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Oh, and one more thing, “So remember, no matter what information and disinformation is thrown your way, keep your eye on the ball. That ball is our true Queen: Gaia the Planet Earth. That is who we are fighting for.”

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A few years ago, i wasn't 'all that much into this kinda stuff', & beyond 'what i have for You', I could 'really care less about ufos'! Yet, if you'd like to 'make your own', there is, "ufohowto".com!

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A few years ago, i wasn't 'all that much into this kinda stuff', & beyond 'what i have for You', I could 'really care less about ufos'! Yet, if you'd like to 'make your own', there is, "ufohowto".com!

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During the final leg of a six-day state visit to the United States, Queen Elizabeth II was greeted by guests at a garden party at the British Embassy in Washington.

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Queen enjoyed success in the UK during the early 1970s but it was the release of Sheer Heart Attack (1974) and A Night at the Opera (1975) that gained the band international success, both critically and commercially


On December 21, 2012 or sometimes before on October 28, 2011, there will be a major shift in our galaxy and throughout the universe. This shift will happen on the conscious and the physical level (source: Alex Collier, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_vrOlDrQjY&feature=related).

We will literally evolve into new beings with new mental abilities and capabilities, with new bodies less physically dense because of the higher frequency our bodies and the rest of the universe will vibrate to. This shift will move us from the 3rd density of consciousness to the 4th and 5th density. People need to be aware of this coming shift so they can mentally prepare themselves and immediately recognize it when the moment comes.

In the twinkle of an eye we will make the decision to move forward from this level to the next higher levels of consciousness and in the space of a breeze we will disappear from this physical world. This is what is going to happen around 2012.

Satan and the elite are aware of the coming events and have no plans to move along with the universe. Their place is the 3rd density of consciousness, and as we get closer to 2012 their intention is to make sure the NWO is already in place before the event; to make sure no-one escapes them comes the date, so they can further tighten their control on humans. We are food for these creatures. This universe as we know it will vanish before their eyes, they will be sucked into another universe and they are scared to death. If they lose the human race, there goes their way of life!



For a long time I have seriously tried to give your point of view, opinions, and info the benefit of doubt. However, I must conclude that you are either (a.) full of BS, (b.) naive, (c.) a failing Judas Goat, or (d.) some combination thereof.

Your recent post, "More about the Queen’s visit to Washington and all the lies we are being told" is a prime example. In this post, you provide the usual array of undocumented, vague, and strange-but-intriguing information. Then, as the final topper, you end the post with, "Gaia the Planet Earth. That is who we are fighting for."

You are truly something Mr. Fulford.

Even the moderately informed are aware of the 'planned' NWO religion (don't count on it), which is supposed to be a revamped 'mother Earth/Gaia' pagan/satanic mind control. [See: DIA murals.] Naturally, you preceded that little gem with the 'Moslem ruler for a thousand years' thing, not to mention all the tribalism chit chat. I'll leave the UFO, long living stuff, and other fantastic topics for others to HAARP on.

Could it be that your work, and I do mean 'work', is classic PSY-OP? You know, mixing info with disinfo, lies with truth, just to place those little gems in our supposedly dim heads...? That certainly would explain why anyone in a position of wealth and power would want to speak with you in the first place.

Not everyone buys, drinks, or eats (Judas) goat. Furthermore, despite all the years of aluminum dioxide spraying, some people still have long memories, and plenty of faith in relentless, inescapable, and assisted karma.


The belief in extraterrestrials and contact with them is at the core of every influentual organization.

The mexican government, in 2004, officially published videos of flying objects not from earth, filmed in the infrared spectrum. This news was broadcast via a researcher and not via the controlled media. There are at least 10 000 websites confirming this. This announcement stands still today with the official backing of the mexican government.

There is Sargeant Clifford Stone who published a book with documents that confirm extraterrestrial existence. He testified before congress that he had seen extraterrestrial beings, that the technology is being exploited by companies and that there are at least 59 different extraterrestrial races known. One, for example, can obviously recognize colors even in very dark surroundings. There are also papers with exact descriptions how to handle, pack and ship extraterrestrial technology i.e. from crashes.

At least 59 races. Who are they, what are their goals?

There are many websites, many containing disinformation.
Here, we have to rely on our inner sense telling us what is true and what isnt. Just like in life, often we recognize we have made the wrong decision, sometimes not wanting to accept it. This is the voice that can lead us.

There is a book by Lisette Larkins telling how to get in contact with them, and a bit of the spiritual background and their thinking.

Id like to mention Alex Collier and Dr Salla as two who stand out and have dispersed a lot of information.
The letters from Andromeda, a compilation of Colliers speeches before small groups, contains a lot of valid information. The group he is in contact with made some good references concerning the past. Though, please always remember every group has their point of view. They dont have a very broad overview and are mainly scientists. Also, some things he presented as things that would happen in a depressing manner which never happened.

There are many extraterrestrial groups, Id like to mention a group with a pattern you know: a group not honoring and exploiting others, manipilated and manipulating by fear.
Please understand that the systems on earth were imported. They are extraterrestrial belief systems: the caste systems, a king, all of this didnt exist until it was brought here, spread by the willing paid servants. Also this nonsense of the blood lines: one being falsely presented as being more valuable than the other, instead of honoring the differences, working to improve oneself and living together in peace.

The majority of extraterrestrials, though, is said to be much more pleasant to deal with than people of earth.
And if you look at earth, many are good people who mostly want to have a home and live their life.

At the top there are beings never been incarnated. From a human point of view, they are difficult to understand. Some believe all of this is only a holographic reality, not understanding pain and what it means to a being immersed in this reality.
Scientists are beginning to say this, that all is built up like a hologramm, matter pulsating at a very high rate.

Many of the extraterrestrials are our space family. They have mingled with beings from earth, have come and left.
They have left certain gene sequences.
If meditated upon with love, some can unlock. ( For the greedy on the web: dont try this. If you dont have the right intention you enter a minefield. Anyway you get back what you send out.)
Also, there is multidimensional thinking. Like the things you perceive, a broad overview of humanity living in peace, the fact that there is enough for everyone.
To come back to hard facts: the russians say the Schumann resonance, the resonance between earth and the ionosphere and long considered a constant, has risen the last years from 6,9 to at least 11. Of course there are paid liars in the us denying.
The cosmic background radiation has increased a 100 fold the last years.
Earth and the sun rotate around a center in the milky way, one rotation lasting about 24500 years.
On 2012, there will be a special stellar constellation.
The space the earth and sun are floating through at the moment has vastly denser space. Did you recognize time flowing faster than before? Do you think there might be a correlation of compression of space and of time?
This all has massive influence on the human brain which works electromagnetically and on human thinking, perceiving truth faster and so on.
There is a long term study of the university of california concerning children. Human dna is built of sequences of which 64 combinations are possible. Human dna uses only 26. Now nature always uses the whole possible spectrum. This fact alone shows a massive negative extraterrestrial subjugation of dna.
In the bible it is written god created mankind. None other than the annunaki, crating beings from the blood of killed enemies. Not earth as falsely translated. This can be looked up in books, its all recorded.
Coming back to the children, the university found out that at least 10% of the children now born use more than 26 codons. Their dna is more than it used to be!
This is where we stand:
unlocking dna where positive thoughts change reality (more than negative) versus negative beings using technology to manipulate. Of course even trying to stage a false first contact.
There are others who want to end the non-disclosure thus introducing re-engineered free energy technology and telling the truth.
(talking free energy: one project i found interesting is genesis world energy).

The negatives are somewhat curtailed by positive spacepeople (i call them space family because thats what they are. Only the positives, the others have overstrain their dna to the point of breakup). The positives have to help because they dont have a future otherwise. Some are reluctant to help even while being specifically asked to help. Some work behind the scenes.

Now earth is unique in some points you already have pointed out: unique ecosphere, many portals. This is a fight we have to and will win.

I think it is important to have a broader view . Of course we still have to do the things necessary to win.




They walk amongst us.

Roland S.

"After this the lawyer called me and told me to call the Bank of Tokyo Mitubishi’s president and ask him to release a $2.13 trillion dragon bond. He said the money would be used to finance the new technology so I agreed to call."

Yeah, sure, you give this guy a call and he will jump the computer and send over two TRILLION dollars somewhere. Maybe he will send it somewhere, because he got a an e-mail from Nigeria telling him to stand in as a ... ok, forget it.

Sorry, Ben, but my BS meter goes sky high. But a nice fantasy story it is.


A San Francisco Chronicle report today on Obama fundraising in the Bay Area notes that Obama visited Houston the other day just after a too-short trip to New Orleans. He went there to attend a "Thousand Points of Light" event with George HW Bush.

Q: WTF is a "1000 Points of Light Event"?

I have noticed Obama get chummy with Bush Sr in public (see pics with 5 presidents from around the time of the inauguration, only Carter looks like he's not in the club and doesn't want to be). Oddly, at the inauguration, there was a clip of Biden and Cheney, they were looking at each other like long-term enemies. Why Biden vs Cheney if Obama is buddies with GHWB? Internecine conflict?


I live in the state of Maine in the US. There is so much political intigue,obfucation and lying to pave the way for wind farms...this post rings true to me.

First Wind ,the corporation which wants to build wind farms all over Maine is backed by Larry Summers through D E Shaw Group. Many former Enron execs. in this company. They can do anything and rarely even are taken to court.Here , they have kicked 2 renewable power plants off the grid to make room for wind farms.The New England Grid is full,yet they continue to get permits for new wind farms.

Iberdrola of Spain, funded by Abu Dhabi Energy ,has already bought Maine Central Electric and Maine Public Gas.They also have their sights on NY.

I got interested in this subject because the largest wind farm in Maine is very near my house. It is not on the grid. ..but the newspapers and all of state govt. say it is. There was even litigation US govt vs FERC over the building of this wind farm. No room on the grid. Nothing has changed. Everybody says it is on the grid when it isn't.Must be lots of money to be made for the massive cover up.


"...The depopulation agenda is based on nature worship, or Gaia worship....". Cite from "infowars.com" site: "The Move to Depopulate the Planet".
Why did You said Gaia?


The entire construct is coming apart at the seams and being interwoven into a new matrix of love, light, peace, and sovereignty for all. I am fascinated by the details, while I see the importance of us ALL keeping our eye on the ball---projecting our vision for the immediate future, when we are to live out what we are CREATING with our shared visioning. It is US who will shape and guide this game to a final crescendo of Victory. What does the Victory dance feel like? LET's DO IT NOW!!!


I am writing, to give you 'an answer to, some one else's question about 'cleaning up, after all the depleted uraniums use"! The answer to that is, 'a technology called "Nuclear Waste Re-Mediation". This process, though relatively 'new', has been PROVEN, To ACTUALLY "NEUTRALIZE" Radioactive waste materials! Please 'google';
'Nuclear Re-Mediation', for more information!

Also, unless you would rather WAIT, for a 'ufo' to 'show up over YOUR House', just get a pair of 'NightVision Goggles', Or, a "Digital Camcorder with NightVision. And/Or, a 'digital camera that has an 'Infra-red/Ultra-violet 'Transmission Filter'(Lets Only that light wavelength through!) And, whether it's day or night, "THEY" ARE 'UP THERE'! ALL The TIME. Day & NIGHT! And, 'You, Can SEE THEM, For YOURSELF, & "WITH YOUR OWN 2 EYES"!

There is a person on Youtube.com. His 'name' is, "ProphetEzikel". He HAS 100's of NIGHTVISION VIDEOS, of "Flying Saucers", Right Up, "OVER HIS HOUSE"! And EVERY NIGHT, for The PAST YEAR! There have been 1000's
of Sightings. And, many of the most recent, atleast '1 Mile WIDE' @
1000 feet Up. 'They' 'like being above the clouds', & away from flying jetliners. There is another person, 'named' "lookedup", who has another way of 'seeing Them', where 'no camera's needed'! He is also on Youtube.

(Note: Apparently 'Ken-Welch' Is Correct, about a "Secret Space Embargo", as from 'connecting the dots here', our planet, IS, "SURROUNDED By A BENEVOLENT Presence(Of MILLIONS+!)!, who ARE 'Well Aware of NASA'"!)

A few years ago, i wasn't 'all that much into this kinda stuff', & beyond 'what i have for You', I could 'really care less about ufos'! Yet, if you'd like to 'make your own', there is, "ufohowto".com!

(I send others there, (after watching my videos.) to 'erk them', as to when they visit there, & realize just HOW MUCH We ALL Have Being HOODWINKED, for Every Time, We 'change a tire, fix the brakes, fill the tank, pay a bill' ect. The 'U.S. Patent Office' has had Free Energy Devices/Workable Inventions, for OVER 100 Years!)


This resonates as truthful. Pray for Earth and to our Creator. The Lord's Prayer has become so important to me lately, "thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" It just seems to shout out to me. This is a chance to bring the golden age forth and I feel like it starts with the release of these technologies.
Benjamin, if that 'money' is being hindered... cant we find some other funding? Doesn't seem such a difficult thing under the circumstances. I want to know what 'released' means in reference to this technology. We got blueprints on how to build this terraform technology or do we have theory that needs funding to be implemented? I know I would work for 0 money for 100 years if it meant the world would enter the golden age. I am sure that near 100% of the world would too. So labor probably wont be an issue.. food for the workers yes, labor no. My point is, if the technology has been released, then why do we even care about the money? send out a worldwide fax.. come work, save planet for eternity, create heaven on earth. Who would say no to that?
Illuminated ones, you know we are eternal.. why would you let a chance like this pass? You would hold a benevolence like no other withing the gem of your souls experience. Each one of you with clout will have to let this pass, and that decision will be eternal and for all to see.
Regardless, We were created from love and we will ALL return. All in the name of the Creator.


I'm not really into UFO-s ,but since I have heard Alex Collier's speach and he has been predicted the dollar collapse,the martail law and so on.
All this in 1994, 1996. Even talks about the ancient families that control the world now.

But if you lisen carefully he is describe a world that we all should be living on.

free energy, no money and unconditional love.

I really hope that money went into to right hand.

God bless you Ben.
Keep it up


The term "acting president" is a bit redundant. A President is one who presides in the office of another {the King}. I guess "acting president" is better than presiding president, if this is what is actually being done. lol

Motleeczech Peter

Great Benjamin:

That ball is our true Queen: Gaia the Planet Earth.

Thumb up

Thank you


Very interesting...thank you

Jay Selstad

"...alive for thousands of years." Might these be the fabled Annunaki?


Nice at the end after a lot of fantasy-stuff. Peter Hans Kolvenbach hand in his resignation in 2007. Since January 19. 2008 the new general of the Jesuits is Pater Adolfo Nicolás who is strongly looking like Woody Allen.

The Thule Society was a club since 1918 under the main influence by Rudolf von Sebottendorf, an occultist and newly-elected head of the Bavarian province of the schismatic offshoot, known as the Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail.

Sebottendorff later claimed that he originally intended the Thule Society to be a vehicle for promoting his own occultist theories, but that the Germanenorden pressed him to emphasize political, nationalist and anti-Semitic themes.

-> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thule_Society

Famous members were Rudolf Hessand Alfred Rosenberg, the philosopher of Third Reich and second man (Reichsleiter) after Hitler (Reichsführer).

There is absolutely no reason why the Thule Society should be still alive because it's aim to initiate a revolution in bavaria and whole Germany for bringing men of Thule Society with their Weltanschauung into power had been fulfilled.

There is no proof that Adolf Hitler himself was a member of Thule Society.

The international Nazi network from my point of view doesn't need a Thule Society. Maybe Skull & Bones has got some junctions with spiritual aspects of former Thule Society and transports them into the worldview of their members like the Bushs but that doesn't mean that they are connected to a 'Thule Society'.

I think 'Thule Society' nowadays is used as a synonym, falsely as a concept for something about that no clear informations are at hand- wether by Zagami nor by Mr. Fulford.... So 'Thule Society' actually means nothing.

'....interbred families who have been ruling humanity for 26,000 years according to a pre-arranged plot.'.... Very cool! And now since 2012 they do not know any more what to do.... Are you serious?!

The rest- free energy- we will see what will come.

Don't forget: Money is produced out of your time and life-energy. So you are able to produce money- not for you but out of you: You must produce more money for other people to get your money for your own. Money that is always running away between your fingers.

This remains the main-madness in the sickness!


Maido, Arigatougozaimasu.
OK, so let's step back here. "there are some people around today who have been alive for thousands of years. " Did you mention the so-called repltilians? And what does the word "dragon" imply? The well-known E.T.s from Draco, who are in a higher position than reptilians?
Now, so far I see that you still don't "illuminate" yourself with the knowledge on E.T.s. You mentioned UFO. That's a nice mention. In fact, Denmark and French governments recently declassified materials on UFO, tacitly indicating that they are now officially admitting that E.T.s do exist.
It is not a question of whether one believes in their existence, rather, whether they exist for real or not. The bottom line is that, Yes , they do. Do research on Pleiades or Orion or Sirius or Mars, whose civilization and technology is unimaginably so advanced than those of primitive humans.
Furthermore, you need one step more further understanding, meaning, the Babylonian tyranny that has been around for over millennium, is based on the dictatorship by controlling the currency, or simply, money ! That's the ultimate understanding. Money is the weapon used by those global elites to Divide and Conquer the society for tens of thousands of years. The only way to overcome( I don't use the term "defeat", for it just perpetuates an us-against-them mentality) these criminals is by the abolishment of money itself and bringing about what I'd like to call the totally free global society, or as Jacque Fresco puts it, the "resource-based global economy."
Wake up, bro... And you know this ! As I told you on a telephone the other day, I have a contactee friend. Reading his articles might be helpful, search: tatsmaki
Take care.

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