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The end of this system begins 1335 days before Pentecost 2013.
September 19, ¿?


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Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for this last article of yours.
It somehow gives me hope for our future, yet I realise that our path will not be smooth.

From reading others' work alongside with yours, I fully understand all the points that you are mentioning. The part where you write about the "new financial system" and how the Vatican, British Empire and the Dragon family has embraced this new system, has me puzzled. Could you elaborate more or give an indication where one can look for that kind of information? Thanks.

I find it bizarre that the Chinese can do as much as say we will not honor these contracts, yet mainstream media is so quiet about it. Thumbs up for the Chinese on this one. I was expecting them to do this. Not that they actually have any other choice. Of course, if they stand by this, other nations will follow.


Obama to give speech on financial crisis Monday (Reuters)


Who is Dr. Van De Meer?
If you use a name - please give some supporting evidence.
Thank you




→ ルースチェンジやZeitgeistを見る → わかったような気になる。
→ ただ、ニューエイジカルトが911自作自演をつつくような構図に、だんだん気づくのである。




You have been depicted a nice outcome of this grim current scenario, let's pray is also the same as God's will, but I have my reserves to that.

Because, if you have just a grain of brain, you maybe imagine, that those people which spoiled and robbed the humanity for so long, will not be happy with that new status and will not stay with their hands crossed waiting to see that prediction. I'm positive that they with retaliate with lots of nasty things, be it bio agents, HAARP attacks, FEMA concentration camps, more nefarious chemtrails or invoking the powers of black programs, with look-like-extraterrestrial flight ships launching exotic weapons coordinated with a Blu Beam alien attack, armies of auto-coordinated robots dumped from plains, or whatever.

Those powers, that look "positive" that you mention they already agreed to dump the dollars, also agreed in 1913 to create this thievery called FED, aren't they? So, their words are not assurance for me, either.

Indeed, will come a "golden age" for people, but not in this way and has nothing to do with the actual hegemony, but with the hegemony of LAMB and will be headed by a country that no many knows or heard about it.

That country will be called the New Israel and their people will be the new people of God, being the repository of qualities asked by God, embedded in man and woman (see that I say no HU-MANS, which are not man and woman!)

You all shall see and you will remember, maybe, my words, even though I do not want be a prophet. I, as many other people will be affected by the fall of dollars all the world monetary system will be affected and the effects will ripple throughout the entire world, leading to massive losses, including lives, unfortunately.

... - - - ...

"Run them out of the country on a rail."
I don't think so.
They will be apprehended, prosecuted and incarcerated. All their assets will be confiscated, air and all.

... - - - ...

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