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Chanel CoCo

Let me great inspiration, thanks

Ariana Gossfeld

Dear Ben, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about the validity of the information posted previously when I see articles of the the nature posted today. While I'm no fan of Mrs. Bush, the article referrenced is clearly based upon nothing more than inference and guess work. While fascinating tabloid reading, it is pure assumption. I would expect better from you.

Regarding the claim of the American President's name meaning Satan, I would like to put 2 things forward. The original meaning of the word Satan, in the Hebrew culture, was a segment of the judicial "house". If my recall is correct, it is the prosecutorial side, one of the reasons why it became a word so filled with dislike. The spiral of meaning into something evil came much later. I would suggest your source has a personal vendetta against the push for a 2 state solution in Isreal.

Secondly, to dredge up this old video which makes claims obout the backword "meaning" of a phrase not only is ridiculous, but it takes a phrase which has been used by human rights activists in Latin America for decades and twists it to something quite different. Remember, it is a translation of the phrase, "Si se puede" making the backward speech total nonsense.

I have come to expect much better information from you than that which I see here. I'm very disappointed. I'm going to guess it was a "slow news day" for you.



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Great music:

One Love | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xjPODksI08

Chanda Mama | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I23Bkk92124&feature=related

We have to prevent the Middle East – cradle of Western civilization –
from being turned into one glass filled DU hell hole.

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So Ben... is there any truth in the reports that China is going to ban the export of rare earth metals including gold and silver?

Kurt Schilling

Who are the Dragon family?


Today is September 18th. I live north of Seattle and very near a naval air base. The Navy A6 intruders, F18 Prowlers, Orion P3 sub chasers have been flying nearly non-stop for a month. Also today coincidentally,
before a new weather system comes onshore - chemtrails appear. Evidently no one has told the folks running this country/corporation that these activities are very expensive. They are training for something so keep your eyes open.

I'm not convinced the self appointed god men ruling us realize they are broke and as long as they can charge up fuel and bombs needed for their plains - the are going to carry on business as usual.



re. Ben's post in another thread:

"Q: What about this vaccine? Will this Cabal fall before any of this can be realized?

A: There is no chance whatsoever they will be allowed to carry out genocide by vaccine."


this here from David Icke as backdrop, the key word is INJECTED [vaccine] because the method of injection caused so many deaths during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918:

"The difference between "good" and "bad" squalene is the route by which it enters your body. Injection is an abnormal route of entry which incites your immune system to attack all the squalene in your body, not just the vaccine adjuvant."



this here from CNN of today, the key word is INHALABLE:


CDC: 3.4 million inhalable H1N1 vaccine doses available soon

updated 5:05 p.m. EDT, Fri September 18, 2009

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Health officials expect more than 3 million doses of H1N1 flu vaccine to be available in the first week of October.

"3.4 million doses of vaccines will be available," said Dr. Jay Butler, who heads the 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Task Force at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"All of that vaccine is the inhalable vaccine," he said Friday.

That form of vaccine is marketed in the United States as FluMist and is approved only for healthy individuals between the ages of 2 and 49. Pregnant women are not allowed to get this type of vaccine because it contains a live virus.

Butler added that he thinks there some flu shots may be available in early October as well, but he had a hard number only for the inhalable vaccine. Flu shots contain an "inactivated," or dead, virus.

The 3.4 million doses of vaccine that will be shipped at the beginning of October are the first of 195 million doses the U.S. government has purchased from five vaccine manufacturers, Butler said.





Ariana Gossfeld

Ben, I've been reading your posts for many months now, and greatly appreciate your insight. I would take issue with the most recent posting however. The 9/12 "march on DC" was hardly 2 million strong. More like a couple 10s of thousands. And from the pics I've seen and located, it is hardly a cross section of the population of the United States. Yes, there is huge unrest and disgust with much that goes on in Washington, but using this group of obviously right wing bigots as proof of anything but racism at it's worst is an inaccurate piece of evidence.

Thanks for all you do and keep safe. We clearly need your viewpoints as a window on what the rest of the world is thinking and doing.

Wally Noll

Your story says there were 2 million protesting in Washington last weekend. But the Washington DC fire department said 60-70 thousand. That is why all the news outlets in America report 60-70 thousand, not 1 million, 1.5 million or 2 million. Somebody speaking at the event used those numbers and this is why they were quoted.

The protesters in Washington are contrived, they are like a fake opposition thrown up to reduce the possibilities there will be a real opposition. Those protesters are generally very supportive of the ruling regime in America. Most of them do not oppose the federal reserve and if you look at their signs very few of them emphasized that point. Those protesters also support the wars.

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Lock and load time? Preemptive strike?

Has Tarantino’s ”Kill Bill” moment arrived…?

Soldier, Former State Trooper Speak Out On Forced Vaccinations


have you seen this?


Let's hope for the best!

Green tech is indeed the way forward!


thought yu might need this story...

September 17, 2009

Obama Pleads For Russian Help, Warns That Israel “Is Out Of Control”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are buzzing over the “unprecedented” emergency conversations held yesterday between Prime Minister Putin, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Harper wherein the North American leaders “pleaded” for “immediate” Russian assistance over what they state is an Israeli government that has gone “completely out of control” and which these leaders fear will lead to an Israeli nuclear attack upon either the United States or Iran in the coming weeks.

According to these reports, Israel’s right-wing government broke off negotiations with Obama envoy George Mitchell this week after the release by UN Rights Chief Richard Goldstone [photo 2nd left] of his findings that war crimes were committed by Israel during their Cast Lead war (that Amnesty has labeled as “22 Days Of Death And Destruction”) in Gaza striking fears within the Jewish state’s leadership of their being brought before the International Criminal Court to faces charges.

Making matters worse, these reports continue, was Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni (a staunch ally of both the US and Russia and called Israel’s “last hope”) informing Obama and Harper that Netanyahu and his right-wing fanatics are intent upon attack Iran within the next few weeks risking Total Global war rather than having to face these pending war crime charges against them, and which was confirmed by Livni ally and former Israeli deputy defense minister, Ephraim Sneh.

Putin, upon listening to the pleas of Obama and Harper, stated that Moscow could not move to help the West unless the Americans first discarded their plans to ring the Motherland with their planned missile “shield”, which Obama “surprisingly” agreed to and which Russia was quick to welcome to the International press.

Even more incredible was that after Obama’s acquiescence to the Motherland, Putin further ordered the Kremlin to “back off” of their previous demands for a new International supercurrency to replace the US Dollar and leading President Medvedev’s top aide, Arkady Dvorkovich, to state that Russia would “not blame the U.S. for the crisis as pointedly as in the past.”

But as incredible as these developments are the most astounding “gift” to Obama from Putin yesterday was Russia’s “immediate” settlement of the over $22 Billion lawsuit against the Globalist factions Bank of New York Mellon for a paltry $14 million, and which these reports say was intended to lesson the assaults on the US President coming from the New World Order fanatics currently attempting to destroy the American President.

So incredible were these events that one Russian diplomatic insider was said to remark, “Never in history have we seen so many critical differences settled so quickly between us and the Americans…and we have Israel to thank for it.”

Russian Intelligence Analysts, however, warn that that this rapprochement between the Motherland and the United States may very well be “too late” to save the American’s from plunging into outright civil war as the Globalist factions are increasingly using their propaganda media organs to sow “wide and deep” dissent among these peoples in preparation for their “fracturing” when the “final fuse is lit”, and which alludes to another staged mass terror attack upon these people similar to those that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga has also joined in the International efforts to wake up the American people from the dangers they are facing by stating in an interview with Italy’s largest newspaper that “the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies.”

Unfortunately, and as always, this news is being kept from the American people whom their Globalist masters are intent upon destroying in the furtherance of their aims to create their New World Order which will see these people consigned to nothing more than debt slaves should these monsters succeed in their goals.

Equally being lost on these American people is the great significance to the upcoming G-20 Summit called by these Globalists to be held in the US city of Pittsburgh, and which is called the “Illuminati Capital” of America due to its being taken over by the Bavarian Illuminati factions from Germany in the 19th Century and which today is still ruled by some of the most powerful factions of these coup forces including the Carnegie and Mellon robber baron banking and industrial families.

Important to note is that the Carnegie family merged with the Mellon family Institute to create Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh and through whose machinations led to the American people being forced to have the mind altering drug, and toxic waste product of aluminum manufacturing sodium fluoride introduced into their water supplies in order to keep these peoples “dumb and mindless” while their Nation was destroyed around them.

[Note: As astounding as it is to believe, many of these witless Americans who know of the mind altering fluoride dangers in their water supplies have turned to drinking bottled water, the largest selling brand being Dasani made by the Coca-Cola company which, of course, uses the fluoridated water from their municipal supplies.]

To the efforts of this new Russian-US bloc being able to thwart the Israeli fanatic’s efforts to plunge our World into Total War it isn’t in our knowing, other than to point out the obvious that when anyone’s survival is at stake, anything is possible, the worst should be expected. And as stated by one London reporter, an Israeli strike on Iran would not only leave “Obama's Middle Eastern policy in ruins”, it is a “way that lies madness.”

Truly, and without a doubt, the inmates have taken charge of the insane asylum called Planet Earth…may God have mercy upon us all.




Ben....check out the latter part of this video


and this


There may be something there


"Japan ready to withdraw support for Afghanistan war"


ana molnar

i really hope ur right mr fulford, i'm trying to stay brave, i like reading ur blogs, u seem to somehow give us a little hope in the face of whats all going on on the world stage. plz continue n keep us informed, n thank u. i forward ur blogs to all i know. ana from cleveland, oh.


well whatever is happening it seems to not have put any halt to the chemtrails and that must mean the pandemic too.

some say that they are to work in conjunction with the vaccine.

sure all stinks anyhow.

well, who's ever out there, that gets a chance, I hope somehow we can start getting some of the assholes responsible for this utter madness ARRESTED PLEASE!

anything about the NAVY plan to do atmospheric testing and their artificial clouds?




 もしこれが本当なら、大惨事世界大戦(World War III)が起こり、アメリカへの核投下で終焉するってことか?
 まじかよ~ orz


I hope I get posted,,

I am a Rothschild/CIA Mk Ultra Victim,,now under Protective Custody by a Higher Power that believes in the law..
They are protecting my brain from this technology..

Anyhow,after the higher power stepped in, they then attempted to Britney my husband and I.(Britney is an attempt to cause a break down to scramble the memory)

Besides shutting off all types of Media(tv and radio),reading truth helps fight there MK Ultra programming..

In there attempts to Britney my husband and myself, they worked on over-time trying to prevent me from showing my husband an article by Jack Bernstein.
How the ENTIRE USA Media is controlled by Zionism...
This article is TRUTHFUL and that helps in deprogramming,,which they didn't want...
Well they succeeded in giving my husband a Britney in August 2006( a complete breakdown)..

But I'm fine and I remember EVERYTHING..
The Rothschild/CIA Kabbalah gang stored EVERYTHING in my brain,,I and my family were there storage, of ALL there EVIL deeds.
They also used me as a telephone line from April 2001 until Nov 2004 then the higher power tapped them on the shoulder,,
They were discussing many things from April 2001 until Nov.2004..

I think I'm what the Law calls a GOLD Mine,,the Jackpot,,

Fred Nemo

Very much enjoy the blog and thanks for the information!

However, several of your statements raise questions in my mind. Are you suggesting that we're supposed to look to China to set the moral tone for the future, above the principles of the U.S.? The U.S. has been taken advantage of by its own elite, and by the international elite -- defrauded and manipulated into unprecedented moral lows -- but its principles in the form of the U.S. Constitution are the greatest guarantee of human freedoms and rights ever put to paper. Our own powermongers still cringe at the mention of it, like the Wicked Witch of the West recoiling from a bucket of water. Meanwhile, the list of the Chinese gov'ts human rights abuses against its own population goes on for miles. For example, we wouldn't pull a kidney out of a political prisoner to save the life of a Party bureaucrat...and that's a relatively tame example! This is as vicious and atavistic a power structure that ever reared its ugly head, certainly no "beacon of love and mercy" that the world should look to for safe harbor. If the U.S. political system is at risk right now, you can bet China's is 10 times more so, and with good reason.

The U.S. Constitution is the human rights "cat that is out of the bag," and it won't be stuffed back in so easily. It's the primary reason that immigrants from China and the world over kill themselves clawing their way onto our shores. Freedom of religion, freedom of expression, the list goes on and on. Challenges to the Constitution from within are ever-present but this human rights guarantee won't be demolished so easily. Rest assured, not even all the grunting and straining of all the international oligarchs will remove this power from the American people. When the smoke clears, the U.S. and its Constitution (not to mention its unique, multi-cultural meritocracy) will still remain the beacon of hope for the entire world, and the world's populations will still be desperate to come here.

Of course it's easy to say, "You idiot American, you're living in a Matrix of lies , television, and overconsumption of goods that you've immorally seized from the rest of the world -- you think you're 'free' but you're really in Prison." Well, any urban industrial population is living in a Matrix. Only country villagers in the Andean mountains know what it is to truly "live free" (within certain social, religious, and educational constraints!). Within the urban industrial construct, I'll take the U.S. over any other semi-draconian culture in the world, and certainly over any Asian society. No immigrant I've ever met here in all my decades in New York City has any interest in returning to their home country, I assure you.

The other concern I have about your point of view has to do with the suggestion of Armageddon to solve the current crises and put the Illuminati in their place. Ben, people commit suicide when they think their children have been nuked. If that's acceptable to you, come on down to NYC and let your own family be sacrificed. My point-of-view of 9/11 was less than two miles from the site. My family was crazy with fear for me. No measure of "enlightenment" that has resulted is worth the trauma that day inflicted on me and so many others. We could well have done without it. That's the outrage of it.

The "Armageddon" suggestion is so bereft of basic empathy that it puts your entire blog in doubt. It smacks of "God-complex" -- the same defect of character that is withering the International Oligarchs. If you want to be taken seriously as a leader within the "New Paradigm," you shouldn't suggest that we should shove people around the game board using tools of mind control, terror, and mass murder (real or imagined). It won't sit well with those of your followers who have hearts that are connected to other human beings.

Really, how could you recommend such a thing? Unless you yourself are one of Them...if not in practice, then in spirit. See that thine own house is in order -- it's the best we can do in this lifetime.

I suppose if you post this in its entirety, your blog will become that much more interesting!



I hope you are correct about the "up" side.

Either way I'm sure we'll be keeping a close eye on what you have to say.

Cheers, keep up the good work.

marco saba

Four Apparent Suicides/Deaths in 48 Hours – CEO-Financiers-Fundraiser

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