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AJF 13

Don't wear shoes of Jordan, Michael Jordan wear shoes do yourself.


Contact me......We need to talk.


In Chris Story's defense, I must say that you do seem a little unhinged. :-) Why not stay on topic rather than fight among ourselves? The NWO crowd would like nothing better than to create rifts between freedom fighters.


Ben, there must be a real reason that the Bush/Clinton group has not been assinated, are you able to let us know why that is? this is a serious question, they continue to harm, is it because the other families just want to stick together and see what happens? mean while decent people are in dire straights and it just goes on and on, will this ever end?

Deidre Marshall

Hello Mr. Fulford,

I am interested in your comment that there is nothing for the Queen to be black mailed over, except Diana, which everone knows.

I do not know what the current information on Diana's demise. However I would like to know.

Thank you for the knowledge that you share with the world.

Deidre Marshall















Yes, the Bush / Clinton crime family are drug running nazi's. Yes, eLizaBeth, Ye of Lizard Birth, is head of the British drug running cartel, anyone remember the British Opium Company? But let's all call a spade a spade and a zionist a zionist regardless if they carry the nazi label. To not know zionists and nazis are one and the same or at the very least they worked and are working hand and glove, is to not know history or current events. Read Henry Makow lately?

To see these remnant blood lines of lizards apparently fight amongst themselves does bring a certain satisfaction, but again, lets call a spade a spade. And for fun watch Monkey Blood The cooper based blood lizard want-a-be's will all be toast, or rather, out of power in 2013.

may all see themselves in others,


Knowing as I do that the new world order as it's called is the modern day form of the British monetary empire seated in London and controlling governments through central banking schemes. The ruling factions in London are the new world order. This is why we see Britain used as a testing bed or nucleus in forming this Orwellian new world order. As much as I'd like to imagine somewhere in all this lies some ruling power with sanity, I know that would be insane of me. I wouldn't expect the queen Lizard (haha) to do anything different than what the monarchy has been doing. After all, was it not that fascist Phillip who said, he'd like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to contribute something to over-population? A) the planet is not over-populated, unless of course your viewing the planet from the perspective of trying to save a monetary empire which has failed! B) Phillip, the Queen Lizard, the Bush's, Clinton's, Obama, on and on it goes, they're all Nazi fascists! No question about it in my mind. How's that saying go? Bird's of a feather flock together? I believe that's correct. Come on, the Queen, Phillip, Beatrix, Clinton's, Obama, Bush, just to name a few have all been following the same agenda for a very very long time. Of course I am preaching to the choir but had to get it off my chest. Know them by their fruits. We'll have to wait and see what comes from the Lizard Queen I suppose, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Thanks for the perspective Fulford. :-)

Paul Einar Sandvik

Hey Ben and thanks
Nothing surprises me when it comes to these persons,of the dark part of the elite.Not that they cannot transform themselves.They can - but most of them do not want to.As you have said - they have lied so many times,that they probably do not know any truths.Only those that are self-serving.So only their actions can tell if they are capable of any change.When it comes to the black pope- is there any reason to believe what he told you about Obama.Da - One of the most evil persons on the planet.Also guard against these guys ability to hypnotize.Especially if they are aliens/extra-terestials in human form.
What about the counter-work against the vaccination - programs.They have startet in Norway,and Sweden has anounced that they will start mass-vaccination on this coming monday.The newspapers,with some of the articles,looks like 2nd world war propaganda.So if the counter-measures Is going to start it has to start SOON.
All the best,Paul Einar in Norway

Tom Joad


I've read what I can from people like Story, Heneghan, Casper, Sorcha Faal, etc. The least I can say is there's a virtual shitstorm of contradictory information out there about who's playing for which team. I'm guessing most or all are paid disinformation bloggers, but who can say.

One player I've been taking another look at is Bill Clinton. He takes a lot of fire for the US' role in Bosnia, Waco, OKC and the allegations of his involvement in murders of various Arkansians involved in his illicit activities. He's generally placed under the "Bush-Clinton syndicate" rubric in articles by the above "persons".

I decided to dig more deeply and have been looking into the backgrounds of who alleged what against him (ie Barbara Olson, who wrote a conspiracy theory book about the Clintons then faked her own death in 9/11 (she was aboard the non-existent Pentagon plane, from which she made technically impossible cell phone calls to her neocon husband), and have been reading back-issues from the mid-1990s of Executive Intelligence Review.

Based on the evidence, I'm starting to think Clinton is, as his wife suggested, the victim of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," and that his and his wife's recent activities may involve attempts to entrap the Bushes and others.


Your 27 october info turned to be a joke...
What credibility are you expecting from your reader again??

Otto Lund

What is this? Dihydrogen Monoxide http://www.dhmo.org/ Research Division (DMRD)
Recommended information,
911 the criminal enterprise and its pattern, Dr. Joe Hawkins interviews David Hawkins http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=918&start=301#M4847

Bill random

You know what, these ethnocentric people, no matter what side they are on, eventually need to give up their elite ethnocentrism. That is the old system of order...

Whether it's Japanese, or Chinese, or Thai, or English, or Dutch or Jewish or whatever type of ethnocentrism - that is the old way of organizing this planet.

I certainly respect that good people at the top must help to usher in a new world of honesty... but the idea of a birthright to great riches which, by definition of wealth, means others will slave for you as you trickle down the wealth, is just wrong.

We must move towards a meritocracy, based upon a person's natural abilities and effort during life. I have no doubts, at all, that the various royals of the world will do quite well in a meritocracy. There will be some sort of cap on earnings, to prevent corruption, and many members of their families will surely be near the top of that.

Come on people - let's make this world a better place for ALL.

Now, let me speak to those on the bad side - do you really enjoy this world of constant lying? Is it in your genetic make-up or something? Can you change to a better world order? What is the problem? I'm sure we can solve the problem; let's talk about it.


The great kill is on. People are lining up for the needle like its the latest fad. The sheeple are cooperating marvellously.
If any of the 2012 catastrphe scenarios are true, especially those concerning the sun and mass coronal ejections then a major die-off of humanity is on track.

Some catalyst is needed before the masses of fools that that are even afraid to ask the tough questions ever, ever contemplate doing so.

There are so many ducks-in-a-row now that an immense number of deaths on this world seems unavoidable.
I cry for the children.





Do NOT PISS OFF THE QUEEN BENJAMIN FULFORD! I should scold you like a schoolboy for such a thing. If anyones wants the accurate truth about the Queen of England here it is, back to 1977 and the whole truth, watch this video:
btw.... Do the Ninjas recruit women? I am not me asking for me. A female friend wants to know. Not me, because I would not want get on some Echelon Lists or something. Besides I am American and way too whimpy to fight for my Freedom or something lame like that.


It beer night Benji ;Z You are God, I am God, we are all God, thats The Secret : )
P.S. Woody Harrolson..... omg that still makes me laugh


Benjamin, people are dying from the swine flu vaccinations. Children are becoming terribly ill. Some people are being disabled. What do your contacts say about that? It is difficult to believe that they are interested in helping humanity when many innocent people are being permitted to die in a spectacularly painful and horrifying way. This vaccine campaign is going to trigger a real pandemic.



We should help start a 3rd party in Japan. Much like Ron Paul’s efforts in the good ole US of A. One objective is to rid Japan of all foreign control, satanic or otherwise.

Glenn W Murphy

Hey Ben,

looks like there is truly no honor amoung thieves. Somehow painting the Queen of England as a victim sounds hollow, even if the the evil Bush/Thule/Nazi gang is indeed the mugger who made-off with 2.3billion earmarked for "free energy development".

Free energy is already developed, just hit youtube an look at the guys in Australia who have one the size of a large breadbox already built and running in the clip, supposedly with a financial backer right there talking on the video. It's been up on youtube for over a year now, and one would think it would be available for sale, if not for...WHAT? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efCelx7qe_M&feature=related

Why would we NEED the Queen's 2.3 billion? The technology is everywhere, magnetic motors and generators exist, already built.

Perhaps what is needed is the "Green Light", or white flag, PROTECTION offered by the Queen for the inventors, such as John Bedini of California, or Adams of Australia, who produced engineering for an 8500% effecient magnetic motor and posted it on the net, (I have it-and actually sent it to you some time back), when Adams turned 72, as a finger in the air to the Powers That Be, and in retaliation for decades of harrassment BY the Australian, American, and by extension, Royal Powers That Be.

We need to enforce an "Energy Truce", declaring that it is now safe for all inventors to come out with the technology without fear of reprisal, sudden-onset cancer, and all the other tricks to silence, bankrupt, and kill anyone who so dares.

If sincere, the Queen could offer "Safe Haven" somewhere in England, say the Isle of Wight, where David Icke could keep a public eye on those with the courage to accept the offer.

I detect no sincerity nor truth in this; "The OTHER bad guys did it" finger pointing, while those who have the technology are somehow held back, or their investors intimidated.

We absolutely DO NOT need 2.3 billion to "develop" Free Energy, we need simple "FREEDOM" from murder for bringing it to market.

Glenn Murphy, USA


Brilliant Ben!
You actually freed the Queen by exposing her darker side.
Now we shall see what can happen!

Concerned Canuck

Ben, I truly am hoping that the Queen is one of the good guys like you are saying, being from Canada.
Is it the WHO that presently has control of Canada? The Scherff nazis? PM Harper doesn't seem to.
I think the Chief Medical Officer of Health is calling the shots via the WHO's instructions. I'm guessing. Thanks to the wonderful PM that signed us into the WHOs constitution.
What's happening is that he is looking for 100% H1N1 vax compliance by Xmas. The majority don't want it. How is he going to achieve 100%? Probably Nazi-like force.
My big concern is that these are individually pre-packaged shots, pressumably with their own barcodes, to be matched to the victim's health card; with this matching-up, odds are high that we are being "chipped" without our knowledge or consent. It's underway now.
They are even administering the regular flu shot, in the other arm, at the very same time as giving the H1N1 shot. This counters GSK's own contra-indication notice not to administer another vax too near timewise to the H1N1. What gives? Reckless endangerment? Or they know the H1N1 shot is just saline and a chip embedded in the needle. One aftereffect people are complaining about is a sore arm, and a lump at the injection point. Wonder why?
Consider this:

How can this Orwellian nightmare, if I'm right, be stopped?
Are there any White Hats in Canada... any goodguys? Are we just doomed?

Chemtrails have been just wicked over the last few weeks. I think they are looking to weaken our immune systems. Can't our own fighter jets escort these monsters out of our airspace? It's like we have zero sovereignty.
Is anything being done to break the stranglehold the WHO has on nations? I know Finland broke itself free by declaring H1N1 not to be a deadly disease.
Anything you can do to help your fellow homelanders?
I've even approached the police, and all they know is that they received tons of bodybags.


Hi Benjamin,

that confirms the general impression that I've got from yours and other independent blogs. The global elite is split and this is a great chance to the people. Because in such a situation grassroot activities can really become an important factor in the general game of power.

Best Regards


Pancho Villa

So...we burn on the stake the Bush & Clinton Clan & then we play happy world again?? Are they THAT powerful that every single misery on this planet is caused by then?? WOW I really didn't know...I say set the Ninjas on then.At least our slavery is more civilized with the others blue bloods.Then we can have pretty flowers on the deserts with a tone of green for background...oohhh goody I can't wait any longer.


OK---Now that you've stirred up the royal underbrush a few critters need to be squashed.

Story HAS been truly revealed for what he is---the Queen's stooge...

How does he so authoritatively expound upon the rules of the game...?

"Its purpose is to generate preparatory confusion so that when the really devastating exposures surface, false 'alternative' versions of the events will have been swilling around in the undergrowth sufficient to generate a protective fog of lies and diversionary 'noise' to afford the perpetrators an added layer of sorely needed 'protection'.”

Perhaps we should pay heed regarding HIS role in the game...

"Do not be fooled by this cynical diversionary operation. Its purpose is to CONFUSE YOU...”

And what interests must he hold to so thoroughly defend...

• “ignorant attacks on the British Head of State which have had to be 'corrected' with further disinformation almost immediately, as the reality of developments behind the scenes continues to cause extreme panic among the Bush-Clinton-DVD operatives, who imagine that wanton attacks of this nature can change things from their twisted perspective, which is out of the question. So they are left with nothing but abuse spewed out via controlled outlets which lack all discernment and exist purely for disinformation purposes. The overall picture is of a discredited US agitation and propaganda apparat that is falling apart at the seams, and making a dirty mess as it implodes and its full nastiness is revealed for all to see."

I am SURE that all will be revealed for what it is---including EVERYONE's role in it. It will also be revealed that not ALL outlets are disinfo sources, nor are all CIA/DVD/NSA operatives, of “diseased mentality, sowing discord, hatred, and lies”, as he accuses ad nauseum.

Mr Story, and the sources that he doggedly represents, may benefit to understand, that to us small insignificant commoners, THE GIG IS UP! We took Psychology 101 and understand how liars posture themselves---by defensively calling the kettle black.

This is a case of The Emperor's New Clothes and perhaps its high time someone told them---they're NAKED in public and WE CAN ALL SEE.............!!!


A lot of unusual incidents are happening these days. Just look at this.


Title: Opposition sees “Hitler Youth” in ruling party

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