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To the point right now, power is the poison. And you're going to see it again and again when you read the headlines and you see what's happening in the world. The very power that people have held onto in the past, starting with the largest and most powerful institutions, is going to be their poison. The more they hold onto it, the more poisonous it will become. The more they try to believe in it, the more venomous it will be. The more they try to use it against another, the more it will strangle them. It will choke them. It will take the life out of them.

Power is a consciousness of itself. Power has reached a point in its cycle where it cannot be power anymore. It cannot be opposing masculine/feminine or light and dark. It has outgrown itself. It is seeking its freedom from the old consciousness that it has been in and now it is turning on itself. Power is poisoning and killing itself and anyone who holds onto it.

Strong words, but true words. You'll see it. You'll see it next week and the week after, and when you wonder what is going on in this world, is it falling apart? And the answer is absolutely it is. Power is destroying itself and all of those who have abused it, misused it and misunderstood it. What is Ahead




Will someone kindly tell me what is going on?

Are we playing baseball or soccer? And, oh by the way, whose side is everyone on?


Ben, I am listening to an ET channeling call right now, and they said there is a man in Japan (you) on the internet who has much knowledge of the dark ones and how they work. so be strong as you are in deep waters.

these ET's also state to be prepared for many large banks to be shutting down because they are bankrupted, then something good will come to the people...

these are the good ET's by the way, as we all know there are bad ones too.

I love you Ben and wish you safety and peace.


Hi Benjamin.. I was wondering if you know anything about Taiwan dictatorship is sent or controlled by whom? coz since he was eletected... stock market crashed from 7000 to 4000 'n till now.. he has almost sold this island OUT to China... Taiwanese pp have been suffering since the first day he was on the power...I'd like to know who the hell is really behind him since you have known so MUCH about the secret society...many thanks!!!



"In any case, the DPJ puppet government is not expected to last even for a year according to sources within the super secret Black Dragon Society. Their Bilderberger Nazi bosses like Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix, Nazi pope Ratzinger and their ilk will soon be no longer in a position to give orders to the DPJ. Also, the Japanese Public Prosecutor’s office has evidence Prime Minister Hatoyama took illegal donations so they can overthrow him any time they want. "
This is what keeps me going thru the mess.
Now just waiting to see what it is that will cause these Nazis not to be in a position to give orders, and when the JPPO will overthrow Hatoyama.

PS~ Guess Liz was groomed even as a teen. Not surprised.










QUOTE--Their Bilderberger Nazi bosses like Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix, Nazi pope Ratzinger and their ilk will soon be no longer in a position to give orders to the DPJ.--UNQUOTE.

How will these be taken down off their pinacles? We're all awaiting word because we the people who have the skills and do the work are left out of everything.

M Tjoeng

Benny Boy

you have the names of the 'Bagmen' who run Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, UK?

then we can start negotiations with them

the netherlands, MT




Are you promising us again?

Didn't you say that the election of the DPJ will bring the great change in Japan? Now we hear that this was just a fake change. It is time to see fundamental changes in the world to see that your message is honest.


Mike Long

Ether Dramatic Action is to be taken or World Government to about to be created. The Sovereignty of all nations that Sign the UN Climate treaty are Forfeit.
The Collapse of the Federal Reserve Dollar is at hand and the timing is unmistakable. After that Collapse the US will Cede its Sovereignty to this UN Climate Treaty in a Slight of Hand Move that is pure evil. Thus creating a One World Government ran by the Elite Bankers that cause both world wars simply to create an international body that the Nation States of the world can cede their sovereignty to.
These Elite will then bring a New World leader on the scene that will be very likable, charismatic, and likely religious (Also probably from Europe or its provinces). This will be the Anti-Christ. The world then will be split up into 10 regions for convenience. A One World Currency will be established that is not based on a Physical Currency, but digital and within 3 1/2 years fraud around this system will be prominent so a new system of control will be implemented to battle "Fraud" and a computer chip will be implanted in the known world populous for the buying a selling of goods.
During this time there will be various Global Disasters due to the 26,000 year cycle that the planet is in and now going through the magnetic band around the Galaxy.
All of this will fulfill the the prophesies of the Bible perfectly.
Then the worst of all of it will progress. All of the events will lead to a battle in the northern part of Israel in the Valley of Armageddon between the forces of the Free peoples of humanity and the enslaved Satanic people of the world in a great and final decisive battle.
During this Battle, before a shot it fired, The true Christ (Savior of all of Mankind), Yahshua is Messiah will show up and wipe out the forces of Darkness with one final blow.
Then there will be a 1,000 year physical reign of Christ.


bejamin put down the crack pipe and get of your lazy arse and do some proper journalism here is a leg up for you http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=Qp55OCtxugEC&dq=Gold+Warriors,+America%E2%80%99s+Secret+Recovery+of+Yamashita%E2%80%99s+Gold+by+Sterling+and+Peggy+Seagrave&printsec=frontcover&source=bn&hl=en&ei=bOHdSorfGdG24Qb1-ZAO&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CBMQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=&f=false









In Ben’s defense, the contrary facts he reports are prevailing from many factions and frequencies. Deciphering between benevolent / malevolent has become difficult for all.
The moral of the story, to put it bluntly… If nukes get used, we ALL get screwed.
Even soul energy can be altered. All of you out there thinking the dark side can bring you favors, time to walk in the light. When the meek inherit the Earth, it most likely won’t include any human beings.


There is arguably no better man to start the process of establishing a Truth Commission/Criminal Tribunal than one Benjamin Fulford.


Matt Taaibi of Rolling Stones says the new carbon tax will be like the dot.com bubble and the housing bubble. The difference is there will be no middle men. The money will go straight to Wall Street. This is how the carbon tax works. NC has a lot of coal fired power plants. The air is so bad the residents have bad air days. Texas has a large number of wind farms. NC can pay to keep their coal fired plants by paying money to the corporations/govt officials who own the Texas wind farms. So the earth isn't saved , just the corporations.

The go to man in the current administration is Larry Summers who has a vested interest in wind farms. Although, his corporation , First Wind , had had many lawsuits ..there is never a conviction. Iberdrola out of Spain..funded by Abu Dhabi Energy just got multi millions through the stimulus bill to create jobs.(illegal) This corporation wants to take over electricty in the US. WE pay for the whole operation with the only return is higher electricity bills.

Obama promised no new taxes ...only if you don't use electricity. This at a time the US is suffering with , no jobs , hunger and foreclosures.





well, if u already know they are puppets and not true representatives of the people, and if u have the evidence to prove this, why do u even negotiate with them? ?why all this waiting? the more u wait, the more infiltration and harm they do...these people dont seem to have any conscience and only care for power. how can neogotiating with them asking them ro reliniquish this power ever be successful? its time to end the times of indirect democracy which has proven to be far too easily corruptable. but what is the alternative? but whatever u guys do ben i trust u to fight on behalf of the people. u have my support and i enjoy ur optimism.



You have made a talk with Mr.Uekusa as seen in your book and Youtube.
He obviously supports DPJ, which is described in his blog, and I made up my mind to support it as well.

But I'm beginning to be confused with a mixture of inconsistent information.
I'm quite at a loss which party I should support, and I feel there is nothing we can choose, as more or less any party is supported by some secret power and we have no way to grasp the power by ourselves. We, salary man, have to continue to be on slavery job.

The only way to be dependent is to reject any currencies controlled by secret power and made own local currency, own food by ourselves. But this might be hard choice.

What is the best scenario for future of Japan?



A. Helwig

In any case, the DPJ puppet government is not expected to last even for a year according to sources within the super secret Black Dragon Society. Their Bilderberger Nazi bosses like Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix, Nazi pope Ratzinger and their ilk will soon be no longer in a position to give orders to the DPJ. Also, the Japanese Public Prosecutor’s office has evidence Prime Minister Hatoyama took illegal donations so they can overthrow him any time they want.
Isn`t it about time they do sow? Why give them the time to control us any longer? This shit is going on for centuries. It`s fucking time for us simpel folkes to step up. Bring it on (if it`s real what you are talking about) We can take it! Where are fucking taking it for years and years. Bring it all down so that we can build it all up again. In a good way so that future generations maybe don`t have to struggle against these politicians, traitors, bankers.It won`t be easy i know but it wil shure be a lot fairer then before. Back to basics. Why wait? Why give them the time to start a war in Iran? Killing innocent people just because they have another fate as we have? If it`s real what you talking about and not science fiction than let us have it. Full blown in our face so that we know that we in the western world are being lied to for generations and generations. Pick `em clean all of them traitors to humanity en give it back to the people that build it up from the ground. Start a revolt. People in my country (the netherlands) are fed up with our queen and her son. We suffer and they get even more money to brass around. If the people you know really have the power to change the world stop talking and start doing things. Let us see the possibilities you can create. Let us have it, we can take it. In sure of that!It will only take a spark to turn this shit around. So give us this sparke! A. Helwig.


Ok ben, thanks for keeping updated with Asian news. We really want to know what is going to happen on October 27th and November. We are very curious about that. please give us more data on these dates since it is next week!!! should we expect a freefall of the dollar? can you give us more news about what you mean with "chaotic november"
please, give us more news this week . thanks ben


民主・小沢幹事長の英国訪問に乱れ飛ぶ憶測 真相は…(2009.9.27 MSN産経ニュース)

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