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enkis wrath

HAHAHAHAHA leo zagami is hilarious with that italian accent_anyway these videos are cool.


The best way of relieving pressure on the environment and creating peace is to give everyone renewable energy enough to run their homes and cover their needs, solar, geothermal, hydro etc

also the capacity to desalinate water

also education, education, education!!! People have been dumbed down and they need to be "clevered up" by given a proper education in a way that they makes them want to learn - all people want to learn the education process needs to put fire under that desire

arts, music, hobbises, sports drive people's thirst for knowledge and development

if you are serious, then good luck!


Well, I was surprised and not surprised that Leo Zagami was the person you were dealing with, though I do not think he is a stable individual. His later interviews, after he suddenly converted to islam, became more threatening and erratic in tone and content. Now he is suddenly back "in the fold" of the illuminati. I would venture to say that he must not have ever left and there were a bunch of convenient stories of persecution.

In any event, be very careful Mr Fulford. Looking at that video, Zagami is still prattling on about illuminated people bringing knowledge to the rest of the world. The only data they could "illuminate" the world with would be to finally disseminate the data on free energy and other suppressed technologies which we could use to quickly better the situation on the planet.

As an aside, letting these Illuminati dramatize their psychotic computations for "end times" is not only a waste of time and resources, it puts very many lives in danger. I would no sooner let one psycho kill a little girl to "get it out of his system", let alone loose a hundred well funded psychos get their kicks seeking to dominate others and to perpetually escape justice and responsibility for their actions. They need to publicly confess their sins and figure out that there's more to humanity than just themselves.

There is a lot of data from different sources (you, Christopher Story, Casper, nesara, etc) about changes in the very near future. It's either a well-coordinated cointelpro, or the planet's really going to change. Hoping for the latter.

Mark R

Sounds like they know they have to change. Thanks Ben for being so firm. Reading between the flowers. You are a good and faithful representitive for humanity. You got my vote. You and Ron Paul.


omg - that sounds so good benjamin! all the best - keep doing what you're doing - let's change this world for the better - all together!


Hi Benjamin,

do you know anything about the 134 bilion dollar coup in swizerland? What's going on there?


Has it anything to do with the 134 Bilion mentioned here?


Best Regards,



Holy shit- Leo Zagami! I have guessed it when it has been the talk about an invitation to Italy to meet Top-Illuminatis that Zagami is the manager behind the scene.

Sorry but Leo Zagami is for sure wether a Top-Illuminati nore an emissary of them. When he means he is representing something that is important in relation to the 'Top-Illuminatis' he must be megalomaniac.

The exemplifications of Mr. Fulford in the 2 U-Tube-Videos are on the whole alright. But watch Zagami.... Like most of the time when he gets the opportunity to talk he is not willing to stop... more and more rubbish hits the road.

If any 'Top-Illuminati' is watching this he will have some real funny minutes on that.

I think, Mr. Fulford is in his readers debt and has to explain why he shows up in the company of Zagami, what is it that may give Leo Zagami a guarantee of his alleged repectability and what should be expected of Zagami.

Personally I have been busy in examining Zagamis biography, have been listening to his U-tubes elaborations, interviews on U-tube and with Jeff Rense and been reading his website....

For myself Leo Zagami is nothing but a bluff! (should I be wrong?)


however, seeing is believing.....and knowing replaces belief....to know that change for the sake of Loving Intent shall be the only proof!

Peace and Love


Seems to me, Ben......

That you believe all the evil illuminati have to do is confess their wrong doing...... And then be given a nice place to live out their days in peace and harmony.

And you believe that they will become benevolent.
I don't think so!


Dear Ben,

Ask him WHY the 'real' illuminati didn't 'clean their own closet out" and get rid of their own evil before now..........ASK.....


Be careful Benjamin,

I don't know if Leo Zagami can be trusted. The "Project Calemot"-interview reveals very important and true things, but I don't know if Leo is meanwile "turned around". Think about this: The Nazis in Germany also claimed to fight Freemanonry, Zionism and the global financial system. But this was false opposition. In reality they were set up by the illuminati to fool the masses and to create the evil they did.

Best Regads,


munkey junkie

I am the Kingmaker, and the Storyteller.

I suggest you listen to a monkeys tail.


Their is no escape from eventuality.


Be weary about this video!

Fulford’s body language is very disturbing, any one who studies this field would tell immediately. It looks as if Fulford is forced to act, at key parts in this video you will see Fulford look off to his right hand side to get an OK in part 2, after going over a rehearsed line. He’s hands are restless, he try’s very hard to find a comfortable sitting position and his eyes are not focused or rather he moves his head a lot. I believe either he is doing something he does not wish to do or he knows that all that is being said is a lie. I for one do not trust Leo Zagami, he did some amazing acting in Project Camelot interview and it shows well here too. Keep an eye on his phony thinking posture with his hand to his chin while he is looking to the lower right, looking at lower right is a thinking position you do unconsciously, looking lower left means remembering, All done unconsciously. Amazing! Look at how fulford pretends to talk over Leo, its sad to see fulford realize that he is under full control of the Secret society, and if you look closely Leo outs the asian’s when he talks about the Illuminati of the west and east, points in fulfords direction. LOL!
Another detail to look for is when he begins to talk about he’s own ideas and views, which are far more passionate than the scripted stuff.

To see people responding with skepticism is a great sight, I think we all believe to have seen better acting in FOX NEWS. Does this look a lot like the Illuminati SAVING us from the troubles they got is in the first place, remember they love to play both sides of the same coin.

Cameron Day

Remember, remember the 30th of September... that's a familiar deadline, and it did seem like illuminati power began waning very slowly after sept 30 2008, but it's time to SPEED things up.

Ben, you looked pretty wound up in that video. Do you have a feeling that they might still be playing delay tactic games?

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