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munkey junkie

Can you post their names Ben?
How can something this big go under the radar?

Anthony Protasiuk

I just want peace, health and happiness, freedom, prosperity and a world rid of negative ruling elite. I do not want to be told what to do with my life and money. Please let the NWO, Illuminati and who ever else that is behind this...just to fall off the face of the earth and let the people live in harmony without interfernce.....LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. Seriously, why is the human race being treated so bad? I know so many people of different natioanlities and all they want to do is live a good life without prejudice. When will someone take action against the ruling elite and stop this insane behavior that is going on in this world?



【1月29日 AFP】鳥インフルエンザなど、あらゆるタイプのインフルエンザに有効な万能ワクチンを、日本の政府機関や大学・企業の研究者らによる産学協同チームが開発した。




Watch this



where is the sauce?
obama and brown are puppets of new world order.
there is absoultely no creditability in what you are saying here.

show us the SAUCE!!!


I enjoy you views Mr. Fulford and read your Blog daily. When it is not written in Japanese only. I do find it hard to believe that Obama who received more donations from big Business ( Mainly Banks )is going to go after the Banks.





  〃 下がると・・・・・・・もっと国民の声に耳を傾けよ
 〃 行かないと・・・・・・・国民との公約を破った

 〃  〃  取り組み後・・・なぜもっと早くやらなかったのだ
  〃  と協調すると・・・・・弱腰外交はやめろ
 〃 〃 しないと・・・・・・・既得権益にメス入れろ
 〃 上がると・・・・・・・・・格差広がった、すぐに是正しろ
  〃 悪くなると・・・・・・景気対策がなおざりだ、社会保障を充実しろ
  〃  しないと・・・・・・・景気を底上げするつもりがあるのか
 〃 行わないと・・・・・・・・・逼迫した財政をどうするのか

の常習犯だったらしい 、明治~昭和~

現在も変わらないだろ? 雇い主、広告主に不利益な記事は書けない! 奴隷記事は書く!


Ben, thanks so musch for this information, to finally see a ray of hope!

Michael Liebert

President Obama installs the new world order?!
As seen on CNN, 03.03.2009
Premier Gordon Brown speaks about a global new deal.
What do you think about this. Officical NWO Puppet Obama!



This isn't over by a longshot. The bankers are being offered as scapegoats; Obama and Brown are obeying orders, they don't have that kind of power.

When Prince Chuck, in the middle of the global economic meltdown takes time from his busy schedule to tell the world "We have 100 months to save the planet from global warming" I get chills. This fits with the 2016 timeline I'm hearing about (not 2012).

The global warming issue is being used to drive humanity into some kind of fear frenzy and to what end I don't understand (but fear seems to be sustenance for these creatures). The climate debate rages on and more and more scientists are saying that the data just doesn't add up. Please see "The Great Global Warming Swindle" and "Doomsday Called Off" on Google Video. Scientists say that there is "some unknown component" at work on the weather.

How 'bout HAARP and chemtrails? Please see HAARP documentary done by CBC 10 years ago (also Google Video)

The "war" is not over yet and the "divine rulers" have not conspired for thousands of years just to give up so easily and this friends was far too easy. Plans within plans.

A real truce and not pretend, that's what I want. And DISCLOSURE!!We need to awaken from the long sleep.

May the Creator of All's Love watch over the faithful.




David from Winnipeg

Benjamin Fulford,
You are a breath of fresh air in a world full of pessimistic conspiracy theorists who are soooo quick to demonize Pres. Obama. THANK YOU!!!

I have been following you since the beginning of the '08 election, and I have stuck by you because of your optimistic outlook. People like Alex Jones and others now just disgust me, because they are clearly profiting off of the paranoia of America.

As for this news, I hope you are right! Justice for all, and punishment for those greedy bankster PIGS!!


And another thing~
"WASHINGTON — Rarely have so few people had so little time to prop up so many pillars of the economy as those in the Treasury Department under Timothy F. Geithner.

In the six weeks since Mr. Geithner took over as Treasury secretary, he and a skeleton crew of unofficial senior advisers have been racing to make decisions that will shape the future of the banking, insurance, housing and automobile industries.

But even as he maintains a frenetic pace — unveiling plans, testifying before Congress and negotiating new bailouts with the likes of Citigroup, General Motors and the American International Group — there are signs that events are getting ahead of him.

Administration officials say they are postponing their plan to produce a detailed road map for overhauling the nation’s financial regulatory system by April, in time for the Group of 20 meeting in London. Though officials say they will still develop basic principles in time for the meeting, the plan will not include much detail. "

There will be little detail to his regulatory plan BEFORE THE G-20 meeting...
Could it be because he is going to get THE PLAN at that meeting?

I think that this is very telling story as to what could be happening behind the scenes.
Have to wait and see.


arrested by whom? it does not seam very credible until i can see it in some other sources.

jamie bejuen

Ben , I love to read your posts... they are truly uplifting



Tom Joad


Do you have any names or links? Do you suspect this will surface in the media? Are we talking about public mortification for stooges like Richard Fuld (Lehman Bros), or is this a legitimate attack on the Federal Reserve, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros & co?

– It has been interesting to see some very public losses for Russian & Chinese oligarchs, Warren Buffett and others.

Mark Atkins

I am in the US and wish that I could agree that Obama had sometime had a change of heart and would comply. The apparent truth is that he is every bit the crook that George W Bush was with Hillary Clinton as the 'kicker'. I suspect Brown in the UK as being the same.

Please don't get too excited about Obama. He is NOT the savior of the world!


Dear Mr. Fulford, if I understood it right you're standing for a world-version like shown best in Star Trek 'The Next Generation'. That's exactely the reason for what I appreciate your work and your (wanne be?) task.

But to take the announciation of Obama and Brown (sic) serious in considering a mutual tough course against banksterdom, its applications for the sake of the world, seems to me as too naive.

Old stager Kissinger had laid it clear at minumum two occasions (On International Herald Tribune and a CNN-Interview on the Gaza-Conflict) that the finance-crisis is an ideal ground for building an NWO and that Obama is the right man for getting it on the road.

That's not bad at all, but can you realy trust Kissinger?

Change will come. China and Russia cannot depend on the USA and espacially the Dollar (Amero) without any ensurance including a new and better long term working finance and economic system.
The old one generated and brought forward in the recent past by notorious banksterdome has donne it's service and is now obsolete.

But watch the scheme: Like in the run up to the french revolution, the russian bolshewic rebellion, the fall of USSR, the econmic situation for the people has been driven down so the parties involved cried all for improvements, which they had, have and will been given at last.

Though the answer to the question, by whom? would factoring the driving forces of the past be surely no good one.

So what's realy going on?



「戦前型警察国家の謀略官僚人脈 - 漆間巌、大林宏、田母神俊雄」

Cheri Bohman

Benjamin, this is the most incredible thing that could possibly happen. This means the Illuminati are on their way out? Can you give us at least a hint of where to verify this WONDERFUL information? If this is true, then we can all start breathing again!!!!!!

Does this also mean the chemtrail spraying will now stop? or won't the air force and big pharma care about the banksters' arrests? I would think the bird flu could be incorporated into the chemtrails.

Also, here's a lovely bomb that is currently in the process of being dropped on all government agencies in at least the US and Canada: www.CAFR1.com The following is a brochure I intend to start passing out on street corners when it warms up:

Unknown to most government employees and virtually all other citizens of the US and Canada, every single government agency keeps TWO sets of books:
1. Budget (for public consumption - shows only tax income)
2. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) (or AFR). The CAFR reveals millions, billions, and even trillions of excess dollars in government income from OTHER sources.

These slush funds pay a few “privileged” employees, especially newspaper editors and CEOs of all the big networks, very handsomely for their silence on this fraud being committed against us.

What these funds should be used for is elimination of ALL taxes and a retirement fund for all citizens.

Two counties in Florida are taking their first steps, as are counties in at least 5 other states.

If you’re as outraged as I am and want to know more, go to www.CAFR1.com for more information from the very brave man who is blowing the whistle on this scam, Walter Burien, whose son they kidnapped twice to try to shut him up. Walter lives in Phoenix and can be reached by phone.

knows b and o are liars

are you serious? fool me once shame on them. fool me twice shame on me. they are lying and to think that they don't lie publicly would be nieve. they are lying. I'm not fooled. they are not going to fight the bankers because they are part of the problem.

Wätzold Plaum

Is there any evidence for this in the mainstream media?











What does that mean, do you for sure know that's what Obama and the PM ment? Lets remember, they say alot of stuff on TV. What well the menu say, big fish or small fries? If i dont see big names in there, I well once again be disipointed. I want to see big names like
Alan Greenspan (Fed Res Chairman,1987-2006)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Greenspan.
"Reports from reliable sources are saying that senior bankers are being arrested in droves." Sounds like a bunch of "fall guys".

つまり、確かなことはするんだと知っているどのような意味を持つのはオバマ氏と午後環境ですか?思い出すことができるため、かれらは言う、テレビでものをたくさん。どのようなメニュー、大きな魚や小さなフライドポテトはいかがですか。もし私のビッグネームが表示されない場合、私は再びdisipointedしてください。私のようなビッグネームを見たいと思って\r\nアラングリーンスパン( FRBの解像度会長,1987 - 2006 ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Greenspan
"信頼できるソースからの\"報告書は、銀行のシニア大挙して逮捕されていると言っています。 \" \"秋にみんな\"の束のようにね。"

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