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Queen Boudica said: "The TRUTH against the world!!" She fought and conquered and died for this statement for HER people! William Wallace (BRAVEHEART!) said: "FREEEEDOOOM!!" because he knew and acted upon the TRUTH of what was "right!" and died for it. Jesus said: "He who tries to save his own soul will surely lose it!" GET IT, YET? people? STOP!! waiting for and expecting someone else to save you and DO IT FOR YOURSELF and your brothers and sisters! NO ONE is going to, or is coming to your rescue! You MUST BE the change YOU want to see! There will never be any change for anyone as long as you and i choose to "play it safe."

Someone will always be the one to step up to the plate - take the hit and INSPIRE someone else to follow. THAT! is the only way and will always be the only way that FREEEEDOM!! has been gained and held. By the extreme bravery and LOSS of life of a HERO! DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU?! DO YOU WANT TO BE FREE........... - OR NOT?











Paul Einar Sandvik

Hey Ben
I have to thank you every time,because it Is very valuable what you do.Those people saying that you have lost your credibility,might Be the ones that wants a black and white picture of this reality confirmed.Here Is some news from Norway - based on outer knowledge and inner intuition - so to Be considered as an opinion,and nothing else - although valid I think.Norwegians are still mostly very much in a sleep-state...Until Now,Illuminati has run the government of Norway - maybe both in collaboration with,and in opposition to, the fascist fraction.The fascist fraction has of course been infiltrating the political system,and the news and entertainment industry,but I think has run operations mainly from underground.But of-course nothing Is black and white.I think Norwegians are waking up,but more slowly than in many other countries.As in many other countries "the controllers" use scifi - mind-control technology,and now even more than before,because they are in panic,and Is loosing control and power.Like everywhere else, people are afraid of waking up - because waking up entails looking at inner and outer shadows,which Is often scary at first,and which often make an inner demand of change... .Real freedom comes from facing both the light and darkness of this illusion.The trapped light of the 3D- reality Is the trickery of reflections of what we want to see,as well as hopes...Real freedom Is giving up attachments and enjoying life.It Is the difference of hope and fear-based reality,and a reality based on Love and learning to Love.We have to Be able to face all the outer and Inner demons,with increasing ability to accept,honor and forgive ourselves and others.Not easy,but the only way of"true"awakening.So the essence of this also applies to when we watch the politics of the Americas.Nothing Is black and white.So it appears that Obama is a puppet,surrounded by evil people.But is he really a puppet,and is he really surrounded only by enemies.Some of the people around him can Be looking at a way out,a way forward through change - to change... . Spiritually everybody can change,at any given moment,if the right time Is there.If Obame did something in the past,which was not good,does not mean that he is forever bad,or that he will not possibly end up Be-ing a possible central instrument in the sweeping change taking place Now on earth.And if he does,it Is Be-cause we asked him to...
If it comes to the critical point that somebody of the elite has to be taken out,it has to Be done with compassion,without hate,and with the realization that the ones Be-ing taken out Is another me,another myself.This Is true awakening,and the sign of the realization that we Are All One... .If somebody are taken out prematurely - we will have to go through the same lesson again.Some "old hitler",popping up in a new form,where-ever on the planet.So taking out somebody,has to Be done in full knowledge of Ones Higher multi-dimensional self.Meaning that the permission of the oversight has Been given... .All the best,In Unity,
Paul Einar,Norway

henry howe

the chinese are employees to the west. can anyone imagine something that has been set up in the last 15 years to western costumes be devoid of total control, coming from a regime created by bankers? feudal peasants? i´m having a laugh. when is madame lao starting the attack? if decision of unplugging is made from the west, china will fall into a shock, very interesting now they had a taste of westlife.


Ogmios, where for art though? The tongue is connected to the ear; not with chain but with fibre. We will soon all be connected in a way that is impenetrable and unbreakable. Watch the Cabal's movie '300' again with fresh perspective. Love, always.


funny, they aint got time to take you seriously but show up to tell you so, seriously






ジョン・コールマン 300人委員会 凶事の予兆 (訳書 2000) 第2章 全世界に死と恐怖をもたらす「グローバル2000」 より p111-113抜粋






Omar Zaid, M.D.

Salaam Again Mr. Fulford,

Yes, of course, you have some interesting thoughts and contributions, but the gist of your genesis last year has waned -- and some, like me, are no longer taking you seriously as it appears you've been taken for a ride.

If your Ninjas don't "dance", then what else is there to say? At least you did your best, and that's all any of us can do.

May Allah have mercy on us.

Wasalaam, dr omar zaid, m.d.







China is no different than any other country. The people have the same aspirations. They are led in the same manner as any other. The few lead the many. Like us all. we have to recongnize the corruption and struggle to remove it. Those not corrupted must understand the many methods that have been used by the others to undermine them and the people and get on with the task of freeing themselves and humanity.


very interesting article that might explain fluoridation, chemtrails, "protect yourselves from the sun", why nature holds so much magic for us all and more

Christine Tremblay


Explosive Back Breaking News

RED China Successfully BLACKMAILS the Obama Administration
Federal Reserve will be Broke by August of 2009

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Saturday May 30, 2009

We can report that the British government is now cooperating with the People's Republic of China in joint satellite and cyber attacks against the U.S. computer infrastructure and actually preparing for a possible World War III.

Reference: This explains the recent cyber attacks against the U.S. Marshal Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

http://theangrypixel.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/t10rts_05_defcon.jpg http://blogs.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel


ninjas!!!!!! Bring em on!!!!

Tom Joad

To V. Vousden,
I share your concern (add to it the fact that Henry Kissinger considers China the model society for the New World Order).

Food for thought:
When you look at who supports Tibet and Falun Gong, you'll find the same milieu (ie neocon officials, financiers) involved in color revolutions in the former Russian republics, destabilizations in Africa, etc. (Bush, Jr. deputy NSA / Iran-Contra conspirator Eliot Abrams was the former national head of "Friends of Falun Gong").

This is not to condemn buddhists. But there are geostrategic implications – when you try to connect China to India or the Middle East, you'll find Tibet and all the "Stans" of west Asia, where these same factions have played a major role since the breakup of the USSR (though Russia has recently roped them back in to a NATO-esque security pact). This sets up geographic boundaries and the appearance of a humanitarian crisis (in the case of Falun Gong) to keep China isolated politically and economically.

I'm interested in Mr. Fulford's information, but you can explain most events and relations as part of a centuries-long program by the British financial empire to colonize the world. They don't create the actors, but they're able to install regimes, promote certain dissident groups, foment territorial conflicts, etc.

I think the evidence is clear that a powerful element in China is pushing for exactly the right things – a program of internal economic development, rising living standards, etc. Some of the issues you bring up are a concern, but when you factor in the pressures against China, I'd say things could be quite a bit worse.

marcel tjoeng

At this very moment it is premier Merkel of Germany who "Blasts 'Powers of the Fed'" (Wall Street Journal) and is not amused with their influence on the BoE and the ECB

a crack in the wall?


Germany of course the major industrial and car manufacturing and exporter of EU, and the sale of Opel not going well by banker's manipulation, no doubt.




この反キリストは、ルシファーの力を表現しています。ルシファーとは、黎明すなわち銀河連合(Galactic Confederacy)の神話的な表現なのです。私の使命は、この短い反キリスト時代として表現されている聖書の予言を成就することである、と言ってもよいでしょう。』


Lucis Trust - The Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations


How far have the Chinese been infiltrated by the Illuminati already?

How many of their leaders are working for the long term ruin of China by promising an apparent short term advantage - America - knowing the long term plan of the Illuminati is to eliminate China as well and leave the Sabbatean Frankists, the Talmud Master race Jews, in control?

The Chinese need to figure out who are the traitors among them and expell them as much as the Americans and Europeans.

Account Deleted

To learn more about the mindset of these Luciferians, seek out is Kathleen Keating (if she is still alive). She had seen life inside the Rothschild mansion and had personally met the man who is to be President of World. Fritz Springmeier says he is the son of Guy Rothschild and Raymond Aguilera (Prophecy.org) says he has the voice of an angel. She was on C2C 10-15 years ago. Purhaps George Noory could search the past C2C archived shows.






Democracy in China: Is It Possible?


Democracy in China: Is It Possible?


To think hat 1.4 billion think and act in perfect concert with each other and Jintau will do what every person in China wants is naiive. He may surprise people and act like a puppet, against the will of any good people in China. What confuses observers is thinking in terms of Nations - there are good and bad people in every country. It's good verses bad - nationality is just a very effective smokescreen.

Valarie Vousden

Thank you, Mr. Fulford, you say it like it is. I'm grateful there is a person with some inside info who is honest and willing to share with the world.

I have to say I have reservations about the Chinese government (not the people themselves). They don't come across as "Good Guys" to me. Yes, they can be the brake on the Illums we so desperately need but they still have serious human rights and control issues. They censor information and are not honest. These are just a couple of the reservations I have about them. Can you speak to this, at some point? Why can we trust them (esp. in light of the whole Tibet debacle)? Please take this as a question not a criticism. I'm in agreement with you on so many things!

Thank you for being our light in the darkness, soon to be seeing the light of day, ever hopeful.

All the best and continued protection to you,
V. Vousden
Phoenix, AZ USA


Will the Chinese people just say NO to these evil bastards?

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