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Robert T

I keep readding these positive comments about Obama as if he was going to bring you REAL change? You fools need to remember who he(Obama) has picked for his cabinet posts and ALL the same policies George Bush inacted, that Obama has not rescinded. He has already signed 7 more executive signing statements. He has covered for Bush and Chenny as it relates to WAR CRIMES which makes him(Obama) an excessary after the fact.....ect ect ect. You Obama supportes remind me of the Bush supporters of the from 2001-2008 because no matter what Bush did the Bush supporters made excuses for him and it seems you hardcore Obama supporters are going down the same tired road as the Bush supporters did! Get out of the false Left/Right political group think for a change! You might learn something of reality!


The whole voting process is subverted in the US and people egnerally understand this subconsciously, which is why, since JFK we have never had over a 50% voter turnout. Gore vs, Bush is a great example. It has been proven that election was "stolen". But, how can an election be stolen when it is rigged from the start, the canididates being Illuminati-satanists front-men anyway?They shut out Ron Paul even when he did not formally drop out of the race!And, some extremely legitimate people have raised concerns that our current president is not even a legal US citizen, and it all gets white-washed and brushed under the carpet as if the information and concerns did not exist.The regular "man on the streets" of the US does not even comprehend the state of affairs that have happened since JFK got whacked, then Martin Luther King, Jr., then Bobby Kennedy, then most recently JFK's son.They do not realize a war has been secretly been raging, and all the while the US Constitution is completely ignored, effectively D.O.A. for many decades.There is no more RULE OF LAW.The only justice available is the justice that can be bought.Wage-slavery is the order of the day, and people belive they are free and the Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND. It should be, but effectively, it is not as demonstrated daily lately via multitudinous internet news NON-illimuniti controlled sources.And.....as far as Benjamin Fulford getting dragged before the Hague World Court? When pigs fly, me sezzz... ;-) The way things are going currently, more deaths are imminent on a global scale, and it looks like mass genocide will be seen soon, because RULE OF LAW is still being ignored. And, the illuminati-satanists seem to be laughing out loud daily about the "threat" the RED/GREEN SOCIETY poses to their power structure and infra-structure. In their eyes this is a complete JOKE. What has been done here is completely a thoroughly a BIG JOKE to them. The Red/Green Society is a JOKE....And, sadly, they are correct, I'm afraid. One cannot make bold claims and not back them up with ACTION. But, this is exactly what has happenned, so they are correct for laughing, I am sad, VERY sad to admit....NO ILLUMINATI blood has been spilled, so now the plans continue for humanity's blood to flow.


Holy moly nobody has called Ben on this YET?

Who are THEY to "decide Obama's fate?"

The people of the U.S. voted him in. If they don't like what he does they will vote him out in three years. No other option should is acceptable to the citizens of the USA.


Ben - in further response to our recent exchange - I believe it would be beneficial to invite all to comment:

In my opinion - at the root of all the misery on Earth is the fact that people by their free will invest their life force into agendas, which then play out as to the laws of energy in motion. For millennia the masses allow that their creativity in form of its life-force equivalent (that is money) is being used for power plays and greed, and in that sense its stolen from them and not available any longer for the greater good. Even so, when asked, everyone would tell you their energy should be used for good because they don't like the destruction we cause after we see how it plays out again ... people aren't able to change the course of events on Earth because they still invest into agendas and a monetary system that only repeats the mistakes of old.

Taken into account that centralized institutions take control away from the people - and people can only deal with life and their individual needs in front of them - then you have disempowerment of the masses because they give their control away into the centralized system – and later they can't correct the fallout because the energy runs its own course of action and they have no means to object or correct.

Changing the monetary system alone will thus not help. A vital first step would be to not allow any longer that the medium of exchange for our life force is sold to us as at interest. Taken the US debt of $11 trillion alone, it means that if the interest on that is only %5 annually the loss of energy to community needs is in excess of $500 billion/annually in the U.S. alone. But that's just the outward symptom of a broken system where the middlemen feed off of the life force of others. Obviously, breaking the grip of the middlemen means changing this global society in such ways that it returns control of life to the base of living, which is the town institution where people live and would decide by direct vote how their money is spend for their direct needs (no taxation w/o representation, etc).

Take that idea and knock on every door anywhere on Earth and you'll find a mother or a father who will agree with you. The understanding that violation of that core principle of "no wealth w/o effort" is a sin plus the idea of "democracy direct" for ones living circumstance is a shared ideal anywhere on Earth. It's our human desire to control and form our lives to our liking whilst we well know we have to find balance of interest with our neighbors.

Problem in hand is thus fragmentation of the global community whilst allowing middlemen to represent our needs - fighting the middlemen, be it Obama, or the FEDs or Rothschilds ... thus isn’t going to help to foster global consent based on free-will - these ones just defend their turf because out there is no support whatsoever for a decentralized system. In plain sight, Ben – you fight for a future system you have no expressed support for, and they will resist to surrender control for after them is nothing in existence to live by as commonly agreed upon law of the land. That very thought of democracy direct on Earth and the departure of central organization has not hit home yet with the masses. The key to the riddle is thus not to continue the fighting game amongst the insiders ... but to create a thesis outside contemporary thought most people on Earth can agree with.

Right there I asked you what threatening Obama is supposed to achieve? Nothing, Ben - we're about to create something from nothing that does not yet exist on Earth. Use your exposure to further a construct of thought most can agree with. Change on Earth always begins with a thought construct, which then, when allowed to manifest globally by free-will contribution, will manifest over time because its inherent principle of justice and equality has magnetic qualities in a time of great need. People want change they can agree with by their free will. This one will take years to bring home and it needs time allowing people to agree to a philosophy of thought answering all their most vital questions for the day after dissolving the current system of control – yet, fighting for control makes you one of THEM because you deprive people of any chance to agree WITH you.

In other words, you have a typepad, Ben, use it to foster understanding and global agreement for the world of tomorrow we all seek!






Ben, When all is said and done, you could be going to the Hague along with all the crooks if you continue to spread your didinformation about Obama. Msybe you are getting leaned on by the Illuminati, you looked very uncomfortable in that You tube video with that Italian "prince". Also, you have your presidents mixed up, the megalomaniac one, that would be George w. The Truth will all come out.

martha thacker

Is your blog and rense.com as racist as you seem? It was never mentioned that bush was uppity. And that he needed to be removed. Seems to me you all are getting your info out of Langley.


Fulford if you remove Obama all thats going to happen is that we're gonna get An idiot president named Biden. Biden had admitted he's a zionist. He is quoted as saying "You don't have to be a jew to be a zionist"

Biden even said that he wanted to lower to carbon foot print to 0%! even to supposed environmentalists thats crazy!!

If you really want to "remove him" remove him from office. There are three ways to do that.

One is to expose that he wasn't born in US by revealing his birth certificate.

Two is to impeach him for continuing bush warcrimes

Three is to get world wide pressure on Obama to resign.

I don't want Amnesty for these skull and bones members Okay? I don't care if they defect. Thats exactly like how the US accepted Nazis to work in the military and the space programs with them. It's just going to drive them undergorund and they'll infiltrate years later with the same agenda.

You being naive Ben!


Journalism at it's Finest: Jane Burgermeister

Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder
by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor

(NaturalNews) As the anticipated July release date for Baxter's A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

Paul Einar Sandvik

Hey Ben
Listen to the commentaries of of Crossover and Stephanie.Do not see everything in China as white,and everything in the leadership of the Americas as Crocks.Have a serious discussion with David Wilcock on Obama.Do Not make this fatal mistake on removing Obama.Help Him in removing the crocks on all levels.USA without Obama WILL BE anarchy and worse to deal with.Do not be fooled by sources around you.All the best
Paul Einar,


I have no problem with Obama,he is only a puppet. The real power is with the owners of the Fed Reserve Bank. If you're really going to do something about the shadow gov of the USA. Attack the head of the snake and the body will die,not the tail.


Benjamin, have you spoken to your friend David Wilcock about Barack Obama?
He and you have completely constrasting views of him.


Your interview with Jeff Rense was great, Ben.

Thanks again for putting all these pieces into a coherent picture.
Will America have a true Independence day on July 4th?
I don't hold out much hope on that, but surprise me...

Obama is to meet with the Pope after the G8 meeting in Italy.
Pope: "Listen scum~ tell your master to give it up, we have you surrounded..."

So many places to start a war, yet it seems that there is a hand that holds it back each time.

There is a greater Power for Good working behind yourself and your group to stop the insanity.

martha thacker

Since I found your blog on rense.com..I have been thinking of late. Rense has some very racist posts. It would seem he dispises Obama.
Rense also has posts inferring Iran's last election was fair.
If Ahmadineajab(sp) was stealing money from Iranians for the oil cartels..same as the bushes. What does this say? Disinformation?
It is beginning to look suspicious about where you are coming from.
The meglomania would be from the right wing who think that brown people should always be respectful and know their place.
I am really surprised that you would write the very same way.




All members of Skull and Bones should be extradited to Mars or beyond, they have nothing left to do on this Earth. Perhaps sending them to an interplanetary labor camp so they can work their way out of their own misery.

After all, the species in our own galaxy can be best described as human or human-like. There shouldn't be a problem sending all members away from Earth using teleport technology etc.




It would be interesting if Obama is really taken out of the scene, like as described on this blog; the guy says November or so:

Look at his track record for 2008 too


enkis wrath

"all roads lead to rome" remember that. would like to read ben's view on the vatican one day.


just be cant be serious. obama lies.


Haven't you offered the olive branch to these "nutcases" before. They have turned you down and continue on with their agenda. The Chemtrails are still continuing and no sign of letting up.

The Bankers are calling the shots. Nationalism is the one way to combat one world government. Protectionism, buy American etc.. will save us from the globalist.

Ben, we need to see some proof these Illuminati are backing down or changing their agenda.


words cannot express how appreciative I am after finding your web site last year Mr. Fulford. May I call you Ben? Want you to know that i believe Obama a captive of the situation he finds himself and his beautiful family. He has the capacity and the intentions to do the healthy and beneficial steps to a more sane power broker, but as you well know unless he and his family is truly safe he is limited for what he can really say and stand. He is not the one to be taken down. If who you are in touch with has the withall to rid the world of the real negative military industrial congressional finacial complex suggest you start there----how about some names and just outing them by name for a start. Send you great health and contentment in peace.


Wait a minute you let Bush (documented as the most evil person alive) jump unscathed from a plane on his birthday but Obama is "suffering from severe megalomania" and you want to "remove" him. It appears that Bush is still being handled with kid's cloves while you want to harm Obama (that mentality never ceases to floor me, as though the truly incredibly evil is still admired by man by what it accomplishes) Obama is a good guy working to save America, why don't you all just get on the same page.



Frank Lynch

Like I always said "What we need here is good old fashion hanging"
Now Ben you light the torches and I'll get the angry mob and ropes. I say we do it right in front of the department of justice. God I love a hanging,I like it better than sex. It's the christian thing to do. Can I hear an Amen. Thank You

G. Soros

We shall appreciate any help you can give us in this matter. It is clearly out of hand and quite terrifying. But there is a finality to the sound of your post. Have the 'packs' been delivered then?
Thank you for being one of the 'good guys'.

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