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Released in Switzerland? Not really, sir, wir have just one confirmed case of swine flu. The container exploding had rather harmless viruses. Nothing to see here yet.


Interest. INTERESTING. Time to start Grand Jury investigations.


eric swan

I think you may have missed the bridging that fulfills "plausible deniability". This flu will spread because they let it spread by leaving borders open etc. But the real program is a binary with bird flu which will be prevelent in the fall. When this flu combines with bird flu, then the second shoe will drop.

Pat Santoro

Who is arresting the Bush cronies?


I wish the ninjas could take the western pharisee zionist jewish to their knee........NOW! No more chances before blow us ALL up......do now guys I and my family will forever in debit to you all.....

Thank you....Ben and the Ninjas and whoever will help do the job.

Greg West

It seems to be another futile attempt by the "bad boy" elite. They're broke and running out of cards to play. I still think Obama is a good guy. He seems to be playing them out of the game. At least, I hope! :-) You are an amazing person Benjamin. Thanks so much far all you've done!! (and will do)

Gretchen Busch

The National Geographic Channel has been airing a documentary called Hitler and the Occult. It is very factual and a historical "must see". Anyone at all interested in how Hitler hooked his folowers, how this "crime gang" came to be in America and the "root" of all HItler's evil (no pun intended) should try to see it.

Check for programming times:

http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/episode/hitler-and-the-occult-2979/Overview#tab-Photos/0 for more info.

Dusty Rhodes

I'm beginning to think all this talk of WW3, the apocalypse, depopulation, FEMA camps, etc. is bluster. I have no doubts that there are people who would very much like to see all of the above, but the realities on the ground don't fit the plans.
– For example, Steve Quayle, who's a frequent guest on Alex Jones and I think Jeff Rense, claims that we're 1 step away from having 3 million dissidents rounded up and exterminated in the US. But there's no military force in place, there's no civil or ethnic division they can use, and there's no example in world history of mass murder popping up without years of groundwork being laid along the lines of ethnic, religious or ideological division.
– I think their attempt to enslave developed countries is turning out to be pretty lame. The big game now is whether we'll see a nuclear exchange between Iran & Israel, Pakistan & India, etc.
– Zbigniew Brzezinski was on TV this morning predicting that General David Petraeus (CentComm commander) would be the Republican nominee for president in 2012. I think the new plan for the US may be to try to draw the economic crash out for 3-4 years (not likely), destroy Obama politically, and install something more like a military dictatorship.
– The more people know, the fewer options the globalists have. If they had the ability to just drop neutron bombs on cities (as has been suggested), they would have done it already. There's enough resistance at high levels to slow the plans. Now it's time for the awakening of the people, followed by the political revolutions and the "Fulford Plan" for rebuilding a sane world.

S. Carson

So not only are they broke, exposed to foreign governments, experiencing record departures from their organizations, and now reduced to doing something that they know just doesn't work.

Is this thing ever going to die?

munkey junkie


Obviously the timing of the outbreak is not coincidental.
Although there are probably more players than just the "Bush/Clinton" syndicate as you call it. I doubt the Clintons are involved in this, they have what they want and it would jeopardize it.

Looks more like Soros and the City of London crowd to me.


Thanks Ben for that update!
It is clear that while the flu is spreading, it is not a "killer" of pandemic proportions.
Every year thousands die from the flu and other seasonal diseases. This has not reached those levels at all.
I seems to me it might be a racially designed flu as well for our Hispanic/Latino brothers and sisters, as Mexico is where the most deaths are occurring.
But even there is is not reaching epidemic levels even as high as the infection rate is.

This "designer flu" was filled with a pumped up fear burden.
Simple logic such as you present here easily defuses the fear.
The Cabal is unmasked in this even more claerly than before.

And the truth about the death rate for HIV around the world and especially in Africa is not to be trusted.
One dies from taking the medical cocktail more than from having the HIV virus.
Watch HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud


Intervention coming from more sides, I think, the Cabal are finished, but have difficulty recognizing that.

martha thacker

It is time for those who have been blackmailed and threatened for the last 8 years to be coming out of the woodwork.

Bush/Cheney were powerful but not smart. There was nothing that ingraciated them to humanity. I am sure the rich appreciated getting richer...but were apalled at their spokes people on the world stage.

Bush always seemed to be drunk over seas. His father was embarrassing when his head fell into his plate in China. The senior bushes do not pay taxes in Maine ....say Texas is their primary home ..but they never leave Kennebunkport. Maine has a political system that would put Illinois at the end of the line. Everywhere the bushes go there is corruption.

Presently , the Maine state govt. wants to put industrial wind farms all over the pristine mountains and old potato fields. Giant multi national corporations connected to Enron and Larry Summers' First Wind are doing it. They have managed to streamline the process so that there is no public input as to their siting.

Conn. AG is investigating the stand by electricity to the tune of 86 million which is fraud...paid in utility bills ..... Anti trust violations. NY AG is investigating First Wind for anti trust violations, bribery and fraud.
The propaganda can only be likened to shock and awe. No newspaper or govt. employee dares to go against the Enron boys.

Larry Summers , in 1995, can be thanked for our immigration problems by lending Mexico 25 billion as Bill Clinton's under Sec. of Treasury. Then hiking the interest so that homes, businessed and farms were forclosed. Alan Greenspan thought it was brilliant to get the loan repaid early. The US got a new wave of slave labor.

They must be stopped.


Finally some happy news! I wasnt alarmed at all.

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