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Pandora Earrings

Sitting back with my legs up watching JerseyShore and eating a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch = Winning


I posted a reaction about the BDI. Accordingly to an article on a Dutch site (http://www.iex.nl/columns/columns_artikel.asp?colid=42319), there are two reasons for the decrease of the BDI. The sub-index about the Capesize has a great influence on the BDI. There are approximately 850 ships of this size in the world. When the prices of raw materials and transport cost were low, China ordered large volumes. As their stocks are high now, they stopped buying.
The other reason is that in 2009 200 ships of this size would be delivered. This increases the offer of ships and lowers the rate. The sub-indexes of the capsize seems to confirm this. The rates of classes of smaller ships remained more stable. (chart: http://navigatemag.ru/ (various sub-indexes can be selected on the left))


Ivan "Guru" S.

I am the Czech and i can say only this: 70% of Czech citizens not want U.S. gigawatt radar. Czechs have not problems with Iranians.
However Czech strategic posts at government, media, etc was infiltrated by Khazarian Tamudists and corrupt local worshippers of US neocons.


De l'eau sur Mars, de l'eau sur la Lune.
Voilà de nouvelle terre fertile à coloniser.
Il manque juste le moyen de transport.
Il est évident que la propulsion à réaction est sans avenir.
Les américains et les russes ont commencés l'abandon du nucléaire
militaire. Les américains sous-traite la mise sur orbite de leur satellites et personnels aux Russe.
Le paradigme shift a commencé par l'alliance d'une partie du coeur du complexe militaro-industriel respectif à chacun de ces deux empires déclinant. Ils rallient à leurs point de vue petit à petit l'ensemble de leur camps. Lorsque leur contrôle sera suffisant. Une inflexion plus nette et publique sera donnée pour un programme de colonisation spatial ambitieux. La révélation du contact et des échanges technologiques avec les gens d'ailleurs dépends de la capacité des forces les plus rétrograde de notre monde à en accepter la réalité. Tout celà est en filigrane sous nos yeux.
La lutte qui fait rage pour le contrôle de la planche à billet n'est plus qu'un combat
d'arrière garde d'une bande de criminels sans avenir. Peut-être qu'il tente de se racheter
une place au soleil. Mais il commence à manquer de temps.
Leur chute irrémédiable est programmée pour les prochaines semaines.
Qui entraîneront-ils avec eux?
Ils essaient de faire tomber la civilisation. Y réussiront-ils?
La question est encore ouverte. Mais leur chance de succès est de plus en plus restreinte.
De chaque cotés une ou plusieurs civilisation d'ailleurs est impliquée avec chacune son propre
agenda. Notre avenir est l'enjeu. Les uns cherches à nous contrôler totalement. Les autres
à libérer notre créativité.
Le point d'inflexion de la crise sera atteint par la fin de la suppression de l'information.
(fin du contrôle des média). A partir de là, nous pourrons tous travailler utilement à la reconstruction.
Combien d'entre-nous ne seront plus là pour voir ça?
On vit une période formidable.

Tom Dennen

At least four prominent men in the last three hundred years (the amount of time Capitalism has lasted) tried to buck the bankers by creating interest-free money.

Thomas Jefferson (with a series of letters discussing the area of interest-free currency and the belief that banks are an anathema to personal well-being).

Abraham Lincoln who turned down the banks’ offer at that time of a loan at thirty-nine percent on the money needed to conduct the North’s side of the Civil War and created an ‘interest-free’ currency called ‘The Greenback Dollar’ which served sufficiently enough to carry the war to its end.

(but only for the duration of the Civil War after which, when it became evident the 'Greenback Dollar' would remain, he was assassinated – and the ‘Greenback removed from circulation.).

Adolph Hitler, using Sovereign curreny, brought Germany in four years – 1933 to 1934 – from complete bankruptcy and zero credit to the most powerful economy in Europe (during the Great Depression). The Jewish community of bankers declared war on him in 1933, before he even got into office, demonized him and created a race of victims blamed on him. Any examination of ‘The Holocaust’ will reveal its monetary basis.

J.F. Kennedy (who, under Executive Order number 11110, created a Sovereign currency called the Silver Certificate in the same circumstances as Lincoln’s Greenbacks and Hitler’s Deuschmark: “One Mark will be issued for every Mark’s worth of work done”.

Kennedy issued just under five billion dollars – enough to cover the U.S. budget at that time - backed by silver.

JFK was assassinated five months after the Silver Certificates went into circulation.

Immediately, the Silver Certificates were withdrawn from circulation and the U. S. went back to the privately-owned for-profit Federal Reserve system.

Capitalism’s history reveals an interesting pattern:

On average, every forty-six years, (plus the 9-year gap between market peak and market crash = fifty-five years) for the last three hundred years since the collapse of the South Sea Bubble in the second decade of the1700s, there have been five more commodity peaks in the world's stock markets, followed by a crash, followed by a depression (and the theft of another generation's wealth.)
Read from page 146 of "The Great Reckoning" by eminent economists James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg, Sidgwick & Jackson, published in 1993, when by then we should have known. (Actually, read the whole book)
There has been a clockwork nine-year gap between commodity peaks and market crashes over the last five generations and a boom-bust cycle twice every hundred years or once a generation, meaning every generation of working and middle-class citizens, for the last three hundred years has been good and truly and thoroughly plucked:
· First Time: Commodity prices peaked in London in 1711 The South Sea Bubble burst exactly nine years later in 1720.
Depression followed.
· Second time: Producer prices peaked in London in 1763. The London stock market crashed again in 1772 (nine years later).
Depression followed.
· Third time: Commodity prices peaked in London in 1816.The London stock market crashed in 1825 (nine years later).
depression followed.
· Fourth time: Wholesale prices peaked in New York in 1864. A worldwide assets crash began in May 1873 (nine years later).
Depression followed.
* Fifth time: Then followed our beloved Great Depression in the 30s, about which much has been said, from which, little learned.
Sixth time: Commodity prices peaked some fifty years later in Tokyo, in 1980. The Tokyo stock market crashed in 1989 (again, nine years later). The depression following that crash is now upon us:
My interpretation of the Davidson, Reese-Mogg observation of these last six economic Tsunamis is that they were deliberate, organized, planned serial orchestrations of theft by the banking cartels:
Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a Declaration of War.
Four times is the realization that the Declaration of War fell on the deaf ears of sleeping fools, five times is simple daylight rape and plunder of the same fools' children – the sixth time, this time, Grand Theft, Planet©, is perhaps, hopefully, a lesson finally learned, and do we wake up?
Remember also, that each depression was surrounded by war, including the ones today, the most expensive ever.
In the context of what I’ve identified, 1980 plus 46 years means the next commodity peak should be around 2026 and the next crash exactly nine years later, in 2035.
Unless, as you say, this is the last time.
But if you’ve followed my reasoning, you can start planning for your childrens' extremely wealthy retirement, because if the goldsmith banking system is not dismantled in favor of local (or nation-wide) Sovereign currencies, the boom-bust business will continue as usual, but at least your kids may not get ripped off.

Charles Moorehead

After the old ways have been destroyed, hopefully the new ways will be an improvement.



Carl P

Tomorrow, Sept. 24; Barak Obama becomes chairman of the UN Security Council for one month. This is the most dangerous time of all for that to happen; those who can should monitor the situation very, very closely.


We need to have some arrests and for those responsible for protecting our laws to start doing their jobs.
We need those responsible for enforcing those same laws to do the same.


And what does this mean if we say it backwards?

















Check out the false flag terror operation the FBI tried to pull off in NYC. Thanks to our boys at NYPD, Rockefeller's FBI failed and was caught with their dicks in hand. Thanks NYPD! http://www.iraq-war.ru/article/206264.

Martin Cheen


More information for credibility.


Dear Skeptic Bloggers,

It's not too difficult to cross check what Mr. Fulford has to report here. Just visit world wide news sites like:



and for information and entertainment at the same time, try;


When you are finished browsing these sites, do not forget to thank God for the internet cloud that allows you to recieve the truth.

P.S. Who better to bring about Kharma, than the Chinese?


Benjamin that ghost ship article is the coolest ever.


What when the politics of the FED (you can add the 'American Way of Life') would have been an experiment that now is coming to an end? - From nothing comes nothing and you have to start something to get something. The end of FED like the end of USA don't necessarily mean better things are coming- for us, working people of the world.

If the main FED-bosses in well-founded expectation of an ongoing good and rich living at nice places are involved in a NWO-plan that is following such a track of widesighted masterminds they are the last who would fight back. Just the opposite the would be among those who would be fighting and keeping those ones in check who have enough resons to be furious or full of despair to burn down the house.

So surprisingly one day our enemies could appear as our saviors.



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