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Jack Sparrow

No offend Fulford, but.. no real change has happened like you "promise" the chinese and Rockefellers agreed.
This year it´s almost the same that 2008 and things don´t seem to get better.

I believed in you, man.. but it was just a fairy tale. What a deception. =l

Omar Zaid, M.D.

Salaam Mr. Fulford,

Sounds like you're angry?... "evil rats"... good, I don't trust men who don't get angry. Hope the toilet flush works ... that's where these "rats" belong: in the mire their forbears once placed Prophet Jeremiah in. But please Ben.... PLEASE... don't put any faith in the Pope and his henchmen... if the others are rats... these are snakes.

Bee Careful Brother...

Dr omar


I'm not sure if it's accurate (yet) to label Obama as a mass murderer. In the ten commandments we are told not to murder, though to "kill" can be perceived and defined as different than "murder." Especially if you go by the Bible or the Torah or the Corán. I believe Obama has directly ordered the killings of more than a few characters- and he may believe them to be justified even under the Word most high. I mean specific hits, specific people- not the overall murders of Afghanis and Iraquis (those killings were already in place!) The killings and murders going on overseas right now "on the field" in our wars cannot be attributed to Obama- only the 'apparent' effort to stop them. hmmmmm

His direct-orders-to-assassinate probably don't add up to 'mass murder' level though- not yet. Just like his "humanitarian efforts" probably don't add up to Nobel Prize level either...

But let me be clear about something, if he chooses to send 40,000 Americans to Afpak (as opposed to matching NATO 50/50 or *not* sending any at all), then I'm with you Benjamin. I'm trying to be objective as long as I can. But his next move is his own as commander in chief- no longer Bush Jr.'s decision- and I can make more accurate judgments about him then.

There is mass murder happening overseas, indeed. Consider that it's at a level now where any American president would have to step forward very carefully knowing that the US Military could very well chose to defy their own president, indirectly or directly. Benjamin has said that the Pentagon is going "good" now and want to play along with the East- then why the F are they asking for more troops??!!




Let's dedicate "Our Peace Prize" to Michael Jackson!


It is Orwellian Double Speak to award Obama this "Nobel Peace Prize".
War is peace. Bombing the world to give them peace.

Excepts from his speech:
"To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who've been honored by this prize -- men and women who've inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace."

"I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century.

Now, these challenges can't be met by any one leader or any one nation. And that's why my administration's worked to establish a new era of engagement in which all nations must take responsibility for the world we seek. We cannot tolerate a world in which nuclear weapons spread to more nations and in which the terror of a nuclear holocaust endangers more people."
No, really: Barack Obama just used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to reiterate his threats against Iran.

UPDATE: Best headline so far: "Some Analysts Warn Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Complicates War Efforts".

QUIETUS RIOT: The Nobel committee issued a clarification explaining that Obama was actually awarded the "Rest In Peace Prize", in recognition of becoming the most prolific active killer on the planet and thereby ushering so many human beings beyond this vale of tears. "By helping thousands of men, women, and children achieve ultimate peace, and showing every sign that he intends to do the same for thousands more, Barack Obama has truly earned this prestigious award."

When you have Obama saying that there should be no nukes yet covering for the nukes that are in Israel it is very dangerous rhetoric.
Everything that he says he is standing for, that he was given the Award for, is exactly the opposite of what he has done.

It is not even smoke and mirrors any more. It is a glaring magnifying glass showing us exactly what is going on.






I´m not sure if you´re right about the Nobel Family, the committee is one thing but the family another. They have not so much influence over who get´s the prizes. So I think you´re jumping conclusions. But the committee have certain members who are doubtfull. The committee is elected by the Norwegian parliment.


Don't you think that the Nobel Prize for peace is just an award offered by Europe to offset Obama from bombing Iran?

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