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> 今まで作られたドルの9割はアメリカ人ではない人達が所有している。彼らが所有するドルは金本位性になっているが、2008年9月11日以降に作られたドルは金本位性になっていない。



"1) US has booked 195 million anti-H1N1 shots in all. Mass vaccinations to start by mid-October. 45 million doses will be available at the start, followed by 20m doses every year."

Swine Flu Vaccine Should Not Be Given to Children in Schools

This Oct. 2-4, 2009 in Washington, D.C., parents concerned about the lack of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the vaccination system will gather with doctors, scientists, bioethicists, legal experts, journalists, and consumer advocates at the Fourth International Public Conference on Vaccination to talk about the science, policy, law and ethics of vaccination.


Gardasil & Swine Flu Vaccines: Inconvenient Truths



"I and many others have found that there is always and esoteric angle to all the dark forces machinations."

of coarse there is, as all these schemes stretch out into the cosmos, the powers behind the evil in this world are ultimately alien in origin, they have tried to crush planet after planet with an iron fist _they will pay either way, peace.


What about faction 3? Thanks for your devotion Benjamin.


Today (29 Aug 2009) Times of India has reported that Baxter Inc has started to rollout vaccines for H1N1. The following is as reported in newspaper.
1) US has booked 195 million anti-H1N1 shots in all. Mass vaccinations to start by mid-October. 45 million doses will be available at the start, followed by 20m doses every year.
2) UK has boooked 90 million doses. Baxter to supply 30 million, has begun delivery to government.
3) China has booked 10 million doses from Sinovac BioTech. Plans to inoculate 50% of the urban population.
4) France: 94 million doses.
5) Mexico: 40 million doses.
6) India: Yet to book a single dose. Indian firms unlikely to produce vaccine before May next year.

Please stop them.

John MacHaffie

Benjamin - keep up the good work --



Problem is, HOW can Casper's info. be accurately verified (or even Poof's for that matter)? Do you think Fulford has the contacts to investigate this situation? I can't think of anybody else who could get to the bottom of this.

Casper's 3rd update of yesterday sets a most precarious scenario. If true, we have one of two options: We either take them out, or let them take us out, there is no third option, this is war. A war that will decide if we are all to be slaves for eternity, or if we will eliminate the tyrants once and for all. No one likes violence, but when you are attacked by a grizzly bear you either 1) attempt to defend yourself by fighting back, or 2) die.

This situation is much larger than of just getting the funds to participants (which in itself is huge, as that's where all the suppressed technology developments and implementation for mass production will come from), it is the ANNOUNCEMENTS (suitcases), and ARRESTS that are at stake.

If what Casper reported is indeed fact, action must be immediately taken, or it will be to late to go back. I suggest we get Fulford involved in this and let him make the decision that is necessary. I see no other options at this point.

Things will start moving quickly now, expect lots of new info. in the next few days. WE NEED TO FIND A WAY TO GET THIS INFORMATION EITHER VERIFIED AS TRUTH OR BULLSHIT, THE STAKES ARE TOO BIG TO IGNORE! Let's ask Fulford to investigate, he is our only hope.



Benjamin, have you checked out Leo Zagamis youtube channel?
He sounds like he belongs in a straight jacket.
how can you align yourself with him?

B. Brown

... I'm confused about the dollar. I thought that the US dollar hasn't been backed by gold since 1971. How and when did any dollars created after that get backed by gold?
__ Thanks. B.



Mike McGinnis

Some reports have deliveries of "packetts" taking place any moment in the Untited States. Others report the hold up is the 2 Bushes, the Clintons and Obama. You report the end of September as the earliest date. Are these differing reports reconcilable or is your opinion that those who report deliveries occuring any moment are misinformed?

Omar Zaid, M.D.

Salaam Mr. Fulford,

Just a brief remark:

You can rest assured that the Vatican is never with the "Good Guys". That's like saying wolves have decided to care for the sheep instead of eating them.

Hmmmm.... the Queen may side with your "Coalition" ? ... she's a Dame of Malta sworn to serve the Papacy and so are the entire "Garter Clan". No my friend, this whole "Royal" fantasy must be ERASED. Let her become a human being and don the robes of a common ordinary woman and live in a row house. Maybe then I and others will consider some validity in your "Coalition's" humanitarian intent ... and let them, what ever "Nobles" they pretend to be .... do the same.


dr omar zaid

Indian in the machine

"A new and truly moral system of common law is required to be formally reintroduced to your world. The rise of statute law and its detrimental consequences to your global society need to be rectified. To this end a worldwide legal team, with deep connections to many international and world courts, was constituted. This drive is tied into the bringing to power of numerous transitional governments whose main purposes include the prosecution of thousands of individuals who acted as functionaries for the illegal and fictitious “war on terror.” "



Some say that the world economy is intended to implode as a stepping stone to WW3. The series of events in the last years was planeed a long time ago and those who've run it to this end I would think are very determined to see it through. What seems illogical to us is perfectly simple to them.

In having researched this over the years, I and many others have found that there is always and esoteric angle to all the dark forces machinations.

I would never trust the royals or any cleric as far as i'd like to throw them. They have been at this game for so very long.

Another false flag is surely on the horizon as desperation heightens? And it will of course be aligned with some esoteric date. There has been so much obvious ritual so far and it is even reflected in the cropcircle formations.

I know that you are one of us who give most the benefit of the doubt but the evil in the hearts of these creatures is their only motivation.

Arthur Guy

They have also sodomised, sacrificed and tortured an awful lot of children as well. There is going to be no negotiations with these evil monsters, thay are all going to be hung by the neck untill dead and this includes all in the Monarchy, the Vatican, NASA, NATO, UN, EU and all the minions of the Illuminati, after watching these scumbags attack us with their chemtrails and HAARP for the last five years, look at the disgusting mess in our atmosphere. They are all going to die for this, and for all the suffering and misery they have inflicted upon this Planet.



Tom Joad

I think you're being duped by British intelligence (like Christopher Story), who are putting you in touch with a bunch of fake secret agents. Based on my understanding:

• The British crown is the "eye of the pyramid" and controls Israel, the vatican and the Chinese secret societies (the Triads were the local opium agents of the East India company).
• The neocon faction are indeed nasty, but will probably be thrown under the bus and blamed for 9/11, with British and Israeli intelligence escaping scrutiny.
• The gold and diamond cartels are run by British and Israeli interests, and only have value in that gold and diamond deposits are predominantly in British-controlled countries like South Africa, their supply can be controlled, and they can be exchanged directly for drugs and weapons, which dollars can't. "Backed by Gold" is not good – it means the British financial empire controls the value of all world currencies, and organized crime remains the key source of revenue.
• If the US is able to reach a monetary agreement with Russia and China, Britain will not have a seat at the table. Britain oligarchs can exert control only because they control the monetary system. If the major nations reorganize their economies along the lines of national credit systems and treaty agreements (think of the Lincoln / Bismark / Czar Alexander agreement or to a lesser extent Bretton Woods), the current controllers will have no say in the matter. Britain and the vatican are insignificant in terms of their real contribution to wealth. The proper system will elevate production and value, and put gold-based monetarism out to pasture.

Wally Noll

can I focus on this statement by Benjamin?

"A dollar devaluation would be equivalent to the US unilaterally defaulting on its debt to the rest of the world: the rest of the world will not allow that to happen. The US could not pull that one off because 90% of dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. Those dollars are now backed by gold. All Fed dollars created after September 11 2008 are not."

Currency devaluations happen when nations' domestic economies are in crisis. Those who lent the money knew that when they lent it. They also knew they were pushing us into crisis by cooperating with these trade patterns that include a very over-valued dollar and so much lending to us. In 1980 China was extremely poor and some Chinese people were experiencing near-starvation diets. The great prosperity of China is a very positive thing, the Chinese themselves deserve not just credit, but admiration for this. However, without the very favorable trade terms including the currency fix and the massive investment from the US this economic miracle would not have happened. The massive debt is a side-effect of the over-valued currency and trade patterns. To ignore these facts is a flagrant matter.

When you say that the US will not be allowed to devalue its currency, this is a bit surreal. A nation that can't control its currency is a nation that does not rule itself. This is what you advocate for us Americans. If various national governments refuse to cooperate with currency devaluation, then the next logical step would be for the US to simply not trade with these nations. The great prosperity in our nation was built up without global trade. It is only after global trade began with an over-valued currency that our economy no longer produced the same standards for our people. We as a people were better off in 1970 than today in that the opportunities to earn a living for our people in our economy were superior.

China has benefited tremendously by having the rules rigged to force production to China. Can't they be happy with that? According to you Benjamin the Americans should be slaves under an impossible system that every year will only take more from us, will make our people homeless and destitute.

To advocate that we continue like this is to advocate global war. Because there is no other solution. We cannot pay the debts. We will not. Wouldn't it be much better if we made changes?

People under-estimate that global war is likely a goal of this manipulation. We should all avoid that. Trade should benefit both sides or else it is illegitimate. A floating currency system is far better as it keeps things balanced.

If we go for significant devaluation and changes in trade policy as I recommend, then there is a danger that China will confiscate all the US-owned factories in China of which there are many. From what I have read of all exports from china something between one third and one half are from US-owned factories. The people who rule America would be very upset if that happened. But it would be better for us Americans if we simply start over and if those factories are lost, then it does not matter so much to us. Continuing in the current trade pattern is suicidal for us Americans.

I don't know why the world has so little sympathy for us in this regard. I can assure you that when pushed the Americans are quite capable of carrying on warfare with all comers. and simultaneously as well. You know our history and who we are. When we see clearly what has happened and when we face hostile foreign forces you will not be able to defeat us.

I fear that the current problems the world faces that we're discussing are beyond the ability of us human beings to solve. I fear that we face trouble in the future. We Americans came here to this continent with nothing. We faced poverty and difficult lives for coming here. When we have everything taken from us we will still be the Americans. The one who brought us here who is the creator will be loyal to us. When you come to our country to kill us we will call upon that creator. Have you ever read the prophecy of George Washington given in December of 1777? Recall that 90% of that prophecy has come true. Recall that Washington told his troops at Valley Forge that when this invasion occurs to our nation at the end of our nation's history that according to Washington's prophecy we the people of America will call upon the name of our creator. And he will come. And he will raise up Americans from the dead. And we will defeat any army that invades our nation.

Nations are made by the creator for the purposes of the creator. An agenda is occurring now to orchestrate trouble on this earth, to orchestrate eventual vengeance from the one who made us and judgment. Pursuant to that our world is slowly being turned upside down. Opinion polls show that we the Americans do not approve of the wars our government fights. We see that we are being stepped on. Despite the bad things happening to our nation and the trouble that has come to us, we are still the Americans. You can walk on us, but you might not survive.

Our nation will one day end and cease to exist. But we the Americans will be true to the cause given to us by our creator. On this you can rely and depend.

sean quillin

Consider this: The bible says the MARK OF THE BEAST would be required to be taken if anyone is to be allowed to buy,sell, or trade. If this flu shot becomes forced under threat of $1000.00 fines per day and jail time does not this sound like it could qualify as that same mark? I have heard no one mention this possibility. This is my thought alone. I appreciate your insights! [email protected]

Wally Noll

I am American. And I don't see what would be bad about a big dollar devaluation. The dollar does not float to other currencies. Its valuation is artificial and due to international agreements between powerful institutions. The massive run-up of debt has been irresponsible both for the borrowers and the lenders. Historically currencies can float and be changed in value by one means or another. The people who lent this money lent it with full knowledge of this.

Without a devalued dollar we Americans are unable to compete in the global economy. The dollar has been systematically over-valued since the early 1970's. The decline of real wages and salaries for lower income americans and average income Americans also began in the early 1970's. The 'strong-dollar' systems put in place by powerful institutions are inherently hostile to the interests of the Americans.

We do not want to be a captive people ruled over by interests hostile to us. However, we are. If we were to rule our own country, then we would dictate change in trade policy. First and foremost would be a strong lowering of the dollar to other currencies.

You are saying in your editorial that we must import far more than we export and that the difference must be made up by debt primarily. As our imports far exceed our exports the dollar should be lowered in value to correct this situation. It is only fair. It is what Adam Smith would recommend in this case.

As an American I feel strongly that we should renegotiate much of our debt. That would mean we'll pay what debts we want to pay. I don't think that there is any military power on earth that could have an influence on us. I also think that to continue on this path is suicidal. You don't want the US of A to be an imperial force. It is not in anybody's interests really. Lower the value of the dollar. Renounce the debt. Bring the troops home from all 70 countries they're in. Change the terms of trade so that we can prosper by producing at home. This is the only path to peace and mutual prosperity.

China, Japan and others have benefited from their lower-than-market-value currencies. I am glad they benefited. It is time to revise things so that we can all benefit from trade. That is not happening now. We are having our jobs destroyed our incomes pushed down and put into fantastic debt all at once. And you're saying that for the sake of fairness we must continue with an over-valued currency.

Why is it that everyone thinks that China & Japan can suppress their nations' currency value so that they can export, but that the US must keep its currency over-valued so that it cannot export. I remind you that when the US dollar fell by 40% from 1981 to 1984 that Japanese car companies found it economical to produce cars in the US and export to the world including to Japan. When exports far exceed imports this means the currency is inherently over-valued. To continue like that causes fantastic debt that is unjust to us. Because the difference between imports and exports is generally made up by lending, and that lending is done voluntarily by the lenders. As an American I obviously have no sympathy to these lenders.


Beautiful of you to stop and answer questions Ben. Not your usual approach, it is great.
So many people have been looking to you for answers.
Can you let your readers know the biggest truth?
They want to know what happens to half the population ?
The answer has been in black and white for 2000 years.
It has been translated over and over and the fate of many people is there and Yes, even written in stone.


-Leo Zagami has so much to do with the Vatican or the 'Cabal' as my dog has with the President.

If the given answers should be true I would dare at first glance to call the new marshall plan for the world the faked new marshall plan for the world, indeed the world of their (pope, queen and allies) not our future.


Really appreciate your factual clarity and optimism. This sets up a powerful vibration of Knowing and Awakening within those tuning in... You are holding a significant post at helm of the Lightship...Thank You for steering us Home, Cmdr...


I know you're familiar with Project Camelot. One of their sources they refer to as "Hawkeye" stated recently that the "Roths", as he refers to them, are confident that all is well with the NWO and events are right on schedule for this fall. The vaccinations are going to be part of a test to see if we will be obedient and take the shots, as well as cutting the population. Do you believe this to be disinformation or do your sources have anything to say about this?


The Queen and others pretend to "flip and flop" and the bankers pretend to be against each other.
It's all a charade, and it seems to be working
Vaccines continue genocide in Africa, and nothing is being done about it. Are the red and green forces waiting for another earthquake?


Thanks Ben for those answers to questions I know have been on many minds!
There are so many more...

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