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Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic but I was woandering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot

Chanel CoCo

Let me great inspiration, thanks


We really are in a "matrix" folks. This virtual reality was initially created for us to enjoy. But some jackass hackers busted into the system and now many of us and our brothers and sisters are TRAPPED. However, some of us are badass warriors of light that come from much higher levels of consciousness and we are in this game with you. A few of us are just starting to FULLY awaken to what the true reality of this situation is. We are coming for you dear ones. Those that have created this mess will be taken care of and we will all be content with the outcome (which may not be what you think you want). Nonetheless, remember that you are so much more than what you "think" you are. You are a powerful creator being that has been duped into believing that you are limited. Trust me, this is just not so. Soon you will know this TRUTH again for yourself.

Desert Rat

Dear Benjamin,

I am so happy that I found out about you. I once thought that these evil criminals could never be stopped, and like the Borg in Star Trek, resistance would be futile. Your eternal optimism has once again given me hope. I understand that in order to have a new beginning the the old system must be destroyed. The satanist criminals of the world must forced to provide for themselves on a serpent infested deserted island. I am 63 years old and hope that I am able to survive to see the new and wonderful beginning for the world that you describe. Even if what you forecast does not come to pass, I thank you, because you have taught me how to stop living in fear. Take care.




"Once the Feds go belly up, the media machine they used to keep these people in a trance will also fall. The truth shall then set them free."

Ben, the money-matrix consists not only of those continuing bad practices in the financial industry, but mostly of those investing their money and future into these markets - in other words, all of us. The FED will not go belly-up, because they need and will stabilize the balance on the next lower level (on our behalf - rightfully so). And they do that to prevent anarchy in the streets because millions of families in the United States alone would be told their children's education has just been cancelled including their retirement.

That you believe when this all goes to hell in a hand basket it would serve human kind to overcome the evil's of the world is strange to say the best ... the "evil" in the world is that people who think something is doable believe to have a right to force their way ... have a close look in the mirror, Ben.

Change is needed, I agree with you, and the fundamental change for the world you and I want is hard work, a transformation taking years on end with the support of those in the system who have a conscious about the needs of humanity. "The beast" in end-times-terms is the masses driven by fear over the cliff following just every piper that comes along and nourishes their hope. How grotesque it has become is the dumb-founded reaction by those ones to this:

"The antidote to rally rage
Sept. 14: Rachel Maddow shares video of the witty tea party counterprotests by Billionaires for Wealthcare and then is joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, to talk about how progress is being made on the health care reform bill."

video link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/vp/32850414#32850414

(it's a 9 minute video ... and the point could not have been made more eloquently ... please pay close attention to the onlookers who are being counter-demonstrated ... I do share their sense of hopelessness and dis-empowerment, Ben ... but they need agreeable vision for a fundamental new society, not hate and fearmongering because there are no answers in that ...)


Saint Cheez

HI BEN!!!...:( More fun time for self exploration... if you are REAL...
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology | 1996 | | © The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology 1996, originally published by Oxford University Press 1996. (Hide copyright information) Copyright

sycophant one of a class of informers in ancient Greece; mean flatterer, toady. XVI. — F. sycophante or L. sȳcophanta — Gr. sûkophántēs, f. súkon fig + *phan-, base of phaínein show; the reason for the name is uncert.

Webster's defines a sycophant as a servile self-seeking flatterer, a swindler.

There is a world of difference between a good adviser and a sycophant, along with the services both provide.

Sycophants are sought after today by those wishing to be told that they are correct in their thoughts, beliefs and actions. Sycophants are top notch at telling you what you want to hear and making you feel good about any choices you are determined to make in you life.

There is an ulterior motive to the advice of the sycophant, he wants something from you. Most often it's your money. The internet and TV are full of these people. Pushing all types of products promising to make you smarter, sexier, younger looking, even more favorable with GOD.

You will find these people standing on top of mountains crying out to you that they have your answers, listen to them, (and give them your money), and they will solve all you life's ills and woes. Their continued success is dependent on your not succeeding. They have to keep you coming back for more of their services or they are out of a job and their income river dries up.

The motive of a sycophant is self serving. Their whole purpose is to place themselves in a role of being needed and feeling in control.

A good adviser is one who offers you information out of a true desire to see you succeed in your life. Whether it's a healer, a counselor or a good friend; their information comes from a place of love and honest concern for your well being.

The easiest way to recognize a sycophant from a good adviser is to take a look at whose interests are being served. If your interests are the priority the advice will encourage, motivate and lift you to a place of change and making wise choices.

A sycophant will advise you in ways that keep you chained to her so that you gain little if any ground in solving your problem, but will guarantee that you keep coming back for more advice and help.

When you determine that you would benefit by the services of another, listen to what is being said to you with your heart and your intellect. If you are truly seeking help, rather than a polishing of your ego, you will soon discover that the true adviser speaks in a manner which challenges you to think outside the box.

Good advice always has your best interest at the center of any choices offered to you. Use your intuitive powers to determine whether or not you are being helped or made into a servant.

Please erase so that I can know you... Ben.



I wish peace.
I wish peace.
I need peace.
I can`t live if peace not comming.
Too many people died.
Too many people burried me.
Too many people fucked me up and fucked me off.
Too many people too cold.
Too many things are not interesting.



There is a saying that only diamond cuts through diamond.
To bring the pyramid down, we need to use the power of pyramid.
What keeps the pyramid in shape? There are few different ingredients. However the major ones are: FEAR and SECRECY.
All alternate medias like Alex Jones and Benjamin Fulford are doing great job breaking the "secrecy".
However in order to break the fear, which is very hard, human need to use "fear" back. One idea the way this can be done is,
"eliminate your boss unless he follows your order".
Now order your bosses to do the same. If they follow all are good. Else you or your colleague take him down.
This will revert the direction of fear upward eventually cracking the pyramid tower from inside blasting through it like a volcano.
I would like to request Benjamin (as an advocate of humanity) and humanity to adopt this strategy instead of targeting the eye as it will be extremely hard to reach the eye directly and even if you succeed you will surprise yourself by finding a 2nd and 3rd eye being created later on.

marco saba

Another suicide:

Rockefeller investment chief dies
By Jay Fitzgerald
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - Added 7h ago
Boston Herald General Economics Reporter


In the areas where the LDP candidates won in the last election, it seems there were many cases of voter fraud. The one which is famous on the Internet right now is the voter fraud regarding Nobuteru Ishihara, who is a son of Papa-Ishihara (the right-wing governor of Tokyo). His opponent, Nobuto Hosaka was winning the election but Mayor of Suginami ward, who is Papa-Ishihara`s man, replaced the absentee ballots with "Ishihara vote." (By the way, did you know that there are about 100 workers in Suginami ward who are temporarily transfered from Tokyo Metropolitan Government?) Of course, these things are written in Japanse elsewhere but I thought it is worthwhile mentioning in English as well. Mr. Hosaka was one of those politicians who have been strongly against the privatization of the post-office. Other powerful politicians who had the similar stance also mysteriously failed to get elected. There was so much pressure to stop those politicians from being elected.














One last entry before they cart me away to FEMA-land.

I highly suspect they are unto me for making these thought-provoking videos on youtube under 444age. Over the last month very mysteriously three...not one or two...but three different video editing software in my PC have given up the ghost. One was completely deleted from my system, the other two either can't save files anymore, or have reverted to demo mode after I had paid good money for unlimited use.

This may be my last video....who knows, right? I am probably on the red list.


I suspect they are maybe planning a perfect storm: mandatory vaccines during the Federal Reserve shut-down, right after a nuke attack on a major city. That would create a media frenzy!

I could sure use a ninja or two out here, Ben. But, hey ...I've already had a near death experience and it was the BEST. And now that I am broke, and lived a full life...I'm really FREE. Death would be a welcome change.

I love you Ben with a pure brotherly love. Thank you for all the battles you have waged on behalf of humanity. If I am gone, I'll be just around the corner, helping from another dimension.

Ted Jones

I want to say it again, and add some more thoughts:

Benjamin Franklin said it outright: "The JEWS are VAMPIRES!"
He actually wanted to ban them from ever becoming citizens!

Islam bans interest outright. Christians consider it very shady, and evil if done in anything more than small size. These two great religions cover 1/2 the population of the entire earth!

The jew at heart is a money-lending financial vampire, sucking your financial lifeblood through his interest rate schemes. The jew invented 10-to-1 lending (lending 10 times what you have), based on the lie in the middle ages that he had enough gold in his safe to cover all his loans, because he wanted to suck financial blood ten times faster! It really is as simple as that. (I've researched it :))



Rockefeller & Co CEO dies in "apparent suicide"

Newport Beach financier Danny Pang dies at 42

Dying Blagojevich fundraiser said he "overdosed", mayor says

Financier Finn Casperson dead in "apparent suicide"


It is such a bitter pill to swallow when an evil action has to be accepted as an event that brings the world to awareness.
There have been so many of these evil actions in the past century that didn't accomplish this.
Finally, this has crossed a line so big that no one can ignore it.
Even though so many refuse to understand the depth of evil that produces such a event, there is a call for new investigations.
The entire system is going to collapse before we get the whole truth..

Tom Joad

I hate to agree with the idea that mass murder was a good thing, but you're probably right. There have been many horrible events through history, but nothing that the entire world witnessed in real time and living color. 9/11 was an attempt to shock the human spirit into helplessness, and it worked for a while, but it's a huge smoking gun that will be the undoing of the culprits in question.




→ ルースチェンジやZeitgeistを見る → わかったような気になる。
→ ただ、ニューエイジカルトが911自作自演をつつくような構図に、だんだん気づくのである。


<共産主義とNWO :ウォール・ストリートのユートピア詐欺 By Henry Makow>


The Luciferians are ramping up for a nuke attack. Fox News is preparing the American psyche....


The rats are biting back.


Thing that worries me though Ben is that China is first to mandate vaccine. Not good.


The immense suffering and many deaths of 911 were indeed not in vain. We should feel tremendous gratitude to be here in this time and place to witness the birthing of a new world of dignity. Throughout the aftermath of 911 it was common knowledge up and down wall street that
huge money was made by buying "puts" on the airline stocks just before 911. The fact that none of the smaller rats that scurry around wall street bothered to expose this info is very telling. The void of dignity and common decency extends from the top big cheese all the way down to the sorriest little tit-mouse. May wall street and it's rodents all rest in peace.







Dear Benjamin

I have been reading your posts and have watched your video interviews for over a year. I just wanted to take this moment to Thank You, dear one, for living your life in a positively oriented service to others path. Not only am I grateful for those who have continued to to expose the truth of 9-11, but I am grateful to you and others as yourself for your continued bravery in the face of intimidation and fear.

I have a wonderful feeling about you and your role in the New Age that is upon us.

I leave you in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator - you are protected and will not fail.

from Texas, USA



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