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Tom Joad

If there's one thing I've learned from the "esoteric" study of the conspiracy world, it's that either the world is totally different than I ever imagined, or that there are many wonderful science fiction writers.

Ben, before you buy the idea that gold=money=wealth, you should check out the work of Stephen Zarlenga: www.monetary.org. His work has really changed some of my misconceptions about what money is. In short, it's possible to have a stable national economy through law alone (through public infrastructure projects and issuance of low-interest industrial credit, and by removing the ability of private institutions to create credit), without having to resort to the millenial Templar jubilee. Not only that, but if you equate money with wealth (gold), you'll get the golden rule – he with the gold makes the rules.

That said, the Jubilee would be pretty cool.




Well isn't that amazing!

I do hope this is legitimate.


> "Only a qualified person with the correct knowledge holds the key."

The gold and the powers are all within yourself, looking for it in the outside world might be just an other illusion !

> "Should you have any questions please contact me."

* Why secrecy as a path for enlightenment ?

* Why is power better than gold ?

* Does a truly enlightened person have any interests in that ?

* Why the division between us and them and why do we still have false ego's

* Why are we so passionately ignorant trying to do the good thing ?

* Why doesn't it looks like were all one ?

Let me say this:

The coldest time of the night is two hours before the dawn.

Greets and love to all the fractions, holy people and unholy people, all the highnesses and lownesses, Grand masters and the poor people of Bhutan.

Oh and God.


Seems to fit-: In Germany there are astonishingly often aristocrats are seen in talk-shows, in documentaries, as politicians, wanna-be and real ones, as advisors in social tasks, who are writing books- books on issues like about children-education, etc..

Meanwhile fantasy-literature, in which princes and princesses, noble knights and evil magicians are spinning their schemes is booming.

Dan Brown-bestsellers have been coming to hollywood and are establishing recordsin the cinemas of the western world.

Holy grail, templar knights, illuminati (not the Weishaupts!), drak and lightened priests and other forthliving medieval stuff are shooing through the by all the mysteries shimmering brains of the willingness consumers.

A blinding hoax that hits the Zeitgeist going on in infantilizing people .... I don't believe nothing!


To me, the Biblical culture is stemmed from ancient India. It seems that the Babylonian tyrants have put their interpretations of ancient Indian culture into its advantageous usage.

No wonder why today's Zionists are keen to mess up the Indian subcontinent and the Indian-influenced SE Asia.

But this also brings more justification by the Zionists to take over Iran and very Persian-oriented Central Asian countries since today's Iranian culture has affinity with ancient and today's Indian culture.


i come from languedoc, where the treasure was hidden. it has been sent to switzerland, and probably now in the hands of uk and usa central banks. if you steel my gold, you become my enemy. but the knight's time is over and nowadays there are much more people than before. We are today trillions on a boat and we must destroy our worse enemies, our sionists leaders, only 10 000 or like you say before the 52 first family.
next month in France we have european elections and we have a famous humorist that wants to become a deputy, his programm is antizionnist, as he calls it. his name is DIEUDONNE. the media and the government call him : a antisemit. the french jews must wake up and help him. this is the only way to get our treasure back, you treasure.
the jews are known as : looking for the truth peacefully. we must be their knights and we shall share the truth for a better world
against 10 000 liars for the truth, gold'll help us!!


Another article about 2012 Olympics logo,"2012:Zion The New Jerusalem".


G O H !



>..the Zionists are going to promise to stop their global criminal behavior..

Sorry, I don't believe it. Have a close look at 2012 London Olympics Logo.


I think they are planning something in 2012.


Ben, if this is a hoax, it's worrying.
If this is for real, it's even more worrying.
Whoever wrote this with all their titles and convoluted phrasing is parked on another planet from the one where we are facing mass starvation, extermination etc.


FAKE, sorry Ben but this has faux written all over it. Don’t hold your breath for one second on this as all this person has done is regurgitating a lot of your previous blogs along with old and repeated “TWISTED INFO” on the net. Why would these people who have the power to obtain info far beyond our own sources use the worst of sources anywhere? He referenced YOU, of who absolutely knows nothing of our present situation and have MANY TIMES been fed disinformation, Rumor mill news, need I say anything else about this web site. The rants sound more of a delusional fan of yours as you do have a very large following. He sadly tries to make a good case out of nothing and then uses very big names to catch our attention and make it sound very important. I have seen you rise and fall Mr. Fulford, many times and it makes me feel horrible to see your blunders even after asserting that you are apart of a very secret and powerful organization by which your explanations make them incredible but you later make them look like loons in your rants. I would like to share my feelings here without hurting your followers if I may.
Every one who frequents this board should know better than to believe much of anything we read or hear or any other so called whistle blower. As they more often than not get feed DISINFORMATION! I have seen far too many people come here and believe your rants with all there hearts and mind. You too have fallen for your own rants and at one point believed that your people were benevolent and caring of human life only to later hear that your society’s plans are falling apart as they have all along been working in conjunction with the Satanist of the planet. You better rephrase your society’s plans again as they have changed far too many times. Get your act straight Mr. Fulford along with the facts. Go out with a bang not a hiss!

Translated by google."Googleで翻訳された。"

"申し訳ありませんが私の日本の友人。私はこれを翻訳しようとしたが、 Googleの正しい作業ではありません。"


Please Mr Fulford

Disseminate the truth of the WW1, WW2, Holohoax, Dresden, Nanking Massacre, motivation for racism and genocide in Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Iraq, WTC 9/11.......



Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(1/2)




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