarchy, and a sensational investigation using DNA to establish the Blood Line of the Royal House of Stuart.
Since 1066 when William the Conqueror (alias William the Bastard) took the throne, English and Scottish kings have sired at least 150 children out of wedlock. Many were acknowledged at court and founded dynasties of their own – several of today’s dukedoms are descended from them. Others were only acknowledged begrudgingly. In the 20th century, the trend for royals to father illegitimate children did not change - but the parentage, while highly probable, has not been officially recognised at all.
This book is a new, genuinely fresh approach to 'Kings & Queens' on British television. It is strongly rooted in four, focused themes about well-known monarchs. But we see them and their times through the unfamiliar perspective of their bastard children. Interviewees include many of the royal bastards' descendants. Beyond the personal narratives, this book sheds light on the perennially fascinating national obsessions of sexual habits; the links between politics, power and patronage; the class system; the press, gossip, sleaze, scandal and celebrity; the different expectations we have of men and women.

Two leading genealogists have already done the groundwork for the book - they have trawled public archives and gained access to private papers, including those kept by the royal family. Beyond colour and anecdote, their investigations have unearthed startling new material. And in the final analysis there is the DNA sequencing used to determine the DNA of the Royal House of Stuart.

Here are the major themes of the book.

Henry the Nineth? (or A Tale of Two Bastards)

Henry VIII famously divorced two wives and beheaded two others in his desperation for a son. In fact he already had one, young Henry Fitzroy, and as this book demonstrates he brought him up as a Prince and toyed with the idea of making him his heir. And while Catherine of Aragon endured her last, fruitless pregnancy, Henry took solace with one of her Maids of Honour, Elizabeth Blount. Though Henry was born without fanfare in Essex at one of his father’s secret love-nests, the King soon brought the boy he called 'his worldly jewel' to Court and showered him with titles and honours. By the time he was six he was Duke of Richmond, ranking higher than any other duke. Ironically, young Henry's education was entrusted to 'My Lord, the Bastard' - Arthur Lisle, the illegitimate son of Henry's grandfather Edward IV, who was effectively the last of the male Plantagenets.

Henry and Arthur's intertwined lives were played out amidst the terror, carnage, sexual intrigue and national crisis of Henry's tyrannical rule, when few aristocrats would have safely bet on their own heads. Lisle was suspected of treason and banged up in the Tower for two years, suspected of plotting a Plantagenet restoration. Shortly after a Privy Council meeting in which it was suggested that Henry legitimise young Henry, the latter died in mysterious circumstances. Poison was suspected, with Anne Boleyn's family the prime suspects.

This book reveals that young Henry’s lived out his life in a vortex of intrigue and consequence. This is the central theme of a book which has the breadth to consider everything from Shakespeare's famously sympathetic portraits of bastards to Tudor methods of birth control.

'Come hither you little Bastard!'

Legendary libertine Charles II had fourteen 'official' bastards by seven different mothers. They included Nell Gwynn, who famously greeted their first child with the words 'Come hither you little Bastard!' while the proud father stood by. Many of Charles' mistresses were as promiscuous as their royal lover. Barbara Villiers, according to the scandal-sheets and tabloids of the day, chalked up over a dozen lovers and thought nothing of two-timing the King. Meanwhile Charles' marriage to his Portuguese wife Catherine of Braganza remained childless - though Bombay, Tangiers and a massive dowry must have been some consolation.

This book explores the lives and loves of the King and his mistresses and tells the stories of some of their children. Key interviewees include some of the thousands of people, from all walks of British life, who are descended from Charles via his bastards. The book opens with the first ever reunion of descendents of Nell Gwynn. Among those who will attend are a painter/decorator from Luton and a Kensington chartered accountant, who thanks to Nell Gwynn's charms, is today the Duke of St Albans and the 'Hereditary Grand Falconer of England'. DNA testing establishes the common paternal ancestry of these last surviving Stuarts.

Of all King Charles II’s bastards, the Duke of Monmouth was undoubtedly his favourite. Born in Rotterdam, the child of Lucy Walter, Charles' oldest flame from pre-Restoration days, "he was the King’s greatest delight" and according to one contemporary possessed "an air of greatness". But "his mind said not one word for him" and, like a chip off the old block, he grew up into as much of a rake as his father.

Eleven little bastards

This is also the story of William, Duke of Clarence (later William IV), his long-term live-in lover, the actress Mrs Jordan, and their eleven children (ten by her, one by London prostitute Polly Finch). Known as - indeed the original -'Silly Billy', George III's son mis-spent his youth acquiring what was said to be comprehensive knowledge of London's whorehouses. But his twenty-one year steady relationship (1790-1811) with London's celebrated comic actress Mrs Jordan was anything but a regency romp. This book uses evidence from the large hoard of letters, in the Royal Archives, written by the lovers and to their children, who were all given the name Fitzclarence. What emerges is an unrivalled portrait of an unconventional royal family, full of the minutiae of domestic life as well as grander passions, politics, partying and parenting. It's a story neglected because, though they had been welcomed at Court for a thousand years, time was running out for royal bastards. Queen Victoria would disapprove of her cousins as 'ghosts best forgotten' and herself became the chief symbol of a new era of moral rearmament, one that could be cruel and hypocritical to illegitimate children, however nobly born.

The indefatigable Mrs Jordan already had four bastards before she met the Prince and was the toast of the London stage for her wit and intelligence as well as her beauty. What is remarkable is that Mrs Jordan continued to work throughout her relationship with the Prince and was the family's principal breadwinner - the King being stingy with his son's allowances. Indeed, ultimately the relationship seems to have foundered over money as Mrs. Jordan’s acting career came to an end and their debts began to mount. In 1811 the Duke of Clarence coldly began a seven-year search to find a rich wife who emerged in the shape of a suitable German princess. Mrs Jordan died not long afterwards near Paris, alone, in poverty and misery.

The Prince's rebuff to his life-partner did not extend to their ten children. Indeed in 1830, aged 65, when he finally succeeded to the throne, he first of all tried to dispense with a Coronation on the grounds it was old-fashioned and extravagant, then insisted that, if it was to go ahead, his eldest son George, "Our dearly beloved natural son", should carry the Crown. The Fitzclarence children, however, were to have an increasingly unhappy time of it. They plagued their father for honours, appointments and above all cash, and bemoaned their lot when prudence, meanness and prevailing morals restrained the privy purse. In 1842, just five years after his father's death, George Fitzclarence shot himself at his house in Belgravia, using a pistol given to him by the Prince of Wales.

My Dad the King

Unlike earlier royal bastards, the illegitimate children that recent monarchs are alleged to have had are still largely shrouded in secrecy and have never been officially recognised. Perhaps the best kept royal secret of them all is the first full investigation into the paternity of a man whose physique, family history, and plenty of circumstantial evidence mark out to be the illegitimate son of a recent monarch. DNA tests will settle it one way or another. The details are too sensitive to put on paper.
The book will also consider the fascinating stories of two men who are likely to have been the sons of Edward VIII, who despite ‘not being very well endowed in that department’ had a number of mistresses apart from Wallis Simpson. One of Edward's alleged sons was the victim of Special Branch surveillance. When he recorded his family history on tapes, they were confiscated by the police in mysterious circumstances. He also claimed to be the recipient of a mysterious income, deposited monthly into a London bank.


I think that your source has her dates and ancestors sort of misarranged. From what I can tell, George V was Elizabeth II's GRANDFATHER which would have made Hitler her great uncle. It is completely possible that everybody has been lead astray, but surely the British people would know, wouldn't they?

Here is the order of succession during that time according to a timeline put together by the children of a grade school in Kent, England.

King George V 1910 - 1936
King Edward VIII June 1936
King George VI 1936 - 1952
Queen Elizabeth II 1952 - present day

George V ruled from 1910 to 1936. He was king during the WWI. He married a German princess and had 6 children including King Edward III (his eldest son) and King George VI (his second son). King Edward III ruled for only 325 days and left the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. His younger brother, George VI, who was the FATHER OF ELIZABETH II AND MARGARET, then took the throne. George VI ruled from 1936 to 1952. George VI seemed to be of sterner stuff than Edward III because he refused to leave London during the Blitz.

IF this woman is Edward III's daughter, that is amazing because Edward III and Wallis Simpson had no children and it was rumored that he was unable to "consumate" their marriage properly. That may have been gossip. It was known that Wallis Simpson and Edward III loved to party and he was a big socialite according to the biographies of people like the Vanderbilts. If he had no physical impairment then it is possible that he could have fathered children with women other than Simpson. The reason given for his departure were that Simpson had two living ex-spouses and she was not royal. Your informant seems to believe that there were other reasons. This is a fascinating although confusing story.

From the timelines, it seems unlikely that George VI was the father of Hitler. He wasn't born in time according to some accounts. It does seem more likely that George V was the father. He was a Saxe-Coburg Gotha and had to change his name because of the English people's dislike of Germans following WWI.

In any event, there are many interesting angles to this story. You do know that Hitler ordered the village of his birth raised and looked NOTHING like his sister Paula or his sister Gloria. Their eyes might have been similar colors but their features were very very different.




Since Di is still alive, why don't you ask her?

And admittedly, I've only been following your blog a very short time, but why is it, that everything you post desperately tries to lay blame away from zionism in general and Rothchild in particular?


Emily E. W. Cragg

This is just skimming the surface; and it's about time the truth came out, Ben.

Our generation has been victimized by an effete elite who deceived us (the people with skills who work and care for our families) everywhich way but loose.

I want to write the book. With God's help, I will.


Very interesting stuff, so lady Diana was having an affair & england future king perhaps is a bastard.

I bet british people will be pissed off reading your article.

Anyway, you should focus more on those NWO news Mr. Fulford. It's more usefull for the public, specially those regarding the financial world.


Anyway, this also explains Prince Harry's Nazi costume a while ago.


Mussolini was also an agent working for the British Empire. Not a huge surprise. How about Chiang Ching-kuo's Russian consort?

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