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right on schedule. they're ramping up the swine flu scare, a terrorist alert in Boston (on top of the Zazi alerts) today, and three major earthquakes in 24 hours, along with typhoons all over the southern pacific

Bob Brown


This is wonderful news, and I fervently pray that it turns out that way. But I'm still having trouble believing 100% that the global elite and the Bilderbergers, whom we have so clearly identified as the enemy of the people of the earth up till now, are suddenly wearing white hats. The Rothschilds and the Royal Family and all others who have fomented wars and imposed economic slavery upon the world for so many centuries... are they suddenly giving up their greed and eugenicist insanity to help the common people? Being enemies of the Fed, are they necessarily the friends of the people? Mightn't they turn on us again once the Fed is disposed of? I tell you, I want to believe this completely. But I confess to a lingering mistrust of the traditional villains -- including the Fed, of course. Can you flesh out this story so that it's more accessible, more real?
Bob B.


Please elaborate on the New Financial System.
Snippets and allegations of a radically different political power structure being put into place are hard to swallow.
If the pendulem is to swing the other way, it would be a moderate change. Not drastic. If it is drastic - identify the key components of the change, please.


otherwise you exacerbate


A lovely dream to be sure.
Hard to fathom though that the satanists that have run this world for so long will give up their "rituals" and allow humanity at long last, to pursue its rightful destiny without their horrible influence.
Nazism its their "child" gone wild?? That I can believe. Isn't that how satan came to be as well?

There is no denying that the "royals" and their bankers have manipulated this world to its terrible condition today. Will they really step back to do as you say? As a show of good faith, since the nazis here won't stop blasting us with chemtrails, I ask that the U.N. remove the "Pandemic Level 6", remove the threat of vaccination and actually help rid the world of this man-made flu.

Wishes from Canuckville,




I think Ben's optimism is causing him to miss a point. The Fed is in on its own destruction and since Volcker it has been planning this crash that is just beginning to enfold.
Also, I think the Roths won't give up their power. When the US goes down the Roths will be supreme.
But that is probably a simplification. After all, Leo Zagami, on Camelot, said that at the top they (Mormons, Jesuits, Nazis, Roths, the Russian OIigarchs, secret Chinese and Japanese governments and on and on) are fully united and they simply leave minions like Bernake and Obama to scramble in our full view as just another one of their mind control techniques.

pUre Warrior in Texas

Are you kidding me? Good people inside of BIlderburg. Each and every attendee has sold his soul to satan the devil. NO WAY I would ever trust or believe that. Its the same old story Order out of Kaos and huge profits along the way. The real story is Rothschild destroys the Fed Bank and the Dollar only to bring a world dictatorship bank and a new Fiat Debt issue central bank. It is hogwash to believe anything else we have a very long history of evidence to prove this, I say screw any world power and never alow world central banks. Most important NO MORE USURY no charging intrest on loans. and finally the two ton elephant stop stealing from others and calling it tax. Tax is theft and immoral and unless humanity can get past this evil we will not go forward.


Hi Benjamin,

if people of the intelligence tell you something, they know that you probably publish the information. Isn't there the danger, that you are used to spread disinfo? How do you distinguish between genuine and false information?

Best Regards,


Jack Kristeller

'The new pyramid of global power will be completely transparent and fair so that anybody can climb to the top, if they are good enough.'

Here we have the age-old dilemma. Who decides if you're "good enough" and with what criteria do 'they' decide? Those in power, whoever they are, however well-meaning they are, will always attempt to conserve that power, cling onto it. Especially if they consider themselves to be a power for good since their argument will be that 'we're doing this for your own good even if you can't see that.' That, in a way, is worse than what we suffer now at the hands of those who control the US dollar.

The meritocracy, if that is what you are alluding to, Benjamin, has to be absolutely fair and absolutely transparent so those those not part of it can give their whole-hearted trust and love to it for it to succeed.







Your best blog entry yet, Sir! Thank you for the update.


Bilderbergs trying to help ? Come on ! They are broke, they want war.


Like I always said the Nazi Fed owners will not go quitely into the night. I wish agencey of goodwill within the USA would arrest this Nazi criminals. Ben what should the people behind the bars of the USA do? Should we take our money out of the banks and put it into foreign stocks? Explain some of the chaos happenings in November besides a Bank holiday and people being shot in the streets,internment camps ect.



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