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This is what is happenning (in the US) regarding "criminally insane behaviour"! But, I theorize that it will be contained, and the BANK OF LONDON(ROTHSCHILDS) will maintain it's control of the gold/silver markets unimpeded BECAUSE the media-whores are all lock-step marching to the ILLUMINATI-plan unhinderred whatsoever. I hope I am wrong, and this article has merit and WILL COME TO FRUITION.There are a small number of media-barons that need a bit more coaxing, to "get on board" and start letting the truth out via media outlets asap. sooooo("....drum-roll please!")...........................here...............it...............is! Hitmen Contracts to Bust COMEX

Jim Willie CB
Jim Willie CB is the editor of the "Hat Trick Letter"
May 28, 2009

Use this link to subscribe to the paid research reports, which include coverage of several smallcap companies positioned to rise during the ongoing panicky attempt to sustain an unsustainable system burdened by numerous imbalances aggravated by global village forces. An historically unprecedented mess has been created by compromised central bankers and inept economic advisors, whose interference has irreversibly altered and damaged the world financial system, urgently pushed after the removed anchor of money to gold. Analysis features Gold, Crude Oil, USDollar, Treasury bonds, and inter-market dynamics with the US Economy and US Federal Reserve monetary policy.

Major dislocations are coming. Tremendous disruptions are coming. Price discontinuities are coming. Price chart patterns might be rendered useless soon. Last week, the case for a grand Paradigm Shift was made, covering many elements in order to paint a mosaic. Taken in isolation, any one point is important in its own right, but not enough to convince of a structural change. Taken in entirety, the many points create a full picture that is more easily recognized. The ruinous events of the Wall Street banks last September and October surely served as an extreme event loaded with profound disruption. The Chinese have proceeded with a transition to yuan-based domestic banking, with an installation of yuan swap facilities around the world, with an ASEAN regional fund again supplied by yuan for flexible purposes, with permission granted to two Hong Kong banks to sell yuan-based bonds, with an admitted rise in significant gold bullion reserves, and with continued verbal battles over legitimacy of the USDollar as the global reserve currency. These Chinese initiatives in recent weeks, occurring rapidly, are serving as a collective extreme event with the potential for profound disruption. A gold-backed yuan currency would surely cause massive disruption in a climax merger of events. The barter system set up between Russia and Europe will bypass the US$-based settlement system, as will the barter system set up between Russia and China. The avoidance of contract settlement in USDollars would result in extreme disruption to the global banking system. The creditor nations are plotting to organize and launch alternative currencies, maybe to fortify existing currencies (like the euro or yuan or ruble) with a gold component, maybe also with a crude oil component. A challenge to the USDollar by asset-backed currencies would result in extreme disruption to the global banking system. The hidden nitroglycerine to the disruptions is the Russian military, and any pledges of support for nations attempted to force systemic changes. These are just some important examples of change agents.

All Paradigm Shifts result in extreme disruption. That is the essence of Paradigm Shifts. The entire table changes, like its shape, its seats, its location, even who sits at the table, and in particular who sits at the head of the table. Big disruptions are to come from the COMEX pit of corruption, the central nexus for controlling illicitly the price structure for gold, the USDollar, and the USTreasury Bonds. The COMEX in all likelihood is the weakest link in the US-UK chain of corrupted financial markets. For many months my view has been that gold fights the political battles, while silver gathers more than its share of rewards and spoils. Gold has a long history of experience fighting grand battles. It can be placed in dungeons, but not for more than a couple decades. The rot in financial systems without golden foundations forces gold to the surface!


It has come to my attention that several private parties have accepted contract assignments to neuter the COMEX and London Metals Exchange, to render ruin to its gold market.

That bears repeating from the rooftops.


That is the lynchpin to control the USDollar, the USTreasurys, and the corrupt mechanisms used by the New York and London syndicates. Their clear criminal behavior is beyond the reach of law enforcement, but they are not beyond the reach of hitmen. The USDollar has been in violation of the US Constitution since 1971, perpetuated by a renegade series of administrations. The global creditors for the USTreasury Bonds are so angry at the past suffered losses, the prospect of deep future losses, and the corruption laced throughout the US financial system, that they have hired third parties to kill off the US$-gold platforms, to destroy the burdensome banking ballast dominated by protected entrenched fraud experts, to lay waste to the vehicles used by the US-UK bond trafficking syndicate totally saturated with corruption, dishonesty, and collusion, replete with greed, totally absent conscience. They have systemically been dismantling the COMEX pillars and levers over the last several months, quietly and without fanfare, surely without publicity. If gold investors knew of their actions, they would become much bolder. Some want the bankers in their gunsights not to be warned. They await their fate with the Financial Grim Reaper. Their executions will be as swift as brutal.

The HITMEN have been hired, with highly lucrative contracts and wide berth in methods to be put to use. Their assigned task is to castrate the levered family jewels from some of the major players who illegally keep the gold price and silver price artificially low. The targeted victims know their awaited fate, and are presently defecating in their skivvies. A short list of banks facing the firing squad is already known, details for Hat Trick Letter members. Some detailed speculation will be devoted to the June HTL reports, since too controversial. This will be an evolving story, with new chapters soon written. The executions will be sudden. The missing US-UK levers will be immediate. Since last autumn, the global powers have aligned against Wall Street, even if the central bankers have supported it. If one wants to destroy a building, then weaken its pillars, cut a few support beams, then rush in a crowd of people, and wait for a turbulent storm. In the case of the COMEX, the wicked players will crowd the corrupted building. They will sink into ruin and then oblivion. They might become objects of mockery when they make noises from prison. If lucky, they will join Ken Lay from Enron fame in a remote Caribbean island where other favored operators live a secluded life, but a life nonetheless, complete with plenty of sunshine, fresh air, beaches, bikinis, and sailboats, but no intrusive cameras. Please, do not disturb the quasi-dead!

The financial cartel dominated by the United States and United Kingdom is soon to suffer some serious blows. The list of their financial crimes is as magnificent as it is long. Its list of victims is as prominent as it is long. The harbored resentment is great by many global players. They waited patiently for the Obama Admin to install a new group, but the old group remains due to a revolving door from the same smoky club, dominated by Goldman Sachs once more. Their influence, if not bribery, of the USCongress is in continuation, sufficient for unwanted obsequious approval. The regulatory agencies are from the same encrusted chambers replete with stench. The Coup d'Etat of the USGovt financial offices has not changed with Obama, who sounds like a refreshing leader but who is actually a marionette under control by those who selected him, favored him with publicity, then enabled his election. Nothing has changed except the rhetoric of change and the pace on the path to bankruptcy for a few icon firms like General Motors and Chrysler, if not the desperate cries from the 50 states suffering from insolvency. More prominent failures will follow, since nothing has been remedied. The channeled funds directed to Wall Street firms continue unabated. The bread crumbs to Main Street and the people continue unabated. Even the war continues unabated. Forget not that Marie Antoinette once said "Let them eat cake" before the French Revolution and the Storming of the Bastille. Today, the Bastille is the entire USEconomy where insolvent Americans are stuck.

Some might wonder what was the turning point that resulted in hired hitmen to be under contract against certain US financial markets. Some might say the failures of Lehman Brothers, American Intl Group, and Fannie Mae. Not so! In my opinion, it was the invasion in the South Osettia region of Georgia in August 2008. The events around Georgia, with the United States Military deeply involved, along with a certain tiny mischievous ally nation, lit a fuse that set off a chain of events. In time, events led to orders given by high level powers, for the US fraud kings on Wall Street to swallow the medicine no later than first thing Monday morning on September 15th. When the Jackass inquired as to the nature of the urgency leading into that understood stated deadline date, no answer was given. The guess of the Bank For Intl Settlements was submitted by me, and it was confirmed. Other sources, the USTreasury Bond creditors, also applied the pressure, it was told. Rumor was thick that death threats had been delivered to certain Wall Street executives, such as Paulson. Thus the pressure passed on to the USCongress for passage of T.A.R.P. funds. The disbursement of those funds have not been made public partly because Wall Street (read Goldman Sachs) does not want the US people to be aware of payoffs for bond fraud under death threats. Also, the Congressional Inspector has cited a few dozen recommendations for criminal fraud investigations of the same T.A.R.P. funds. The US financial sector has become a den of vipers, no longer the bastion of gentlemen, but rather of syndicate bosses.


Sources from GATA (the Gold Anti-Trust Action committee) report growing distress for participants in the COMEX gold contracts, where a commercial party is very short and in deep trouble. They have sold more gold bullion than they can deliver. They are likely one of the big banks who violate the law with impunity, with USGovt sanctioned protection. By that is meant they routinely do not post 90% of the metal as collateral that they illegally sell. This is naked shorting by any other name. There are reports of grave concern over the upcoming June gold option expiration. If too many deliveries are ordered, then the commercial shorts would be under stress for exposure for naked shorting. They will eventually be caught in a bind and default on contracts. The important loaded monthly contracts are March, June, September, and December. The COMEX has tried to limit the ability of buyers to take delivery, running them around in circles, and entangling them in red tape, all clearly restraint of trade endorsed by the USGovt. Such rules are not in effect for cotton or soybeans or crude oil or pork bellies. After all, a financial crime syndicate has taken control of the USGovt, ever since Robert Rubin took charge at the USDept Treasury in 1992. His major project was to gut the nation of its gold, for the private profit of his friends. Recall Rubin came from Goldman Sachs. Rubin was the author of the Strong Dollar Policy which brought ruin to the nation. Hey, just my opinion!

Background inventory strain has come from unexpected sources. The Germans have demanded that gold bullion held in US custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to Germany. The Dubai bankers have demanded that gold bullion held in London custodial accounts be returned to their owners, with physical gold shipped back to the United Arab Emirates. They are following the hired German counsel. In all likelihood, neither US nor London sources are in possession of all the gold held in those custodial accounts, since at least some of it probably was improperly leased. By that is meant without owner permission or knowledge. So an uproar could come soon with charges of gold bullion theft, or at least failure of fiduciary responsibility. Theft is a simpler description.

China is the biggest gold producer in the world now, but none of its output is directed to the open market. Russia is a significant gold producer also, but none of its output is directed to the open market either. A near default occurred in early April from a close call to Deutsche Bank on 850 thousand ounces of gold. The tarnished bankers at D-Bank dug up over a million ounces on the quick from the ready Euro Central Bank mine shifts in the nick of time. Never ignore the basic fact that COMEX lies through its teeth about the gold bullion in its vaults, since audits do not occur, some is leased (replaced by paper certificates), and some is committed in some fashion to very wealthy parties (unavailable). Far less gold bullion rests in COMEX vaults than is advertised. All signals point to serious strain in COMEX gold supply.


Two important feeder systems continue to be USDollar weakness and USTreasury Bond weakness. More important than these is the systematic ruin of the major global currencies generally, but a convenient chart is not offered to track it. Just note the near 0% official rates dictated by the failed franchised Politburos known as central banks in most countries, or the movement toward 0%. The USDollar has broken below important support at 81. Expect it to fall further after more dithering. The long-term USTreasury Note has suffered a fast rising surge in its bond yield. Its target from different perspectives is 4.1%, and right quick. These two highly favorable charts will power the gold price to new highs very soon. Nobody knows how soon, but soon. Rarely does one see both the USDollar and USTreasurys fall in value simultaneously. They are now, and will provide a jet assist to gold, which is held back only by COMEX corruption. Their illicit maneuvers are more obvious and desperate with each passing week. Someday their actions might even be on the news. The imminent Standard & Poors debt downgrade of the UKGilt (bonds from British Govt) hit the credit market last week like a bolt of lightning. My belief is that it might have short-circuited the US-UK financial foundation, and burned out some major circuit boards. The US and UK share Third World finance characteristics. If a Fourth World existed, the US would merit it.

(Click on images to enlarge)

The gold price is on the verge of a breakout to new nominal highs. The chart demands it. It needs only a trigger, in a land where potential triggers dot the charred landscape. A gold event will be unavoidable. Its chronic strain has derived from the extreme disparities between the physical market mired in shortage, versus the paper market with unlimited supply. The tail is wagging the dog here, as it has been for years, soon to end. The silver price will easily recover to the 17 level in a flash. It has already surpassed the February high. It is loading up for the next little surge to resistance that awaits at the 17-19 range. The potential sling shot momentum boost for silver will be powerful, enough to send its price to 30 with ease. Think pendulum.


Little attention has been given lately to one of the most reliable time-tested forward indicators of the gold price. The ratio of the 10-year USTreasury Note yield to the 2-year USTreasury Bill yield has always been highly reliable in predicting a move in the gold price. The simple chart of bond yields versus maturity years is known better as the Treasury Yield Curve. The ratio is more amenable to chart analysis.A breakout in the Treasury Yield Ratio is in progress. All benefits from the mid-March monetization announcement have vanished. If the 2-year bond yield remains near 1%, where it appears stuck, then the breakout target would indicate that the 10-year bond yield is heading to 4.1% at least. Yet another method targets 4.1% in the long bond yield. The presented ratio contains information on the future prospect of price inflation, in a reliable contrast of time perspectives. Knuckleheads who insist on pounding the Deflation Tables might want to check this indicator, and look at the crude oil price. It is $63 per barrel, not the $20-25 predicted by these lost troopers. Yo Mish Bro, can you spare me a deflating dime? The strict definition of money is useless anymore. The Shadow Banking system is an actual part of the real world, which you do NOT count.

To the fools, dolts, and morons out there who cling to notions of recovery and Green Shoots, bless your heart. Hope has clouded your minds. Once more you believe the liars and purveyors of propaganda, after being nearly fatally burned. You must believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy. You should not be in charge of investment funds, but rather of crayon supply cabinets and Beanie Baby collector items. The Case Shiller housing price index this week reported a 19.1% annual decline in 1Q2009 from Q1 last year. Foreclosures in April were up 32% over last year, as the nightmare continues. That is 1 in 374 homes with mortgages in America in some process of foreclosure. A relentless decline in home prices erases household wealth, and the source of consumer spending. Consumer confidence is ephemeral and baseless. The mortgage rate has just gone above the pre-March levels, when the USFed announced they would monetize $1050 billion in both USTreasury Bonds and USAgency Mortgage Bonds. The benefit has been erased. Today's underwater mortgage is tomorrow's foreclosure, made worse by job losses. The FDIC this week reported a 25% rise in non-current loans in 1Q2009 from Q4 of last year. Greater bank losses will come, much like floods follow hurricanes. And lastly, give credit to the USGovt statrats in their busy laboratories. They decided to ramp up the Q2 Gross Domestic Product by including all USGovt rescue funds for the big banks, including the diverse funds from the many liquidity facilities. All those funds will go directly into the GDP for Q2 as a special line item. Expect a miraculous economic recovery in the second quarter, based in vapor. The stock rally since March was based in accounting fraud. These are true American innovations, but too bad they are not exportable! They are not, since they have no value.


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"I have found your commentary to be excellent in helping to insulate my clients from much of the malfeasance and market manipulations that occur in our markets by avoiding certain sectors such as banking even when all of the commentary says how well they are doing. You have been proven over the years to be very accurate."
(RickW from Iowa)
"A few years ago, I was amazed at some of the stuff you were writing. Over time your calls have proved to be correct, on the money and frighteningly true. The information you report is provocative and prime time that we are not getting in the news. I was shocked when I read that the banks were going to fail in one of your prescient newsletters."
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(ShawnU in Ontario)
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May 27, 2009
Jim Willie CB

Jim Willie CB is the editor of the "HAT TRICK LETTER"
email: jimwilliecb@aol.com
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Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 26 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his website at www.GoldenJackass.com. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at JimWillieCB@aol.com.

321gold Ltd

"May 25, 2009: A global event that will change everything."

"May 25, 2009: A global event that will change everything."

YouTube Link

Sky events - Stirpes

(May 25, 2009) — Moon at perigee. The point in the Moon's orbit when it is nearest to Earth.


...sick of criminal behavior- - what is this? The 'elitists' don't see their behavior as criminal. I guess because an old fashioned defect in the communication between their limbic system, where empathy is located, and their neocortex, where the ratio is born. But however, please watch this latest news and listen to Kevin Trudaux' interesting impressions of visions on depopulation by Bilderbergers and billionairs- 9:20-:
-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyrJu81uwWY&feature=related

Quite shocking!!!





hi,the Japanese government bureaucrat has been abusded there if they are tributary by U.S. so,we are very ineterested in what kind of abuses is here.


some common sense from ron paul



Well, the Bilderberg Group owns both North America and Europe. The population of both these places are dumb, ignorant, disgusting New World Order sheeple slave beings not able to think twice, so of course this provocation will work for the Illuminati, no doubt.

I believe World War III will begin in the Korean peninsula, if North Korea wants help from China if it's attacked militarily. I mean, China is North Korea's only ally at this point, right?


this is so much more than just the Redshields
reality is as they say, so much more stranger than fiction

justin nogosek

hi ben when you were on jeff renses program earlier this weel you mentioned the people of the planet are sick and tired of these insane psychopaths.my true feelings are the people of the planet are not going to put up with this and won't allow WWW3 To happen.plus the men and women in the military should just lay down there arms and walk away.but ben i do urge for the chinese secret society Ninjas to round up george bush,david rockefeller and Lord Rothschild and Assasinate them,before they attempt to assasinate Obama.

F. Griffith

I agree 1000%. The people are NOW sick and tired of their criminally insane behavior...and you could not have used better words to describe them.

Frank Bauer

"Fooling the dumbest portion of the brainwashed Europeans is not going to accomplish anything."

I wouldn't object to this - but multiple times more important are the multiple times more badly brainwashed North Americans who are multiple times more important to the mentioned politicians and clans.

In Europe we still have relatively simple access to a relative wide choice of not (yet?) totally controlled media and this is not the case in the USA/CAN where, to make things worse, the great majority of people is solely focused on their small and narrow minded own continent - and "small" here is meant intellectually and spiritually.

So you should rather bother and worry about USA/CAN in the first place. Most Europeans are quite disillusioned about the US-Anglo Saxon aggression (not only) against Europe ever since 1914.


..ummm, yeah sort of.

Back in 2003 big stupid US Government stepped on some smelly toes..and invaded Iraq. Gave the BLUES an excuse to REMOVE THE SIRIAN B Greys..(see Shirley MacLaine dot com..OSIRIS posts circa 2003).

With them 'outta the picture' the DRACONIAN alliances are sort of 'more out there than ever'. One reason the GARGOYLES have been brought in (MR. OBAMA)..they actually need us to start a NUKEWAR in order to open up more stargates for them (and help us out just like those wonderful monkeys did in the Wizard of Oz). '"Wicked Witches"' then take control of our little theatrical play here.

I also posted some 'info' on Shirley's site back then:


NKSI (if/when you can find it on the net) is short for the "North Korean Space Industrialization" initiative..of whom Madeline Albright
knew about in 1999 and requested that the "Russkies help us out here"
..so Clinton asked the Russian's "space people" to help the North Koreans on 'space industrialization issues'.

People I had previously contacted (like Northrop Engineer and Sci-Fi writer Dr. Jerry Pournelle) were prepared to send in their "designs & stuff"..but the 'incoming characters'(Bush II's) sat on it for 8 years. I did post (see Shirley's site) what I had on 'econometric ideas and concepts' toward 2055 (2025 to 2055)..but they ran me off.

Good luck Mr. Fulford..the Gargoyles are masters at Stargate/Stardrive
Civilizations..and ducking in and out of political popularity and keeping the "policy monitors" busy. We will formally arrive when the
Chinese/North Koreans show their "dragon tails" and get the G's to
evacuate those in charge. I had several visions of Mr. Kim, Hillary,
various politicoes..jumping on a "Pleidian-like vessel"..in front of
major news people // HDTV cameras..and then POOF completely dissappearing for several years. We have then formally entered the most complex of possible timelines..where NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

Intergalactic scholars will be investigating us and these scenarios for
centuries..if NOT EONS.

We will have Violated a MAJOR PATHWAY PROTOCOL,..upon nuclear weapons being used in the upper atmosphere in the Eastern Pacific. Even if these had been only .5 kiloton 'reengineered back-pack nukes'..which someone had handed to Mr. Kim and cohorts..we are STILL ELIGIBLE.


Because we in a DEEP NEST of serpent race cultures (see RedElk.com) and
'outsiders' will do ANYTHING to mess them up. Pray for Mr. Obama and
the next several months...if the RAPTURE HAPPENS before 2012...we will
have entered a BLACKENED DOORWAY..a STARPATH into non-anthropic realms.

We won't be human any longer.

Only those "taken by God"..will remain human.







pUre Warrior

Every trail leads to one name, Rothschild, the original debt issue fiat money debt slave tax theft family. These are the Eye of the Illuminati they are in every scam perpetuated against humanity. We must reject everything and everyone they touch. It would be appropriate to ban everyone of them for every generation to the lowest poverty of humanity.


That's swoop down and save not dave. sorry.


Man, this game is getting rather old. Next the Bush/Rothchilds will have Obama swoop down and dave women and children while wearing a cape as the nuclear bombs go off...what insanity!!


They are right on schedule:


Question is: why did they pick the Korean Peninsula and not the Israeli/Iranian theater? If the US is fully engaged in Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan, obviously Israel will have to deal with Iran on its own terms. And, Netanyahu is chomping at the bit. Once the US engages N. Korea, for him it will be "it's now or never". He'll say: "if the US doesn't have the resources, Israel will have to finish the job alone".

Their 9/11 disclosures (amongst others) is perhaps their way of mocking the "sheeple" masses.
It's as if they are saying: "yes, we are behind all this, and what are you going to do about it?"

Ben, I admire your sensitivity in offering the elite a sanctuary, should they change their ways. But, these people seem far too committed to Lucifer's dictates and power (think of them as dogs being led by their masters' leash) , far too self-absorbed with their megalomaniacal role in the earth's destiny, far too impervious to death threats (what do you expect if they worship death?), and frankly a bit of a bother to the rest of humanity.

[Maybe the aliens have promised them immortality. That's why they thumb their nose at death.]

Could the world do without them? Yes.

Would others like them fill the vacuum once they are gone? Probably.

This triumvirate coalition of the BOE-FED-BIS supervised by the Vatican Bank must come to an end. The solution is as much a spiritual one as it is pragmatic. Power is not a de facto premise for corruption. If the bankers can be contained, then we can have more free-thinking Abraham Lincoln's and JFK's.
The question is: who will fill their void once they are gone? Who will appear as the new regulator of international finance? Under what guise? How will we know he is not also 33rd degree Masons with his own brand of totalitarianism?

The most urgent project of our time is educating the masses. In classrooms around the world history books must be re-written. The masses must be told the truth about the role banking has had in the inception of wars, the role the media has had in duping and pacifying the people into "sheeple"...etc, etc. in order that this debacle is never repeated.

The UN or a new body must be organized to see that this kind of rot never seizes on humanity ever again.

That's when we'll have a renaissance. Until then, expect more mayhem.

How will it all unfold? If Biblical text is to be our guide (and they - the elite - do follow it ...."religiously") we are in for the mother of all wars which will only cease when Jesus Christ makes His second appearance and is hailed as King of Kings.

The problem is that they (the elite) have become Lucifer's vassals and hence have devolved into automatons.

eric swan

It's the price of the ticket and Shakespeare nailed it when he pointed out that the world is a stage...Unfortunately, some of the thespians didn't realize they were stage hands and props for the perps.


When the foolings-around of Kim Jong 'ill' are adressed to China while thinking about more cooperation, what means more money for the marode North Korean system, more trading and more food-supplies by China the USA would have the chance to go on with popular boycotts and other harrassings against North Korea. The USA would so be freed from further humanitary consents that could be interpreted as weekness.

China has to fear in case of military acts against North Korea by the west a great amount of refugees at their borders wanting to come in, and the presence of US-troops in the direct neighbourhood. None of it is welcomed!

By these well hidden hot-shot 'scare tactics' the USA might just persuade China to 'co-operate' for the benefit of, as Mr. Fulford told, increasing Obamas popularity.

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