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André Chilano

Accidentally I came across this blog, if one could call that so. I never saw so much desinformation together in a single web page. Maybe Mr. Fuji Yama is used to this country, the same as he used to criticize, with citizens that only know to praise others, never debate others ideas and like conformity untill the end. let me go straight - How can you say that Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon have ties with Aum? Can you prove that? That link is the only prove you have? I followed that link and the only thing I found was a page with tenager photos in a erotic pose. Is that kind of news website you used to rely on, Mr. Fujiyama? Im a member of this Church and I can prove we never had ties with that bad cult. If you want publish such outrageous ridiculus lies, you have to show proofs. Else, you are only one more moron that like to take advantage of bad fame people or organization to promote yourself.

martha thacker

Fuji Yama ...thank you for your most excellent description of Japanese politics. So similiar to what we have going on here in the US.

Also thank you Benjamin Fulford for your most excellent reporting on the mission billions from the US. So glad the money will go for good.


Theme: Japan's postwar "history of darkness", for the Heisei Restoration political realignment


Japan is really changing? Political will. Nippon happens.


BEWARE(Be-aware!) Benjamin, because you are extremely vulnerable when you go in public like this.My first concern is for your safety, and not meant to be interpretted as "fear-mongering"....Obviously, you are now back from CANADA-satanist-illuminati-stronghold-land....3 cheers for your protectors for getting you home to Japan, safe and sound....(and hitting the ground running, too!! ;-) ****Before i forget, THANK YOU(!!) to whomever translated what benjamin selfishly posted only in japanese! (I have no idea how to do this google-translater-stuff...)**** To know what you are giving talks about there gives us much more insight about you Benjamin! I tip my hat to you, and want to thank you for your SERVICE TO HUMANITY! And, I'd like to publicly call you friend here, but you oddly will not allow me to...No matter.You need not reciprocate, it is enough to know I AM your friend. I can count on 2 hands how many I have...



what a Jesus Christ




common sense

whatdoesitmean (sorcha faal) is supposed to be disinformation. Eg. that story linking MJ to the saudi prince and the austrian journalist is evidently crap.

It seems, that MJ's death is used and misused in so many ways.

Take care and - as a poster above said - try to use your "heart brain" to distinguish truth from disinfo.


Once again, thank you, Fuji Yama.
You have written a very informative article that sheds a great deal of light to non Japanese readers.
It allows a window into the great difficulties that exist in Japan that are being exposed, so that the people there can be free.

It is as difficult a situation it appears as exists in the USA.
Both must break free from the Elite controllers.


Thanks Fedupwithlies! ;>

Your translation gives background and insight.


I haven't been reading this blog for a bit, but now I'm back. When I was over in Japan back in early 2007, 1 dollars exchanged to 15 yen. Today, one dollar is worth 10 yen. The US dollar has dropped against the yen, and lets not even mention how much it has dropped against the euro. And in the news, Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC), Iran, Venezuela and other countries are publicly calling for a new "top" currency -- a.k.a no more trading oil in dollars. Times are changing indeed.

---Translation for English people---

Benjamin Fulford is giving a presentation on the Japan (called Nippon by country people) postwar struggle to climb out of the hole that the NWO dug for the country of Japan.

The current government (referred to as Nagatacho like how Americans call the National government "Washington", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagatach%C5%8D,_Tokyo ) is causing ruckus in the media almost daily as the LDP government (the regime that is slave to NWO cabal) gets closer and closer to collapse. Just before the elections, a fundamental (essential and near necessary) change occurred in Japan, the "Meijei Restoration" and after the "Heisei Restoration" is coming.

After the war, WW2, Japan was a colony of the U.S. In order to maintain its neo-colonial grip on Japan (Nippon), America assassinated, bribed, and brainwashed, the once beautiful and powerful Japan.

Japan suffered "black history" via some clandestine facts. GHQ bad education as a result of restructuring from WW2 war, the right-wing bastard North Korea/Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK), the assassinated Soka Gakkai, Tanaka Kakuei working for bribes, media brainwashing and hiding truth. Dentsu, Nippon Keidanren (both mega companies in Japan) and other "CIA agents back in Japan" were left behind by the CIA to further destroy the Japanese economy with the Nikkei bubble in 1991 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_asset_price_bubble ). Basically, that was a controlled demolition of the Japanese economy.

What disease does Japan have? The secrecy that surrounds postwar Japans is unknown. People do change after the Meiji Restoration and the subsequent political realignment. Change the relation ship between Japan and the world.

Japan is changing politically. So, please come to listen.

The lecture will be about Japan's postwar "history of darkness" for the Heisei Restoration and political realignment.

Date: 2009 Sunday, July 26 10:00 to 12:20 (Registration is from 9 pm)

Location: Hall residents Sendagaya 2F (Jingumae 1-1-10, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Access: JR Harajuku Station山NO手線"Takeshita mouth" 6 minute walk (map)

Cost: 3,000 yen (Students 2,000 yen) || 32 dollars in USD, or 23 EURO

How to apply: name, contact information, number of participants, method of payment (bank transfer or take) on the state,

Mail (benjaminoffice88@gmail.com) Please apply at.


This interview will an illuminati exposer gets very good at the 38 minute. Hope you can post it for all to learn from.

Your intuition will tell you if it is true. Use your heart mind and not your left brain as direction.




also check out more videos of demonstrations in Iran's universities...
today (last night) more violence in the streets of Tehran. Militias still roaming and beating, killing men and women. Police firing in the air to terrorize and quell the cries for justice and crush the victory signs



note the testimony of the young ladies starting at minute mark= 5:05


Everything suggests that the American bonds seized at Chiasso are real




Based on the stage behind the Nagatacho drama and create disorder in the media every day. Closer to the LDP government collapsed 55 years of going all the表沙汰scandal. Just before the elections approached, a fundamental change in this country, "Meiji Restoration" and after "Heisei Restoration" is coming.

After the war, Japan was a colony of the United States. In order to maintain its colonial rule, America is "assassinated" and "bribery" and "brainwashing" and used to have one's hand to a beautiful Japan. Of postwar Japan that "black history" and declined to detail the facts. Details: GHQ worse education, a right-wing bastard, North Korea, Soka Gakkai, the assassinated politician, working back to Tanaka Kakuei, working for bribes, scandal overall, media trainer, Dentsu, Nippon Keidanren. Other "CIA agents back in Japan", a particularly important theme "of economic agents to destroy Japan since the bubble".

"I have a disease that Japan now?" In order to understand the post-war Japan, "secret" is not knowing. And "behind the latest political realignment happens next", "people do change after the Meiji Restoration or March," "Do not change the relationship between Japan and the world" and also describes.

Japan is really changing? Political will. Nippon happens. So, please come to listen.

Theme: Japan's postwar "history of darkness", for the Heisei Restoration political realignment









Fuji Yama

I myself am not against the Illuminati people who have conscience. I hope the Illuminati people like Mr. Zagami will succeed in their struggle against the ailing and evil part of the Illuminati people. So, I am sure many of the Japanese masses know what Benjamin san means by saying he wants to reveal the "dark history" of post-war Japan. On July 4, Benjamin san also made a brief exposure of the alleged "link between the Japanese Public Security Police and the Aum Shinrikyo" cult group. If I may, I would like to add some info here for the foreign readers to better understand what kind of link the Aum group had with other large cultist religion groups in Japan back in the 1990's. The Aum group doesn't exist any more officially except for its successor group.
According to a recent Japanese magazine from a popular publisher, Million Shuppan of Taiyoh Group, the Aum had close links to two other large Japanese cultist groups, the Soka Gakkai and the Toitsu Kyokai. Soka is part of the ruling Komeito Party and the Toitsu is linked to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Toitsu is originally from S Korea and its founder is the infamous Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The Komeito Party and the LDP rule today's Japan together with Japanese bureaucrats. But, as the weekly Shuukan Shincho magazine reported about a year ago, the cult leader of the Soka, Rev. Daisaku Ikeda, is apparently suffering from dementia already because of his old age. So the cultist followers of the Soka won't have many days left for themselves as a group. The Million Shppan is popular among the Japanese masses today because of their magazines' explosive exposures since a few years ago.
It is well known in Japan the largest ad corporation, Dentsu, and news media corporations control the Japanese public opinion by manipulating the ad expenses to all newspapers and TVs and suppressing the true stories. But their perception control eventually forced the suppressed true stories to flood the magazines oriented for masses. It means the Japanese elites like the two ruling parties, the two cult groups and the Japanese bureaucrats already lost the war, having wasted the huge ad revenue to manipulate the Japanese people. Probably, they wasted trillions of yen for about two decades until today. So it is right for Benjamin san to worry about the recent media focus and the cultist popularity over the new rising political star, Governor Higashikokubara. Japanese people are easily manipulated by large media and the Dentsu corporation. He may be another distraction for today's Japanese masses. He was formerly a Japanese TV comedian star called "Sonomanma Higashi" and he was part of the assistants of the well known film director/actor Takeshi Kitano.

About the former Aum group, the recent Japanese magazine above revealed there was a firm link between the Aum and other two cult religion groups in early 1990's. This magazine was published in late in May. Now the Japanese masses know the Soka donated about five billion yen (about 50 million dollars) to the Aum back then and the Toitsu, as a mediator, took away about the half of this money and handed the rest to the Aum. The magazine actually writes only the initial ("S") in its report. But the Japanese readers know it means the Soka donated the huge sum of money to the Aum via the Toitsu. You can view their magazines' recent cover image in its website.
This magazine publisher is so popular in Japan that their magazines are sold everywhere like in the Japanese Conbini (convenience stores) chains.

Their magazine also exposed in May that there are Japanese yakuza groups which kidnap Japanese girls and white girls (the report literally writes "blondes" but it means white girls) for their "snuff shows", a "Hentai" pervert parties. The magazine report suspects these murder parties have a link to a recent "suicide" of Japanese businessman. So, many foreign readers may want to refrain from visiting today's Japan.
The same yakuza testified to the magazine that some Japanese Parliament Members and officials are also "entertained" by his criminal organization so, he says, there will be no such thing as criminal investigation into their rape-murder parties in Japan.
This is one of the most serious revelations in recent Japan. Indeed, it reminds us of the mysteries surrounding the infamous Lucie Blackman case.
Apparently, the truth finds itself a way to the masses. The Japanese "elites" in the mainstream media and the largest Japanese ad corporation Dentsu believed they successfully suppressed the truth completely from the corporate media in Japan and they saved the ailing Japanese rulers and criminal gangs. But the truth is being known to the masses in Japan anyway.

In today's Japan, there are similar "true stories" emerging everywhere, not only in the internet community but also in the magazine publishing industry. One of such stories is definitely the suspected link between the JAL123 crash of 1985 and the Japanese Navy. Some in Japan are arguing the JAL123 incident was the start of the criminals' rule of Japan. I think it means the then-Japanese PM, Yasuhiro Nakasone, is responsible for the chaos of today's Japan. This link is not only alleged in the internet here but also in Japanese magazines.
Since several years ago, magazine publishers like the Takarajima publishing report the JAL123 was actually hit by a Japanese Navy's drone while the airliner was flying over the Tokyo Bay area. The crash of JAL 123 killed almost all of the 500 passengers. Such reckless mass murder was concealed by the Japanese Navy, the Boeing corporation and the Japanese government in 1985. A popular Japanese novelist Joji Abe is one of those who doubt the "official story" of the JAL123's crash.
The same Takarajima published a separate magazine about the Aum group and its shooting of the former Japanese Police Agency Chief, Kunimatsu. A Japanese gun expert views the shooting incident was maybe a staged incident by the Japanese police and Kunimatsu himself. The gun expert says Kunimatsu recovered from the gun wounds too early in only a few months and he suspects the shooting was maybe staged using blank shots. He says Kunimatsu had been already involved in a staged "gun smuggling" case of some Thai smugglers before he became the Police Chief. The Thais say they were paid by Kunimatsu and the Japanese police to stage the smuggling case, the expert says. In both cases, he suspects, Kunimatsu and the Japanese police made a huge financial gain by winning more budget for gun control policy. This is called "Riken" (interests) in Japan and Japanese bureaucrats are all crazy about Riken.
The expert's view over the hospitalization of Kunimatsu is that the Japanese hospital (and the Ministry of Health and Labor which has huge scandals now) is also an accomplice to the staging of shooting incident. The suspect of this shooting was a low ranking policeman (an Aum member) and he reportedly "confessed" his crime and the place he dumped his weapon. But, as the magazine writes, the weapon was never found.

Like many other countries, the suppression of true stories by the Japanese "elites" in the mainstream media corporations forced many Japanese people to leave the media to the internet community. The internet in Japan was then vandalised by the Japanese "elites", too. As Mrs. Etsuko Narita (りさ san) writes in her blogs, it is not unusual for an internet website to be vandalised by weird "comments" in Japan especially if it tells a true story. In Japan, there are minor internet message boards that host ads for paid "comment-poster jobs" actually. Anyways, it would cost a huge sum of money for the Japanese "elites" to keep on suppressing the truth by all of these open-secret "secret" operations. But the truth always found itself a way to the Japanese masses, one way or another.

In a country like Japan, where the taxation burden is the highest among the industrialised countries, there will appear many cultist religion groups, like the three large groups above. In Japan, its rice is expensive all the time, too, and huge tax money is being spent to support a downsizing of domestic farming sector to make the Japanese rice more expensive in the future. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry is responsible for the expensive food but this Ministry has its scandals again now. In such a corrupt country, "religion" is an inevitable financial solution for many people becaus a registered religious group can at least become a domestic tax haven for them. It's an escape from exploitation.
It is a fundamental flaw for a democracy state to have a high taxation burden like Japan does but the Japanese bureaucrats and politicians have kept on denying any reform over such a fundamental flaw. Since about 30 years ago, the Japanese people probably have paid more to their state than they get from the state. But their tax money never made their own country a better place and, now, Japan's economy is in a meltdown situation. Now it seems the Japanese "elites" already lost their war against their own people.


Hello. Ben.

For me, It's the first time to comment on this blog.

I read some rumor on the death of Michael Jackson, the blog "whatdoesitmean" said, he's killed by CIA.
Because he planed to give some announcement on his concert, about iluminati or Jewish shaded powers.
Do you have some information about this case ?
I'd love to read your detailed article if you can.


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