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munkey junkie

blocking me ben?

Saint Cheez

Well, I have to admit that some of Ben's intel has proved right. Not sure what the percentage is. He was right that banker arrests were happening including bankers being detained. For instance, Swiss would not allow bankers outside of country for this very reason. Apparently Obama admin did sue for info from Swiss accounts. There were some strange going-ons concerning the Pentagon and nukes including weird deaths. Yes China had a hand in the money wars which actually has been going on in many countries, not just China.

Anyway, headsup folks. Beside the fact that Obama admin has stopped production of ammo, I learned from a friend that a local gun shop admitted the Alcohol Tobacco Firearm and Explosives was going to "takeover" the shop.

US people are armed for at least two armies, and US gov is prohiting ammo. My intuition says to me that something is definitely going to happen. BTW politicians want the military to give info on their own weapons...

Frank Saponaro

When there is no more Federal Reserve bank and the Bank of England. Then and only then will the world be free.


fema camps info all over internet, not so hard to find.

utube not only source.

much of the info can be found in gov. own docs

this has been going on since Bush sr

hope this finds you well Ben






I am encouraged by these developments.
Even if it is slow and arduous, steps are being taken.
I take it that this Lux Treaty is *based* on the Marshall Plan, but is not within it historically, and that it is a private agreement that has been developed by people of high integrity and consciousness.

"Published on the internet" means it is going bigger than on this blog and the conspiracy internet sites who are currently posting this info.
It is meant that these names will reach the more public audience.


FEMA camps are not only real, but the Congressional debate on legislation to mobilize them was recently top news. To the ignoramous with the FEMA comment below - look at the facts, and not your personal whims. The credibility of "youtube" is not at issue, when a video shows actual news and/or governments documents. These death camps are the worlds destiny if no one stops the international bankers.

martha thacker

Claire...there is a difference between religious and spiritual.

Pope is religious. ...thinks killing is o.k. as long as there is something in it for him.

Spiritual is personal accountability to God, Goddess , Great Spirit or Budha. Personally, I think there is something to be said for all the religions. ...including Pagans. Forgive my spelling.

I believe in reincarnation and feel that I have worshipped as a Native American and Budhist.


The Pope is not deeply spiritual unless he's reformed since his days in the Nazi Youth. He is just an unnecessary middleman between the Creator and the good but gullible people who have bought the BS that he is Gods spokesman on Earth. What a load.
From what I understand there ARE actually deeply spiritual (non-religious) people driving us into our new prosperity (for all).


I looked up the Lux York Treaty and found zilch.

Explain that, Ben? Explain how this new system is based on a non existant treaty?

Is it because it is a non existent new system?


I join Claire in thinking you are a fool, a tool, and/or sometimes right.

Also, I agree we need no more secret societies. We need accountability.

eric swan

I hope it's not too late for you but Mida's touch is not a blessing.




件名: RE: RE: Question about FEMA concentrated camp


Please be advised that there are no "FEMA" detention camps in which you
request information on. Please also keep in mind that websites such as
YouTube are not always creditable when viewing content matter from these
websites. Thank you.


Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bilderberg_attendees is the list of attendees to this years May 14-17 Bilderberg meeting in Greece. I wonder how many are actually in the COMMITTEE OF 300?


CIAを統括する米国大統領直属の国家安全保障会議NSCの議長で、同時に東アジア担当者であり(クリントン政権)、後に安全保障担当の国防次官補であったジョセフ・ナイJoseph S Nye, Jrが駐日大使になり近々訪日するようですが、このまま野放しにしておいて大丈夫なんですかね?彼は300人委員会のメンバーではない様ですが、元CIAである彼が検察と絡んで何やらかすつもりか大体分かりました。検察が中国や北朝鮮をシナ人と侮蔑する様な言い回しで対立を促し戦争に誘導する。つまり検察はCIAの言いなりだったという訳です。余り良い印象を受けません。アジア同士で仲良くする事をアメリカが阻んでいるという事実を日本国民も中国人も韓国・北朝鮮の人々ももっとハッキリと自覚すべきです。



Where are those 10.000 ninjas Fulford promised last year? If "they" dont stop their bad deeds immediately (define immediately please) they would be facing extinction??? Has anyone of those illuminati scumbags been dying lately?

There have been 3 attemps on Fulfords life???? I'd say if there has been only ONE he would not throw this unfounded unproven and totally transparent GARBAGE and disinfo at us at this time.
By his own admission: if you have to get a bodyguard its too late ..., well, it looks like he didnt even need one. Makes me wonder who actually made an attempt on his life and what his credentials where. A ninja boyscout perhaps?

Fulford, get a life!


I believe the sentiments of "Claire" are not typical, and that most are encouraged by these latest blogs. Many thanks and God bless...


have looked up the Lux Treaty and found nothing. Marshall plan, as they say is old news (but good news?)

heard Knox gold removed years ago by Rocherfellers. One of their secretaries murdered over that exposure.

Sui Ryu

deeply spiritual and highly disciplined men

spiritual で disciplined ってことはその人々の人格についての説明のように取れるので、higly disciplinedってのは他者に対してではなく、自身にたいして「規律を守る」ということを徹底できるような、自制の力を持った人のことを言ってるんじゃないかと思います。 「精神性が高く、規律を深く尊重する人々」とか。 日本語から離れてるからいい表現思いつかないけど、英語のニュアンスを理解しながらここの日本語訳を読んだときに、この人々のことちゃんと表現してなくて残念に思ったので、コメントしました。 ベンフル~、Beautiful British Columbia から応援してるよぉ~!

Chilliwack, BC






The Illuminati are outdated. They think they are an elite but they are in contrast some kind of vermin. That's the one side. On the other side most members of the illuminati are born into a satanistic ritual-abusing families and are in that sense also victims and poor people, which worthy of our mercy. Think about Brithey Spears and Michael Jackson. Are these illuminati mind-controlles zombies happy? No. Probably Madonna is enjoying her illuminism, but most people in the cult don't do.

Mankind has advaned and the illuminati will be left behind.

There are rumors that the next Bilderberger conference will deal with the issue, if the actual economic crisis will be turned quickly into a hard and short depression or if there will be a softer depression continuing for decades.


What do you think/know about this, Benjamin?

Best Regards,



Japanese sentence is wired, need to retranslate.


I wish I could feel better by what you say, but a new secret society is not really acceptable. That is just bait and switch. I don't want any more "deeply spiritual" people like the current Pope...
I wonder often if you are a tool, a fool, or right. I guess time will tell.


和文・英文にずれがありますよ。「非常に精神的に貧しい規律の厳しい男達」と「 deeply spiritual and highly disciplined men」。どちらが正解ですか?

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