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ref Rense - May 27, 2009

46 chromosomes - 138 families (all Rh-) - 3 generations = M1 (male one)

- the goal is to achieve a M1 with 48 chromosomes = FM1 (femalemaleone)

- the result - high IQ, CNS cysts, degenrates ...


Interview with Gregory Klimov,
one of the most promiment High Sociology experts in the world,
dedicated to his 80th birthday
as presented in

"Gods Chosen People",
by Gregory Petrovich Klimov,
Gold Library "Peresvet"
Russia, Krasnodar,
"Peresvet" publishing, 2002

Copyright (c) 1999 G.P. Klimov


Interviewer: Gregory Petrovich, you are working with
people of special kind, the people who are obscessed
with power complex, for at least 50 years.
What kind of people are those?
What is "complex of power", "complex of ruler"?
What is the root of this problem?

When close relatives get intermarried,
then the children from such marriage
will become degenerates.

This is an old, well known fact.
The Church forbits intermarriage
back to 6th generation.

But when the group of religious leaders
supports such intermarriage,
and, on the contrary, forbid the marriage
outside the sect,
then this sect, within 4-5 generations,
will be full of degenerates.

Are you aware of any sect,
that forbids the mixed marriages
and does it for the last 5000 years?

We all know this sect.
Many legends posess extraordinary properties,
such as insatiable desire to dominate,
abnormal (clarly pathological) desire
to be always on top,
insatiable desire for power.

They (degenerates) feel like they are the
"chosen people", "elite" (delusion of grandior),
but, at the same time, with this,
they feel like they are the "persecuted"
and "hunted" (the persecution complex).

All this is the alphabet truths.
A kindergarden level.

Now, let us try to speak at the higher level,
that I am working with for the last 50 years.

All world rulers usually have the complex of power.
This complex, usually, is a result of suppression
of sadism, which, in its turn, is connected to
latent homosexual tendencies.

The complex of latent homosexuality of Lenin
(complex of lea-der) was scuprulously studied
by the CIA at the end of 40s - 50s [of the last century].

The code name of these super secret research
projects is 'Harvard Project'. It is at these facilities,
working with a group of researchers of the Harvard
University, I was introduced to this subject
for the first time.

Any person, in posession of such knowledge
on this forbidden subject, can find a way
to proceed in aquiring more power and get
closer to the next generation of rulers,
the same way as pawns in the world chess game.

It is self evident, that the leaders of a
degenerate sect, knowing this problem as it
as they feel it with their own skin,
and practicing this game for the last 5000 years,
will have a great advantage over those,
who play this game without necessary preparation,
groping in the darkness.

We all saw on TV the cases where 5-6 strong
paramedical assistance could not control
one frail madman. The energy produced by this
insane individual, is the best illustration
of what can be done by a single half-insane,
sadistic idiot, posessed with desire for power.
These kind of people are like the weapons of
mass destruction.

At this junction, many know the main principles
of the atomic bomb, but only a limited circle
of the devotees have the necessary knowledge
and skill, necessary for manufacturing of
nuclear weapons, and, which is not less significant,
will be able to deliver the nuclear head to its target.

The same thing is applicable to HIGH SOCIOLOGY,
except that degenerates are more proficient
at destruction of countries compared to nuclear

They are nearly as effective (but, at the same time,
more lethal), as biological weapons.

The degenerates usually hate the normal people.
They derive a genuine satisfaction to observe
how one brainless sadistic leader-pervert,
placed in position of power with their hand,
starts a war against another brainless sadist-pervert,
whom they placed in power, but as a head of another

Millions upon millions of normal people perish
for the sake of entertainment and satistic
pleasure of the leaders of the degenarate sect.

So, you wish to ask me how is it done?
This is done with the help of Masonry.
Masons, Illuminati, Rotaries and so on
(... our name is the legion,
as we are many - answered the deamon to him),
are all clubs,
where degenerates carefuly observe the behavior
of the potential candidates, and, if they see
the presence of strong homo-sadistic tendencies
in the candidate, they begin to actively
promote such candidate closer to the levers
of power and might.

Interviwer: How could degenerates be identified?

Let us begin with trying to figure out
what is degeneracy.
First of all, the very term "degenerate"
we always use as a purely medical term,
and not as an offending word.

Those of you, who can not even tolerate
this very term (and I met quite a few of those
in my 50 years of experience, especially
in the literary circles), could replace it
with something like dying-out;
they say it helps.

I repeat, in the world of our surrounding,
the degenerate may turn out to be someone quiet,
well educated professor of esthetics at the local

And so, degeneracy is a natural process,
existing on the planet Eart for thousands of years.
Degeneration is an intrinsic part of the life cycle.
Birth, youth, maturity, old age, death.

At the level of an individual,
this process is well known to all of us
and there is no need to explain it to anyone.

We shall talk here about degeneracy
at the level of a clan (family).

Many historians, for quite some time,
realized that the life cycle of the clans
is very similar to a life cycle of a human being.
It seems that God (Mother Nature, if you wish)
provides every clan with approximately the same
time period for existence on our sinful planet.

When some clan went thru the period of maturity
and entered the domain of the golden dawn of age,
God (Mother Nature) rings the bell for the first time.

This bell ring tells the members of the clan
that the time for this clan, here on this Earth,
is coming to an end. It expresses itself as
a turn-off of the normal drive to propagate
with the help of natural sexual relationships.

If the clan listens the voice of God
and remains childless or will adopt a child,
then what awaits him
is a golden old age.

At this time, the clan usually achieves
the financial independence and can begin
to take part in various charity projects,
such as sane art, sane science, sane literature.

The members of such clan
quietly enjoy the period of golden old age
and, finally, part to another world,
leaving the charity foundations they created
as a reminder of their good deeds.

On the other hand, if it turns out to be
disobedient clan, the one rebelling against God,
then its members will ignore the voice of God
and will attempt to delude no one less
than God itself with the help of ways of reason.

They will attempt to deceive God
with the help of artificial insemination
(made with finger), or ficticious marriage
- to sleep with a woman, while, in their head,
imagining they are sleeping with a man,
or a dog, or their own mother (i.e. motherf..ker).

Or, they they will deceive God in following way
- the wife, with agreement of a husband-degenerate
(or without such permission), would go to a local pub
and finds, as a one-night-stand, non suspecting
healthy young man (travelling to heaven on someone
elses cock).

As you can see, Russian people knew of these kind
of people for quite some time and expressed its
opinion about it all in many, difficult to understand,
on the first look, sayings.

The members of this disobedient, God-robbing clan
will being to support and finance the degeneratable
charity - degenerate art, degenerate science,
degenerate literature.

Using the mass media, they will begin convincing all
that what they are doing is normal, and there is nothing
wrong with it, and those, who do not understand this,
are those, who fall behind times and became enemies
of the world progress.

For such conmen, God (Mother Nature),
soon will find another bell ring. To perverted sexual
tendencies, the mental deseases add.

If, after all this, the clan persists in its struggle
with God, then there is the third, and final, bell ring,
expressing itself in form of birth defects,
such as withered-away-hand (Stalin), horse foot
(Goebbels), the rabbit lip, wolve's mouth, cross-eyeness,
and so on and so forth. Under the normal, primitive
conditions, this guarantees the disobedient clan
will leave the scene of historic events after one
or two generations.

Who, in his clear mind, would be willing to marry
a cross-eyed, sadistic sexual pervert?

So, there are three stages of degeneracy:

1. Sexual perversions.
2. Mental deseases.
3. Birth defects.

Now, as we introduced three stages of degeneracy,
we can return to your original question
as to how to identify degenerates.
Well, it is VERY simple to identify them.
Just look at the family tree of a particular clan.
If you find that tree is healty,
if there are many new branches on it,
and there are many new shoots spreading out
(healthy children),
then what you have in front of you
is a normal, healthy human being.

On the other hand, if the family tree
is dying out (many families without children),
if it has many dry, dying out branches
(suicide, mental deseases, deranged or abnormal children),
then you are looking at a clan,
that entered a golden age of dawn.

The only thing remains,
is to find out what kind of a degenerative clan this is,
well-meaning or God-robbing. This could be done quite
easily also.

Just look carefuly what does this clan support
in its surroundings. Does it spread the poison
of decadence in art, science or literature,
or it fights it with all its strength,
supporting the sane art, sane science and sane
literature [sane, in terms of healthy, normal,
non psychotic].

Interviewer: How many degenerates are there
to your opinion?


The statistics for the third stage of degeneracy
(birth defects), and the statistics for the second
stage of degeneracy (mental deseases) are available
in the open press. You can find it yourself.
The statistics of the first stage of degeneracy
(sexual perversions) is not that easy to find.
Let us take the data, published in the USA,
by Dr. Wittels and Dr. Kinsi.

Dr. Wittels, in his work, titled
"The Sexual Life of American Women",
provides the following statistics:


20% had many lesbian relationships.
51% dreamt of lesbian relationships,
going to the point of orgasm.


15% had many lesbian relationships.
32% dreamt of lesbian relationships,
going to the point of orgasm.

Well, but how it turns out to be with men?

Dr. Kinsi provides us with following statistics:

4% had many homosexual relationships.
33% dreamt of homosexual relationships,
going to the point of orgasm.

The other scientific research gives is a different
spread of data, but, most of it, is in the range
of 33-50%. So, one person out of three (two),
will fall into a category of first stage of degeneracy.

But, as soon as this data was analyzed according
to professional occupation criterias, a quite
interesting picture has developed:

5% - peasants (farmers).
10% - workers (factory).
50% - intellectuals.
75% - those, working in art and science areas.
90% - employees of mass media organizations.

This gives us a new look at the old idea of the class struggle.
But the class struggle of not wealthy with poor,
but of degenerates with normal people.

The New York Times paper published the results
a study, conducted by the group of American scientists.
They analyzed 78 of the greatest personalities in the
entire history of mankind. It turned out that:

37% - had accute mental deseases throughout life.
83% - were obvious psychopats.
10% - were slightly psychopatic.
7% - were normal people.

When the research data was narrowed down to 35 of the
most genius representatives of the mankind in its
entire history, it turned out:

40% - suffered accuted psychic deseases.
90% - were psychopats.

That is exactly the reason, there exists three 90% laws
in degenerology of professor Igor Borisovich Kalmykov:

90% - of all serious crimes are related to degeneracy.
90% - of all deseases (excluding infectious)
are related to degeneracy.
90% - of all geniuses in the history of man kind
were degenerates.

I was studying this field for 50 years and,
after spending all that time on research,

I came to a conclusion:

degeneracy needs to be studied by the national security
departments of all states without exception.

This is necessary so that we would never go to war,
nation against nation,
just for the sake of entertainment
and sadistic satisfaction
of the leaders of a degenerate sect.

I would also recommend to introduced the basics
of degenerology into the high schools and the
first years of college, so that the normal people
would be able to know about existence of a huge
class of degenerates and could make a correct choice
while they are young in order to create a healty family.


But how do you know, may be you are degenerate yourself?

In the previous question, we have discussed how do check
for degeneracy with the help of a family tree. This is
a simple an relatively simple self-test, available to
practically anyone.

But there are special cases also.
What to do if you are abandoned child and do not know
your family tree? What to do if you are an adopted child,
whom, in most of the cases, their degenerate pseudo-parents,
simply would not talk about it (often, they do not even
have this information available). These adopted children
will be utterly convinced that they and their adopted
parents are one family.

Among the class of degenerates, there are so many satanic
combinations, that even the satan himself will break his
leg on it. For example, do you know that degenerates
adopt a huge number of children? Hundreds of thousan
a year.

These adopted children won't get married with the
real children of degenerates (we already spoke of
abnormal sexual relationships among the degenerates).

These adopted children, when the time comes to create
their own families, will be seeking, seeking, seeking
among their own degenerate friends and, at the end,
will find another partner, who was also a normal,
adopted child.

These new families would be 100% normal,
but everything around them, including themselves,
will be convinced, 100%, they are also degenerates,
as they, foaming at their mouths, will defend
all degenerate concoctions of their "parents" and friends.

So, you see how everything got complicated
in a wink of an eye? That is why, all the rules
and laws of Degenerology always talk about 90%
and never 100%. Otherwise, the children and grand
children of those "adopted couples" would cry out loud:

- Yes, we are 100% degenerates in a second, or even
third generation! Just look at us! We are normal!
Our children are normal! So, how do you explain this
all to us, our dearest friend?

Well, very simply. Everyone can perform a quick and easy
self-test. For all those, that fall into the 3rd
stage of degeneracy (birth defects), and the 2nd
category of degeneracy (mental deseases), it seems
everything is clear. What remains to be seen,
is wether you fall into the first category of
degeneracy (sexual perversions).

In our progressive age, many sexual perversions,
under pressures of degenerate propaganda in mass media
(disinformation), became nearly a norm.

The position 69 is already recomended in schools
in the USA as a good contarceptive measure.
Many, ouf of category of normal people,
started doing this.

So, how do we check ourselves on the subject of sexual
perversions? Well, very simple actually. Try to do
THIS in a normal way, as our fathers and grandfathers
did age in, age out,
"face to face, and the man on the top".
Try several times. Without lies, without deceit.
Do not try to imagine, when you have sex with your wife,
that you have sex with some other man, or a dog,
or a pig...

If the results of this self-test will be positive,
there is nothing to worry about for you. You were simply
brainwashed by degenerate propaganda and you got accustomed
to doing idiotic things.

Even if the previous analysis of "your family tree"
gave you a different result, it all means that you were
not told that you are adopted child, or your parents
were not told they were adopted children.

In case the result of a self-test on sexual perversions
turn out to be negative, then let God help you to make
the correct choice. But we will talk about this later.


Why not assume we are all degenerates?


Your question reminded me of a story about one old
prosti... God [play of words, meaning "forgive me, God],
who, before her death, expressed her entire life philosophy
with one phrase:

"The entire world is a whore house
and all the people are bit..es"...

I would think, in the same way,
could formulate their own view of life
the thieves, alcoholics and drug addicts.
They believe it all to the depths of their own hearts.
They all believe that the whole world
is just like them.

It is understood, there are thieves, forgive me God,
alcoholics and drug addicts. But there are also many
normal people. They build houses, roads, bridges
and tunnels. They transport thousands of people in
the air planes, trains and busses. They fly to cosmos.
They constantly create.

There are so many normal people,
that despite all the destructive energy
of of the class of degenerates,
they could not be destroyed,
despite the fact
that this war is going on for thousands of years.
All the family clans with healthy families
will be my witnesses.


What do you think about the IMF
(International Monetary Fund)?


The structure of power of degenerate class of the West
is practically the same as was the structure of power
of the Communist Party of the East.
Any soviet organization, including the
"Movement for Peace and Economic Cooperation",
had many technical experts-referents.
They usually occupied the lower echelons of the structure,
and it would also include a relatively low number
of high quality, pattented communists in top management

Can you imagine any soviet organization,
where, in the top positions, there would be someone else
but the members of the Party?

The same thing is applicable to the Western equivalent
of the soviet COMINTERN-HOMINTERN - the international
union of brotherhood of faggots-degenerats.

So, answering your question, I think that 90%
of the leaders of the IMF must be pattented degenerates.

The remaining members of this organization,
such as ordinary technical personnel, I think,
is sufficiently well trained [whipped-in]
not to ask the inconvinient questions
as to the nature of criminal decisions
and a party line of their leaders.


What do you think of Yeltsin and his team?

I think that all debates regarding his activity
are the result of people thinking as though
Yeltsin and the degenerates he gather around himself
are working for the good of Russia.

This is a very dangerous misconception.
They are all just a gang of degenerates,
who were placed to do exactly what they are doing,
and rather successfuly at that.

Their main task is to hunt down the economy,
of the wealthiest country in the world,
in the shortest possible time frame,
so it ended up in the dead end street;
to accumulate the biggest amount of national debt,
at loan sharking rates, as possible,
and to spend all that money
on the most idiotic projects nobody needs;
completely destroy the defense capabilities of the country;
to break anything that can be broken;
but most importantly,
to chase the future generation
into the debt slavery
for eternity.

I would think, they were able to accomplish
their task they were given quite successfuly.

And, when they will cut to pieces
the last Russian submarine,
then, you all shall know the true face
of Western democracy,
that is under the foot of the leaders
of degenerate sect
for a long, long time.


Is it possible to have a normal government in Russia?


Your question regarding the government of Russia
(or, for that matter, the government of any other
country or state) has brought us to the second
part of our discussion about the degenerate ones.

In the first part, we learned that there exist
a large class of degenerates,
a fact, absolutely unknown to normal people.

In the second part of this discussion,
we shall show that the class of degenerates
is not homogeneous.

The degenerates may be GOOD, BAD or DISGUSTING.

Once again, I would like to point out that the term
degenerate is used here as a pure medical term
(to die-out) and should not be perceived as
an insulting word.

For example, Piotr Illyich Tchaikovsky
was obviously a degenerate. His abnormal sexual life
and the abscence of children make it abandontly clear.
Despite of this, he was creating the most amazing
music, and was a quiet and well educated person.
His music was not decadent and he did not promote
the agenda of decadence in music or art.

At the same time, as I said, he did not have children.
All this allows us to classify him
as GOOD degenerate.

Yes, you can ask me:
What does it have to do with anything
when you talk about abscence of children?

You see, even the father and the mother were
GOOD degenerates, and they created a lot of good
in their lives, constantly fighting the demons,
and there is no guarantee of any kind
their children will continue their work.

Just the opposite, the children of degenerates
completely destroy all that good,
their parents were able to manifest,
and, furthermore, they continue to pursue
this destructive course to the very end.

Do you remember the famous book by Etel Lillian Vionovitch,
"OVOD"? The father was arch-yepiscoff [a high level
christian priest], and his son was a revolutionary,
and all of that ended up in tragedy.

This is a typical history. That is why the child-less-ness
(celibaby) is a very important criteria to classify
someone as GOOD degenerate. As soon, as we realize this,
we can proceed to your question regarding the normal

Is it possible for a human with normal,
just like everybody else's, musclues on his legs
to participate and win in running competition?
Yes, he can. At the level of the school team.
Yes, he can participate, and even win,
at the level of town or city.
Yes, he can participate, but has no chance to win
at the level of a country or state.
And he has no chance to even participate
at the world level, and we aren't even talking
about the ability to win.

Do you understand what am I leaning towards?
Only a man with over-developed muscles of his legs
has a chance to win in competitions of the level
of a country or global level.

The same principles are applicable
to free wrestling ... for power.


As they say, certain matter [shit]
will always float toward the surface.

So, the class of degenerates is not homogeneous.
There are GOOD degenerates, BAD ones, and DISGUSTING ones.

GOOD degenerates will always remain our frients.
In the government, they will forever fight with
DISGUSTING degenerates
as policemen forever fight with the criminal elements.

BAD degenerates in the government will be making
it look like there is nothing going on. They will
even attempt to stop the DISGUSTING degenerates
at the time of their attacks on the normal men.

DISGUSTING degenerates usually begin with attack
on GOOD degenerates, as GOOD degenerates,
just as a defense system in the body,
could quickly recognize and disable the DISGUSTING

Once GOOD degenerates in government are suppressed,
the DISGUSTING degenerates immediately start a full scale
attack against a class of normal people.

In the Marxist-Leninist philosophy, this process
is called the law of unity and struggle of the opposites
as a fuel for the engine of progress.
A thousand years before them,
the Romans formulated this law as:


So, how do you know which kind of degenerates
rule your country?

Well, by the same method we find out
if there is a cat under your bed at home.
We will wave the paper mouse, tied to a thin thread,
and will see what kind of reaction we get.

Let us wave with our paper mouse in front
of the government we are testing...

How does this government react on the
movement of rights of homosexuals?

How does this government react on the death
sentence to degenerate-criminals?

How does this government defend the interests
of the class of the blue-color workers of this country?

How does this government defend the interests
of the parasitic class of degenerates?

Simple questions.
Simple answers.
Simple text.

The same methodology could be applied to any other
structure - science, art, army, press, TV...

This test will give you a clear picture of which
departments in your government are totally occupied
by DISGUSTING degenerates, that are stagnating
under the directions of BAD degenerates,
that are under control of GOOD degenerates,
who fight with force,
saving and protecting themselves,
and, at the same time,
the entire class of normal workers
from the ferocious attacks of DISGUSTING degenerates.

I am often asked, is there a possibility
for the normal people to come to power?

My answer to this question:
Theoretically, YES.
But in practice, if normal person comes to power,
he won't stay there for long.

"To live with the wolves,
you have to howl like a wolf".


What do you think about those,
who struggle for the "purity of blood"?


God Allmighty hates racism of any kind.
God Allmighty hates the very idea
that some peoples will call themselves
the "chosen peoples".

This is racism in the worst manifestation of it.

Read Douglas Reed. His monumental work,
"ZIONIST DEBATES", covers this subject really well,
and to my opinion, it would be really useful
for some of our priests to introduce themselves
to this work, before they sing praises towards
Old Testament.

Any person, that is trying to protect
"purity of blood" with the help of mixed marriages
with normal people of other nationality,
is risking the speeding of the process of degeneracy
of his own nation. Especially, if this is a small nation.

Let me accentuate it one more time:
We are talking about marriages
between the normal people.


What do you think about a arisal of a "NEW NATION"?


Let us imagine that someone decides to bring all the
members of degenerative sect to one place,
lets say the island Madagascar.
(Ah, but they DID have such a project
at the end of 30s. Dig up some archives.
Very interesting subject.)

There will be degenerages from the USA, RUSSIA, CANADA,

Sooner or later, they will start intermarrying.
What do you think would be the result of such marriages?
Normal children?

That is my answer to your question regarding the
marriages between the members of a degenerate sect
and creation of a "NEW NATION" of workers.

Utterly different problem arises
when they try to mix the blood between the members
of a degenerate sect and local (pigmey) population.
You see, it is difficult for degenerages to continue
their own blood line. Thus, the term DE-GENERATES,

Simply stating, their sexual habits are well expressed
in Russian swearing slang
[which is rooted in term 'mother'].
They are literally doing all that,
which teens speak of in the entry ways [to their buildings].

In similar ways, once a degenerate decide to marry
a local pigmey, the normal person will not be able
to participate for a long time in his pathological
orgies. Only the newly baked local degenerate-primitive
will satisfy him.

Remember, we were speaking of the effect of a
"sucking sponge" and the effect of a
"global sewage system".

The degenerative sect, like a sponge,
sucks-in all the freshly-baked logal degenerates-primitive people.
They are working like a global sewage system,
constantly gathering all the defication
of all the nations of the world.


About the only way to get out of this vicious circle
is not to beget the children
or to adopt a child,
but this is a subject of a separate discussion.


How are you doing as far as religion goes?


My religion...
But why does it bother you on the first place?
Read my books. All the seven of them.
Formulate your own opinion instead of listening
to your degenerate friends.

But, if you mean religion as a subject,
then it is a different story.
As I said before, degeneracy is an inseparable part
of a life cycle. This process is going on for thousands
of years. It was simply called something else before.

When a new, freshly baked degenerate begins to understand
that he is different from other normal people,
he has a choice. He can become GOOD, BAD, or DISGUSTING

Lets us look at this on a simple example.
When a young sadistic homo-teen begins, for the first time,
sense the demons of degeneracy

- impulses of domination,

he can:

1. Join the local street gang (or create one of his own)
and begin to rob and kill the local normal people.

2. Join the police academy. To become a policeman
and to begin to murder and attack the local members
of the criminal structures.

Do you see the difference?
The same thing is applicable to religion.
Once the young homo-teen sensed the presence
of destructive demons of degeneration,
he can join any monk brotherhood,
where the brothers, as a rule,
are very experienced in the processes of degeneration,
will help him to fight these demons.

The monk brotherhoods accumulated thousands
of years experience in fighting this evil.

Do you know what I am talking about here:
fast, prayer, hard physical labor, silence,
but the most important, celibacy (not getting married).

Only those brothers, who will pass through the many
years of test in their struggle with demons of
degeneration, will be promoted to more responsible
positions in the church hierarchy
(at the very least, it was this way before).

Who, if not them, know what we are talking about here?
They all felt it with their own skin.
The priests of the majority of religions
know about degeneracy very well.

They are those, who help the local, freshly baked
pigmey degenerates to make the right decision:
to make the right choice between God and Devil.
When the priest listens to confession,
he pays little attention to small sins,
but, as soon, as he discovers any indications
of degenerate behavior, he immediately starts
a detailed discussion with the youth and,
simulteneously, he highly recomends to join
the local brotherhood.

I repeat once again, this is all a big oversimplification,
but I think it will help you to outline the generaal
scope of the problem and its resolution.
This is GOOD.

On the other hand, the homo-teen may join the local
clubs of degenerates (Illuminati, Masons, Rotary and so on),
that were created by the leaders of a degenerate sect
for the purpose of directing the destructive energy
of local degenerate-pigmeys against the normal people,
and against the normal structures of the States.

This would be DISGUSTING.

But what is BAD in that case?

BAD would be when this teen will not follow God (brothers),
won't follow the leaders of the degenerate sect
but, instead, will attempt to deceive God itself
with the help of marriage on a normal human being,
thus, destroying all the dreams about the happy family
and healty children.


Your opinion as of Masonry?


Illuminati, Shriners, Masons, Theosophists,
Antroposophists and so on
(...our name is legion, as there are many of us
- answered demons to Him),
all these are the clubs for the people,
who think of themselves as being the "chosen people",
special people, oppressed and persecuted by beurocracy,
Church, academic circles, or any other normal governmental

They are all waiting for their hour
to get even.

Depending on their profession,
they join one of the degenerate club.
Sure, there will always be some curious fools around,
the on-lookers, who will serve as a cover, screen,

The true goal of these degenerate clubs is to find out
who are the active homo-maniacs, who will not stop
under any circumstances in order to crawl to power.



What do you think, is there a world conspiracy?


World conspiracy...
You see, degenerates are like the microbes of a plague.
They kill the healthy human organism,
but also perish with it.

Degenerates are like AIDS viruses.

They attack and destroy the defense mechanisms
of the organism and lead to its death.

Are microbes engaged in conspiracy to kill the healty the body?

Do they have a plan of attack on defense mechanisms?

I don't think that the microbes and viruses
would engage in a world conspiracy
against the helthy people.

They simply destruct and kill according to their nature.

They are incapable of doing anything different.
Such is their nature.

Nevertheless, if someone would start installing
containers with the microbes of plague
in the strategic locations, such as the metro stations,
the airports, railroad stations
in order to make as many people ill or dead,
do they have any kind of plan?

If someone places degenerates to the strategically important
positions in mass media, television, education system, army,
do they have any kind of plan?

Would YOU give me the answer to this question yourself?


What do you think, is Mr. X a degenerate?


My dear friends, all the normal people of the Earth,
please, read carefuly this discussion from the top,
my books and my web page


Even if some reader won't feel himself being a degenerate,
he always has a choice:

He can become good, bad or disgusting.

On the other hand, many members of degenerate sect
think falaciously that they are also degenerate.

Many of them were adopted children,
or their own parents were adopted children.

In any case, 90% of the greatest people
in the history of the mankind were degenerates.

So, what are you trying to say then,
that the Mr. X is from the same company?

Please, be very careful with degenerates
and Degenerology. As I warned you before,
this is very effective weapon, as effective,
as bilogical, but, at the same time,
it is as dangerous.

Will you start experimenting with plague bacteria
at home after one or two days of education
in a biology lab?

Study this science thoughtfuly, carefuly.
Take your time on contemplating things you read here
and, in no case, rush to conclusions.

Me, personally, begin to consider a human
bio-negative, degenerate only after he himself
demonstrates it to me in action.
Several times.

As a rule, an average person need to demonstrate
around 5-6 degenerate indicators in order to be
added to the category of degenerates.

Even if he himself will be shouting
at all the corners of the streets:

"But I am a 100% degenerate", but, at the same time,
will continue to fight with demons of degeneration,
and will continue fighting the bionegative degenerates,
he, as before, will remain our friend and an ally.

One more suggestion. I received hundreds of letters
from my readers from different countries: Australia,
New Zeland, Russia, Israel, England, France, USA,
Germany, Japan...

And nearly all of these letters contain one
very intersting observation:

my readers gave my book to read to all their friends,
as a lacmus test, and silently observed their reaction.
The result is always be the same,
they lost half of their so-called friends.

Therefore, observing the reaction to this discussion,
on my books, on my web page, you, quite independently,
will be able to make your own conclusions regarding
that Mr. X and many of his friends.

--- Grigory Petrovich Klimov

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[Freemasonry, occult, Kabbalah, religion, Illuminati, NWO]

Does Freemasonry teach its own theology, as a religion does?
"For example, Masonry clearly teaches theology during the
Royal Arch degree (York Rite), when it tells each candidate
that the lost name for God will now be revealed to them.
The name that is given is Jahbulon.
This is a composite term joining Jehovah with two pagan gods -- the
evil Canaanite deity Baal (Jeremiah 19:5; Judges 3:7; 10:6),
and the Egyptian god Osiris

--- Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, pg.516;
Malcom C. Duncan, Masonic Ritual and Monitor, pg. 226].

The Oxford American Dictionary defines theology as "a system of
religion." Webster defines theology as "the study of God and the
relation between God and the universe...A specific form or system...
as expounded by a particular religion or denomination".


How many people watch TV? Half the planet saw the Olympics opening. Within a group effort humanity has the power to reclaim ownership of earth just by asking then releasing the intention for manifestation.

Asking to reclaim ownership of earth throught a common coordinated intentino will literally take back the planet over night. Freedom to create a new reality exists within the power of the whole to think.

When will humanity finally use technology to unite a common intention? Thought thinking is our true human bond. Universal mind is our Father.

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