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good reporting there bud, but you're only scratching the surface. Yahoo news will only get you so far. Internet blogs and chatter might get you nowhere, on the other hand. Some critical thinking will help one deduce that the 'nuke' and the 'terrorist' were known about for a while- and were finally exposed at strategic moments, i.e., to hush Ahmadinejad when we was getting too much momentum in the media (did you see his interview w/ Couric? Bold!); also, to show off to the world ("look we can catch terrorists under Obama too") just in time to make these new $$ deals/contracts at the world conferences last week... a closer look will also show that Rahm Emanuel is the one really behind all of this pulling strings and pressing buttons


The Fed makes money by pulling it out of its azz and loaning it to banks at interest. For the Fed to be bankrupt it would need to be in debt to a creditor. Who has the FED borrowed money FROM to be in debt? Why would the Fed need to borrow money if it can just pull it out of its azz?

NO. This is a run of the mill currency collapse, because all fractional reserve styled currencies collapse eventually. It's just the dollar's turn. The Fed shareholders are actually cooperating with the US Treasury to keep things from falling apart, because it's in the CORPORATION'S interest to keep the world dancing for dollars.

Meanwhile a competing cartel is impatiently waiting for it all to go kabloohey so it can set up a global currency in its place. Out of the frying pan and into the fire! There are no good guys here. Fulford wants us to embrace a "better master." That's not freedom, folks. A pox on all their houses.

Wally Noll

If the US elite were to merely turn on the Federal Reserve, then the Fed could be eliminated. By reforming the way that money is created, and by renouncing debts to the fed the US economy could be revived quickly. However, it is not wise to think that the American people are onto the fed. The Americans as you know consume their mass media and that is controlled by 6 corporations. There are only a small minority of congressmen & senators who would want to eliminate the fed. And even this small minority is mostly afraid to even speak about it. The last congressman who seriously tried to move on the fed I think was named McFadden. He died on the 3'rd assassination attempt, this was back in the 1930's. President Kennedy of course signed an order causing the US government to create dollars, they deposited those dollars in a bank and paid payroll expenses with it. President Kennedy was killed I think not even 6 months after he signed that bill.

Love of money is the root of all evil we read in 2'nd Timothy. The clique that rules America is primarily motivated by that love of money. I wish that it would go as Ben said in this article, that the Fed will be eliminated. But I think that the human beings are not capable of causing this to happen.


The G-20 and the OITC (Office of International Treasury Control)

After reading about the G-20 it seems that control over monetary policy will be spread out more evenly over the 20, and not just the G-8. Futhermore it seemed to me that while the stimulus package had halted an immediate breakdown, which maybe it did, there seemed to be an enthusiasm about the future of economic policy worldwide. In the midst of this there was infighting about this and that policy-wise but to a great extent it seemed that they had come to some kind of understanding.

China, Japan and other countries looked as though they might become major players in the world economic scheme. (This didn't look anything at all like the Amero, Euro, Asian New World Order grid) This looked like 20 sovereign countries sharing monetary power. Though a long way from a complete turn around.


At the same time there seemed to be a flurry of captured "terrorists" threatening to bomb anything and everything in the U.S. Even a nuke was reported. (Possible False Flag Ops)

So my question to you comes to this. How much of a role is the OITC playing in these G-20 agreements, if any at all?

These so called domestic terrorists seem to be striking out and getting caught, rather than succeeding. Does this mean that there might be some good guys countering the NWO powers that be?

Also, you did say that the H1N1 thing was not going to be allowed. I'm thinking perhaps its time for your people to lean HEAVILY on the W.H.O. and stop this before they do force it.

Tyler Hanes

While I fully support the U.S. Constitution and specifically it's idea of backing currency with gold and silver, I'm finding trouble with the idea that the United States will be able to magically return to the gold standard. I see numerous people suggesting it without ever mentioning the fort knox gold scandal. It's quite clear that there's a shell game going on as to where the gold reserves of the U.S. actually are at this point. Google "fort knox gold scandal" to see a glimpse of how far this particular rabbit hole goes. lol :/


Something I was never taught at school, and only just learned. Financial crises go all the way back to Babylonia, and were caused by the overlending of money to the people, to a point where they could not pay it back. This meant that they became the legal slaves of the loan originators. The Babylonian crises were in good part produced by overinflated property prices. Sound familiar?
Crises have been produced throughout history, worldwide. It is the same game-plan, still being played by the same powers, to keep us all slaves, in perpetuity. Until the slaves rise up in defiance, most likely at risk of great personal suffering, the Money Worshipers will prevail.

Russ Hayes

Myself, I'd like to see these bastards arrested, taken to a stadium and executed.
We know who they are. There is no way that these scumbags should get away with this.


Hokkido? Please...You must be kidding. Every bounty hunter in the world will be making a bee line to Sapporo. Will make Tijuana look like Mr. Roger's Place.


The Tail of the Dragon

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth...And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. -- Rev 12:3,4,7,8
the dragon is mortally wounded Australia Hit By Blood of Dragon A giant cloud of red dust has settled over Australia's largest city


what about this?



"The Belgian parliament voted to give the government emergency dictatorial powers under the pretext of dealing with a pandemic emergency.

Belgium is the first country in Europe to formally suspend democracy and civic rights and to switch over to military rule under the authority of a “a special crisis committee” that answers ultimately to WHO and the UN."

It has already begun. This is so goddamn depressing. Worse than the "Innovators" in Gundam 00.

Humanity is too weak; their weapons are too strong. Otherwise honest people will fight to uphold the Establishment, either by choice or ignorance, because people have always been easily controlled. All the chemicals pumped into everyone nowadays doesn't help.

Shikata ga nai...
Or is it time for the Ninja?



Kevin Field

It seems the devil-worshipping Illuminati are still planning to move forward with their plans of genocide. Refuse the vaccines!

M Tjoeng

The only protection for a 'white' coup d'etat, seems indeed militairy forces. For the General Public doesnt get it, and the current Establishment is rotten to the core.

You don't 'overpay' militairies though, that's a really bad signal, it's Bad education, it's what Bush does, and you're asking for trouble.
You tell them what to do, by a proper authority, i.c. a person They Look Up To.
Otherwise, you'll get in trouble down the line (of this precarious new totum pole).

Don't you forget though, that Bush Sr.' assasination squads are still there, and is why He is still there. These MKUltra squads, now hiding in Delta etc. are Really Dangerous.

And you have to take them out (all thousends of them) if you want a stable future (without people being 'Wet Op'-ed left and right all the time)

your self appointed adviser
MT - netherlands



Mike Long

It is difficult to tell the difference anymore.
I guess the saying, "He who controls the money supply controls the country.", is true.

Why is it a better solution to have an international body of banks to control the world's money supply? They would then control the world.
I know you do not believe the bible and that Christianity is a "Religion" like any other that is intended for the control of the masses through myth and legend. but it is not. Evolution was proposed by its author as a "credible" alternative to Christianity. The problem is that it goes against many of the laws of the universe. Thing do not get more complex over time, they get less energy (Complexity). Matter cannot come from nothing, that is both a logical impossibility and a natural one. Evolution is not the explanation of the beginnings of humanity.

Prophesy is the proof of the fact of the truth of the bible.
One cannot say that certain events will occur with 100% accuracy and its author not be outside of the 4th dimension. A 100% track record for telling the future is proof of an outside influence, or author (If you will), of a being that is outside our current dimensional constraints.

If you study the prophesies of the bible you all ready know what is about to happen in the world events. Revelation chapter 17 is today's current events. This passage contains the events of today as they are about to occur. Please, allow me a moment to explain. This chapter speaks of a entity by the name of "Mystery Babylon". It is a entity that has controlled the course of humanity since the times of Babylon itself (Proof is found in the entire Book of Daniel, the prophesy of the Golden Idol). This entity is about to go through its final stage. The Anti-Christ, which states that He can bring peace and prosperity to the entire planet, is about to come come the seen. According to Revelation chapter 17 it is the Anti-Christ that will do away with the "Mystery Babylon" for His purposes. The bible also states that the Anti-Christ will move quickly, because He knows "the time the short".

It is the Bible that makes it very clear that there will be a One World Currency, One World Religion, One world Government in the end times. The bible also states that if these days were not shortened that humanity would cease to exist.

We are living in these days. Oh as a note. The bible is very clear that the Jewish people will get the Temple Mount back so they can build their temple to worship God as they did the the days of old. This new temple will be built around the same time of the beginning of "The Great Tribulation" The temple will stand for 3 1/2 years before the "Abomination of Desolation" occurs. This is the event when the Anti-Christ will stand in the temple and declare himself to the One and only true God and the God of the Jews.

If my reading of the days are true then we are here! These are the days that all of this will occur.

There is so much wore Bible Prophesy that could be shared that would blow your mind about how these event will be shaped. But take note that I told you before they happen, because the bible said they would thousands of years ago.


Lose Power??? ....

I doubt it.

They just change their brand name to Executives of the New World Order.


We are probably only weeks away from the commencement of "vaccinations". If Truth does not break out and confront this world of ours, will there be the sacrifices to the dark one that the "liars" follow?
There have been successes here in Canada. Some of our senators have listened to their consciences and are at least debating a law (Bill C6) that would make Health Canada, our version of HHS.
I've always prayed for something that would break in the news. Something so big that it could not be hidden, yet so big that it showed our dumbed-down planet that we have been lied to for a very long time.
So far so good, the monster has not been unleashed and those that would unleash it seem to be on the leash themselves. I pray that it remains that way until the new system is allowed to rise.
Thanks Ben,
Concerns from Canuckville.


If everything is kept on course, and the economy goes down in flames, with the Dragon being the one who can contain and extinguish it, maybe then the Military will wake up and see how they have been used by the Cabal and understand their Constitutional Duties once more.
They will come to protect that to which they took an Oath ~ not to leaders, but to their Country.

Not much time left...they must understand that they cannot force the people to accept the swine flu vaccination and that the use of any of the military is against the Constitution, regardless of WHO treaties.

The Plan that is in place and ready to GO is very exciting! ;>

Account Deleted

I'm sure it would be good for the world if Ron Paul's HR1207 to Audit The Fed passed. But, after viewing "Swine Flu's vaccine's devastating ingredient - Squalene"; "YOUR CHILD'S DEATH WILL BE A COINCIDENCE AND NO ONE IS LIABLE"; "Squalene WILL be in your vaccine" - Youtube and http://flutracker.rhizalabs.com that tracks the global progress of H1N1 swine flu what's the point. How does abolishing the Fed benefit world if the uncompromising, unreasoning Luciferian Terminators abolishes the human race?


Hi Benjamin,

I think we have still to be very watchful. I neither trust the British Royal Ramily nor the Vatican. The Vatican has penetrated the kingdoms of Europe for centuries and has also created fashism in the 20th century. In the area of secret diplomacy, propaganda and intelligence services they are the most sophisticated professionals you can think about.

Be careful!

Best Regards,




アメリカ合衆国の首都であるワシントンD.C.の正式名称はワシントン・コロンビア特別区(Washington, District of Columbia)であり、



The Fed is a private institution that profits off the american people.
Most american are not aware of the matrix they are living in. The JDP threw Rockefeller CIA goons out of Japan. I doubt we the people of the USA will throw these Nazis out. The american people must break threw the illusion of the gov & MSM. We must rally and support men like Ron Paul to lead our country out of bondage to freedom.


Another way of saying the same thing perhaps is, elements who have been profiteering from the FED's ability to print paper, such as Black Ops Projects, and the factions controlling the military-industrial complex will have to get their funding from somewhere else should the FED wind down. What will life be like for them without wars?

Here's some peaceful people getting along. Maybe it will be like this.


Personally, I doubt it. What will prevent them from using the same tactics on the overlords of the new financial system?

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