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James J

It is very obvious that outside of Mexico, this flu outbreak is not fatal. In fact, it is described as being a very mild flu. Even the toddler who died within the US was Mexican, came from Mexico City on a visit, and has been described as being in poor health even before the infection. Why the difference between infections in Mexico and elsewhere?

Cloning activities do not always succeed, due to science’s misunderstanding of how things work and the resulting clumsy steps to create it.

This bio-engineered virus was sliced and slammed together. Flu virus is notorious for mutating, and this one has, in a reverse direction, becoming less lethal as it passed from one to another.

All deaths in Mexico have been as a result of being infected *directly* by the virus from a test tube, including the Mexican toddler who died in Texas. Those who were directly exposed but did not die passed the virus on, but in a modified and mutated state. Second hand infections were the passing of modified virus which survived the immune systems of these individuals, and this virus was only one of many in the original mix.

The strong virus, the one capable of killing people, inciting a 1918 type of response, did not survive long enough in the human body, and thus was not passed. What passed was a second cousin in the mix, which was mild, much less mild than seasonal flu in fact.

Did the NWO know this was going to be the case in advance despite the media falsely hyping it up?

I don't know but the strains from the deceased must be compared to all the cases out there in order for the authorities to ascertain if the WHO should in fact be reducing the treat level back down to nothing.

What about the mutation in september?

It will continue to mutate into something less harmful and the pandemic will not happen with this virus unless the Bush/Elite/NWO crowd release another one pupporting to be this *new strain*.

They must be stopped at all costs before this is allowed to happen again.


Hi Ben,

the final warnings from you sure have been going on for a long time.

No doubt you are right in saying the power of the Illuminati is crumbling, but it's crystal clear by now no final warning is going to be headed by them, so why bother issuing them???

no name

> Why you are always saying "FINAl warning". but Nothing has happen.
Yes! I think so.


Benjamin-san omedetou gozaimasu.
Watakushiwa nikkei burajirujin nanode nihongowa nigatedesu.
Ima genzai nihongo benkyotyu desuga, Bensamin-san no honwo, tyonto zutsu yomassete itakimasu.
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.


I wish the Mafia in the US had as much guts as the Japanese underworld to threaten the higher ranking criminals in the US.


people should not take this seriously because its only applying HOPE...

Japan might be fighting but they are alone...The winner will always be Illuminati...

Joseph D. Casalaro

Daisaku Ikeda must be a very happy man now. This year the Head Temple near Mt. Fuji in the Fujinomiya prefecture, that excommunicated him and his organization a decade & a half ago, is conducting a massive pilgrimage this year to the Head Temple for over seas members from all over the world. At the this writing the city of Fujinomiya requested the Head Temple suspend the pilgrimage for foreign members of the sect because of the fear of the spread of the "swine flu" virus through air travel.
Ikeda has sought revenge for years against the Head Temple of the Buddhist sect he belonged to after they excommunicated him and his followers in the 90's. Now he must be very happy with the "swine flu" scare initiated by George Bush Sr.
The U.S. branch of his organization SGI-USA established a personal laison with George Bush Sr. years ago at an event in Chicago in the 1980's.



たかじんのそこまで言って委員会 憲法SP なんと安倍元総理が出演 5

martha thacker

It is in the Clintons' interests for something to happen to Obama. Anyone who could be considered a viable candidate in 2012 including Obama. John Edwards has gone before a grand jury for campaign fund theft. Chris Dodd probably won't be reelected for taking out the CEO bonus law in the bail out. He said he was told to do it from the WH.

These people are not sane. Look at the entire Kennedy family..killed or marginalized. Obama is their no. 1 competitor.

Angel Uribe

Why you are always saying "FINAl warning". but Nothing has happen. I do not believe in word, I believe in facts. We will see in the following days, weeks or months if something really happens.


Oh, and this I would like to add about our Prime Minister, Balkenende, a Rockefeller pick (very few people in Holland know this. And is rather typical of the ignorance of the general public here).

His remedy for the economic banking 'crisis': we should reinvigorate "the good ol' Dutch VOC mentality".

The VOC being the Verenigde Oost-Indie Compagnie, which translates to the 17th Century East India Coorporation.

The one that colonized Indonesia, and killed half of Bali, when doing so.

Dutch comment by the electorate or any 'captain' of industry: none.
They had a hard time understanding what he was trying to communicate. If that's the word for this drunken ramble, Afrikaander 'apartheid' style.

He is - of course - another Christian Democrat.


I would like to contibute to some general mahem :)

And request attention to Europe based NATO vazals, like where I live, Holland, and that provided the last Secretary General for NATO, Scheffers, a completely corrupt Christian Democrat, Dutch style, that are on the 'christian' euro crypto fascist agenda.

Quite repugnant.

Holland still has an establishment of 'you keep them stupid, we keep 'm poor', and will do anything for a Bribe or Sellout, and run the public space as if we were in the dark ages.
If you heard otherwise, that's all establishment propaganda, and I know, I'm here.


marco saba

Federal Reserve: seigniorage and covert action
Sent by Marco Saba, Italian Center for Monetary Studies

The Fed established swap lines with foreign central banks in 1962 to defend the fixed exchange rate system without raising interest rates (Hetzel 1996). The collapse of the fixed rate system in 1973 eliminated the rationale for swaps. The Fed, however, put them to another use. For instance, in 1973, the administration asked the Fed to help Italy deal with the increase in its balance of payments deficit in the aftermath of the large rise in oil prices. "The Federal Reserve.. came to the aid of Italy, whose chronic political instability prevented rapid response to the energy crisis. The central bank expanded its swap line with the Bank of Italy from $2 billion to $3 billion to help that country finance imports in the short run" (Wells 1994, 125). The use of swaps to provide short-term assistance to foreign countries has prompted debate within the FOMC,. In response to a question from a governor about whether the Fed might provide long-term assistance to Italy, Burns (Board of Governors Minutes July 16, 1974, 783) responded: "If the Federal Reserve were to abandon the principle that the swap lines were available only to meet short-term needs, there would be a natural tendency for other agencies of Government to look to the System, rather than to Congress, for the resources to deal with a broad variety of international financial and political problems. If the System were to provide those resources it would, in effect, be substituting its own authority for that of Congress. A decisive case could then be made in support of the charge that the System was using Federal moneys without regard to the interest of the Congress."

Congress delegated to the Fed the Monopoly on the creation of the monetary base. Money creation allows the Fed to undertake fiscal policy independent of Congress. Such operations are not subject to the open debate generated by congressional actions. Therefore, they limit the accountability provided for in the provision of the Constitution that "[n]o money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law." The use of seigniorage revenues by the central bank for purposes other than financing its own operations reduces the public's ability to monitor government activities and erodes constitutional safeguards.

The Monetary Policy of the Federal Reserve: A History - by Robert L. Hetzel, Cambridge University Press, 2008
[Robert Hetzel = Senior Research Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis]
Appendix: Seigniorage and Credit Allocation
Pages: 215 - 216 - 217


Very good news ! If just one country anywhere had a media telling the truth, it would give it much more plausibility to the sleeping masses in other coutries. Sars, HAARP, September 11th etc.


Ben, in comparing some of your comments on Project Camelot with some of Bill Deagle's comments it seems like you have both been (and may still be) in contact with entities from a higher dimension. Bill in his interview elaborates more fully on this topic. Can you tell us in your next Rense interview what role - if any - these beings are capable of playing in this scenario. Are they here merely to watch the final act of the show called "Earth", or are they going to take an active role in eliminating the oligarchs? Bob Dean also has a lot of information on aliens and transcendentals. Will some of the alien races intervene as humanity goes through its death throes (some would call them birth pains) or are they going to let things unfold as they may? Or, are they all squarely aiding and abetting the luciferian oligarchs? Btw...kudos to those entrusted with the task of spring cleaning Japan of its slave masters. It should be a regular activity.

blue star

経団連が関与したと思われる会社の形態の変化(成果主義導入・残業時間上限設定・派遣労働者雇用の増加・分社化の促進 etc)→日本人総人件費の圧縮→利益幅拡大→株価上昇・配当金UP につながると思われますが、ちょうど時期を同じくして、外国人の日本株式市場への参入が容易になったと記憶しています。


We are waiting with great anticipation to see the culmination of all your work, Ben!
Thank you for your persevering efforts!


Thanks to you, and thanks to Internet,we are awaken to see the truth. Interesting thing that they always do everything after our waiting such as the missile of NK, recent flu,and so on.
Let's avoid unnecessary fight and stay thoughtful.








It looks like we're going to finally see some action.

I wish they'd just do something that forces this into the new cycle. It's been a long time coming, Benjamin.

Christine Tremblay

Hello Mr. Fulford! Here is a good film for every one to see on chemtrails and what it can drop on people below. The title Toxic Skies and actress Anne Heche features in it as Dr. Martin. From a good source I've heard that the film is banned in the U.S.A..Many reason to be worried of what they can do to us, to exterminate us all. Regards Chriss http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/30716/anne-heche-stars-chemtrail-story-toxic-skiesor-does-she






That's right. Too many of us citizens around the world have been well informed about the existance of the globalists control, along with the so-called "economic hitmen" and the "jackals." Censorship in the mainstream media can no longer prevent us from knowing what is going on.

Everyone of us here should read this book.

Also watch the videos:
youtube search: "economic hitman" "john perkins"


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Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the "Final Warning" was given last year.

One can only cry "Wolf!" so many times before that cry is dismissed as a "Crank Call".

What's the ole saying, "Actions speak louder than words."

At the very least, Grand Jury type investigations should be initiated.

At the very worst... Well, I'll leave that your imagination.

martha thacker

It has become less and less important in the U.S. to jail real criminals...even those guilty of horrendous crimes.Instead... competitors in the CIA drug trade...political dissidents like Abu Mumai Jabal. If you are a Republican and caught doing criminal activity..like Tom DeLay, appeals go on for years.

The Govenor of Georgia , Don Siegleman was put in jail for complaining that his election was stolen. His conviction has still not been overturned , despite evidence it was a total set up by Karl Rove. Then when a Republican operative turned whistleblower , admitted it was a set up. ...her car was run off the road and her house burned down.

Mike Connel, who helped fix the elections for bush went down in a plane crash. He had been threatened. I am sure we would all be surprised if we knew the threats and intimidation which have given the bush/clinton crime family their so called power.

I am also sure the internet is their worst nightmare. If it weren't for caucuses in democratic primary states, Hillary Clinton would be our president. In the run up to the election ..Obama would be shown in front of thousands. Hillary would be in a diner somewhere shaking hands. The MSM still talking about her inevitability as our president. Both Clintons have tried to do away with caucuses. The states using electronic voting machines went for Hillary in the caucuses. Except for N.H. Obama was ahead in the polls , then she miraculously won.

N.H. has unsecured ballots..store them in usecured locations. And go to great pains to make sure they are not investigated. They have quite a lot to do with choosing our presidents, as they are the second state to vote in the primaries. Obama won in hand counted precincts there, Hillary with the electronic voting machines. The electronic voting machines have been proven to be hackable. Mostly it is republicans who push them.

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