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I forgot to mention one minor detail: I will also be in it.

Here I am ready to get back in the gym:


The movie should be a lot of fun to make.


Here is a simple request: I wish to make a high-concept, sci-fi $200 million film. I have certain actors in mind and a script written with a series of superb twists and revelations to ensure the movie will be a financial success for all involved. The illuminati can contact me at paul@newplanetfilm.com.

The all-seeing eye already knows who I am. I live close to Hollywood and it should realize by now that it cannot win me over. What will happen if this movie is not made? I really don't know. I need an answer by August 31st, 2009.

Here is a preamble:

"And so great was the faith of Enoch that he led the people of God, and their enemies came to battle against them; and he spake the word of the Lord, and the earth trembled, and the mountains fled, even according to his command; and the rivers of water were turned out of their course; and the roar of the lions was heard out of the wilderness; and all nations feared greatly, so powerful was the word of Enoch, and so great was the power of the language which God had given him."

No, I am not Enoch reincarnated.

Ben, if you could pass this along in your deliberations with the illuminati, I would really appreciate it.







Wish to ask SATOSHI AKIRA, to provide a link or document, we would appreciate be in ENGLISH (if possible) just see the proof related with the world power conspiracy, in bringing death to billions of people, by engineering the deadly virus and lowering the human body self defense as you stated in the communicate on this forum, here.



David Burton

The Harvard cheer, heard at most of their sporting events, when they invariably lose is “Fight Fiercely Harvard.” A short time after I acquainted a friend of mine with Ben Fulford, the response was “Fight Fiercely Fulford.” I trust you get the message.

There have been many responses to posts on this blog, Ben. Some doubt you have the power to do what you say to those clearly intent on our mass destruction, after all Ben, to them we are “the masses” not “the people” and why doesn’t anyone using “the masses” just say “cattle” instead? Some say you are just one of them and hence anyone who posts a response in support of you is eventually to be tagged as a troublemaker by the would be world leaders to be rounded up at their convenience.

So much is hidden, even in an age where more doors are opening up. I would love to know what my brothers and sisters in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Australia truly want. I expect that it is about what the average North American wants; a better life for themselves and their families, free from extra stress and tyrannical measures imposed on us by people who claim to know better, who claim to be better, who are in fact at the very least nothing but spoiled rotten cynical monsters and at worst are no longer even remotely human. If you know them Ben, truly know them, then you will have encountered the “perfectly possessed” among them. If you have no idea what this means, then you are not fully informed. Calling them NAZI is close, but no cigar.

A rule of law? Where are there judges that cannot be bought, chambers of deputies that cannot be bribed? Everyone has debts and there is no way to pay it all back unless everyone repudiates at once and a new solution is installed right away. Markets on which we all rely for food and basic necessities are fragile and built on confidence which is not easy to quantify.

These … monsters who would be our rulers, have no care for any but themselves. They think we can’t do without them. They think there aren’t any worthy replacements for them. They think they have all the answers, even when many of them are LIES intended to mislead “the masses”.

The first step is to recognize that we are PEOPLE not cattle, not “the masses” and the second is to recognize that any of them who have conspired to kill us … so we get off their backs, etc. ARE NO LONGER PEOPLE.

What is done with beasts that become dangerous to the people Ben?

Be seeing you …

The Prisoner




Please stay close to your family and the people you most love and trust tomorrow, July 4, 2009.


Chinese situation in latin america....



They’ are NEVER going to back off from their nefarious plans! This is sad indeed.


It's Leo Zagami, talking about various topics, but taking time to mention that he thinks Fulford is an Illuminati mind-controlled agent. The video was uploaded June 30,2009, but it didn't state when it was recorded. In any event, if Leo thinks you're mind controlled, he's not going to be any help.

Posted by: chuck | 07/03/2009 at 03:00


Chuck, there had been several arguments between Fulford and Zagami long time ago. Zagami had have his doubt on Fulford since 2007.










Its obvious that with the camps, proposed mandatory flu jabs, the coming economic collapse, that they’re going for broke, ‘they’ are NEVER going to back off from their nefarious plans!!

F. C. C.

Thanks, Ben, for responding to this crisis. It's important to wake people up to the dangers that await them. Unfortunately, the media and big pharma have kept the people in the dark about viruses, i.e. that there are natural and simple cures for them, no matter how deadly they are without such cures. If anyone wants to begin a study of natural virus cures, they can start by reading "The Cancer Cure that Worked" by Berry Lynes. Although it's focused on cancer, the physiological principle revealed in it applies to all viruses - find their resonating frequency and wipe them out. There's already a company in the US that builds a device to do this. Next, google "lomatium dissectum". It's a root that was used by some American Indians during the 1917 flu that cured ALL of those that had the flu and took it - no fatalities. Next, investigate the anti-viral properties of many pharmaceutical grade essential oils. And the list goes on; that's only a beginning. If these types of information were made public, we wouldn't be hearing the panic that I've noticed in this particular blog entry. My recommendation: Turn to God in prayer and He will lead you to the scientific studies that vindicate my assertions about natural and simple anti-viral agents.


Don’t think what has been occurring in Iran cannot be pulled off in the USA. And don’t believe the holocaust and concentration camps are a distant memory a fantasy to be seen in a movie. In my own lifetime my family members have suffered torture and concentration camps ran under the CIA. They can and will, if they have to, round us up. You must know and not believe. Take a step forward while thinking ahead. Stay connected to the One.

In the words of Michael Jackson, “You’re just another part of me! (Heeeheee!)”

Message from the lord on high to the masses:

You don’t have to say what you did
I already know
Now there’s just no chance

You told me you loved me
Why did you leave me all alone
Now you tell me you need me
And you call on me

I refuse
You must have me confused with some other god
Bridges have burned an now it’s your turn…

The damage is done

Cry me a river



Grow up. If you want to find the proof of this entire stuff, learn to use the libraries and search engines. Take what you find and give it to small town and local newspapers. You won't find it on the major news networks at first, but if it goes to enough of these small papers and news outlets, it will get reported on. STOP EXPECTING BEN FULFORD TO SAVE YOU. You have to do some work, too.

If you want to find the answers, learn to search the WIPO. World Intellectual Property Organization. FInd out who owns the viruses, bacteria etc. You will be shocked and horrified, but you will know the facts.



TWN Info Service on Health Issues (Aug08/04)
19 August 2008
Third World Network

WHO-linked centre lays patent claim related to bird flu virus
Published in SUNS #6539 dated 15 August 2008

Bogota, 14 Aug (Edward Hammond*) -- In a development that is likely to raise more pressing questions about reform of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN), an international patent application has surfaced in which the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and US National Institutes of Health claim ownership of Indonesian influenza genes.

A recent patent search has revealed that the CDC, which is a WHO collaborating centre, is applying for a patent for a new vaccine against influenza, particularly for bird flu (H5N1). The vaccine incorporates genes from a H5N1 strain isolated from an Indonesian human victim of bird flu in 2005.

The strain that contains the genes was transferred to the WHO GISN by Indonesia for characterization for public health purposes, but may wind up as the property of the US government.

Under US law, the US government agencies would offer licenses to the technology to pharmaceutical companies. The patent application indicates that the US government intends to pursue the claim in most countries of the world, including Indonesia itself, as well as neighboring countries.

The application was first lodged in the United States on 16 February 2006, and then filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on 16 February 2007. It was first published as application WO2007/100584 on 7 September 2007 on a WIPO internet database, but is only now coming into public light.

The patent application claims a new vaccine against influenza, particularly for Bird Flu (H5N1). The vaccines incorporate one to four genes from a H5N1 strain isolated from an Indonesian human victim in 2005 (denominated A/Indonesia/5/05).

The patent application also claims similar vaccines that incorporate genes of flu strains from Thailand (A/Thailand/1(KAN-1)/04) and A/Ck/Thailand/1/04), Hong Kong (A/Hong Kong/156/97) and South Korea (A/Ck/Korea/ES/03).

The vaccine is of a new type called a DNA vaccine. These stimulate the immune system like others vaccines, except instead of using a traditional approach, such as injecting a dead virus, they consist of lengths of genetically engineered DNA called plasmids. This type of vaccine is under development in a number of biotech labs.

Influenza has eight genes in total, so the US government's DNA vaccines will incorporate up to 50% of the flu strain's genome. In order for the H5N1 genes to work in the DNA vaccine, they are "codon optimized", meaning that small genetic changes are made to the natural H5N1 genes. These changes are mostly designed to enhance the key natural genetic properties of the flu strain.

The patent application raises specific questions about the US CDC, which is a WHO Collaborating Centre for influenza virus studies. The WHO Collaborating Centres receive influenza viruses from donor countries for public health characterization purposes, and not for the purposes of making proprietary claims.

The US patent claims are especially relevant to the ongoing discussions of the WHO Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Inter-Governmental Meeting (WHO PIP IGM). The WHO PIP IGM was formed by the World Health Assembly in 2007, in response to developing country concerns about the WHO GISN, particularly the appropriation of GISN materials for making commercial vaccines that are costly and un-affordable to developing countries, and a lack of benefit sharing related to influenza viruses. The next negotiating session of the PIP IGM is scheduled to begin in Geneva on 9 November.

The question of WHO Collaborating Centres asserting patents related to WHO system viruses has been raised repeatedly in the PIP IGM's deliberations. In addition to the US CDC, there is evidence that another US-based WHO Collaborating Centre, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, has improperly capitalized on its WHO status in order to make proprietary claims.

According to sources, in a closed session at the WHO Interdisciplinary Working Group on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, convened in Singapore from 31 July through 4 August 2007, the Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre at the US CDC stated to governments that the Centre had no interest in patents related to GISN materials. The Working Group meeting took place more than a year after the US CDC filed for patent related to the Indonesian, Thai, Hong Kong, and Korean H5N1 genes.

In addition to ownership of this patent application, the US CDC website lists several proprietary H5N1-related technologies for sale, raising further questions about CDC's handling of WHO GISN influenza materials.

In the DNA vaccine patent application, the vaccine bearing the Indonesian H5N1 genes is the exemplary embodiment, and the application's front page focuses on a large graphic with "A/Indonesia/5/05" in the title.

Another issue that may raise concerns is that, according to the application, the US government intends to assert ownership of the patent in most of the world, including Indonesia itself, as well as most other developing countries. This includes other developing countries affected by H5N1, such as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, and Nigeria.

In total, the application designates over 100 states, including most Latin American, African, and Asian countries. In practice, patent applicants do not always follow through on all such national designations.

As was recently discussed at the WIPO Symposium on Public Policy Patent Landscaping in the Life Sciences (Geneva, 7-8 April), however, information on the national phase of most patent applications is publicly unavailable, and WIPO's own PatentScope database only reflects national phase applications in a few dozen countries.

A major component of the GISN, which is the WHO's present influenza virus sharing system, are the four WHO Collaborating Centres (the CDC based in the US, and other centres in the UK, Australia and Japan) which are tasked with conducting various assessments on flu viruses given by influenza affected countries, for public health purposes.

However, in the recent past, confidence in the system has been undermined as it has been revealed that some of the viruses collected through the GISN are developed into proprietary and expensive products that developing countries cannot afford.

The GISN system is also seen as lacking transparency and benefiting the WHO designated laboratories as well as researchers, vaccine and diagnostic manufacturers largely based in developed countries but failing to provide equitable benefits from the use of the virus, in particular to developing countries hit by avian flu.

Since May 2007, efforts have been underway in the WHO to reform the GISN system and for this purpose several meetings have been held.

Developing countries including the Africa Group, Thailand and Indonesia have proposed that there should be no intellectual property claims by companies or research institutions over products derived from shared biological materials.

(* Edward Hammond is an independent researcher and an expert on patents and biological resources. He contributed this article to SUNS.) +


Slightly off topic, but I found this on youtube:

It's Leo Zagami, talking about various topics, but taking time to mention that he thinks Fulford is an Illuminati mind-controlled agent. The video was uploaded June 30,2009, but it didn't state when it was recorded. In any event, if Leo thinks you're mind controlled, he's not going to be any help.









Fulford is a joke - just stop reading his crap. He has well intentions, but its all a charade. There are no ninja's


Threatenning ole' Rupert is another joke to these guys, Benjamin.You cannot keep growling and howling at an adversary before he/they figure out you have no teeth to bite with. YOU CHOSE to give them more time. YOUR COMPASSION is what they have always relied upon and use a weakness to be exploited. THIS HAS RELEVENCE worth repeating now : snipped..... The whole voting process is subverted in the US and people egnerally understand this subconsciously, which is why, since JFK we have never had over a 50% voter turnout. Gore vs, Bush is a great example. It has been proven that election was "stolen". But, how can an election be stolen when it is rigged from the start, the canididates being Illuminati-satanists front-men anyway?They shut out Ron Paul even when he did not formally drop out of the race!And, some extremely legitimate people have raised concerns that our current president is not even a legal US citizen, and it all gets white-washed and brushed under the carpet as if the information and concerns did not exist.The regular "man on the streets" of the US does not even comprehend the state of affairs that have happened since JFK got whacked, then Martin Luther King, Jr., then Bobby Kennedy, then most recently JFK's son.They do not realize a war has been secretly been raging, and all the while the US Constitution is completely ignored, effectively D.O.A. for many decades.There is no more RULE OF LAW.The only justice available is the justice that can be bought.Wage-slavery is the order of the day, and people belive they are free and the Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND. It should be, but effectively, it is not as demonstrated daily lately via multitudinous internet news NON-illimuniti controlled sources.And.....as far as Benjamin Fulford getting dragged before the Hague World Court? When pigs fly, me sezzz... ;-) The way things are going currently, more deaths are imminent on a global scale, and it looks like mass genocide will be seen soon, because RULE OF LAW is still being ignored. And, the illuminati-satanists seem to be laughing out loud daily about the "threat" the RED/GREEN SOCIETY poses to their power structure and infra-structure. In their eyes this is a complete JOKE. What has been done here is completely a thoroughly a BIG JOKE to them. The Red/Green Society is a JOKE....And, sadly, they are correct, I'm afraid. One cannot make bold claims and not back them up with ACTION. But, this is exactly what has happenned, so they are correct for laughing, I am sad, VERY sad to admit....NO ILLUMINATI blood has been spilled, so now the plans continue for humanity's blood to flow. .............end snippet. Lotta great info available here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thetruthisherenow/


I have it on very solid information that this man loved the United Staees Constitution, and was killed with a shotgun blast to the chest for his efforts to STOP the illuminati-satanists in 1996. He was US-NAVAL top-man, and killed very soon after it was clear he was not budging in wanting to stop the chemtrail poisonning of humanity in 1996. http://www.google.com/search?q=Admiral+Jeremiah+Borda+Navy&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a Benjamin:Understand our position that we: WANT THEIR HEADS ON PIKES NOW! A GREAT American patriot destroyed in his prime for opposing them. There are countless numbers like this in the last decade, and now all we have are prostitutes and bobble-heads at the top of the military in this country, with a fascist leading them now, believeing himself god. ------------------The ONLY HOPE for America is RONIN-based. ------------------ (This land cannot produce RONIN elite, sadly.) The only other option is anarchy, martial-law, and destruction of all the remaining freedom, and peace loving warrior-elites who defy illuminati-satanist plans. They have been preparing a futile resistence effort since roughly October 2008, with their eyes on the inevitable martial law to come under this administration.I state their efforts are futile because all their preparations are for naught, because nsa knows who each and every one of them are. Heard of the red-lists and the blue-lists, Benjamin?

martha thacker

The Republicans spread fear and disinformation. Just sayin'.


Labeling is such a strong repercussion. I hope they will not be to disturbed by that option.



彼女の告発では、Burgermeisterは米国の中で作動するグループによる米国法を違反して連邦準備制度理事会を制御する国際銀行家の指示にはあるバイオテロの行為に関する証拠を提示します、WHO、国連、およびNATOと同様に。 このバイオテロは死を引き起こす意図を伴う遺伝子を組み換えられたインフルエンザ流行病のウィルスの使用で米国人口に対して大規模大量殺戮を行う目的のためのものです。 このグループは米国の高い官庁を併合しました。

明確に、それは証拠に提示されます。被告、バラク・オバマ、Uの社長; S、デヴィッド・ナバロ、Influenzaのための国連System Coordinator、マーガレット・チェン、WHO長官、キャサリーン・シベリウス、保健・福祉省の長官、ジャネット・ナポリターノ、国家安全保障省、デヴィッドde Rotschild、銀行員のデヴィッド・ロックフェラーの長官、銀行員; 特にジョージ・ソロスと銀行員とヴェルナーFaymann、オーストリア外務書記とアロイスStoger、オーストリア人のHealth大臣は、Uの人口を排除するのに生物兵器を開発して、生産して、備蓄して、使ったこの国際的な法人の組織暴力団の一部です; 財政的で政治上の利得のためのS.と他国。

料金は、これらの被告が製薬会社のバクスターとノバルティスにかかわるひそかな国際的な生物兵器プログラムの実現の最終段階に工夫して、資金を供給して、参加するためにお互いと他のものと共謀したと主張します。 彼らは、毒性の生物学的因子を原因死に施す手段である無理矢理の集団予防接種プログラムを実行するためにバイオエンジニアリングと次に、口実を持つために致命的な生物学的因子、明確に「鳥インフルエンザ」ウイルス、および「豚インフルエンザウイルス」をリリースすることによって、これをしました、そして、米国のThis動作の人々への負傷はBiological兵器課Anti-テロ条例の直接違反中です。

Burgermeisterの料金はバクスターAG(バクスター・インターナショナルのオーストリアの子会社)が故意に4つのカウンティーの2009?16の実験室の冬にWHOによって供給された、72キロの活鳥インフルエンザ・ウイルスを出したという証拠を含んでいます。 彼女は、この証拠が世界的流行病の引き金となって、集団死を引き起こすために製薬会社と国際政府機関自体が活発に従事している、最も致命的であるとして分類された生物学的因子を生産して、開発して、製造して、分配する明白な証拠に地球の生物兵器を提供すると主張します。


2月に、ケナガイタチは、死にました。(その時、チェコ共和国のBioTestの職員は、候補ワクチンのためにケナガイタチの上で意味された材料をテストしました)。 この事件はWHO、EU、またはオーストリアの保健当局からのどんな調査でも追求されませんでした。 ウイルス物質の内容の調査が全くありませんでした、そして、リリースされたウイルスの遺伝子の配列に関するデータが全くありません。

5月20日の議会質問に答えて、オーストリア人のHealth大臣(アロイスStoger)は、それが扱われたべきであったように、どんなbiosecurity過失としても扱われませんでしたが、事件が獣医のコードに対するオフェンスとして扱われたのを明らかにしました。 手短な視察のために獣医の医師を研究室に送りました。

Burgermeisterの関係書類は、ウイルスのリリースがWHOがLevel6Pandemicを申告できる世界的流行病の引き金となるための必須段階であることであったのを明らかにします。 彼女は国連とWHOが世界的流行病の場合、合衆国を買収できる法と法令を記載します。 さらに、世界的流行病の宣言の状態の下の米国の力に義務的なワクチン接種へのコンプライアンスを必要とする法律を入れるでしょう。

彼女は、全体の「豚インフルエンザ」世界的流行病のビジネスがどんな自然なウイルスもむこうにないという人口への脅威を引き起こす大規模な偽りで仮定されると宣言します。 彼女は事実上、鳥インフルエンザと豚インフルエンザウイルスが実験室にWHOと他の政府機関によって特に供給された基金を使用することで生体工学で作られたという信念につながる証拠を提示します。 この「豚インフルエンザ」は部分豚のインフルエンザ、部分人間インフルエンザ、および部分鳥インフルエンザのハイブリッド(多くの専門家に従って実験室から来ることができるだけである何か)です。

この「豚インフルエンザ」が広まる予定であり、世界的流行病を宣言しなければならないというWHOのクレームは根本的要因を無視します。 リリースされたウイルスは、WHOの助けによって引き起こされて、リリースされました、そして、WHOは第一に、世界的流行病に圧倒的に責任感が強いです。 さらに、想定された「豚インフルエンザ」の兆候は通常のインフルエンザか風邪から区別がつきません。 「豚インフルエンザ」は、それ以上通常のインフルエンザが死を引き起こすよりしばしば死を引き起こすというわけではありません。


集団予防接種が保護の外観の下のインフルエンザが人口であると武器化するために行われない場合、どんな世界的流行病の可能性もありません。 義務的なワクチンが死を引き起こすように明確に設計されている病気でわざわざ汚染されると信じるための相当の理由があります。


彼女は、ワクチンを供給するために契約法で世界的流行病の引き金となるのは利益を得るために自分たちで発生した政府機関とリリースされた世界的流行病の材料が置いた国際的な製薬会社と国際的な政府のそんなに同じ複合体について申し立てます。 メディアはグループによって制御されました、すなわち、「豚インフルエンザ」議題を設計するのは、危険なワクチンを取るのに米国の人々を和らげるために誤報を伝え広める予定です。

AvianとPandemic Influenzaの上のModel州Emergency Healthパワーズ条例、National Emergency条例、国家安全保障Presidential Directive/NSPD51、国土安全保障Presidential Directive/HSPD-20、および国際Partnershipによると、自分達が自分達の同意なしでこの立証されなかったワクチンをやむを得ず取ると、米国の人々は実質的で修繕できない害と負傷を受けるでしょう。

米国では、2008、ものが彼女で主張を命名したというBurgermeister告発が設計したので、新しい状態で実行される、そして/または、加速されて、法と規則の実現が注射を拒否する彼らの合法的な黙秘権の米国の市民を片に設計しました。 これらの人々には、適所に残っている、流行病のウィルスに対して注射を飲むのを拒否するためにそれを犯罪行為にする作成されたか許容された条項があります。 彼らは、投獄などの他の過度の、そして、残酷な刑罰を課した、そして/または、米国の市民が負傷か死から無理矢理の注射から補償を要求するのを禁じている間、FEMAキャンプで検疫します。 これは憲法と権利の章典付けで連邦の不正を治める法とまた、職権乱用を違反しています。 これらの動作で、命名された被告は大規模大量殺戮のために土台を作りました。

口実として「豚インフルエンザ」を使用して、被告は事前に計画を立てました。無理矢理のワクチン接種による米国人口の大量殺人。 彼らは、FEMA強制収容所の大規模なネットワークをインストールして、集団墓地サイトを特定して、米国の上で不法なゆすりのための前部が組織犯罪活動に影響を及ぼしたので、国連とWHOを使用する国際犯罪シンジケートに権限を渡すために計画を工夫して、実行するのにかかわりました、反逆罪を治める法を違反して。

彼女は、バクスター、ノバルティス、およびSanofiアベンティスから成る製薬会社の複合体が、この国際的な組織暴力団によって融資された、外国ベースの二目的用である生物兵器プログラムの一部であるとさらに宣言します、そして、世界を減少させるために大量殺人を実行するように設計されているのは、次の10年間で50億人以上による人口です。 それらのプランは、人々に彼らの権利の上と、そして、力にFEMAキャンプにおける大規模隔離を与えさせるのを正当化するためにテロを広げることです。 殺される人の家、会社、農場、および陸はこのシンジケートでだれにでも入手できるでしょう。

北アメリカの人口を排除することによって、国際的エリートは水や未開発の石油産出地帯などのその領域の天然資源へのアクセスを得ます。 そして、北米のUnionの下でそれを包括することによって米国とその民主的な構成を排除することによって、国際犯罪グループには、北アメリカの総コントロールがあるでしょう。


6月10日の動作の完全な関係書類は、すべての料金を実体化するために証拠を提示する69ページのドキュメントです。 これは:




「豚インフルエンザ」がSwine Flu2009からの引用文を含む1918年のスペイン風邪ウイルスに類似するように生体工学で作られたという科学的証拠は、ジェフリーTaubenberger et.al博士からのA.Trueオットによる1918年のWeaponizedスペイン風邪と、博士号と、N.D.と、Science Magazineレポートです。



最近の「豚インフルエンザ」の大発生と数人の職員の死が彼の旅行にかかわっていて一致したメキシコへの彼の旅行を図で表わす小浜の社長のかかわり合いに関する証拠。 以前に予防注射されたので、社長が「豚のインフルエンザ」がないかどうか決してテストされなかったという主張をします。

生産における、バクスターとWHOの役割とオーストリアで流行病のウィルスの材料を放出することに関する証拠はチェコ共和国の偶然分配されたH5N1がWHO参照センターから受け取られたと述べるバクスター職員からの声明を含んでいます。 これは4月にオーストリアにファイルされた、現在調査中のBurgermeisterの料金からの証拠と主張の輪郭描写を含んでいます。





WHOの病気データの操作に関して、米国のコントロールを捕らえるためにPandemic Level6を申告するのを正当化するために、証明します。


生物兵器プログラムにおけるカナダのNational Microbiology Labの役割に関する証拠。


証拠ワクチン接種は第一次世界大戦の終わりに続いた冬の間のアスピリンの普及使用が免疫システムを抑圧して、体温を下げることによって以前の世界的流行病に貢献する主要因であったかもしれないというジェリー・テナント博士の信念を含む1918年のスペインの殺人者インフルエンザを引き起こしました、インフルエンザ・ウイルスが増えるのを許容して。 タミフルとRelenzaも体温を下げて、したがって、また、世界的流行病の普及に貢献すると予想できます。


憲法の問題: 合法対集団予防接種で人生、健康、および公益を危険にさらす違法性







ジェーンBurgermeisterは、ネイチャー、ブリティッシュ・メディカル・ジャーナル誌、およびアメリカのProspectのために書いた二元的なアイルランド語/オーストリア人です。 彼女はRenewable Energy WorldウェブサイトのヨーロッパのCorrespondentです。 彼女は気候変動、バイオテクノロジー、およびエコロジーに関して手広く書きました。


彼女の視点、エリートが世界暴力団を許したという判決によるマスコミの統制では、人々の残りである間、変わらない状態で議題を促進するには、暗闇で、本当に起こっていることに関して残ってください。 彼女の告発は、この媒体管理を逃れて、真実を明るみに出す試みです。

彼女の最大の関心はその「バクスターがほとんど世界的流行病の引き金となりながら手渡された引っかかっている赤であるという事実にもかかわらず、また、彼らは前方に動いています、同盟したpharma会社と共に、ワクチンを世界的流行病に供給するのに」です。 バクスターは、7月にいつか売り出すためにこのワクチンを手に入れるために急ぐ予定です。


there's lots of signs that they are readying to unleash swine flu. In Canada Health Units are gearing up to begin vaccination programs in October.

The flu has already"spread" to remote northern aboriginal communities. I fear what might come soon from all of this but still feel that in the end the self-proclaime elites will lose and dearly.


Everyone take heed the words of ovis and Kay
no fear, act now
and the final words of this clip:
no fear, act now


Dear Ben and all who are reading about this,

Ms. Burgermeister could need support for fighting the case (in general and because she's been fired yesterday).

Find the case documents here (partly German, partly English) including the confirmation of the Austrian court.

and her website here


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