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Hello MC,
IMHO you hit the nail on the head, but the setup for a clash has already been accomplished. This by 1) getting the Chinese to take on massive dollar based debt, 2) crippling the US economy via accelerated offshoring and even onshoring, 4) getting the US to get head over heals into debt, 5) tarnishing the US reputation in the International community via the Iraq war debacle, 6) forcing the US to abandon the 'strong dollar' policy as a natural side effect of recovering from 2)

What would you do if you were in the Chinese position of holding massive dollar based wealth when 6) became obvious?

The very, VERY frustrating and disheartening situation is to realize Obama appears to be following the path set before him is unlikely to touch the sacrosanct unFederal ReserveLESS Corp, not to mention allowing a bill through reestablishing the Brown Shirts.

Lets hope and pray the goal of pitting key nations of the world against each other is recognized soon. That we, instead, join forces and take aim at those that would devise such insidious and ghoulish plans.


"Was moving American manufacturing base, “offshoring” and then Clinton's “Onshoring” and acceleration of both via the “American Competitiveness Act” in 1998 economic sabotage?"

Of course it was, and by a method perhaps as old as the Bible wherein it seems to warn of the evils of “usury”. Could this refer to entities like the Federal Reserve? Could this be from where all the payoff cash springs?

However, the saboteurs were not Chinese. This clear act of sabotage was perpetrated using a very old tactic of leveraging well known properties of the human condition along with the very short measuring sticks of the corporations success. IMHO, this was choreographed and funded by the vampires of our monetary system and some of their secret societies. Human properties such as greed and fear, in tandem with corporate properties such as quarterly and annual measuring sticks of success losing sight of the long term viability of a corporation without customers.

While the corporate victims were tracking goals on a quarterly basis, the saboteur's were working with plans that were not only far longer in scope, but also crossed several key financial boundaries. Real estate loans and the derivative markets to name a couple. Timing their many key economic “suicide bombers” to go off with just enough time in between to leave most completely unaware of the overall plan. Of course their long owned legislators too helped by passing legislation or torching legislation that might have impacted their goals. (ie. Like continuing to make variable interest loans in 2000 forward to borderline customers when all the economists knew full well rates had to go up which would throw all those new customers in the street in the very near future.

This left a wake of a very predictable economic holocaust of consumer confidence by a well controlled media trumpeting the bad news triggering as the coup de gras. All during the execution of the culmination of the key parts of the plan, supporting or fighting legislation, via their well paid and controlled puppets in congress. Thus allowing it to remain under the radars of those that might have caught on to a plan whose scope was larger in length and breadth than most could imagine; very patient indeed are the Masters of Money and their mastery of words too cannot be understated.

Make no mistake about it the real saboteurs were more like vampires slowing sucking the wealth out of any country willing to give up control of their money supply. Their plans include sabotaging not just the American economy, but that of the entire west and east; apparently with the latter left holding paper that would have to be inflated for the former to have a chance at remaining afloat. Sort of like the ultimate “poison pill” of national economies facing greatly differing issues.

As Mr. Fulford pointed out, anytime you allow an interested party to insert themselves into the middle of a country's money supply you give them, via the vast wealth intrinsic thereto: control of their congressmen, their media, and via the latter, the mindset of the population, as well as their economy. If the country's is large enough then they've been gifted the ability to create economic havoc worldwide. To literally blackmail, if not takeover the world. The single con that took place in 1913 during the traditional Christmas break creating the American Federal Reserve could very well have set the stage for the extermination of the entire planet, or at least large parts thereof. There's no doubt it changed the balance of power in the United States as no one that has attempted to remove a 'Federal Reserve' like vehicle has lived to tell the story and this dates back to Rome.

Until Ron Paul the only person that attempted such like was John F. Kennedy and with the strangle hold on our politicians, media and major portions of our voting system, it will surely be a miracle should Ron Paul's Liberty movement prevail. On the other hand he has very good support amongst a very young crowd, who, at a minimum are getting a great education about the evils thereof. The tactics used on Japanese politicians are the same here, but as our television media is under control, only ~70% of the people only know what the nightly news tells them; even our voting systems have been shown to be highly suspect. (Not all of them, but just enough and in numerous ways; just review the New Hampshire primaries attempted recount after the huge cost barrier had been scaled and the voting cards were lost; what I call the “Oops Business Model”.)

Only someone very simple minded would blame the Chinese for doing what helps their own country; an equally simple mind would blame the American people who have no good source of information. Even the Internet is like an incredibly “salted” gold mine, finding the truth takes much skill and experience; even the best analysts get bitten by disinformation.

However, make no mistake about who the perpetrators were in what must be the oldest, most profitable and most evil occupation in existence: the Money Changers. The perfect metaphor would be the story of the mad scientists that made Frankenstein, instead they manufacture everything from 'lone nut' gunmen, mass murderers, world wars, revolutions and plan on a scale that sometimes crosses generations.

The key mistake that was ushered in under suspicious and nefarious in 1913 that would first allow the systematic takeover of every key institution in the country. In what must be the greatest irony, the American tax payers effectively funded the internal takeover of their countries institutions via a blueprint of the oldest and most patient secret society in the world. Ultimately, this also allowed them to pit the Americans against the Chinese via conflicts of interest intrinsic to their respective roles in the game powered by and riding on the oils of self interest.

The irony of the head vampire of money, after slowly bleeding the wealth out of it's current major victim, America, is in the background building business relationships with it's next, is as thick as the worst San Francisco fog. Let's all hope and pray the primary Satanic benefactors of these concocted wars, unmitigated greed, economic chaos and human suffering, for over 200 years, will reveal themselves for what they truly are. (They actually have if you read their history.) Furthermore, that the Asian leaders instead reject these overtures and step up to the task of assisting in the creation of new technologies to save the masses from the extinction plans these sociopaths have in store.

Unfortunately, a huge portion of the American people have been brainwashed into 'Communists', by definition, wanting to take over the world. What better way to stop this nonsense of manufacturing enemies and war over and over by having the largest 'enemie' come along like 'superman' and save their tails??

Please forgive the typos as this was put together very quickly and I'm very tired.

With love and regards from North America!


Does anyone have access to unsanitized Roman history books?

If you do you'll see the American Corps have been led to not only their own demise, but the economic demise of America and the Western world as well. Curiously in the very same manner as Rome: by the nose of human greed, the benefits which were indeed very short term.

The Romans were counselled to use more slave labor to displace their local workers and the American's were led into the very same trap using India and Chinese labor.

Rome never really fell, the vampires of the money changers, very much in control of ancient Rome as well, just flew away until the dust settled and the burgening population had been turned upon itself. Why do you think the Rothchild's had the Rockefellers start and fund so many dissident groups in America? These groups along with the old Roman tactics of Satanic trauma type brainwashing tactics, making human robots totally willing to take even themselves out, with whoever else needs to fall, will make for a very interesting and bloody revolution.

Just imagine these Zombie brainwash VICTIMS being planted with the soon to come peace protesters, police departments and last but not least the military. It will be a miracle if the planet survives this coming fall that the Satanists of money have planned for a very long time. My SWAG is first California, then America, then the entire planet will be blown back to the stoneage; it appears to have neen done before.

It's amazing and unfortunate that the Chinese are now considering getting into bed with the root of all this evil. That, obviously, is the maker of most of the wars and revolutions of the last 200 years: the Rothchild Dynasty in close partnerships with the Zionists and of course the Satanists of Rome.

G-d Help us and apoligies for any typos as I'm very tired and it's very late.

Regards and do make right with your Spiritual needs and Karma as it will likely be in the balance soon.

martha thacker

The Hopi tribe of Native Americans say that the time that we are living in now is evidenced by the swastika. The next period in our history is the Chinese crescent moon and star. I personally don't like the thoughts of it...but realize , as an American, we can't continue the insane way that our so called govt. blindly chases a buck.

Re. Jeff Rense and whether he is for real. Interrupting Benjamin Fulford in his radio interviews. Without him, I would have never come to this site.I think some people interrupt out of anxiety rather than disrespect. Words and tone are important as well. I thought Jeff Rense was respectful in words and tone. Most importantly...he is getting the word out.


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and,, Hi again.

I today recommend movies for the Nanjing. happened,
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nice movies anyway.just Japanese empire army were toward for war of the international rule.also for the Chinese armys had wear not uniform,hide the weapon.that is never has claim for a captives.in the law.

so that mean release or death.first they Empire gave release likes it`s tell to them, go back country meet family and mother .but Chinese band armed again and get back to war again. so next catch them, in the so hard situation of the war front line,Empire army
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and the basis Japanese Empire intention was release from communism is i can guess from informations.and the 3 million of the number is historian told.





the movies tell actually Japanese Empire was supported to the People in the Chinese really courteous Shanghai, Nanjing.

but simply the Chinese people at movies include other of, one pure,
pureness as i feel.so communism is who made?





Sasson Rothschild and chinese traitors = Devastation of China - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm1wE51n5E8&feature=PlayList&p=925E814F6DEB8D39&index=0&playnext=1

G O H !











THK: There has been anti chinese sentiment and racism against asians for CENTURIES. For the racial idiots on the board, for the moment, I'm going to stoop down to your level. For the other white people on the board who know better, just remember, I'm gonna argue with the idiots on "their" level. When I talk about white people, I'm not including Fulford, and the much more enlightened ones. For the record, I'm asian, and american, and I've had to deal with more racist BS in the USA then I care to think about.

Here's the littany for the idiots who start screaming about China plastering the USA without even looking at their own effed up historical record of West East asian relations.

1.) Who committed two, TWO nuclear all out attacks on asian civilian populations even when all evidence and even their own generals pointed out that Japan was going to surrender? That's right. Idiotic racist white people.
2.) Who murdered almost a quarter of the filipino population during the spanish american war, in a genocide to "cleanse the isles of island n-gg-rs?" That's right, idiotic racist white people.
3.) Who committed genocide in Vietnam, via "Freefire zones" to "destroy the vietnamese race for generations to come?" That's right, idiotic racist white people.
4.) Who enslaved, subjugated, lynch mobbed, denied rights, rights to reunite families in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, et al? That's right. Idiotic racist white people.
5.) Who colonized, raped, subjugated, denied rights, and pillaged asian countries for almost two hundred years? That's right, idiotic racist white people.

Now, can you say the same for asians treatment of whites OVERALL?!
Did you know that the biggest condemnation that the british and americans had of the Japanese during World War 2, was that the Japanese completely turned the racist white overlord supremecist completely upside down? In fact, it was the Japanese victories that terrified the White Imperialist World's racist world view, and THAT'S why they're still vilified even today! White people still regret that Asians and Pacific Islanders are the dominant party in Hawaii, and that they have equal rights.

And yet if you're a white man or a white woman in Asia, China, Vietnam, Phillipines, Korea, Japan, et al, you still get decent treatment overall. It's exactly the OPPOSITE in the West for asians. That is Sad.


Before you go saying crap about another country, examine your own damn backyard first. Fact is, Asians have proven time and time over again via actions, not rhetoric, that they'll treat you well. Talk about turning the other cheek. Sometimes I wonder if that's such a good thing.

For the rest of the decent enlightened white people on this board, pardon me for my rant. I know who you are, and I don't see all white people like that. But for the racist idiots, they better read their own damn history and compare. It's so unbelievably obvious.


Thank you so much for all your awesome updates, and for clearing up this situation with this misleading article. It makes me wonder why Rense allows misinformation on his site.

I don't know how much I can really trust Rense knowing he is in the U.S. and knowing that he is totally open and vulnerable to the "manipulations" of the dark forces within that country.

I like the interviews Ben does with Rense, but often times I feel that Rense interrupts impolitely and does not show much respect for the information that Ben shares.

I'm interested in more videos from Ben like he has done before, all on his own. Like the kind where Ben basically explains the situation that is happening right now in the world, and how he explains his interview with Rockefeller.

Thanks for all your great work, Ben!


this is interesting:


British PM to Propose 'Global New Deal' to Rescue World's Economy

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown hopes to forge a "global new deal" with President Obama to rescue the world's economy when he makes his first visit to the White House since Obama's inauguration.

The Times of London reports Brown, who arrives Tuesday, will reportedly introduce a plan requiring massive spending on a worldwide scale.

The prime minister is expected to invoke the words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who proposed the government-financed New Deal to confront the Great Depression in the 1930s, the paper reports.

"There is no international partnership in recent history that has served the world better than the special relationship between Britain and the United States," Brown writes in an opinion piece published Sunday in the Times of London.

Brown's 21st century deal calls for "universal action to prevent the crisis spreading" and "action to kick-start lending so that families and businesses can borrow again." It also requires "reform of international regulation to close regulatory gaps" and "the creation of an international early warning system."

Brown, who has hinted at increasing Britain's tax cuts to boost that nation's economy, is expected to present his proposal during a joint session of Congress on Wednesday.




There are couple of dumb and ignorant misinformed Americans here in this comment. They still do not get why Americans are called BRAINWASHED or simply dumb. I hope they learn to love others.


For the people whole still think China is doing this for the good of the people, you should read or google Iron Mountain Report.

Its the real deal people get informed, and pray to your god that China helps there nation using other means other wise its the end for all of us. Both China and the US are the largest holders of nuclear arms. No way in hell are we gonna let the Chinese take our land!

Sorched earth

In effect, if hyperinflation starts, it will mean that China has been tricked into paying for the Rothschild's wars in Iran and Afghanistan and for the bank "bailout"...
Having plundered whatever they could, the Rothschilds are setting the American house on fire, scorching the earth and handing a trap to the Chinese....
This must have all been planned years ago.


Hillary Clinton made this sweeping agreement bypassing the Congress and the Senate and the - sovereign - states and these kind of unilateral agreemenets by the crime gang that the American public hasn't heard about, discussed or agreed to is what Americans will find hard to accept.

I just hope the military mounts a coup or there's a revolution very soon to end this nightmare. People sure are angry, boiling, and I think the flipping point is coming very soon.

You said in an earlier post the committee of 300 are asking for forgiveness. I think that was a joke. They sure aren't acting like people who have anyone's interests at heart. War, trouble, pluder, misery, manipulations is still their game. Obviously, they have a death wish! Just a shame they want to take so many people down with them.


There has been many forms of anti-Chinese sentiment in the west these days. So depressing.

China never wants any "serious" antagonism against anyone if you look at the history.


Hi Ben...it's my feeling that unless and until the economy actually starts affecting the wealthy elite in the US, not much will change any time soon. The poor and disinfranchized will become more so, without the elite taking notice. When "elite's" standard of living begins to go down, when the "toys" they want to buy are no longer being manufactured, when the food they want to enjoy are no longer available...then they will take notice. This scenario will eventually happen, and those that have had very little will know how to survive because they've had to for years. The "elite" will suffer immeasureably because they do not know how to survive without money.

How do the American people bring their financial system in touch with reality, when their entire lives are dictated by the Federal Reserve, the 13 families and their elected government officals who don't really have the least compassion for the people? We are just so much cattle being driven to the slaughter house! Until someone stands up to the Federal Reserve owners, nothing will change!



American Patriot

not without a shoot out from us patriots Benjamin

aint gonna happen - we will blast out our own govt. and anyone that tries to take our land.

just remember the USA is a union of federal govt. and soveriegn states
and we will dissolve the feds and create a new system before anyone tries at a land grab. trust me they will die trying.
most American people are and have been sheep to all the wrong that the wicked men behind the scenes have been doing - but we are waking up at an alarming rate and we are good humans and hate what the feds have done in the name of America and we are about to change that.

there is something the rest of the world has not understood nor have they realized just how and what makes us citizens tick. you all think you do but you dont. and i have to say Benjamin, that we the people of the USA will not allow anymore evil or injustice to be done to us or the rest of the world, we the people are peacful and dont want war of anykind! but we are being pushed into a corner and we are about to strike back. against all those who have ruined our country.
we are truly pissed off and there is one thing i can say without quiver
whoever you are the last thing you ever want to do is be the enemy of the American People!!


Personally, I think China is very foolish to deal with the Illuminati beast.

The NWO wants to set China up in a direct war with the US.

Granting eminent domain will do just that.

A US military reluctant to attack China on the orders of Illuminati agent Obama will act to defend the take-over of the US by any foreign power.

Why didn't the Wash crime gang offer its gold reserves as collateral??? Why didn't the Rothschilds buy the T bills with their gold reserves???

This is a fiendish attempt to put the American and Chinese people at each other's throat while the Illuminati make off with the loot.

Divide and rule.

Hilary Clinton is one EVIL WOMAN who has sold China a poisoned pill!








Evil International Bankers are Running The World(邪悪な国際金融資本家達)






I do remember that you actually did talk about China coming in to take over USACORP companies if the debt could not be paid, in one of your Rense interviews early on.
And that the Chinese were not interested in taking over the country; that they just want to be paid back for all the goods that came over here.

No different than any other business deal.
Who would accept a bad check from someone without a lien?

It is not the country being taken over, it is a bad faith company.

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