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Miriam, i feel we focus on different things whilst approaching the same future we all want ... nice chatting with you!


Diego, we do have to leave it that...we have different approaches to the world but that does not mean they are exclusive of each other.

I have nothing but optimism for the future Diego, as I am sure you do too! ;>


hey Miriam,

"On a practical level, which is what I am concerned with here at this point, as I look across the world at the damage done...
How is a community like Gaza going to clear and rebuild the destruction~ TODAY?"

... i don't know, because I don't know who would be able to compensate for injustice when all communities would change their ways and focus their effort on themselves. Looking back, certainly, injustice should be compensated in helping to rebuilt. Looking forward, we don't want to take uncalled for interest in other peoples life's any longer, no matter where they are on this planet.

And then again, how do we get all the fluoride out of the water? How do we heal all the tooth-decay in the world? How do we get all of the Agent Orange out of the soil in Vietnam, or heal millions of Vietnamese whose DNA is altered by Agent Orange? How do we heal the Aids pandemic in South Africa (they have 5.7 million infected with HIV, or round 15% of the population, and the crime rate is going up rapidly because dead-man-walking have no hope left)?

I believe that today global institutions do not have the resources to combat all that is wrong anywhere in the world - whilst on the flipside, these ones who'd like to help are robbed by 'the system' of their energy and resources to make a difference, even if they wanted to. But I think that functioning communities can cope with many problem on their own, especially in the health sector, because the global health crisis is at the root mis-use of resources and unhealthy practices. When both trends reverse, things will get better soon.

"Cuba is an example of a Community who lives within its own sphere. It is a beautiful country with excellent education and health care.
But there is no opportunity."

hmmm .... imagine a world where all people share the fruits of their labor without monetary compensation. Meaning, one guy makes chairs, and when you need a chair you just go there and take one home. You yourself teach music, and whoever shows up for lessons is welcome. Now, why would people produce things not needed? Today we have competition in order to maintain market share because we're taxed w/o represenation (the state wants a share of your life-force, no matter what); in a world without money we would have competition of inspired minds & hearts ... these ones who make things most wanted feel a difference in satisfaction, then those who make things not needed at all.

I don't mean to say that is a model for the future, Miriam, but i do believe that the value of labor and the need to consume will change in a new world order. Today we consume like crazy because it is easier to replace appliances made from cheap-labor, then to repair them at a rate a local craftsmen would need to charge. The market calls for profit rates which don't allow any longer that domestic labor can sustain a families need. US citizen who believe healthcare reform threatens their way of life whilst not having realized that their own labor is devalued to the point that a worker can't buy a kitchen chair made in USA any longer .... well, I'd like to leave it like that ...

cheers, Miriam, the only way is up! :)





By Simon Caldwell and Nick Squires in Rome
Published: 7:30AM BST 17 Aug 2009

Britain knew about extermination of Jews, Vatican claims
The Vatican's official newspaper has accused Britain and the United States of having detailed knowledge of Hitler's plans to exterminate the Jews but of failing to do anything to halt the Final Solution.

L'Osservatore Romano said the British and American governments ignored, downplayed or even suppressed intelligence reports about the Nazis' extermination plans.

They could have bombed Nazi concentration camps and the railways that supplied them but instead chose not to, the newspaper claimed. It quoted from the diary of Henry Morgenthau Jr., the wartime US secretary of the treasury, who described London's alleged indifference to the plight of the Jews as "a Satanic combination of British chill and diplomatic double talk, cold and correct and adding up to a sentence of death".

British and American inaction was in contrast to the efforts made by the wartime Pope, Pius XII, who tried to save as many Jews as he could through clandestine means, L'Osservatore claimed in a lengthy article titled "Silence and omissions at the time of the Shoah (Holocaust)".

The editorial is the Vatican's latest effort to rehabilitate the reputation of Pope Pius, whose reluctance to denounce the Nazis publicly prompted accusations of anti-Semitism and earned him the title "Hitler's Pope".

L'Osservatore dismissed such claims as a "radically false" characterisation of the pontiff's wartime record.

It quoted Morgenthau as saying that as early as Aug 1942, the US government "knew that the Nazis were planning to exterminate all the Jews of Europe".

In his diary, Morgenthau cited a telegram dated Aug 24, 1942, and passed on to the US State Department, that relayed a report of Hitler's plan to kill between 3.5 million and four million Jews, possibly using cyanide poison.

L'Osservatore, which is regarded as the semi-official mouthpiece of the Holy See, reproduced a copy of the telegram.

American officials had "dodged their grim responsibility, procrastinated when concrete rescue schemes were placed before them, and even suppressed information about atrocities," Morgenthau wrote.

When the US government was finally convinced to try to rescue European Jews who had not already been sent to concentration camps, the British baulked, the editorial said.

It cited a British Foreign Office cable that warned of "the difficulties of disposing of any considerable number of Jews should they be rescued from enemy occupied territory" and advised against allocating money for the project.

While the British and Americans prevaricated, Pius was engaged in "the only plausible and practical form of defence of the Jews and other persecuted people" by arranging for them to be hidden in monasteries, convents and other Catholic Church institutions, the newspaper claimed.

L'Osservatore said that although the Nazis rounded up and deported from Rome more than 2,000 Jews, another 10,000 were saved.

Marking the 50th anniversary of Pius' death last year, Pope Benedict XVI described him as a great pontiff who worked "secretly and silently" during the war to "save the greatest number of Jews possible".

Sir Martin Gilbert, the British historian and biographer of Winston Churchill, described in his 2001 book "Auschwitz and the Allies" how an underground network of European Jews had begged the RAF to bomb Auschwitz.

Churchill, who had told Anthony Eden in 1944 that the Holocaust was probably the greatest crime ever committed in human history, had given his permission for raids to go ahead.

"Yet even then a few individuals scotched the Prime Minister's directive because, as one of them put it at the time, to send British pilots to carry it out would have then risked 'valuable lives'," wrote Sir Martin.

"At that very moment, however, Allied lives were being risked to drop supplies on Warsaw during the Polish uprising and during these missions these very same pilots had actually flown over the Auschwitz region on their way to Warsaw."


Bring out the ninjas, i'll sign up for the ninja brigade.


Diego~ Please include this link as part of my response to you.
But read it second as it will have clearer meaning.
~ Miriam ;>



Hello Diego~
Regarding Israel~ here is a controversial opinion~ I am at the point where I don't think it is possible to have an exclusive homeland for either the Jews or the Palestinians.
This land is considered so holy and sacred by Christians, Muslims and Jews, that for any one group to say 'I own it', is creating terrible strife.
In my view at this point, I feel it should be one land with all these groups living in harmony.
The holy sites would have to be untouched completely.

The lands of Gaza are so overridden with settlements and the Wall, that there is hardly any contingent land within and with the West Bank to create a Palestinian State. Even at 1967 boundaries, it is a mess.
Better to tear down the Wall, and allow the Palestinians back to their homes and create peaceful co-existence.
This was a fail experiment.
I can agree with your ideas on Community.
I agree that the people need to create their own form of exchange. This is workable at some point, but it is only workable within a closed area.

What about when something is needed outside of the community? A part for a computer, or other mechanicals that cannot be manufactured in this small community and where my skill as a nurse or baker is not practical to exchange?

On a practical level, which is what I am concerned with here at this point, as I look across the world at the damage done...
How is a community like Gaza going to clear and rebuild the destruction~ TODAY?
How about in Iraq and Afghanistan? In Africa?
Does a community have the means to do this TODAY?
What manner of exchange should be used for the use of bulldozers and building supplies; for rebuilding the infrastructure, the septic systems, the power systems?
Does the community have the necessary materials for these things? How do they exchange this with those that do?
I am all for the philosophy you eloquently write about, Diego.
But I am a practical woman. These things are needed from outside these communities; they are wholly destroyed. And I don't think that the community exchanges that you suggest are going to be acceptable.

They are going to need a kick start from other sources who are able to pour an acceptable exchange into these communities/countries. And then "release" them to create their own form of exchange which can then be used within the global community.
But again on the international level, there are exchanges that are acceptable and others that are not.

Cuba is an example of a Community who lives within its own sphere. It is a beautiful country with excellent education and health care.
But there is no opportunity.
I know people from Cuba who are well educated, but cannot fulfill themselves within this closed society.
They have come to America where there are possibilities to expand their dreams.
If the embargo was ended, what exchanges would you see between countries?
Lots of trade in that countries resources for...whatever...how to value Cuba's resources for say technology?
I don't know, but each has a value based on the NEED between the traders. That could be negotiated I suppose each time.

What I hear you describing is how things are now within a very corrupted system.
I completely agree with those thoughts.
Can it be set up a different way? I don't know the details of what is in the works, but I would hope that there would be equitable exchanges and not exploitation as we all know is happening.

In a community close to me during a recession, when so many were hurting, the Council decided to issue local 'chits'. Just paper that was pretend money, that could only be used within the town. Like Lincoln's Green Backs.
In both cases it worked to revive an economy.
It was acceptable within the defined region.
But again when you are dealing with international exchanges, products may not work.
~'You don't have what I need, but I have something you need.'. Now what is to be done?

And that is where some monetary substitute exchange has to occur.
How that can be negotiated in an equitable manner without that middle man exploitation is where the rub is.
The middle man is providing a service and should be paid. But not at a level that is more than is deserved.
And all exploitation, such as is happening today needs to be outlawed.
I do believe that this is part of the plan, Diego.

We have much that we agree upon...


hey Miriam,

I agree with your observation about the history of Israel. But at the same time I believe that Israel, when required to find balance with their neighbors without the use of force or threat thereof, will be able to achieve peace finally - because both sides are tired of it; they just don't know how to end the cycle of violence.

"There is vast damage that has been done that needs as many people as possible who are willing to take the steps necessary outside their comfort zone and do the work of healing this Earth and Her inhabitants. That will take the wealth that is being so generously and dutifully offered."

I differ from your view somewhat. Thinking in basic terms here …. Money is the equivalent of life-force - and the sum-total of productive wealth of the Earth is being perpetually generated from people who actually work with their hands or produce services that are desired by others. There is no other money on Earth than the energy we collectively manifest. We believe today, for some strange twisted reason, that a) only those who have gathered huge sums of money from exploiting the labor of others would be able to make a difference in the world at large (because for us there is nothing left as the entire profit gap of our individual labor is being skimmed off by the system). And b) that profit generated from value transfers (such as trading highly inflated stock, future market options, or any other ‘money instrument’) is valid money, in a sense that it represents actual productivity. Wealth that is generated w/o effort is theft, as it devalues the actual real effort of labor.

People who’re on the gold-train-of-hope (the myth there would be huge sums of Gold hidden, ready to “bail us out”), don’t realize two things, and then again, growing up in a distorted world we don’t even realize the absurdity of it: 1) these secret mountains of gold, so they exist, are all owed by someone, either institutions, or individuals, and if they ever come to market they will entirely devalue the money that is in circulation, even if they’re being thought of as collateral to hold the value of money stable. They will serve henceforth, because they’re privately owed, as weight in international trade or to bring economic pressure to bear, once again by a few individuals controlling the punch. But even more importantly 2) we don’t need 15 trillion coke cans as new currency collateral, because it just consumes a medium of exchange (Aluminum) without addressing at the same time the crucial question of the exchange value of labor or service. Why should a bred not cost the same anywhere on Earth, it’s being produced by two hands and a baker just the same. It is absurd to believe we need someone else to tell us what our work is worth, or to have something tangible expressing the very thought we’d know what we’re doing. This traditional thinking of old, how life is measured here around, only has meaning in a world where at least ½ of the population does not work in terms of producing anything. Grotesquely so, its either the rich, or the unemployed who feed off of the ever shrinking labor force that does exist.

"There is more to this than contracting into small communities and saying the hell with everyone else."

Maybe I was a bit too short on that thought. I believe when shifting the center of gravity from centralized government or institutions to local communities we will again establish a healthy and natural balance, because it also means 'no taxation without representation'. Most services we need in our immediate local life situation we not even need a medium of exchange for. Its hours of labor spend for producing food, vs. hours spend caring for the sick, labor for teaching the kids, or patrolling the streets. Outside or own base for living is hardly anything we need to finance out of our pocket – because it will be afforded by those communities living there, in their own natural balance of life. Democracy Direct is a concept that does not exploit our free-will agreements, whilst allowing us to have control over everything that really matters to us. Today, as the loss of money is paramount everywhere, people are removed from any and all decision making processes and political will is invested solely to keep us quite and away from any influence.

And so, it takes both moves at once, Miriam. Putting our medium of exchange back into a natural & healthy balance reflecting the real life of people who serve each other - whilst allowing no-one to have any outside control over our immediate needs.

The whole problem of destructive market forces on Earth is actually just the way we think. Once we stop believing some evil force is hindering us to be free, and we start re-organizing our local life how it should be (as this NWO falls apart before our very eyes) … we will be actually free … and we play soccer against the neighboring town then … it’s tradition, Miriam! :)



Diego~ Thank you for a thoughtful answer.
There will be many who will stay fast with their intentions to embrace a Jewish homeland in Israel.

But the landscape of a true peace may not look anything as it does now. They will be out of luck.
Israel will not be able to hold the world hostage and continue to claim lands it captured or absconded as an occupying power. Not even as what was created as a political entity.
These people who insist that Israel is theirs by RIGHT may find that there is no support for their position and will have to give way or have it taken away.

I do think there will be others who will recognize that what was done to the Palestinians was completely unjust, and will not want to participate any longer in the denial of the Palestinian homeland for the sake of their own fantastic ideals.
They will understand that the land that the Zionist claim as part of the 'Jewish Heritage' was not theirs; that it was taken brutally and dishonestly.

The Torah Jews understand this, that only God, according to them, will give them a homeland~ not political agreements, not force, and that the "signs" that are to be given to return to the homeland, have not occurred. The 'Holocaust' was a manipulation by the very people who claimed to create a homeland for them...they were sacrificed for political gain, power, and control.

The truth of the situation(exactly how this land of Israel came to be) will hopefully allow them to see what was done in their name, and they will understand that this was not what was meant to happen to fulfill their desire.

I don't know how this will all work out.
But I know that anything that resembles what is being attempted now, is not even close to peace.

To remain in a local community and work out a destiny is a noble endeavor.
That may be very much part of the healing process that is involved in the new system.
Yet we are a great deal larger than that now, and as Humanity, we need to right the wrongs that this deranged system and those who created it have perpetrated on each and every one of us, and the Earth.
There is more to this than contracting into small communities and saying the hell with everyone else.
There is vast damage that has been done that needs as many people as possible who are willing to take the steps necessary outside their comfort zone and do the work of healing this Earth and Her inhabitants.
That will take the wealth that is being so generously and dutifully offered.
This is the point of reform; the direction that is being cracked open for all our benefit.
If we expand and embrace each other to do this, there is a growth of the Soul and Spirit which creates a larger understanding of the needs of others and the Earth.
This in turn brings a balance back to our relationships with each other and the greater world.

There is no turning back...whether you recreate within a community or in a larger sphere of influence, the situations you will face will be essentially the same.
And the decisions will be crucial to the evolutionary steps we make as Humans.


Benjamin, I hope you are getting some well deserved R & R and pleasant northern exposure : )


Ben - hope you're OK after the Earthquake ...



we are very disappointed in you, benjamin.


"Diego~ Read more carefully~ Ben says this in answer to your question~ his last sentence~ "The refugees will simply be people who, once they learn about the monstrosities of their satan worshipping ruling class, will decide they would rather live elsewhere."

Miriam ... from a practical point of view, these Jews who committed these 'monstrosities' are no Jews to them. When true peace in the Middle East gets a chance for the first time many moderate Jews who already left Israel in the wake of Zionist excesses during the last twenty years will return and give Israel a second chance. On the other hand, the Jewish national right will never leave Israel - their steadfast religious believe has nothing in common with Satanism. And so the movement of people would be rather opposite, not away from Israel, but back home into the peaceful homestead Jews always dreamed off - where they will live in peace with their Semitic neighbors.

Ben's sentiment for drama got the better of him ones more … most if not all theories about future human decision making are ill conceived in that they’re the product of an over-simplified causality assuming the good in humans will win the day once all have understood who the bad ones are. Ben’s approach to the problem of human disempowerment is solely waking the pillars the money-grid rests on today (as he truly believes the one bunch of secret criminals will straighten out the other bunch of secret criminals – and that would do).

The problem on Earth ain’t money, or the declining value of money per se, in my opinion. The problem at its root is that we invest our life-force equivalent (that is money) into institutions we have no control over. Once we have enabled the global power-grid by our contribution these actions run their course with the energy we have invested in them. In other words, if we would change the center of gravity from centralized governments to local communities, we would cease to invest into global agenda we have no control over.

We could leave the entire banking system as it is today – it’s how money is spend on our behalf into a money-grid that builds a unjust reality for all, in which we have NO SAY about this reality we have funded. This power struggle behind the curtain about huge sums of money is not helping anyone to gain understanding of how to reform this reality on Earth … people who think about true democracy and how their life-force contribution should be applied for their immediate needs in their local communities find no answers on this blog.



Posted Friday, 7 August 2009 | Digg This Article | Share this article| Source: GoldSeek.com

A great question to ask is: what was the first important chapter written in nonsensical Economic Mythology? It gave powerful intellectual protection and coverage by economists, and resulted in widespread acceptance. The answer is clearly the break in the Bretton Woods Accord, when in 1971 Nixon broke the gold standard and permitted the USDollar to float on a cloud of arrogance and on a wave of liquidity that is best described as debt mixed with counterfeit. Little known then, but better known now, is the role of the USMilitary in propping up the value and acceptance of the USDollar. The nation and world were told that greater flexibility would result in order to build economies, deal with cyclical problems, and contend with the needs of global population growth. The momentum of destruction is powerful, damage accelerating, and platforms disintegrating. The key to mythology is to recognize it as nonsense spouted by the high priest economists whose handiwork of destruction must be hidden from view, only to see yet another chapter unfold that captures the attention of the innocent and ignorant. The priesthood is left in charge of the intellectual dogma behind mythology, not much different from communist mumbo jumbo about power to the proletariat, complete with a supporting cast of a Politburo. The US Politburo is hidden from view, a pack of misfit incompetents and established failed figures continuing to spout policy and to manage Fannie Mae, AIG, and now General Motors. The US Federal Reserve is the keeper of the Holy Grail, now manifested in criminal confiscation and disbursement of USCongressional funds, and a secretive balance sheet. Watch them defy the US Supreme Court. Their dogma is mostly vapor with little substance, sufficient to keep the population in participation or at bay, but at least confused.

The latest nationally advertised but unrecognized mythology is very convenient, since a USDollar crisis has begun. Political and intellectual cover is needed. The USEconomy would benefit from a lower USDollar, due to a quantum jump in export trade. A lower US$ exchange rate would indeed benefit the USEconomy in general, and US corporations in particular, provided the nation had not shipped a significant portion of its industrial base overseas. This aint the 1970 decade. It did so to capture the low cost of foreign labor, without thought given to the lost capital, lost wages, growing debt, and lost sovereignty from foreign creditor dominance. The US pursued financial dominance, and finally failed as Mother Nature wielded the backside of the Inflation Sword. The Chinese now dictate many key policies. They probably ordered President Obama not to renew Bernanke as USFed Chairman. After his appearance three years ago, lecturing the Chinese elite in Beijing, he was told never to return, EVER, deemed persona non-grata. Lost sovereignty has no good side!

The Chinese are the spearhead behind pushing the USDollar off the primal global throne. A lower USDollar will not accomplish much on export trade, given the lost critical mass of export businesses. A lower US$ will, however, spawn a currency crisis, a bank crisis, enough to take the global revolt against the US$ to new levels among creditor nations. The lower US$ will also force a quantum leap in the entire cost structure for the USEconomy, a factor ignored almost totally. The crude oil price has been giving a solid clue on this effect, but it is largely ignored. Somehow, goofy USGovt policy to limit crude oil contract positions is a quick fix ordered by Goldman Sachs. It will not work. In fact, good old Goldman Sachs changed their Euro recommended long position immediately before the Chinese delegation met in the White House last week. The quick rise in the USDollar was met by a fierce decline at the end of the week, as the Chinese were major sellers. GSax gave them a better price.

The powerful reversal pattern evident since last October has finally begun to break down. It is in the stage #1, confirmed by numerous sources who note growing panic, growing dismantlement of support pillars, and growing expectation of a major currency event. The cyclicals are all negative and weak. The crossover of the 20-week moving average below the more stable 50-week MA is a strong bearish signal. The momentous pile-on is to follow. The breakdown in progress is sufficient to take the gold price over the elusive 1000 level once and for all. Some veteran sources report that the gold price breakout move might be extraordinarily powerful, far stronger than even the gold community expects. The Chinese are defending the gold price, if truth be told. They have resources, in the form of over $2000 billion in savings (a war chest). They have motive, in the form of wanting to install the Yuan as a global reserve currency. And they are very angry, in particular at bank bond fraud, but also at debt monetization. They abhor a widely understood USGovt policy of trying to inflate the debts away at foreign creditor expense. This is seen as betrayal. Decisions among creditors have been made, and a path has begun to deal with the problem.


Hey Ben, get an Obama Joker tshirt and take a picture with it.

Awesome for the movement.

Say something about Obama's birth certificate.


We are all following what Ben is writing. We are all hoping they will succeed. However, only fools pull the sail when the wind is blowing in the right direction, the clever ones set the sails. We must now work harder than we have ever done, we must set the sails now that the wind is blowing our way.
And all the while we are watching the chemtrails continuing. Ben, why are the chemtrails continuing? Where can we see the fruits of your good intented actions?















guy,Japan as №1

he doing job,.












Norma Moreno

Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 17:12:08 -0700
I just saw your posting blog. Yes, it seems you are only posting those that agree with you!................I bet you won't post this one, because it is the truth.

Who is this person that is writing these absolute lies.............yes, I know, and I believe there are people who call themselves Jews as do rahm & ezikel emmanuel, axelrod, chuckie shumer, and many more Jewish politicians, including so many of the Hollywood elite that call themselves Jews.
But they are not Jews in their hearts and would rather sell or give Israel away in a heartbeat as they would sell their mother & grandmother. They will pay for what they are doing when they stand before HaShem.

Give up Israel to live in Japan, or anywhere else in the world....................NEVER! "No body is going to attack or harm the Jews anywhere in the world", Yeah, Right! Just like there was no holocoust! HaShem said it ONCE and only ONCE! "THIS IS MY HOLY LAND, THIS BELONGS TO THE APPLE OF MY EYE, MY PEOPLE, THE JEWS. What he says is WORD and his WORD NEVER CHANGES.

GIVE UP ISRAEL, JERUSALEM..........NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Diego~ Read more carefully~

Ben says this in answer to your question~ his last sentence~

"The refugees will simply be people who, once they learn about the monstrosities of their satan worshipping ruling class, will decide they would rather live elsewhere."


Zionism can't be spoken about in human terms. It is wholly a monster.
It creeps into the Jewish psyche in increments.
My family would not describe themselves as such, but many embrace aspects of it. That is why it is so hard to eradicate. It totally warps the identity of Jews.
I left Judaism many years ago because something was very wrong, but I could not put my finger on it.
Later, I was able to name it as Zionism. I cleared myself of its lies cold turkey by reading
The Hidden History of Zionism.
It shocked me. And that contained errors. Then I learned about the Holocaust lies.
My world changed completely.

There is still a web of hidden history in the Jewish stories which needs to be revealed from the Vatican papers as I have posted before.
Jewish history is not what is seems.
Saint Cheez~ anime is one of the best moral teachers.
Perhaps that is why they are directed at children.
I enjoy them very much for their heartfelt lessons.

Nathan Hale

Maybe those 2 million Jews will move to Boca Raton and I can sell my house at a decent price and get the F*#k out of Florida!!




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