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marco saba

Israel, a pawn of the dollar seigniorage masters
"The lessons of Iran were clear: An empire could be built without the risks of war and at far less expense. The CIA's tactics could be applied wherever resources existed that the corporatocracy wanted. There was only one problem. Kermit Roosevelt was a CIA employee. Had he been caught, the consequences would have been dire. The decision was made to replace government operatives with agents from the private sector. One of the companies enlisted was mine, MAIN. Very soon we EHMs discovered that we did not need to wait for countries to nationalize oil fields as an excuse to manipulate their politics. We turned the World Bank, the IMF, and other "multinational" institutions into colonizing tools. We negotiated lucrative deals for U.S. corporations, established "free" trade agreements that blatantly served our exporters at the expense of those in the Third World, and burdened other countries with unmanageable debts. In effect, we created surrogate governments that appeared to represent their people but in reality were our servants. Some of the earliest examples: Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Israel. Washington's first ally in the struggle to defend the sovereignty of the dollar was Israel. Jake Dauber's prediction that the dollar's value would be determined by oil proved correct. When Tel Aviv and Washington drove the Arab world into a corner, Arabs had little choice but to strike back, in the Yom Kippur War and through the OPEC embargo. This propelled the U.S. Treasury Department into action. EHMs were enlisted to forge a deal with Saudi Arabia that wed the dollar to oil. The dollar was crowned king, and has reigned supreme ever since."

Saint Cheez

FLASH Update on DHS target of USA military as enemy-of-some-state. On local news last night, the story ran as thus. Clinton did not trust the military and now Obama does not trust the military also. The propaganda was that Obama not some un-named state does not trust the "mentality of the military". So, the truth of the situation is coming out even on public broadcasting.


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Nathan Hale

Homeland Security is the new Geheime Staats Polizei (GESTAPO)

They will wield power above our Armed Forces
just as the Gestapo superceded the WehrMacht


【What is the task of a government?】

The government of the civilized society would be for the good of
everyone of the society in true. It would define the wealth of the
society as what the Nature provides and the products of the people's
efforts. To deliver the wealth equally to everyone would be the
primary task of the government. The government shall issue the
money(or what-so-ever you call it) , for the convenience of exchange,
to represent the wealth to provide the equal share to everyone.

Almost all the necessary tasks of the society would be done by the
children in the educational age with volunteered elders as teachers.
The functions of the government, agricultural works, manufacturing,
supermarkets, and shops alike, except some of the heavy building
or industrial tasks which require the more of the volunteered adults,
though children would attend to learn about those tasks as well.

The main theme of the education would be to learn about working
and running of the society's and to care for others not to be selfish
over other's right. The greed or selfishness to be the subjects for the
learning of the self-control in the education.

No one would be force to do anything as there would be no need
for it. Everyone is equally wealthy and happy and creative to add
to the wealth of the society.

"Immortality is your own life's potential". Otomaks
Otomakas: http://tenpage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/en/welcome.html


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In my opinion, perhaps BF thought English version was not necessary for this posting. This is an announcement of a lecture meeting which is to be held in Japan without an interpreter (probably).

It is not so easy as you may think for most of multilingual people to write the same comments in another language. If they try to translate their statement, they will most likely feel uneasy whilst writing, only to get finished artificial sentences. To avoid this sort of unnatural writing, they've got to write another statement using certain parts of their brains to think in the language in which they are writing.... which may often bring them another hard task.

By the way, I'd like to say thanks to the English-speaking people who always leave warm comments on here. It is really amazing for me to see such compassion for Japan (my mother country) from overseas people, despite the current evil politicians, bureaucrats, capitalists and so on ruling this country (they are no less evil than those satanic rulers of Imperial Japan, I'd say).

God bless,











I think Ben has on purpose not put the english version. I guess the message is a big one and he is nevertheless letting his nipo audience to know it. Come on Ben, we can deal with about everything.


d redy

happy tax day to americans.. a new tea party begins- and how many will actually, simply, refuse to pay their taxes without representation from their government? "where's our bailout??" right?
We must revolt by no longer paying our credit cards and our "debts" if we wish to break away from slavery. Wait no more, the revolution has already begun

"so feel this drumbeat as it beats within
playing a rythm:
resisting THE GANGSTER SYSTEM, Oh oui!"


ok ok!
here is the translation:it is about a lecture; interesting info...
Please bookmark this language tool:learn how to use it!
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."


Japan's economy is in crisis, is said to have come back a restructuring period. First place, but Japan is the world's leading creditor nation, the past few years a significant decline in gross domestic product per average annual income is less than 200 people at a situation that is unusual even in 1000. "Widening gap" must be started from the front of the Japanese economy and the reality of immediate correction.

But the Japanese government has announced unprecedented measures to boost the economy of trillions of yen. Fiscal stimulus of this sweeping KARAKURI much. Meaning of the increased purchase of government bonds by the Bank of Japan, the imperial relationship with the central bank and government backing. Hide the true budget deficit for Japan. In political circles close to the resignation of party leader Ozawa of the Democratic Party? Concept of coalition government. Policy measures in Japan after the reforms of our employment, insurance and taxes?

Period of unprecedented upheaval, underneath the surface there is a move to Let's wake him up since the great revolution of the Meiji Restoration, Japan's big-time politicians, arrested in the active movement of businessmen. The media does not report back information to the public, heavyweight, FIKISA politics, right wing, imperial officials, committee of 300 members, NSA and other officials, a large exposure from a variety of internal information. Investment Strategy The proposed strategy for survival.

Other follow-up ever for the international situation continues to change. For the latest list of reasons and circumstances behind the world. Moves toward martial law in the U.S. civil war, Bush, Cheney arrested movement, a new analysis of the structure of China, Hu Jintao or downfall? The civil war in Pakistan owns nuclear power unit 100, the end of Israel? And the current state of Europe.

We voters have the correct information before the eyes of voters "profits" to support the incompetent politicians should not dangle, let him stop the waste of tax money! "Random democracy" is the end, ICHIGARE Japanese!

Theme: Japan in Japan's political realignment after the collapse, ICHIGARE Japanese!

martha thacker

waynemadsenreport is saying something quite different about Mr. Bennett. He had evidence ioncriminating Israel. Not surprised MSM would try and paint him as evil. All of it could be true. This site also had information about a top flight CIA person assasinated by Houston police..with a cover up.


alta vista babel fish


For some reason i cant read this blog entry, its all squares, no english.


I sure miss somebody's translation.....whoever has done in past or future, I for one....surely appreciate it.......thank you!




●ベンジャミン氏 これも問題です、








Saint Cheez

As far as martial law in USA, apparently HLS (run by neo-cons) have targeted US military as enemies of state. Which state is the big question? Its the Neo-cons mistake for using and abusing the USA military. Neo-cons should have been more respectful. BTW, maybe now Israel will be forced to pay their own war debts. Anyway, if HLS has targeted the USA military via the US police, I suspect the un-named state is in deep trouble.


My friends, here is a piece of news that might deserve your attention.


It's rumored that Mr.Bennett was linked with the bombing of Belgrade in 1999.

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