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Bob Brown

This is similar to what I know about US Notes in the Philippines and in the hands of Kuomintang generals. These are page-sized notes, with 33 coupons across the bottom in three rows. It seems these are a kind of US Bond instead of US Note. They can be redeemed, but only at any central bank. The US (CIA) is trying to keep this from happening. We don't need any more paper "funny money" floating around or being redeemed, because it's just more fiat money. It was printed during WW II to help fight the Japanese. It should not be redeemable; I believe the whole US Bond situation constitutes fraud and is actionable. Legitimate on its face, it's still constructive fraud because the terms and conditions under which they were issued. Fraud vitiates the most solemn contract. Why, then, are we still issuing "war bonds" in peacetime? The whole T-Note trade is fraudulent.


MR. Fulford,
I have been reading about these various conscpiracy theories for sometime now, and you are closer to the truth than many ordinary people realize. I read your bio on wiki, and you worked for Forbes etc. But on the You Tube video, you interviewed Rockefeller, and at the end you came off not credible by mentioning ghosts of you grandfather speaking to the former Canadian prime minister. I wonder why you did that.


This seems to clear it up, or at the very least offer a more mainstream explanation:


Its interesting that they link to a vid that shows what look to be similar bonds.

Gold IRA

The story about the $134.5 billion in bonds found in Italy is adding to that confusion. Perhaps a bit of background information will help clarify this one.
Watch a free video on Gold IRA.


...and Meyerhardt said these were fake based on a 72dpi image off the internet...
meanwhile, this news never hit top story status here in the States even though it should have (even if these ARE fake).

trip out.

another weird fact: USD134.5 billion is what treasury recently stated they have left in TARP.


just it`s Italy`s small mafia and made by north Korea fake US bonds going to deceive to looks new financing and some of a man of property who minor clerk of, in the rich ranking.and the 2 give one's name Japanese,is weird thing or just very much down rankers Yakuza or just
nameless mans which is just employment.


your Japanese speaking is weird also man.

Indian in the machine


The following information is brought to you by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)...based on information by Hatonn and found in Phoenix Journal #106

What is the one thing the world bankers fear? (Common sense perhaps?)

The only thing the ABs (bankers) fear is that God’s People will wake up to the fact that God’s Law is still alive and
that He meant what He said in Deuteronomy 23:19:

****Thou shalt not lend upon usury (interest) to thy brother.****



Further impeccable background reportage leading up to this most recent bizarre development on the International Finance scene can be found through a thorough perusal of the serial International Financial Report articles authored by Christopher Story FRSA. URL = http://www.worldreports.org/news with No Forward Slash appended when passing it along; it'll serve up a 404 posthole otherwise. (No detriment, only an odd quirk.)

This one thinks it is noteworthy that the Bloomburg.com bed-um-down wrap-um-up article, appearing in the June 21-23rd timeframe more/less (to bracket it from quick 'n' cheap memory) quotes two named (fwiw) USA Treasury officials as asserting the captured ink-on-paper as worthless forgeries. It is therein said that certain billion-dollar-per-item sheets of the siezed paper were done up as "Kennedy Bonds" but had a pic of the (Bush-One-era, hm) Space Shuttle on 'em.

But PICTURES of the confiscated paper, or for that matter of the Japanese men caught at the border with it all in the false bottoms of their luggage? Oh, that'll surely need a few days to process thru the USA Treasury Photoshop Lab erm we meant Security Clearance Procedure hummina hrumph yupyupyup. Besides, Treasury People have already called 'em fakes in a REAL Bloomburg article so move on move along folks nothing to see here ye fine wooly-headed bled-white sheeplies now MOVE.

My own Third Nostril smells The Color Black re this USA op. To rob a bank, first own a bank. But why rob one's own bank when one can, by dint of owning ones' own bank, take up to reliably rob Someone Else's Bank instead? To steal REAL BIG money, just issue long-term paper in exchange for the gold, then two generations later, cry FAKE at the Cashing-Out Window. Or intercept it all at the border and cry FAKE, even slickerer.

Fake? Imho that one rates a hearty "Yah roight". Meanwhile, Mr. Story (a 4th-gen publisher in his field, due-diligence digging turns up) sez the two Japanese nationals who were caught with the loot at the border have simply vanished. Like it Never Happened. A-yuhp.

Um, was not John Fitzgerald Kennedy gunned down amid a hail of ninesey-'levvensey-grade lies and obfuscations over an issue of value-based (not debt-denominated as is so right here at home today) Sound Money as his proposed national policy?

It's History. Mark these words: It's gonna' keep on repeating like a right-wing echo chamber until we all stand up as one and once and for all TELL THEM TO STOP in a CONVINCING manner. (Got Moral Fiber? Hemp Fiber too? Then that might make a GOOD START! Now where's that Short List of Confirmed Elite and their toad-eatin' Elitist Impunitive Apprentices?)

Blood is a Special Substance. We oughta' pray on them Infandous Ones. All the way up to Heaven. There IS a Just Judge in Heaven, even when there is none on Earth. (A generic calling-up of "Kind Holy Creator" will do as respectful two-candle approach tech goes; check it out if so inclined.)

Reject Terror. Embrace Liberty.
John 8:32 does Just All Right,
no matter the book it is found in.
REALITY just wants to be FREE.


Hey Ben, I thought that you revealed who the current emperor was in one of your earlier posts, and that he's fighting to get back his gold.

On another note, I heard today that the world, or at least Australia, will be out of recession before the end of this year.

Needless to say, we're living in interesting times.


Ben Fulford never said there were thousands of ninjas.
What he did say is he's been inducted into a asian freemasonic secret society, with millions of members from all over asia.
Of this number there are organised criminals; gangsters,
as well as hundreds of thousands of paid killers.
People who kill people for money.

I'm sure some of them are indeed from Japanese ninja families.
But there are Filipino and Korean hit squads that'd turn your hair white. And that's just common knowledge.
Hong Kong and Taipei have always been, like Rome and Marseille, a place to go if you wanted to find a professional killer.

The 'ninja assassins' thing was just a headline by Makow.
On Rense. Fulford never said it.
He was initially threatened by a man from a ninja family.
That's where people drop the ball on the recollection.
Just sayin'.

May Siegrist


This is channeled by Sheldan Nidle. they are indeed crumbling


Wow- what a story. I cannot wait to see Spielberg on the set to make a film out of it. Mr. Fulford make everything alright to save you some rights on the movie. Find a script-writer, get it on the scene by Spielberg, please! .... But, when it is settled down in Hollywood the truth will be fast consumed and soon be seen as another lie out of the studios.


I just heard on the radio this morning while driving in that the US military is set to take over "management" of the internet.They mentioned that they have 15,000 networks and 7 million computers to dedicate to this.Sounds like Benjamin, you are absolutely correct. The Patriot ACT is right out of the NAZI play-book.And, the people cannot wake up here simply because the dang FAKE CELL PHONE MKontrol TOWERS keep beaming stronger and more signals to keep the people as sheeple.Ad to the assault on humanity the fluoridation programs(promote DOCILITY, per nazi-research in the 40's), vaccinations, and chem-poison spraying death-planes, big PHARMA poisons....the list foes on & on, BENJAMIN. THEIR HEADS ON PIKES!!ESPECIALLY the traitorous generals(IF CASPER's latest report is correct)who will sell out the people of the United States they swore to protect.EVERYTHING you have stated here Benjamin points to the fact that I am correct(along with many others here) that they are just stalling, and will not negotiate and step-down.It is obvious, because NOTHING has changed one single iota.AND....YOUR mind BETTER be un-remote-viewable Benjamin!!Because if it is NOT, then you just signed the good Emperor's death sentence by revealing where he works and knowing his name.9-11 finally make perfect sense to me per what you just explained here.The people who want to create a new financial system KNOW who the perpetrators are.And, another thing.Why wasn't Hillary Clinton arrested per the warrant out on her this last time she left US soil, huh???And Alan, Rahm and ole' Henry belong in jail, but are still free...So many will die as the RED/GREEN SOCIETY waits. For what? More genocide? They have all the proof they need already for past and current crimes against humanity ad nauseum!They respect no rules, other than chaos.They love no country nor people.They keep killing as i write this.They honor no flag and have no allegiance other than to SATAN himself, who has sold them out anyway(but that is beside the point).Psychophants, sociopaths and traitors. They know & respect no law other than FORCE. FORCE their surrender, or our children will be slaves and mind-Kontrolled derelicts for generations to come.That is happening already.DON'T you(RED/GREEN SOCIETY) see that? Why wait for september 30th? Surprise them by an immediate one-way trip to their maker for their final accounting for their actions, and have all their assets seized and re-distributed.


I thought the Fed was broke. That it was just a matter of time like this September and their house cards would come crashing down. Now you say the war continues between those who want to save the planet and those who want to enslave it. If you can't negotiate with these Nazis and who could. Ben it's time to bring out the Ninjas to stop these murders once and for all. Ben they look at you as a dreamer. It's time you prove to them you mean what you say with action.

Brian Jacob

"quintillions?" I'll buy quadrillions. Please confirm that this is either a typo or your source was misquoted. That can't be right.


Very interesting background information. There was some small news notices that the bonds were fake, but even this info was in some way contradictorily.

Otto Lund

When people are informed of this war and constellation between a sustainable and human agenda against a hostile and inhuman agenda, some want to know how to support the agenda for ending war, poverty and environmental destruction. You have said something about getting the milk back into the glass :)

If you have any ideas on how people can support, I would be even more greatful.



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