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El Mas Chingon

Hi Ben,

Did you see this video?

This blog posted made it on a comedy central show. check it out!

雲谷斎 雪隠

It is a very important scoop.


It conspires with the Bayer company and the government and the AIDS pollution vaccine is sold.
It was clarified from an internal document of FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
January 5, 2009

~ FDA(食品医薬品局)の内部文書から明らかに ~








And more.
Concealment of vaccine polluted by bird flu

Canadian Press; Feb. 25, 2009
THE CANADIAN PRESS、27th February 2009
NaturalNews, March 3, 2009
March 11, 2009









caravan forces



The pyramidal structure is now shaking and quaking, with many of its foundational members---the slumbering ones---now rolling into awareness---it is crumbling to dust in the Light of the New Day. YES! There is no better time than NOW to poke out its unwieldly eye from this treacherous post, with swiftness and true fortitude. There will be no turning back. THE TIME IS NOW!!


People are forgetting this. Which country is the real danger against the Swine Influenza?

China because it is the largest country in the world to have a relatively pork-oriented diet.




The quake in Mexico was exactly at 11:46 am. just to be precise.


What Nut Ball decided a bunch of sick people will constitute the need for martial law in America to control sick, dying people?
Are a bunch of sick, dying people going to go on a shooting rampage and require their 2nd Amendment rights be taken away?
Why do they plan to kill us all off anyway?
To comply with the Georgia Guidestones?
They control the media, if the virus had not been publized, and allowed to spread and kill a bunch of people with no media coverage, they would have accomplished their goals a lot faster.
And the decoy airforce one plane flying over NY without any notice, what is up with that?
These wacky plans literally make no sense and I am to the point that I really dont care anymore.
I might get hit by a bus today and die. Then, I am died, so what?
What is the plan? Do they want a bunch of slaves to remodel the Great Pyramids? Build another one? Create a world without people?
Give America to China to pay off some debt??
Allow giant Chinese Buffets replace all restaurants and cause morbid obesity across the World? What?
It is all Mindless and Crazy!
We are all going to die eventually anyway so there is no reason to dwell on any of this.
Why will we care if we are all dead. When I am dead I am dead.
All I need then is the thumbs up from God.


The Swine Flu story sounds like a psy-op:


1. Millions die in Mexico each year from diseases such as TB, typhoid and malaria.

But we don't hear much about that.

Due to high levels of poverty in Mexico, there is a tendency for outbreaks of flu to kill large numbers of people.

2. In the USA and Canada, flu symptoms have been described as mild.

"Several students experienced flu symptoms after they returned but they were so mild that they didn't raise any concerns." (Swine flu hits Canada)

This swine flu's a "relative lightweight" (Swine flu's a relative lightweight.)

The first reports of swine infections in Mexico came in mid-March.

The current swine flu strain still has fewer than 1,000 reported cases.

So, why is publicity for the flu coming now?

3. The Flu Kills The Torture Memos

4. And, certain fascist swine are hoping to make lots of money from selling vaccines.

"On March 20, 2009, this researcher outlined a peculiar PANDEMIC VACCINE TRAINING exercise in Texas scheduled to occur on Saturday, May 2, 2009." (http://www.rense.com/general85/dsd2.htm)

"There was a Swine Flu outbreak in 1976. President Gerald Ford asked that all Americans be innoculated.

"As it turned out, the disease only killed one person but the vaccine harmed hundreds and may have killed some." (This article addresses that question.)


I see this as a test to overcome their silly little games of mass hysteria , myself I refuse to allow thier creation of thsi 3 d illusion to disturb my vibrational frequency . I see only what is to be and belive me I do not see them winning . Mass conciousness is now needed perhaps a global day to lift mans vibration a global day of prayer and meditations ,with each seeing the new World for what is really is a unification of joy brotherhood and peace .




Its about time you people realized something... THE NINJAS ARENT FUCKING COMING... so if you really want to do something about your plight, you will have to do it yourself.


How it can evolve soon into terrorist (false flag) attack:

Source: Turner radio Network, Saturday, April 25, 2009

Account Deleted

To the Illuminati the Green Dragons say "You are damned if you do." But, if these people are Luciferians of the worst sort and that they had long ago made a collective generational 'Faustian bargain' with their souls to bring about their "lord's" kingdom. Then, with the belief in the absolute terrifying reality of Lucifer in their daily lives, would they not say, "By compulsion, and fear for the loss of our collective souls, we are vastly more damned if we don't."



Did this guy have anything to do with the bio-attack?


What can you tell us about him?



Mortimer said~ "I don't think that the swine-flu is t h e pandemic several whistle-blowers were foreseeing. But it's a kind of a seed, a trial balloon also for settlement of issues into the collective subsconsciousness."

I agree with you.

This seems to be a race specific attack like SARS. On Hispanics. The cases in the US have thus far recovered. Don't know about elsewhere. *They are not yet sure it is the same flu*!

"According to what I've been reading, the fall out of the new flu in Mexico is vastly different from that in the U.S. In Mexico, it has been very deadly. In the U.S. it has not been deadly.SNIP

Now, imagine this.
How could one develop a flu that would kill one population and not kill another population, assuming the flu could cross borders without any trouble? It might not be very hard to do.

Manufacture two very similar variations on the same basic flu such that one is more lethal than the other while an immunity to one provides and immunity to the other. Release the more deadly version in the targeted area and the less deadly version in the area you wish to protect. Make sure to release both versions simultaneously. By the time the lethal version reaches the protected area, the less lethal version would have already spread amongst the protected population. The protected population will have developed an immunity to the deadly version just before the deadly version arrives. The effect would be a much higher death rate in one region and a lower death rate in another."

See this article~*Swine Flu Attack Likely A Beta Test*
"Before any scientist does anything drastic they always do a beta test. They are studying several different things such as how far it spreads and how fast. They are studying if it mutates. They are studying if they’ll get away with the crime.
The real test will be much more deadly and much more widespread. They’ll bring in martial law when it happens and take the rest of our rights away if we happen to survive a large scale bioterror attack."

eric swan

World bank world epidemic world solution ..not worth reacting.

Old Trusty

Have you heard Jeff Rense's recent interview with Bill Deagle? His suggestion (with referenced sources) is that this flu pandemic has been released by or on behalf of China to wipe North America clean for re-colonization:

Any thoughts?


Strong Earthquake Rocks Parts of Mexico (1:19 pm) = 911

Same with this plane buzzing NY, it happened on 22:19 CET
10:19=911 I believe it was. It happened between 10 and 10:30

27=9 4 2009=11

You can look at the coordinates of Mexico, has 911 written all over it.
You can look at the coordinates of NY. Check google earth.

You might look for something to happen on 29=11 4 200 9=9

These are the same people who did the mumbai bombings. Same numerology.
Same numbers.. These are insane people.


Americans must not fall for martial law under the guise of a "safety and health quarantine".

If the military refused to carry out those orders, there are many who would see this as protecting the citizens.
The other side is for citizens to refuse mandatory vaccinations, and removal from their homes.

Many months ago, Biden said that there was a situation that was going to happen to test this administration.
He continued to say~ 'stick with us, it won't look like the right thing, but it is.'

And here we are.

How many will continue to support this president if he declares martial law for health reasons?
Or will they see thru this for what it is, and support the Generals and others who might overthrow them as the founding fathers commended?

A line will be drawn in the sand, and it could get ugly.


I don't know if the members of the military and the intelligence agencies will do anything unless their own interests (i.e. families) are affected by the virus. I pray that these evil NWO plans fails.

Enough is enough. The problem is the the NWO ELITE have never been held accountable for their action, no punitive measures have been taken against them, hence they get emboldened by each passing day.

The day they are held accountable by any means necessary is the day these Elite will think twice before taking any evil actions. The key to stopping them is to threaten their interests and self-interests.

Only then can you start to roll back their tyranny.

Frank Saponaro

Kill them,kill them all. Thomas (stonewall) Jackson.


And when he [the Lamb] had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.." (Rev. 8:1)

God deliver us from these fiends!

Paul Einar Sandvik

Hey Ben
Thanks for this news.I new that this was the case.They are really mad.Yes I know that this is the end for their madness,and I hope that it will lead to an accelerated awakening.Now should Be the time for the end of the games of the old world..Even if they are us - in a greater sense of Unity and the collective consciousness.Now is the time to tell our "parents",that have abused us for quite some time - as parasites and vampire - elements.Now their reign Is over.If they do not go voluntarily - they will Be purged out....,on this 3D - sceen,which Is transforming into something new.We are awakening.They simply cannot fool us anymore.I am not judging them - but enough Is enough Paul Einar, Norway


When we gather and study available info collectively, all evidence leads in that direction --- suspicion that it being another engineered crisis, a "Pandemic 911".

For info, see:


Ben, and everyone, whenever possible please give us the reasons and/or sources of info that support your claims.


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