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May Siegrist

Faction 3, which includes the Ashtar Command and Intelligence coming from 38 levels above the President does not give Alex Jones information. Therefore Alex is a conduit for Faction 1, Rothschilds, and Faction 2, Rockyfeller, intelligence sources. They are very frightened of the changes Obama is charged with making and is making. In their fear of loss of control and even arrest for their war crimes and criminal actions they are feeding Alex, Tom Heneghan, Casper and others hateful and false information trying to undermine Obama’s effectiveness.
They will fail. Obama is receiving good intelligence from Faction 3 through direct contacts with the King of Swords/Associates and Ashtar, Lady Master Nada, St Germain and others. The Provost Marshall General is also providing Obama and the new Attorney General and Patrick Fitzgerald with important information on the results of their audits and arrest plans. As a result a smooth series of carefully planned actions are occurring about which F1/F2 know next to nothing.


Please explain why you hate Obama when the fact that Obama must play his 3 roles on Earth.



I found a good idea among the posts below.

Nuclear power plant combined with HAARP will become Atomic Bomb equivalent. That's why there is no need for hidden organization to keep atomic bombs around the world. They just have to set HAARPs nearby atomic power plants around the world and control from headquarters maybe in U.S(?).

So hidden power start declaring "No Atomic Bomb!" This sounds just cheat to give a fake gratitude and control us.

Nobel committee awarded Obama Nobel prize for giving him a endorsement.
Benjamin, what do you think of it?

Kurt Schilling

Project Camelot Interviews Jordan Maxwell. Oct 8th 2009.

The Vatican, evil according to Maxwell, is behind the Illuminati -



2008 the prize went to warmonger Martti Ahtisaari who personally created a mess in the southern Balkans. Now the prize goes to Obama, who has done absolutely nothing to promote peace. He even increased the war in Afghanistan.

I wonder who will get the prize next year. Maybe Radovan Karadzic!


How ironic. Only hours after Obama received message of the "peace" prize he went to a meeting and decided to *increase* the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today the afghan warlord "Gulbuddin" said that no Afghan was involved in the 9/11 attacks. The aggression on Afghanistan and Iraq was blamed on those attacks and now it turns out neither Iraq nor Afghanistan was involved in the attacks.

And Swede is right. The peace prize is awarded by a norwegian branch that has very little to do with the other prizes. Historically it is the Norwegians that has been out of line (with prizes to NWO henchmen like Kissinger, Ahtisaari and now Obama).



I partly agree with ワタ飴's comment as seen in above post. If Obama had done everything against hidden power from the beginning, he didn't have got the power of Presidency and could have done less things or would have ended with death.

He has to do thing in seemingly compromised manner for now to make sure World can Change. He has to work together with hidden power and persuade them to head to right direction. Or Major war will take place between good and evil. That is not what we want, but what hidden power wants.

As Benjamin said before, dis-informant often cheat us with a mixture of truths and lies. Similarly, Obama might have to behave like that to cheat hidden power, or make them trust him.

I don't know what the truth is, and which side Obama is on. It is too early to determine. So, we have to continue watching his strategy, assessing them, and sometime criticizing him.




Le prix Nobel de la paix est un couteau à double tranchant.
Le prix Nobel renforce l'image de prophète de la paix. Il renforce la croyance, la confiance et l'espérance.
Ceci peut mettre de la pression sur Obama "to walk the talk". Ou, il devient difficile pour lui, ou pour l'élite, de déclencher une guerre.
D'un autre coté, cela renforce son aura. Cette image de prix Nobel de la paix, cette confiance peut être abusée. Il sera plus difficile pour la population pour voire à travers, pour devenir conscient et d'accepter qu'il ne s'agit que d'une image et que la réalité est bien différente.
Mais en cas d'abus et de déception, plus grande est l'admiration, la confiance et l'espérance, et plus grande sera l'impacte de la trahison. Il est plus facile d'accepter un crime de quelqu'un qu'on sait mauvais, que de quelqu'un en qui on avait placé une confiance et qu'on admire.
Obama est encore toujours une des personnes (visible) les plus influentes A mon sens, cela pourrait être une stratégie judicieuse en faveur de la paix.

Uncle uSAMa Wants You

Don't act all shocked or suprised by Barack Obomber getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama is just like every other American regime leader that has ever held power: He is a war criminal.

But he is a war criminal that was brought to power by the West to act as a frontman for an American Evil Empire that had been increasingly exposed as such by the Bush Regime.

But through it all, America has been a rogue nation since day one.

ant war

nobel peace prize and literature prizes are are from a different group than the prizes for physics, chemistry and medicine.

the peace and lit prizes are run by US/Zio hacks. The peace prize has been given to Henry Kissinger and Menachem Begin both confirmed and publicwar criminals.


It is a wonderful thing if the free-energy deals in Arabia/Israel are a go. And if the Oct. 27 deadline is too, then wow!
Hopefully those with the US can control the button pushers long enough to expose a number of the Kissinger/Brzezinski gangs and nazis. Pray there is no third "war to end all wars". This one might.

Will surely be something to see the rats abandoning ship (and each other) as the winter approaches.

I second the Peace Prize for MJ.

Barry needs to show us all who he really is and where he was born (if at all). He also needs to explain his bi-sexual behaviour in Chicago and his relation to the young choir master, from his own church, who was brutally murdered!!!
If I order men to murder others, I'm not guilty???Please save us, Lord.
Peace and Truth dear friends, is what we need to get our bearings again. We've lost our way in all this hatred.

Thanks Ben

PS Been few chemtrails here lately.

Paul Einar Sandvik

Hey Ben
Thank you very much for your news,EXCEPT on your views on Obama.You are ready to give the worst part of the elite amnesty,and then you call Obama a mass murderer.That is way off the deep end.If you where able to see things from beyond the matrix,and with your heart,you would see that Obama - good or not,can be a good instrument for a new world - and that he would even Be able to switch side - to the good.So be patient,and do not judge to harshly - and be a bit more objective.Otherwise thank you truly for your tireless work and information.That Is truly great.All the best Paul Einar,Norway




アレックス ジョーンズの the obama deception





please delete this comment. re. http://wingmakers.com/neruda4ex.html ... scroll down a bit if you're not interested in the ancient arrow site ... the talk later shifts to the triad of power, the illuminate, etc


The Nobel price as such is the western view of the world, nothing new there. I don't get from your statement as to why the 'Thule society' is 'desperate'? Is it not just perception and wishful thinking on your part, Benjamin? Not all that makes sense in arguments is actual reality.

Labeling president Obama as mass-murderer ... does that help any cause or your credibility?

What actual plans are undertaken to transform the worlds financial markets? How is peace and civility upheld in nation-states during these transitional years?

This moment in time is adequately expressed in this opinion I read on the internet some place the other day:

"a lot of people are really disgusted with the SO CALLED new age movement.

primarily because many people are praying for "cleansing" DISASTERS instead of applying their minds with heart-focused intentions towards solving problems."

Try this for size: http://wingmakers.com/neruda4ex.html





Now save your soul!


Uh, why Thule-Society- thought it was only a club making the Nazis start. Von Sebottendorf is dead! International working Nazis of nowadays don't need a Thule-Society any more, so why?

Joe Sanchez

This Nobel prize has to do for what is coming very soon with our brothers in the Space, the beginning of the disclosure.

What NASA did this week of bombing the Moon is just another coverup for what is really going on in the ellites hands, right now...

I truly believe that we are already in the Armageddon and Obama is the Chief leader against other human races in the Space, yes we are in the midst of Space wars ask Ed Grimsley...


This audio of Patrick Riot is about the Rothschilds. It is 2 1/2 hours long, fast forward through the commercials. I heard some things that I have never heard before. Comments Ben





Message To Benjamin Fulford.

You can contact me via http://youtube.com. My account is VegEdGoku. I put directory in "Web Site URL". E-mail is fake. I don't want to put it here, because it can be tracked.


I wanted to send it to Leo Lyon Zagami, but I thought it would be better to send it to You. Because he could be lied to, lying. These notices are for You. As it appears to be, in our dimension, space, reality there is God, Good, Human. There is no Devil. I think, there is no Devil at all. It can be proven scientifically. But if he is in some place, let him be there. Everyone can have to have for him a place to be.
I think there must be one family, or group of people who started all that shit, likely for their own benefit. Who could be old as shit. It can be ten, twenty thousands or even more years before?. Who started these kinds of lies and exploitations of humans.
I don't know what music do You like, but i suggest You to listen "Queen" - "Don't Loose Your Head".
No matter what will happen, You did a great job. Thank You.




Well, if any could find computerniks, who know how e-mails work, he could ask them, to send e-mails of carefully prepared important information of truth exposure texts to all e-mail boxes with its proofs. This wouldn’t be a spam, because it is important information, which people should have got in schools. People could be informed by mailboxing to them that important truth exposure information. If one has lots of money, he could use that method.

Four notices.

Childhood is very important. It’s at least one of the fundaments of adults’ life hood. Kids have to get information from early age. There should be nice new books of all kinds of subjects they are going to be teached by, based only on truth, as it should be. All knowledge must be there. Many humans are basically children, due to their behavior accordingly to settings.

Really important thing is language. There is a language- Esperanto, which is really a suite in this kind of situation. It is liberal. So, it must be used as an international language, as it was designed for. Using foreign languages as international languages can cause conflicts. Esperanto is a free language, so it shouldn't cause any conflicts. It would be good, if children could learn Esperanto (as international language), and their native language in their schools. Any foreign language too, of course, if they prefer to. That would be gaily and great.

If there are people who has stronger positions in senates, they could initiate creations of independent budgets, for different requirements, which people could use for their own purposes, deciding (by voting), what for, money are going to be used.

Banks must be public institutions. They must be used only for money transmissions and independent budgets. Money should be made not by banks, but by different institutions, in factories which would be not related to the banks. Money could be made of any metals. For easier use, there must be made coins with different values of 1 by 1 to 10, 10 by 10 to 100, 100 by 100 to 1000, 1000 by 1000 to 10000, 10000 by 10000 to 100000, 100000 by 100000 to 1000000. That should be enough. There is no need to waste metals. So, it is evident, that there is no need of banks. But, in case of safety (preventing (prevention is very important) robberies), people can use digital money, which would be based on metal money, which would be transferred from my account in the bank to cafés’ account in the bank when i buy a cup of coffee. Surely, you could always have your metal money with you, if you prefer to. You could then pay directly, for anything you would buy.

I clearly understand that You might be not interested in it, and am not forcing You to do it. If You can do something good about these statements, that would be great.




Might be a conspiracy?.
Don't You think that someone might intentionally give You to know something, that later put You in a position someone want to? Don't You think that You were or are used to to be used by someone? You know many codes, but maybe someone wanted you to know them.
Are You familiar with Jacque Fresco works?




Manabu Shimura





Do you believe this:


dunno...could you verify its authenticity,please?


The Nobel prize is crap for sure.
Maybe though Obama the egoist was given it to make up for the Chicago Olympics silliness. His wife was trying to make some money from the deal and the "First Family" got burned???
What a comedy of crap.
Satanism in so many closets. These creatures are everywhere and selling themselves cheap.

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