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dan pond

Hi Ben,
This is great news. The humanity (and the American people) really do deserve a monetary system other than debt slavery.

Since we are almost finished with this act, how about starting a post soon about the rare earth mineral economy about to get going.

China and Japan probably have some news that the Western Hemisphere could use to look forward to instead of the financial black hole.

Sort of like a preview of the next episode.

Thanks, keep up the good work!

mark ryan

If the fed goes BK why would we have to pay the interest to them? Is the collapse still going to happen sept 30, oct 7, oct 27 and beyond?? If you can respond I will cut you a check from my gains.

Ted Jones

Take the Fed 100% down! No more 10-to-1 fake fiat money bullshit!
Throw the thieves into the Hague for grand-theft larceny crimes against humanity!


Good evening, Ben,
Would you kindly elaborate on these 'honest bankers, plutocrats and regulators' might be?!? Many of us know that there are 2 united States, and that the one in control know is a tightly controlled corporation working against us (we, the people), but for the phony 'Fed' and its
conglomerates and cronies. We treasure our God given, unalienable rights and will not trade them for another dictatorship, even if benevolent. Please elaborate further if that is possible. Somewhere I read, also, that the IMF is about to dump several hundred TONS of gold
on the market. What kind of 'in your face' manipulation is this?!? You do know that 'weather' has been under the 'Pentagon' for at least the past fifty years utilizing HAARP and every other diabolical tool to completely control planetary weather and create seeming 'global warming' phenomenon, all in their depopulation strategy. It seems that the Pentagon, CIA, Washington, District of Criminals, White House, and most of the despots and even elected leaders of the world answer to the 'Fed-WB-IMF-IBS' cabal. Do you envision a way to atone for, somehow make amends for all the damage that has been wrought by these entities over the past century and beyond???? Thanks for all you do and sharing with these posts. Godspeed..



I have respected your opinions,but now I want the truth. Pandemics are breaking out in the areas where FORCED vaccinations have occurred. http://www.republicoflakotah.com/2009/the-mask-slips-for-those-with-eyes-to-see-preparing-for-the-real-pandemic/ Members of the military have become very ill and died from the vaccines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEZHoP... The Chinese, French, Germans and the US are going to force vaccines on everybody except the extremely wealthy...who are causing this fake pandemic No offense , but is the plan to eliminate poverty etc. by sending us to Heaven (or Hell in some cases?) The military will be paid? Don't you mean "hired?" They are training to vaccinate all of us with deadly viruses and nano RFID chips.

Either you have been played or you're not getting the entire story. If you are now some sort of hybrid form of life, please let us know. I personally don't want to be a slave to these bastards and I don't particularly see any of them as "better equipped to rule," than people like me. I am intelligent, well educated and highly principled. I have seen my entire life destroyed by the idiots put into power by the Bushes. I have seen small town judges haul people in to line their pockets because that was what they learned from these parasites. These parasites learned their craft from the Rockefellers.

Frankly, I am sickened by the arrogance of everyone that presumes that they can run the world better than the people in it. They believe that being able to send people to death is a sophistication that the average person doesn't possess. I don't view killing people as a "strategic decision," nor do I buy all the other baloney that we have been fed. I don't see any of these monsters forgoing having children even though many of them are imperfect genetically themselves and NOT FINE SPECIMENS OF HUMANITY AT ALL.

I don't think that they have the right to decide that they are more worthy than subsistence farmers in Thailand who have not destroyed the planet and do little bad while they are on it. I don't think that they are qualified to decide who is worthy or not worthy to procreate. Mostly, I am angry and embittered that these people ever got that kind of power. It seems that those who most want power are the least equipped to wield it judiciously.

The world doesn't have 6 billion people on it. Nor is it required to only have 500 million (that was Rockefeller's idea along with his little gray friends). It is not how many of us live on this planet..it is how the many of us live that should determine population levels. I happen to know that fertility is declining around the world because of their indiscriminate attempts to sterilize those that they have no use for. Yet it is from these people that the best new ideas come. Fertility declined among the highly educated FIRST. I know. I was one of the victims of their perfidy.

That is how well these "natural rulers" planned. I am sickened by the mess that they have made of our planet with their selfishness. When given a choice to abandon oil 40 years ago, they could only view things through the lense of their own desires to stay richer than anyone else and powerful. They did not give a rat's ass about this planet or anyone on it. They wanted to control travel to outer space because they wanted to claim that, too. Now, they are terrified that the Chinese or Indians will spill the beans about what is on the moon and Mars. They think that we, the average people, are too stupid to figure out that there are colonies already there. Well, we know.

What is the truth, Ben? What is really going on?

Street fighter

Now I'm wondering if the Canadian Fed counterpart, the so called Bank of Canada, will fall as well.


Ben, the US is on the forefront of the timeline. That's obvious. Yet what about Europe? Fascism is roling out big time here in the open.
See http://www.iss.europa.eu/ the site of the EUISS (EU Institute for Security Studies), the official foreign and security policy "Think Tank" agency of the EU and their latest publication "What ambitions for European defence in 2020?"

Here's a brief analysis:

Some quotes:

"The Bottom Billion
According to a recent study published by the EU's "Institute for Security Studies" (EUISS) future wars will not be fought between states, but between "unequal global socioeconomic classes of society". On one side of this "hierarchical class society" are the metropolitan elite, consisting of transnational corporations, the OECD member states and the "rapid transition states" India, China and Brazil. These are confronted with "increasingly explosive tensions" from the other side, the global poor. To prevent a "global systemic collapse", the Institute calls for applying the "full spectrum of high intensity combat" against the "bottom billion".

"Universal Treasures
For the EUISS, warding off economic refugees is directly linked to the management of global ecological crises. Natural catastrophes, caused by climatic change, could lead to "sudden refugee or migration flows within the EU", which would call for military management. The EUISS therefore calls on the rich nations of the North, to use "more robust power" to "protect" natural resources, such as tropical rain forests and fish breeding areas in the poverty-stricken regions of the South, against unwanted seizure, because they are "universal treasures, beyond the sovereign jurisdiction of any single state."

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