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Hi Ben,
I just found you today and am very glad I did. Funny, I remember thinking the exact same million dollars thing back when the Iraq War started and they were discussing how much money they were pumping into it at that time - don't want to think how much that figure is now. At that point, they could've given each citizen a million dollars and obviously still funded this chaos. It would solve so much if you really think about it, just based on human nature. I'm sure diseases would be cured, new technology would arise and so much more. And it would also probably be the downfall to many people.











Just finished listening to Alex Jones' broadcast with Steve Quayle on.

Alert level was raised to Level 5 (in reality Level 6)within the last hour (It is now 13:40 PST) Steve has just issued a RED Alert.

It is game on. This is not a drill.


martha thacker

Upthread...Your unwavering optimism gives me hope. Sign of goodness. Thank you Benjamin Fulford.


someone please tell munky junkie to stop posting because he's obviously not too bright, or he just doesnt understand english. I have seen his posts and its almost as he you didnt even read the blog posting... Ben said there is enough wealth to give every AMERICAN $1,000,000 if everything were distributed evenly. He is not talking about giving everyone on earth $1,000,000. Read before you post because you come across as a total moron.


Any real solution does not involve money in any way, shape, or form. True equality (freedom) will happen when fictional paper power is burned for good, both literally and figuratively.




ah to dream,

and then we could refill the prisons with the ones that are trying to kill us all??



With all due respect, I do believe you have the cart before the horse.

We are now approaching Level 5 Alert. Essentially it means martial law, forced innoculations at gunpoint, and detention in FEMA Camps...etc.

Not to mention the multiple strains weaponized flu we are all facing.

Now, if you get past all this then consider counting your money.

In the meantime, what - if I may ask - has the Secret Society done lately?


dove  ...jk, i go by escee

NESARA NOW! party!!! woooooo! im serious. i hope you all are too. and ben, you are goin down in history as the renegade who saved the world man! (possibly the universe if you like to dabble in he esoteric stuff...)

but things are getting pretty hairy on the last lap here aren't they? i mean wow they almost shot obama down over manhattan yesterday.

i think that proves obama is a the mole working for the good guys team, does it not?

munkey junkie

Uhhhh, if everyone received 1 million dollars that would mean:

(6 billion people) X ( 1 million dollars each )=

(6,000,000,000) X (1,000,000) = 6,000,000,000,000,000

6 quadrillion dollars!!!

Isn't the total world GDP only around 40 to 60 Trillion dollars?




Old Trusty

Here's a plan for the US –

1. Create a real estate multiplier for every ZIP code and allow people to depreciate their mortgage debt accordingly.

2. Investigate the CAFR scam, claw back all money from Wall Street, drastically cut property taxes and reregulate investment rules for all public funds.

3. Create a national single-payer health insurance system, outlaw for-profit insurance.

4. Make Social Security (retirement accounts) solvent, reregulate retirement accounts.

5. Put the Federal Reserve system and major productive industries under bankruptcy reorganization. Put all monetary functions back into the US Treasury, conduct a widespread criminal investigation of the Fed.

6. Conduct an independent investigation of 9/11 and a global summit on imperialism. Give the public an authoritative and factual view of false flag terror and banker-run "isms" from the Venetian Empire through 9/11. Set the record straight so real nations can be rebuilt.

7. Reinstitute the Homestead Act. Give 40 acres of arable land free and clear to anyone willing to farm it.

8. Build a widely distributed maglev train system, release some free energy technology, and put out contracts for people to build infrastructure, clean up toxic waste and landfills, and rehab the millions of acres of poorly used farmland.

9. Repeal income and land tax. Simplify the tax code and put the burden on corporate profits, stocks, etc.

10. Create a cooperative agreement per Lyndon LaRouche's "four powers" idea between the US, Russia, China, India and their respective spheres of influence. Commit to fair monetary exchange, nationalism, dirigist economic development and basic human liberty.

The ill-got Rockefeller family trust ought to cover it!


This is certainly what the world needs!


Great idea. Utopia will come if and when the powermongers lose their grip. They are pulling out all the guns in their arsenal, but other parts of the world are moving out of its influence-South American currency (SUCRE) fresh out of their ALBA conference, etc. Lots of people are waking up to reality and realizing that they have invisible shackles on. However, it seems that here in the US that only 1 or 2% are knowledgeable, or capable of understanding and/or believing the "unbelievable" truth. It is not easy to digest that everything you have been told has been a lie to enslave you and the rest of the world by an inbred, evil group, possibly reptilian. That is hard to believe... Thanks for what it might look like in ten or fifteen years when the dust settles and the "true" new world order is in place with good at is core.




Hi Benjamin,

you're right. Dept is the root of all the mess we face today. Centuries ago even the pope knew that, see


Ironically the papacy seems to have forgotten this old wisdom and turned it the other way around with the vatican now owning a bank itself. The concept of jubilee years also shows how ridiculus it is to connect the criticism of the financial sysstem with "antisemetism". That's just a trick to supress any open discussion about the financial system.

The Americans should start a revolution, a March on Washington with the slogan


Best Regards,



Hello from a fellow Canadian Ben,
It would be nice if the world could see it that way. But a world Jubilee would take nothing short of Yashua Messiah's return!(I don't know your position on that but I can hope,yes?!) I just caught a video of you interviewing poppa rockafellah (I don't capitalize people and organizations of his ilk) that was linked to veoh but wouldn't play its entirety but found it in google vid. I am impressed that you even got the chance. You must be a darn good journalist.There is a saying in proverbs about doing your job well and you'll perform it before kings, and you did expose this creature as a "king" of an invisible empire. I can only tell you this on the matter so that you will be mentally and emotionally prepared:It will get worse;wars and "natural" disasters will increase, people will become more savage.But the "Good News" is that the grace of Yahweh will abound to those who seek His forgiveness, repent and keep His word. It is unfortunate that most will perish physically and spiritually. All one can do is keep one's house in order and help others get and keep theirs in order. The prince of the air has been given a "man"date and he knows his time is short. So stay away from any form of chipped ID/debit and no matter how bad it gets here, remember the everlasting glory that awaits those who love God more than their own skin.
p.s. if you have the time pleasedrop me an e-line in response


It certainly would Ben, but you know just as well as I do that its not going to happen without bloodshed. Call me a pessismist but I dont think you can make a deal with the devil and expect him to honour it. At the same time, your unwavering optimism gives me hope.





for BenjaminFulford


Oh, another thing, Iceland had plans to be geothermal and oil free in a few years. So the illumaniti crashed their banking system and indebted them. Now the illumaniti are trying to get them to sell off their natural resources to pay for the debt.

Sex Pistols


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