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I know how the people can be made to reform oneself


Handlings for swine flu...


Rife Machines can also handle it.


Benjamin: We have noted your last sentence in this latest blog post. The day after your interview on rense.com the news starts trickling out of these obvious attacks against humanity by the Illuminati-Satanists. Weaponized visuses being released upon the populace. They truly are insane and cannot be bargained nor reasoned with. Get them out of the way, so we can have a new monetary system BACKED BY GOLD, as you have suggested. Re-booting the system. Once this 52 card deck gets dealt, the socipathic baby-eating maniacs will start to turn on each other like a starving & ravenous pack of hyenas. Just keep dealing the cards.... ONLY after their extermination will there be a possibilty of the world seeing your vision for our future come into being.


I cannot understand why the Japanese Goverment authorities did not announce the end of the former president Mr.Obuchi's life was caused by disease killing.Many political realities would be hated furiously.



Clearly, Grand Jury type investigations must be initiated in throughout Japan.
Those who planned and executed these crimes should hunted down (as they are like animals) wherever they may hide, prosecuted and punished.

The people of Japan must decide their fate.



Patience my children,the Ninjas are coming,at this time there is a shortage of bamboo canes and we are short on flying disc's also,so Master Ben is hopping to trick flying saucer to land and take captive,to use against evil empire.
In the mean time just wait and a few of you will die,but hey,you choose to believe my fantasy.Now....where did I put that pipe...oh yes...


As serious as this Mexican Flu is~there is a report that more have died than is being reported, up to 200,


I can't help but notice that it is coming at a precipitous time~just as the bank crimes, torture and division over what to do about these things, and the Rep. Harman story about AIPAC/ISRAELI influence in Congress is really picking up pace.

A serious problem of its own, it turns our head from looking at these things just at the right moment to keep us from making sure these items are brought to justice.

Planned? U betcha! Not just as a pandemic, but the timing.

Been done many times before as a diversion to bury potentially explosive info.


Concerning the swine-flu it was very interesting for me to read in the newspaüers Friday/Saturday that air-pasengers arriving Japanese airports have been vetted and were taken temperature.

The unsettling thing is that no other country probably doing compareble action was mentioned- only Japan.

Japan must have a reason to act so or/and the mentioning of Japan is showing great danger for Japan....(?)


God Bless you Ben.
There are few guys putting out the truth
these days. It helps us uselss eaters try to
make some sense of the senseless.
I hope Asia has plenty of capable Ninjas :)

munkey junkie

Bye bye everybody.


Bye bye...


Here, Here.

I trust they will succeed where they failed during the Boxer Rebellion.



Ben is completely aware of the Bio attack.
Ben's Updated post of this article on Saturday, April 25, 2009 includes added comment regarding Mexican swine flu;
Here: NOTE how he could not post on his own site!


----- Original Message ----
From: Fulford Benjamin
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Mr. Bellringer,

Efforts to post the following two articles on my home page are being blocked so I send them to you to post first if you should so desire:

PLUS a new article:

It is time for a jubilee: forgive all debt, free all prisoners and give everyone a $million

Our ancestors, over thousands of years of communal existence, developed customs we have forgotten but need to remember. Right now, for example, many countries, especially the US, could do with a jubilee. It would involve eliminating all debts and freeing all prisoners in a one-time reboot of society. In ancient Israel it also meant land redistribution. If the US carried out asset redistribution along the lines of the ancient land redistribution, it would create a boom of unprecedented proportions. If you take just the $17 trillion or so the Feds have printed and handed over to the banks since September of 2008, that alone would be enough to give every man woman and child in America a $53,000 check. If you took all the assets in America and divided them evenly there would be millions of dollars for every man woman and child in the country. This would not be communism because it would be a one off thing. Even better, in order to avoid punishing hard-working entrepreneurs who created real businesses, you would only need to take assets earned illegally and immorally by the financial industry. It would still leave enough to make every American a millionaire.

That would be real change.


Speaking of poison, the swine flu, as you know has just been released in Mexico city. How big
does this have to get before these scumbags are brought to justice, if there is such thing as justice? I think these people need to be eliminated before they execute their final plan. I just can't
believe that most people can't figure this out.

Frank Saponaro

Well Ben were're dealing with power hungrey maniacs. There is no way a peaceful step down of them can happen. Without their power over others,they are afraid other would kill them. The world would have to seek out justice for what they have done. They know they have done to much harm to take a deal and walk away. The military is their last card.

marco saba

Benjamin Fulford on TOP CENSORED Sonoma University List
Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009
# 24 Japan Questions 9/11 and the Global War on Terror


Hi Benjamin,

which Roosevelt? Franklin or Theodore?

Where is this information from? CIA whistlebowlers? I think information like this should be put on the internet in a much better documented way. But this would make it neccessary that the people who deliver this information go public.

Best Regards,


Saint Cheez

As you usual, Ben, you are missing the big one. Biological warfare just started on the US Mex border w missing viral samples Ft Detrick. Ben, this is the big one and missed it altogether. BTW it is not just swine flu but bird flu also.


Many are being taken out now and for quite a while:
cancer researchers, microbiologists...anyone who is in a position to inform the world of another way to live.

That a Yakuza is saying this is another good sign that there are increasing cracks in the wall of silence and collusion.

These "teabag rallies' are insignificant.
We in America need to do something else.
Perhaps the Ninjas need to kick the ball off for us, show us a method that works to completely undermine and route these horrors of humanity(I would leave the assassination to them...).
We think of the revolutions in the Balkans, but even then they were fooled again and still have problems.
The US is the "eye" at this point.

How do we blind it?


Ben, be safe.

If you should ever need refuge or assistance anywhere around the world, you can go here: http://maps.lds.org/





「エコノミック・ヒットマン 途上国を食い物にするアメリカ」
ジョン パーキンス (著)

Very probable... please read:
"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins
Available at amazon and elsewhere.

Listen to his own words:
youtube keywords: "John Perkins" or "Economic Hit Man"

martha thacker

Perhaps it is time for the Chinese to play their deck of cards. I just hope the Chinese have a different playbook than WE had. i.e.. 9/11 and declaring war on any country that might have something WE could steal.

It is time for all people to be free. Thank you Benjamin Fulford for your sacrifices for US. Visualize peace .


The swine flu was spread by them?
someone able to confirm on this?

Tom Joad

– How right you are. Call me a fool, but I still have a small glimmer of hope for Obama. US presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy were both members of aristocratic families / bloodlines, and were thought "controllable" at first. Roosevelt acted immediately, but Kennedy made very bad decisions for a couple years before he wised-up to what was going on.
– What we need is to escalate the disclosure of this kind of information. No more cold psy-wars. For any head of state to make a difference, they can't do so in an information bubble (though Putin, for one, seems to have done a decent job of cleaning house in secret.) Our elected representatives need the truth known to even suggest the changes that need to be made.
– If Obama is willing to put it all on the line for the future of mankind, he's got the means, motive and opportunity to do so. The more people understand what's at stake, the easier it will be.
– Keep up the great work, Ben. With God with you, who can be against you?


Like we say in Sweden, "Mindre snack mer verkstad. Less talk more workshop.."

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