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Hope the gang can be displaced soon. Seems like all still primed for martial law and the carnage to follow. Flu-poo still on a roll up here. "They" are getting ready to innoculate many aboriginals in remote settlements. Somehow the flying pig has stuck in many Far-North reserves and hundreds sick and scared,(just the way they like 'em).
Lots still happening very fast up here and politicians all smiling sweetly as the knife is driven home. Evil alive and well in Norhtern Canada I'm sorry to say.

Tom Joad

Obama's "prescription for America" last night was a complete disaster. He is a naive narcissist surrounded by the nastiest SOBs on earth, and it's becoming apparent to the average person. Even my middle-aged mother the other day said, "you know, I can't understand half the things you talk about but you were right about Obama – he's a narcissist. He thinks he can do everything by himself and he's going to take the whole country down with him."

A friend


They are using Obama in their end times agenda.


The current propaganda against Iran is to fuel unrest in the country that the CIA hopes will lead to military conflict with America.[1]

I fear that they will provoke a heated situation to publicly anger Iran. Then, they will set off their false-flag nukes and probably blame it on Iran. And with that "justification" (and the America in martial law status), the bastards will ride over there to Iran to cause more vile death and destruction to innocent people. They're moving their agenda forward with confidence and hubris after the fact that their entire agenda has been exposed! Have they no bounds?



not all people can be forgiven, Obama and the crooks in Washington...... i hope that includes the international banker crime syndicate ........ Rothschild ect.... if we dont take them down they will lie manipulate and then it will be too late.. but Benjamin your right on the number!

but "We offer an amnesty and protection to all Skull and Bones members who wish to defect before it is too late." its already too late they have killed and addicted many people to drugs... they are huge drug traffickers i mean to protect humanity these types of people must be prosecuted, so that everyone else is PROTECTED from them and there influences.


Hi Benjamin,

"We offer an amnesty and protection to all Skull and Bones members who wish to defect before it is too late."

That is the right strategy. The best thing would be PROMINENT whistlebowlers, who tell the true story like Leo Zagami in the Project Camelot interview, but who have realy BIG names. Offer these people a million Dollars and protection in Japan, if they tell the truth for an internet video. This offering should also be expanded to all these Entertainment stars, who are involved in the illuminati cult. Probably Madonna is enjoying the cult but mind control victims like Brithney Spears show signs that they want to escape from the cult. (This was also true for Marilyn Monroe before she was killed for the reason of non-disclosure).

For practical reasons it would be apropriate to develop a "task force", which tries to free mind controlled cult members. Think about the story of Cathy O'Brien. She only defected from the cult because there was a person who wanted to free her and who worked very hard to get her out. The people in the cult are prorammed in a way, that they cannot break free by their own. So it is not enough to announce an offering via the internet. This will probably have no effect.

Every person which is freed from the cult and whose story is made public would be an example to every other cult member. According to Svali the degree of discontent of people in the cult is quite high, and she said there would be a mass exodus, if people had a way to escape savely and without the loss of their whole material existence. So here is a point of weakness of the illuminati and a good point of action.

Best Regards,



Hi, Benjamin

I've been checking this blog for a year, but I am now quite at a loss whether I should believe all of what you have said.
Because I have no way to make sure them.
But I am still going to continue checking this blog.

By the way, some experts say that state bond of california is due on 28th of July and default is most probable.
Do you have any information on this matter?
What will probably happen on the day?


Wow - I thought Obama was going to stand up to the Fed. Still seems as though more attention is paid to the puppets than to the string pullers in London.
The news is however, greatly appreciated !


What? Amnesty?

One begs to ask, Where is justice in all this?

How about adding some community service time cleaning San Fransico Bay or de-mining Vietnam of unexploded ordinance?

This will teach younger generations that even big crimes do not pay.




The $134.5 billion Mystery 【1345億ドルミステリー】


> また、バチカンは同日、法王とオバマ米大統領の初会談が来月10日、バチカンで行われると発表した。

Just Be

please use your common sense. it is frustrating to see so many in the alternative media buying into the lies created about obama.

think about it people. how in the world can obama be a part of the power elite when

1) he did not grow up with money (to be a member of these groups, you must be born into it)

2) he's black (the power elites are racist towards asians, jews and especially blacks!!)

3) remember his speech in cairo...this message was obviously about the New World Order:

“Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail.

So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners of it. Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; progress must be shared."

Below are the only two sites that I have found to be consistently accurate about upcoming world events. And neither of them frame obama the way the alternative media has.


I urge you all to look at this...for your own peace of mind. Besides, what type of world would we be living in, if only negativity exist? God is love and peace...He is much greater than the Power Elites can ever be!!!

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