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Thanks Ben for this wonderful and heartening news!
We have been waiting for a long time, and I am hopeful for a positive response and outcome from these meetings!


"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev may discuss his proposal to create a new world currency when he meets counterparts from Brazil, India and China this month..."
-> http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=a3X76sjV801Y&refer=worldwide

Here some more background from German Nwspapaer 'Der Spiegel':

The Russian finance-minister, Alexeij Kudrin, calls on China to do progress in liberating its economy and to care for making the Yuan convertible. Kudrin said on a forum in St. Petersburg last Saturday that those efforts could come to full fruition meanwhile 10 years. Then the Yuan could be established as a new world currency.

Experts are seeing China not realy involved in such considerations. They are presuming that Kudrin's message is made because of strengthening political pressure on the USA to press not any more for a revaluation of the Yuan.

I don't think that this is the complete truth. An US frightening block built of China, India and Russia is evolving. USA have to cooperate otherwise they are ousted.

If positive forces could get active with their agendas within this new possibilities many things can happen, but still I would be careful to allege that China has got a in the name of the sake of the people of the world goodwilling administration.

More I am expecting from Russia.

It's indeed a very tough struggle for Obama and the standing of US!


Well, well, well..... Alleged-president Obama was featured on the front page of the Chicago Tribune in a large picture of him in profile with the Egyptian Sphinx as the backdrop. He is scheduled by the Rothschilds to be a type of archetype of EGYPTIAN (royalty or some-such) in a world-stage ritual. That newspaper IS a front for the NWO, and always has been one illuminati mouthpiece. I'm very skeptical of this mason coming for a visit to chat, though.... The Rothschilds own the west, and seem very much on-track (from a metaphysical point of view) to me. Per several of Tim Rifat's recent interviews on rense.com, he spelled out the signicance to them of the 999.Briefly, it is an inversion and the REAL BEAST NUMBER, which 666 is an actual "trick-number".THEIR TARGET date is SEPTEMBER 9, 2009(9-9-9) for something big(metaphysically) militarily directly related to NATO military exercises off GEORGIA coast waters. The US-president is actually expendable, and is part of their plans going forward. I have posted REPEATEDLY messages to the RED/GREEN SOCIETY that it's folly to offer compassion in negotiating with them. They see it as weakness, and will use the time to make their plans very real indeed. The CHINESE people have endured an attack by tesla-weaponns that induced that massive earthquake which killed(genocided a.k.a. RITUAL SACRIFICE ON THE WORLD STAGE) hundreds of thousands of their countrymen. Now the bio-weapons of genocide are loose, and they all still wait and negotiate. FOOLISHNESS, in my opinion, which they have counted upon, btw....There is a faction within somewhere in China who is selling out the country to these butchers for GOLD. SETTLEMENTS of that debt from the 1930's is something which they are using to THEIR advantage. DON'T you(RED/GREEN SOCIETY ELDERS) SEE IT? Like an onion.......plans within plans, within plans, etc.....Keep peeling and you guys are the ones CRYING. They got you to take the onion and try peeling it! CHANGE the game! Screw the onion! The targets are known! Or, am I over-estimating the ability and power the RED/GREEN SOCIETY possesses? Maybe you don't even know who all the culprits are. Within your own country, and in eastern & western Europe. Sheesh.....Just exterminate 1/2! LET that serve as an incentive to a complete surrender. NOT this baloney of negotiating, while they stick deeper into our collective backsides! BUSH & CHENNEY dissapeared??? Yeah, right.....I don't believe that one for a second, either. Been there, they done that to me(and all of you) before, too. CASPERS last update(June 5th) sounded like a surrender to the dark forces to me. Anyone know anything???? And, I thought the WORLD COURT issued a warrant for the accomplice, Hillary Clinton. Why is she free running around outside the US without any mention of said WARRANT??? These butchers are ready to declare MARTIAL LAW in the US, and you guys negotiate.....PATHETIC. What we need is about 2000 ronin's--------> 浪人, to do what is CORRECT and proper to restore some semblance of balance, where NEGOTIATIONS can begin. And, those negotiations would entail an unconditional surrender(imprisonment and forfeiture of all assets), period. Otherwise, THEIR HEADS UPON PIKES OUTSIDE EVERY TOWN THEY RESIDE IN FOR NON-COMPLIANCE. To blazes with Truth Commissions, etc....THAT IS ALL THEY(archons) UNDERSTAND. ALL these people that have sold out humanity are just pawns of the archons. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_archons.htm#Additional_Information This si something Benjamin Fulford does not grasp fully. The US military even made a deal with them, which has demonstrated just how completely deceitful & untrustworthy they actually are. In their furvor to catch up to the Russians in the psychic-war research of the 1970's and after, they contacted the top dogs of these archons, named COUNCIL OF 9. The world has been on an ever-descending societal devolution ever-since. The US military was given power in exchange for selling out humanity. POWER being psychic power to change world events at will. Big deal!! They dismantled the USSR with this power to bring down the "iron curtain". FOOLISH BASTARDS. All those that were involved directly with that council of 9 had their souls taken, as a consequence. No Christian platitudes here/now.... The top illuminati's also are archon possessed and have no sould remaining. All which Benjamin Fulford was speaking to in 2007 was a shell of a human body which had the inherent memories stored, but had no original soul left. All the underlings of them are in various stages of that end-game. THEIR GOAL? HELL ON EARTH, where the walking humans are not human any more, but receptacles of these bastards from another dimension, which the Gnostics warned humanity about and were exterminated for their efforts!!(Gnosticism was the second largest religion on the planet after Hinduism PRIOR to Jeshua Ben Josef's arrival) ALL you 浪人, do you see what needs doings now?


ben, i love your efforts and the way you share them with everyone - of course I am also very much again the illuminati forces of this world - but one thing i do not get with you is why are you so much convinced that obama is one of the bad guys in disguise?

not a single word obama adressed in his cairo speech is BS -
and the whole world heard these words - and no matter who he according to your belief works for (which i do not agree with) the message is fabulously beautiful - and it is up to each an everyone to live up to these values - one world - one humanity - one love - one future -

Alcuin Bramerton

Why do your Permalinks hardly ever work, Benjamin? It makes accurate annotated linking to your news items impossible.


To Ben-san (Benjamin Fulford):

We need to find more information about the possibility that the Illuminati was behind making the Korean Peninsula as a buffer area in the 20th century.

There's a "outside" historical movement in South Korea that the whole Korean history is actually a late 19th Century or early 20th Century skunkwork to make an "artificial history" in the Korean Peninsula that was led by Japanese historians.

I recommend Choi Du Hwan who claims that late 14th century to late 19th century Korean history was actually an indirect "carbon copy" based on Chinese geography and culture.

Why is Korean history way too obscure compare to Japanese and Chinese history? It seems that it is an Illuminati masterpiece.




Antichrist's Guidelines to Inaugurate the Golden Age of Blessed Peace...

KGBスパイの日記 悪魔に魅入られた男



And we're possibly going to see South Korean politicians acting very differently soon. South Korean politicians are already the pawns of the Illuminati around the early 20th century. I suppose that it was the Japanese and Korean historians who tried "to fake" the Korean history. See an analogous information about this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Chronology_(Fomenko)

I just noticed this a while ago. Kim Il Sung, the "Father" of North Korea was likely an Illuminati servant with a strain of freethinking will. The Juche Sasang was developed by North Korean politicians under the Illuminati's mishandling the situation during the Sino-Soviet Split.

Today's North Korea isn't ruled by Juche Sasang; only on paper.

I don't know but I'm leaning towards an idea that Kim Il Sung was "passively" assassinated by the Illuminati by blocking the aid and the medical treatment from the Soviet Union. The end of the Cold War was also an Illuminati's plan to reclaim North Korea.

It is very interesting that Japan historically always had attentive towards North Korea over South Korea.

Consider Kim Jong Il's stroke is from an Illuminati skunkwork to regain its "former" territory.


Why don't you just send the ninjas to assassinate them? I can't see how they can give up. These people must be removed from power!


Things are changing definitely. The Georgia and North Korea conflict show that the "harlotry" (In sense of the book of revelation) done by the US will no longer be accepted by the rest of the world.

Best Regards



If anyone gives gold to this group, they are guilty of complicity.

use the gold yourself to finance projects of resistance or a new media. Use your initiative. Don't hand it over with conditions for world peace knowing in advance they will take the gold and break all the conditions.

how feeble! No wonder the world is in the state it is with such passive feebs sitting on the gold


Benjamin, this offers a ray of hope however lets not hold our breath, these are not rational people.

The problem with psychopaths is whichever conditions are agreed you can be sure they will never uphold their word. Unpredictable as they are these guys cannot help but plot new ways to enslave and wipe out humanity.

Nonetheless, in the grand scheme of earthly things nothing lasts forever, and should they manage to carry out their plans they will then turn on themselves. History shows us this, sad but true.

Good luck!

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