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what you write is real, but in extents like today, it's probably not a natural phenomena at all - part of the NWO maneuvers too... In East Europe we are getting stricter and stricter ruling against families. Once real monetary support from the state to grow up a child now means laughable amount of money.
One who attempts to make even one child has to bear such burdens that will surely be a dangerous situation for the family's financial stability - if he/she's not from the upper classes.
The interest we pay for the state's huge loans (welcome IMF), but there's no money - they say - for the future generation. Cool, huh ?

Same case with the hyped single and homosexual behaviour.

Egalise women of course, but please don't advertise the consumer-idiot selfish single working-robot lifestyle!


The author asserts that the C of 300 has been thwarting nuclear reactors as a way to keep the world, and particularly the Third World from industrializing.
I find this a difficult argument, since nuclear waste is such a problem, and accidents are devastating.
Three Mile island and Chernobyl are very dangerous examples.

We rightly assume that perfectly safe and free energy sources exist and are being kept hidden from us.

Nuclear energy is a bogus argument, and to cast aspersions on those who point out these concerns, speaks of another agenda of this author.



















警察に言うと、個人のトラブルでしょう? そうゆうのやってないんだよねえ。民事訴訟知ってる?


紛失物届け出してください、え~何時何分? 何日? 場所は? 大体の場所







As Coleman says, this is a war against God and man. And who out there would think that they could take on God? Other "gods"?
The secret societies have always been privy to information; information that gave them power. Many of the ancient societies gave clues to what they knew; like Da Vinci in his paintings.
Ever looked up http://thehiddenrecords.com/
Seems the Vatican knows alot about the Pleides system, Mars, the pineal gland (which fluoride attacks) and so much more. How about the huge carvings of the ancient god Poseidon (the serpent god) on the back the Queen's carriage. What's that mean?
Secrets everywhere and each faction has its own, its own agendas and most think that they are the chosen ones.
Unfortunately all roads lead to Rome and the crowned heads of Europe who have been killing us, stealing from us and working to own it all since ancient times. They can often recruit criminals like Kissinger who will be their frontman like so many in the past, those so-called superiors who can order death but never have the cohones to do it themselves. The same was done in the opium trade that has been controlled by "royalty" for hundreds of years?
But what is behind it all? How could anyone have so much hate in them and not hesitate to cause the most terrible of horrors on their fellow Earthly inhabitants? What it the "royal blood" all about and why is it so important? Remember too, the Rothchilds have it or they would never have been permitted to intermarry with the "divines".
Anyhow, it all smells bad but do not despair. God actually made us divine and that is what these assholes are so terrified of. They will never win. 2012 liberation
cheers from Canuckville








I find it disturbing that the author keeps talking about the destruction of the Catholic Church as if this was some kind of loss.
The Catholic Church is one of the most hostile organizations to Humanity.

He did not say for instance~ the C of 300 *infiltrated to take it over and use it for themselves* or *they took control away from the Catholic Church for themselves*; he used the words 'destruction of...' ~which is an emotional appeal.

All religions seek to control people with mind numbing acceptance of collective thought.
All religions seek to oppress the people, especially women.
All religions are essentially "cults".

This is not remarked upon.

All the Committee of 300 did was to replace one oppressive religion with another that would be under their control.
Whether it is their religion, or sports, or drugs or rock music(anyone given the title "Sir" is a give away), it is ALL to control the people.


John Coleman はそれなりに役に立つのだけれども、彼の著書をたぶん最初に日本語に訳した「歴史修正学会」とか名乗る連中、そして例の太田龍なんて人もそうだけど、ここだけの話、ぼくは個人的に1500メートルほどの距離をおいて接したいタイプの人たちですね。彼ら共通して元号などを愛用する国粋主義者ですからね。



Where did John Coleman earn his Ph.D. in history and social science? At Oxford?


Thanks Ben!
Really informative comments here, everyone...thanks! ;>


"Every U.S. intelligence agency cooperates very closely with it, as does the KGB and the Mossad. The only agency that remained beyond its reach was the East-German intelligence service, the STASSY"

This is most likely false. The STASI (short for "Staatssicherheit" = State Security) was a 100% subsidary of the KGB and had as good as no room for independent action or even planing.


"Every U.S. intelligence agency cooperates very closely with it, as does the KGB and the Mossad. The only agency that remained beyond its reach was the East-German intelligence service, the STASSY"

This is most likely false. The STASI (short for "Staatssicherheit" = State Security) was a 100% subsidary of the KGB and had as good as no room for independent action or even planing.


John Coleman also mentioned prophetically the role of the IMF in fabricating a world-currency. Astonishingly here is found a good article-:

I still remember a year ago the IMF had been complaining about the loss of weight in the world-politics and economy. Now look at this-:
-> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/3269669/IMF-may-need-to-print-money-as-crisis-spreads.html

In a former comment I was asking, if the IMF is more to trust, better mistrust, than the FED. According to Mr. Coleman the answer should be clear!

When certainly Russia, China, Japan, India and parts of East-Europa should raise their own currency, an economic system on their own, an Eurasian Block, this could be- my opinion- a counterpart
to the plans of IMF, FED, etc..... Maybe the only imaginable counterpart. So I hope Mr. Fulford is right in implying the asian secret societies that great and in case of misunderstanding deadly influence they have on the western elite.


John Coleman = Best choice!
But one name is missing, Edward Bernays, a main figure when it's about mass-education. It's the man who formed u.a. the propaganda for Flourid- mounting in the Flouridisation of drinking-water-supplies.
-> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bernays

Another part in the agenda of the 300-comittee like transmitted by Coleman is meanwhile obsolete-, rock-music has been loosing it's claim to Gangster-Rap and the Hip-Hop-Industry as well as to the gaga-pop produced for handy and mp3-podcast.

G-Rap and Hip-Hop in general is following the maxime and transferring it directly into the brains of youth- 'In a world where morality doesn't exist the only thing to take is chance'.
That's nothing more than an enhancement of the Aleister Crowley-motto: "Do What Thou Wilt".

Talking about education....: There is the comercialisation of the E-Book going on with quite intensive emphasis (so in Germany). Now, just imagine when the E-Book will conquer espacially the youth; wouldn't it mean a kind of censorship if the users would only get those books which would be currently available for them?
What's about some old books?.... I guess they will be forgotten in one generation.

Another point missing is the cooperation done by the 300-comittee with the messianistic network which is working for an armageddon.
I think that the connection now is not so firm as it was at the times of Bush-Dynastie. It even maybe that they are getting bothersome to the western elite also it maybe that I am wrong in my presumptions.

Dealing with this issue it is advising to watch all the strategics and politics going on in the middle east.

G O H !





checkout the site thevenusproject.com for humanity's elevation in all things.

best of luck


Here's the thing that drives me crazy about this Global 2000 crowd. Zero-sum Malthusian misanthropes, the whole lot. And they are SO STUPID!

If the Club of Rome really cared about lowering population growth all they had to do was to SERIOUSLY address female sovereignty, by which I mean self-rule, as opposed to rule by men. I'm talking freedom from rape, forced marriage, forced childbirth, sex trafficking, etc., plus women's economic development. This way woman worldwide could freely choose when and under what circumstances they were willing to marry and give birth.

In countries where women have social and economic freedom (i.e., can safely afford to say NO), plus access to family planning services, the birth rate drops BELOW replacement levels! Women who want tons of babies are extremely rare. In some Western countries (Italy and Russia come to mind, plus Japan I think - ?) declining populations are now considered a problem.

Bottom line: Living unmarried and child-free needs to be a SAFE and acceptable option for women all over the world, not just in so-called developed countries.

Female sovereignty. Such a simple thing. I solved their stupid population problem sitting here in my house drinking a martini. Female sovereignty. Where is my million dollars? Instead our statist overlords chose war, starvation, and disease because they have such a low opinion of humanity that it does not even occur to them that people would make the right choices for themselves if they were only ALLOWED TO. These elitist pin heads think women in developing countries squeeze out babies willy nilly for the fun of it. Bastards.



Tom Joad

Good stuff.

Ben, you should really read some stuff by Webster Tarpley (tarpley.net) – "9/11 Synthetic Terror" and "George [HW] Bush the Unauthorized Biography" are good places to start. He wrote the book (the study for the Italian parliament) on the assassination of Aldo Moro, who is frequently referenced in your link, and is generally an expert in the machinations of the British empire, intelligence agencies and synthetic terror operations.

I continue to find that regardless of the intrigues of any particular country, all roads eventually lead to Anglo/Dutch imperialism (as the article suggested), which has the dominant stakes in "money" and blackmail (nuclear and otherwise). Tarpley's book "9/11 Synthetic Terror" makes a pretty compelling case that during the attacks of 9/11/2001, George Bush "prevented" nuclear war (of which the real terrorists were quite capable of triggering) by surrendering to the secret government's demands for a near-term invasion of the Middle East.

Diane Emerson

Thanks for this link, Benjamin. I also viewed a video on him, and at the end of the video he covers the beginnings of the Committee of 300. They were the 300 shareholders of the British East India Company. They made much of their money from the illegal opium trade in China and taking the wealth from India. The British East India Company was disbanded in the mid 1800's, but as we see so often with corporations, the name is simply changed and the business continues. The Committee of 300. This makes sense to me. Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRth9k5U4V0

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