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Disturbing. It is precisely this sort of thing that could trigger another world war - and probably will.


They are not fighting each other. It's all a show, like the Democrat / Republican, left right paradigm. They're stalling for time, while they poison everyone with chemtrails and mercury vaccines.


Hi Ben
It is a mexican stand-off they are all buying time and jockeying for position
best regards


Both garven and John M McGuire have hit it on the head for me...what a mouthful.

The Chinese communists also want world domination and so accept the slaves of the West as payment. They think~payback time.
In so doing they step into a trap of not being paid, further supporting the West's debt, and further enslavement themselves.

Kill the bankers who gum up the works.

It looks like they are all eating each other!

And then there is still another group who wants to pay it all off and free the people. But no one is listening right now.


It seems obvious to me that there are still Chinese beaurocrats that are being at the very least black-mailed by the Illuminati-satanists. The Red/Green Society has failed to identify who they are. Plus, there must be Chinese officials who simply love being "slave-traders".HAARP, chemtrail poison-spewing disease planes continue unabated.And, the mind-Kontrol death towers(FAKE cell-phone towers) are turned up higher than I've ever experienced to date. What are the Red/Green Society members' elders waiting for? Perhaps when their super-computer in Brussels has i-d'ed them all indivually? When they are dead or imprisonned by the Rothschild's goose-stepping enforcers it will be too late to act! "Red/Green Society the time to act is now!" Anybody else feel this way, or is it just me? stvn.


Ben..hope you have recovered fully from your back operation.

Can you elaborate a little more on the various factions.

If the Fed is controlled by the Illuminati, then what about the Group of 300, NESARA (www.nesara.us), the Muslim world, the Zionists, the Russians and Chinese, and the Vatican?

Or is Lucifer perhaps at the very top of the pyramid, and we are just playing musical chairs?

martha thacker

Mr. Fulford...I would be interested in your opinion as to what you think will happen with this. Glad to hear the military is against the Bush/Clinton cabal. How did they get so much power ? None of them seem to be exactly smart people. Obama does seem very intelligent to me however.

I write comments on Huffington Post . Have been censored repeatedly. But anytime I write against the Clintons and the Summers/Geithner mismanagement etc. ...my comments go right on through. The progressive blogs do not like the Clintons.

I think they are plotting to get Hillary elected in 2012 ...trying to pick off any rivals including Obama. A grand jury has convened in Raleigh N.C. for illegal use of campaign funds by John Edwards. Chris Dodd was set up to take the fall for continuing CEO bonuses. He is not doing well in the polls.


The Illuminati bankers is trying to trap China and framing China in a long period of time.

Or perhaps it's a first step for China to gradually take over western financial institutions peacefully.


As much as some Chinese may think a deal is a great thing, please remember that they of the dark will ultimately work for your destruction too.
They will never share rule.

John M. McGuire

... Thanks again for your tireless work.

John M. McGuire

"There is something extremely unnatural about the Chinese making a deal with a group that tried to kill 80% of all non-European peoples."

Yes, Indeed, Mr. Fulford. The Chinese need look no further than THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA -- where the NWO/Illuminati consortium has "test marketed" their trendy plagues for the last 25 years. (For that matter, the Illuminati has already unleashed batches of the "bird flu" in Asia on several different occasions.)

The Chinese -- and all Asian-based peoples -- need to realize that this group holds them in NO HIGHER REGARD THAN THEY HOLD AFRICANS (and Blacks, in general). THEY, TOO (Asians), ARE PART OF THE 90% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION PEGGED FOR ULTIMATE EXTERMINATION BY THE ILLUMINATI.

The Illuminati's God is LUCIFER: THE FATHER OF ALL LIES.

NOTHING THEY SAY ... NOTHING THEY AGREE TO -- ANYTHING -- CAN BE TRUSTED. Any deal they make with the Chinese will be a setup ... certainly nothing the Chinese could ever "hang their hat on". I would think by now, especially in light of Madam Clinton's (speak of the devil) recent visit, that they would be starting to grasp this.

In truth, the Chinese need do little more than examine what becomes of the scientists who concoct these death formulas for them, may they rest in peace (NOT). The reality of the NWO/Illuminati is that EVERYONE who has exhausted their usefullness to the group typically doesn't live very long thereafter. ... Is this the sort of people with which ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would want to strike a deal??

"No matter how you think of it, it would be a better deal for China to accept payment in gold and European and American friendship and cooperation than it would be to try to make a deal with human slave traders."

I think you've hit the nail on the head here, Ben (perhaps more accurately than you intended when you swung the hammer), for it is THE HUMAN SLAVE TRADE that is the Chinese's common ground with the Illuminati. They, too (the Chinese), have profited for centuries off of the sweat and toil of their own people's enslavement.

This is the commonality that "validates" the Illuminati to the Chinese -- and is, ironically, the very reason why the Chinese can never trust them.

If the Chinese only grasp one reality about the Illuminati (and their various nefarious front groups) it should be that ONCE YOU ARE NO LONGER OF USE TO THEM, YOU ARE QUICKLY ELIMINATED. If they only look at what the group is doing in America [the action of which the Chinese are financing (and have been)] -- sucking all of the wealth out of the entire country's coffers, and guaranteeing the future enslavement for generations of Americans (the ones who aren't exterminated, anyway) -- common sense would seem to suggest that this group could never be trusted and would be suicidal, in the long term, to deal with.

Perhaps the complexity of this huge scenario boils down to simply that the Chinese are already buried way too deep in the financing of this group, and think that their present course is the only possible way they will ever receive repayment.

Saint Cheez

PLEASE DO NOT POST TO YOUR SITE OR INTERNET AND NO NEED TO REPLY Hi Ben, Just like to say I am a fan :) You probably had a past life in Japan and are now returning. My past life may have been Mespotania and Greece. These end times weigh heavily on me. Why me? :( Sob. Maybe we have place in the scheme of things or maybe its just punishment for prior mis-deeds. I assume that I was not a good soul in prior lives or even today. My dreams and revelations are not as often now-a-days. Maybe I am getting biologically older as there are 3 internal forces, Mind-Heart-Sex which moves Adam or Man in the physical level. I wish you and your family and friends all my love...long life. As far as I know YHVH is the same as Adam-Eve, Yod is the smallest Hebrew letter and starts at the bottom of the Tree... not at the top. So, I acknowledge the Hebrews and in turn ask respect...I would like to keep in touch. But, I respect your mission and do not wish to hinder it. good bless. Saint Cheez. BTW, the west worships the tribe called GAD - ASHER or god/gut of good luck. See, tribes do worship their own tribal name.


Dont the Chinese realize they are being used omce again. Man, when will the Chinese population rise up en masse against their own government. They have fought over land already and there was Tinammen Square.

If the Europeans, Brits and Americans together hit the Illuminati on all fronts then they are lost. The Canadians are still docile. I think the Canadians are in hibernation. I haven't seen a large demonstration yet against the Harper yet; however time will tell.



It appears this blog post has spurred a call to action by Alex Jones to have
Grand Jury investigations nationwide into any criminality by all those involved in this banking meltdown.



There is a claim that the Illuminati/Zionists are lead by Khazar Jews.
If you have not seen this claim or source, I think you will find it quite interesting.

Succinct and short historical summary

Wikipedia’s entry

Marco Saba

"Tactics in Counterinsurgency," U.S. Army Field Manual Interim 3-24.2, March 2009 (6.2 MB PDF, 307 pages)
Use Money as a Weapon System
Recent experiences have shown the effectiveness of using money to win popular support and further the interests and goals of units conducting counterinsurgency operations. Money should be used carefully. In most cases, higher authority will tightly control funds through strict accountability measures that ensure the money is used properly. When used effectively, and with an end state in mind, money can be an effective means to mobilize public support for the counterinsurgent’s cause and further alienate the insurgents from the population. A counterinsurgency force can use money to—
• Fund civic cleanup and other sanitation projects, and the equipment to complete those projects.
• Fund small scale infrastructure improvements.
• Fund agricultural projects to improve farming practices and livestock health, or help implement cooperative farming programs.
• Repair civic and cultural sites and facilities.
• Repair institutions and infrastructure critical to governance and rule of law such as prisons, courthouses, and police stations.
• Purchase education supplies or repair infrastructure critical for educating the local populace.
• Pay rewards to citizens who provide information on enemy activities and locations
• Support the creation, training, and operation of Host Nation security forces.
• Fund events and activities that build relationships with Host Nation officials and citizens.
• Repair damage resulting from combined and coalition operations.
• Provide condolence payments to civilians for casualties from combined and coalition operations.

Omar Zaid, M.D.

Salaam Mr. Fulford,

Where and Who are the dead bankers? I've been following your revelations for a year now and am looking for the teeth in the gauntlet you've been raising.

Take care and Wasalaam,

dr omar


Mr. Fulford: Maybe now the Illuminati assassinations can begin....Or, have the red/green society once again changed sides(Illuminati-satanists WILL betray them in the end if they have changed back sides),and all is lost? stvn.


In order to take things like HAARP down, we have to step up to the realization that we are eternal beings with authority over the non physical on this planet. If they intend to take away the free will of the masses. because the masses are programmed and drugged and sleeping. we need to be the ones to call on our greatness and take back the stolen symbols and take back our power. And say with strength and resolve, 'Be gone' This is a planet of Free Will and that means not intruding upon another without their permission. ,
If enough of us say NO to HAARP and Pandemic and whatever else is fermenting in the poisoned cold blood of the ones who wish to rule- we can have a transformed world without the pain and suffering that is slated and believed in. We have the Authority to say 'begone' - we have the authority to turn the energy of HAARP on its head so it will self destruct. We can command the demons to leave this dimension. we just have to call it forth, with our hearts on and activated- full tilt.
That saying "one candle can light thousands without diminishing its light" is a good one to remember. PS I have hope in Obama if he could be free from his handlers and the gun to his head, i feel ha has a heart.



Hey again, I had posted a two page comment earlier on your post: - 04/04/2009
G20の謎は完全に解けていないが、闇の権力の敗北の可能性は出ている (http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/2009/04/g20%E3%81%AE%E8%AC%8E%E3%81%AF%E3%81%BE%E3%81%A0%E5%AE%8C%E5%85%A8%E3%81%AB%E8%A7%A3%E3%81%91%E3%81%A6%E3%81%AA%E3%81%84%E3%81%8C%E9%97%87%E3%81%AE%E6%A8%A9%E5%8A%9B%E3%81%AE%E6%95%97%E5%8C%97%E3%81%AE%E5%8F%AF%E8%83%BD%E6%80%A7%E3%81%8C%E5%87%BA%E3%81%A6%E3%81%84%E3%82%8B.html). I know Ben you are a spiritual person and a follower of East Asian and Vedic philosophy, but I think that you are putting too much faith in the Chinese Communist-fascist government, the Chinese people are good and decent but their government is evil.

The NWO loves the Chinese government, as you know they bankrolled Chairman Mao’s revolution. Remember that the NWO wants to instill a global fascist-communist regime. David Rockefeller quote:

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history– David Rockefeller”

See how evil they are, Rockefeller says that the death of millions of Chinese people by their puppet Mao was okay (“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution…”)and placing the Chinese people under modern-day slavery is great (“efficient and dedicated administration…”).

The modern and current PRC communist-fascist government is in cahoots with the NWO regime because both of them love to enslave people. China is not truly a communist government but a fascist mix because a few rich thousand elite in China run and control over a billion people (this shows that it is possible for a few thousand to control 6 billion people).

In my previous comment to your post, I had mentioned that China was investing in a Rothschild firm, this was the story link: http://www.infowars.com/bank-of-china-buys-into-rothschild-bank/ . But your post is right there is something going on behind the scenes as China has dropped its investment plans to buy a 20% stake : http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123866965606482017.html.

The Chinese government dropped the bid but unfortunately they will continue working with the Rothschild cabal:

"We have no plan to bid for Rothschild again at present," said Wang Zhaowen, a spokesman for Bank of China, which is majority-owned by the Chinese government. Mr. Wang said the Chinese lender hopes to continue cooperating with Rothschild in other ways. He said it doesn't rule out renegotiating the deal.”

So you are right on the money that something smells rotten in Denmark. The PRC is only worried about staying in power and they have no choice but to negotiate with the NWO cabal as China holds close to 2 trillion in US treasuries and dollars. If they fight the NOW, their economy will collapse, as the NOW will collapse the dollar and make the current Chinese PRC government collapse overnight.

Truly, America is the only true front in the fight against the NWO; American people are 100 million armed and 100 million more are freedom loving independent people. If America falls from the hands of the NWO regime, then the world will be free. Unfortunately, people in Europe are not strong enough because they are not armed and don’t have a single identity, even under the EU.

The awakened people in EU are trying their best but in reality they can’t succeed only a full resistance by freedom loving Americans can truly save the world. I am not talking about the current American puppet regime that is not under the control of the American people but a truly accountable people led-American government is a force of progress and goodness in the world. The NWO doesn’t want people power. What I see is in the future with the Chinese is that they will iron out the issues and the NWO will be implemented unless Americans fight back.


The plot seems to be changing or the players are beginning to show their true hands...

Am I correct that the Chinese means the Communist Chinese as opposed to the Secret Society?

This info is making its way around the internet with greater or lesser detail. It is mind boggling.

As far as Ben doing an "about face"...as info comes in, one must adapt and present the truth; it would be foolish and deceptive to continue to portray the situation as other than it is.
This is called integrity.


Hi Benjamin,

according to the illuminati whistlebowler "Svali" (->Google) the rank of power of the new world order is planed to be

(1) Europe
(2) Russia
(3) China
(4) US.

So far the downfall of the US is completely in line with the illuminati new world order.

The news you told is quite confusing. Nevertheless: What for heaven's sake is really going on? What is the asian secret society willing to do?

Best Regards,





The Chinese would be crazy to do the work of the New World Order and destroy the US... before they are destroyed in turn. The bankers will sit back in Switzerland and play one group after the other and till they are left hold the pot.

I bet it's just the freemason elite in China and not the Chinese themselves who are behind this truly evil plan.



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