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And how about the issue of exopolitics....?


what will the illuminati do when energy becomes free and they no longer have a stranglehold on the world? Will they unleash WW3 and go down in flames, stubbing their nose to spite their face?


Yes, the bottom line is that we are a product of natural selection. We have evolved accordingly to the way solar systems work. We cant beat nature and be unnatural. At the same time, our brain (product of evolution) created the information age that complicates our bodily and mental functions. Although the information age is a vital factor for improving reality, we are supposed to be living in the natural framework.


Reality vs Manufacture

Greetings and salutations!

Have you read Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash"? I recommend it highly.

Having been born on a large ranch in Montana bordering the Crow Nation and north of the Little Big Horn, I was raised with a profound appreciation of Nature - which I have always referred to as 'my church' (without being pagan). Having degrees in math, and physics has introduced me to many parallel lines of thinking and existence. Being an artist allows me to draw the two together (pun intended).

(Since leaving Boulder) I seldom encounter anyone who can: a.) tolerate a discussion of the two paradigms and their relationship to our existence; b.) participate in said discussions (!); and c.) act on anything that is discussed. Glad to see and hear from someone who also contemplates these two dialectics and puts ideas into motion.

I feel that it is necessary to leave the US to avoid the disasters that I feel are about to strike with a heavy hand. I have run for office (against a candidate backed by one of the most powerful 'banks' in the world, MacQuarie) and have realized that we have lost any control that we may have previously held-- political self determinism is but a faint glimmer of memory. The 2 political parties are privately held corporations-- they owe nothing to their "members" - not even full disclosure. Traditional sense of "change" is thus thwarted.

I am currently being drawn to Brazil (intuitively). Any recommendations or thoughts?



Talking about virtual realities and creating our own... i was wondering.. What do you think of the Zeitgeist Movement? Do you think that is really an arm of the NWO? Are we gonna create a worse reality wishing another reality that is only virtual?

In my opinion, the Z.M. is worth fighting for, basically because i want to be a part of it and i know I can make a difference.

If you don't publish this comment is Ok. I just want to know your opinion.


Welcome back, Benjamin San, we have missed reading your comments. Things are moving rapidly in the United States right now. It seems that people are having their offshore accounts impounded. The ones that I know of are basically criminals, but I wonder if non-criminals are suffering the same problems? Also, a new law is taking effect forbidding Americans from travelling around the US via airlines without government permission. This is very disturbing to many of us. Who can help us to stop the predations of our insane government?

John McGuire

Sounds like the trip back to Canada did you some good, eh? A change of environment always brings a fresh perspective. I hope you had a nice, relaxing time and are reinvigorated for the vital tasks at hand, Ben.

With the Illuminati plans still unfolding as planned, it would be nice to hear an update regarding what the opposing forces' -- which you have mentioned previously, on several occasions -- current mindset is. Obviously, at this stage, the NWO/Illuminati faction has no true intention of changing their plans for stealing all of the world's wealth, committing mass genocide (on a global scale), and enslaving those that are left.

If, indeed, ultimatums were delivered to key Illuminati figures, whatever compromises or changes they promised will never be delivered. To anyone who knows their gameplan -- and it has been well-publicized -- it is obvious that they are pressing forward with it, with the culmination of their agenda clearly within sight.

If organized opposing forces truly DO exist, it would be nice to see an indication that they are willing and able to take action. In America, we are SICK of seeing our hopelessly corrupt, morally-bankrupt leadership steal what little wealth is left in our country -- while invoking a socialist/communist agenda -- and would welcome and support any forces which would remove these evil bastards and serve them due justice.

Thanks for your efforts, Ben.

Best regards,
John McGuire
O'Brien, FL, USA


Welcomw back Ben I missed you.







I wonder what is reality..I had been in a matrix for such a long time, and now I wake up, and the world I know of..was completely destroyed. Now I can see the signs, symbols, and secret agenda everywhere.

Reality maybe..underground bases everywhere in this planet, and extra terrestrials (or some other beings from different dimention) and world elite are co-operating to get ready to enslave all humans...

Who knows?

Or is this just a fantasy? I hope it is.


Thank you Ben! Great Comment.

Max, NC


bENJANMIN, we would like you to comment about SEPTEMBER COLLAPSE you have already talked about.
Rotschild desperate for gold you said




"God" bless you, Ben.
It's good for us that you stay grounded in that way.

Looking forward to more intriguing commentary and research from you.

I recently learned that 15 Aug 2009 was an important date where many Shamans and other spiritual representatives from around the world were to convene in ceremony commemorating Mayan and Waitaha prophesy...
Anything to say about that? I feel it is important to be informed about such things if you believe in and feel the transition (physical/spiritual) taking place in I&I (ALL OF US) these days.
I know you do


Welcome back, Ben! So glad you are refreshed.
This Lady we call Earth is all we have, and we must protect Her as She gives Life to us.


Hi Ben...I am from Canada, also...now live in LA. I lived in TO, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Good to have you back and revitalized. Here are a couple of thought-provoking videos I just made dedicated to Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, two of our most celebrated atheists, who I admire:

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8O-Px9ZXng

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvTRWvfZhCo




Hope you had a good time here in Canada Ben

Universal Soldier

Ben you are a Jedi, your internet infrastructure is that a kinder garden student yet the message is that of a sage who had never even attended the conscious manipulation academy known as the education system.

What I am trying to say is that more people can and will wake up. In this day and age there is more than enough cheap infrastruture to deliver your message via a virtual reality media experience. Perhaps I will one day get BenFulford.com up and compile a free archive of your media presentations.

Bless you with love and light as you are a guiding force of courage during this transition into the next density. Thank you for trying.

Please refrain from publishing this comment as it is not for anyone.


Ilive in that wilderness you describe dear Ben and am able to enjoy it far more than most. The energy that comes being in those spaces is so liberating and nurturing to me that it is difficult to describe exactly how it feels. You must have felt it very much in your times in the Amazon.

Here in Canada we are about to lose much of our ability to be in the "arms" of Nature if we do not stop Parliament from passing what is called Bill C6. This abomination is all encompassing and will provide the means to turn Canada into a police state. Few here know all the implications of the bill. It is much aligned with Codex Alimentaris and provides as well for the removal of the last of our civil rights. Even the joy of gardening will be removed from us as it will become "a dangerous practice".
As its powers grow the ability to restrict and control all travel, natural/wild foods, health supplements and so much more will all be handed over to the control of the UN, WHO and whatever policing agency is created here in our once wonderful country.
Most of us do not know the wonders of our connection to nature and there is a frightening possibily that future generations will be denied it completely.
Concerns from Canuckville

Donald B. Benson, M.S., Ph.D., M.Div.

Dear Ben,
Your forebear in win-win games for the whole earth - R. Buckminster Fuller - used to reconnect with reality by spending every August on Bear Island off the coast of Maine. In August 1970 President Nixon tried to co-opt Bucky and his World Game Project on behalf of the oligarchy. That didn't happen, the White House Plumbers cut off our water, and we all had to find other employment. Last time I saw RBF he was a keynote speaker at the World Symposium on Humanity in Toronto, March 1979. Do you remember it? It would be wonderful if you could use Japan's five trillion in U.S. notes to relaunch the humanistic effort to make all humanity a success on spaceship earth, but I'm now banking on the soon coming of King Jesus "on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory" (Matthew 24:30) to "destroy those who destroy the earth" (Revelation 11:18) and to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth (Matthew 5:3-48). Maranatha!
Shalom, Don


So glad you could spend time in the woods. I can too. Wish that wonderful reality was available to everyone. We would live in a cleaner and happier world.

The woods clears my head and makes me happy.











Hi Ben,

Good to be back.

Not so good Idea:


-> Lets Technolize Everything Luciferian Style

Better Idea:


-> Lets combine the old tradition with the new, transcend from polarity consciousness to unity consciousness.

Regards Ovis


Nice. You have plenty to report on. UBS backstabbing its clients, the swine flu vaccines, the elections in Japan....

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