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Ben~ As you say the Planet is in crisis and needs help.
The leaders I could work with/for need to emerge from the grassroots ranks.

At this point, it is up to the individual to join with other individuals and create small communities.
But they are even trying to take that away from us thru an attempt to regulate local farmers markets.

It may just take going more drastic measures to get the kind of leaders we need and a totally reformed government.


Hi, Ben -

Per "Govern a country as you would cook a small fish": Well, yes. You would cook a small fish very delicately, very lightly and carefully, using minimum heat and interference. In other words: Don't mess with it any more than strictly necessary...;-D

Thank you for your utterly sane analyses. Your courage is very much appreciated.

Hope you are recovering apace.

Best wishes,


Memorandum on World Government
by Nataraja Guru




new world order is going to collapse no matter how hard the zionists try to do so.
it is just a nature of the universe.
absoulte power collapse absoultely.
truth will be revealed sooner than you think.
so get your ass outta their control and do the right thing.




すばらしいNEWWORLDはすでに実現しているんだと。僕には、(ここから先の文はいいんですが、what your gonna think is)自分には、イエスがローマ兵に


It is a question. Is "konnichiwa" to which the contribution that doesn't understand well is done crazy?


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sorry for my English.


Thiaoouba Prophecy, page 89:'
They had long ago discovered that the only way to govern a country properly was to place at the head of government, seven men of integrity, representing no political party, but
sincerely committed to doing what they could for their nation.


If we cannot get a government that is ruled by the people then we shall never be free. As long as corporations rule we are slaves. There is no reason that each of this worlds population cannot have a voice. Integrity is needed (for a change) to fairly allow all and any to speak, no matter how uncomfortable the subject matter. Each should respect the other's opinion and safety. We are all God's Creation and deserve life at its fullest, not just the few. I remember when Iraq was just invaded and a few old fellas there said, "We don't want war, we just want to make business." Profit is not a dirty word, greed is.


Here is a wonderful comment I found about this topic on
from Reader~ CGI~
"Benjamin has the inexorable skills to take highly complex issues and condense them into simple to understand concepts as he does in his latest post this morning. Here he lays out for the elite who clearly read his stuff a paradigm for world government in easy to understand language. While Benjamin is not advocating that the world revert to hunter gatherer societies he is drawing from his very unique life experiences in the jungles of the Amazon. And he is making comparisons with even military strategies which sends in and of itself a powerful message.

The Elite are clearly in a struggle and evidently a losing struggle at that. Thanks in a large part to web sites like yours here which are spreading awareness exponentially the Elite are scrambling and to a degree diving for cover. They have not yet grasped the essence of power. That is they think secrecy and wars and pestilence are their strongest tools. Not so says Benjamin. Organizational strategy and cooperation is the most powerful."


Hi Ben,

I hope you're feeling better after your surgery. I always look forward to reading your blog.


Under what category would Russia, Australia/New Zealand and Japan fall under?

P.S. why is the U.S. conducting some kind of military drill involving more than 26,000 troops in the Korean peninsula..? The North Koreans are not happy and they want it called off. The U.S. economy is sinking to the ground and the Americans are spending god knows how much money on spreading their troops around the world - what the hell is Obama up to? Sounds like they've got something up their sleeve... they've got other plans than this peaceful world government agreement.


So simple, eh? Some very basic rules to live by.
Do to others as you would have them do to you.
Love each other. Justice and Mercy.
Not religious teachings. Just very basic Human aspects of a Higher Self.

There needs to be a mass awareness of ourselves as HUMANS beyond the borders of Nations/Tribe for this to occur.
Nationalities are fine, and are to be enjoyed! We have different cultural proclivities we engage in.

But how can we get passed the ancient hatreds, the shrinking from what is deemed "different". How can we break out of the Brainwashing of fear and two year old mentality of "what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine."
There has to be a reason for these things to be set aside for good. Because as one can see from some of the comments in the previous topic, this has not happened yet.

Will this reason be met before there is a total collapse of the world being able to sustain itself?

Securing the basic needs of all people ~ food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education~ would go a long way to begin this healing.

And keeping these gatherings of elders transparent and honest to maintain the peace is essential.

a dumb American

Maybe a more apt metaphor is something like the Iroquois Confederacy:

The (9) members shouldn't be dependent upon each other for survival, but should be required to work out mutually-enforceable rules with respect to exchange values, international law, etc. While I agree with you that nations should work together more actively for diplomacy, arms reduction, ending poverty, restoring nature, etc. – isn't this the point of the UN? If you ask me, the UN has been a real failure. So how can this be done better?

I think one of the most dangerous myths perpetuated in and by the US (my country) is that "democracy" is the best form of government. Monarchy, aristocracy and democracy have all been successful, and they've all degenerated into tyranny, oligarchy and mob rule. Perhaps a good starting point for a "confederacy of nations" is to figure out what rules are universal to all cultures, traditions and peoples.

I'd hope all nations would be able to abide by something like the "inalienable rights" of the individual (ie life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), and some fundamental political rights (freedom of speech, press, religion). But beyond that, shouldn't the Chinese, Russians, Africans, etc. be free to determine their own form of governance and economy?

For instance, if the UN decides to "protect the environment" through a global carbon tax, African development will never get off the ground. Africa has amazing natural resources, and should be using them to build Africa and improve their standard of living. This will require tariffs and government investment, which are now blocked by "international" agreements.

Ben, do you have any thoughts? What are the foundations of an international agreement? What aspects of current international law (UN, NATO, etc.) and economy (IMF, World Bank) are detrimental to the rights of the member nations/areas, and how can the environment and human rights be protected without trodding on national sovereignty or inviting abuse by non-state financiers (which has put us all in the current predicament)?

PS, a quick note to non-Americans: don't believe everything you see on TV. I think our country is in a similar predicament to Russia at the end of communism – we've been convinced our government will never work and lulled to sleep by distractions. When people have nothing left to lose, more will begin to see the big picture. I believe there will be a difficult transition period, followed by a restoration of our traditional values, political activity, etc. People are shaped by their circumstances. Blaming "dumb Americans" for the actions of globalist warmongerers who happen to reside in America is not, in my opinion, accurate or constructive.


Just try and imagine the brain circuitry of the committee of 300, who now are in the middle of plns for a new world government.

Just try and imagine how the brains of people who kill young women in secret in their castles change under the rush of adrenaline, cruelty, fear and the thrill. Twice a year, year in, year out, the same rush of anticipation, excitement, the pleasure of secrecy, the thrill in cruelty and almighty pitiless power over a helpless victim, goes through these people's brains changing them like electric shocks, remoulding them.

Just image how brains that experience the rush of adrenaline in sex orgies, raping kids, and intense emptiness afterwards, constant restless anxiety that eventually fixes on money and bank balances as a distraction, are configured.

Just image how the brains of people who drink blood of others because they believe, greedily, it will keep them young, are like. Just imagine how it changes the physical composition of their brains, making them more gross, heavy.

Imagine this repitilian, ugly, chaotic brain packaged in a human form posing in front of the mirror, adjusting an Armani suit, adjusting hair and spraying on perfume before it goes out to its next rendze vous of sex, paid for with the money of people that have been robbed and killed.

Imagine that chaotic reptile of a brain, with hardened arteries of hatred, suspicion and lust, sitting down in its desk to figure out how it can get more money, more resources, more sex.

All the parts of that brain that made it human, capable of contact with the greater reality have died long ago. The vaccum that fills the seat of moral judgement is filled with vague guilt, fear, and sneering and mockery as defence mechanisms.

Occult readings, astrology enter the twisted, warped, reptilian brain that sucks up any gleam of hope for its world empire.

Empty stretches of boredom are made endurable only by the thought of the next high experienced during the next perverse child sacrifice.

Imagine this piece of filth crawling over the earth in human form, killing, robbing murdering, its flabby, ugly, amorphous, chaotic, lizard of a brain connected to two greedy little eyes fixed on its victims, and its stomach, and imagine how angry the gods are.

As above, so below. As the inside, so the outside.

The chaotic, dark, slithering world of shadows of the interior brain of these monstrous individuals are bound to produce chaos, misery and death all around.

Any of them that have a spark of light left in them, a spark of fire, a spark of conscience, should try to start anew while there is still time, and accumulate good actions to get their scales more in balance.

But the majority seem too far gone.

Brains of reptiles filled with lust and money packed in the ice of their hearts, they are no capable of recognising what is missing in their view of reality. They might think they are improving because they kill two million less people one month than they planned.

Who will pity these flabby, fleshy, cold, calculating, premeditating, pitiless creatures for whom no amount of jewellery or suits can disguise their essential reptilian nature when they go down to Sheol, they who have the blood of so many innocents stamped on their essential nature.







Like individuals nations are driven by interests. If you know them you can appraise them (the respective nations) in a manageable manner.

By the way, the interests are making the nations' leaders, not the leaders the interests. The interests are in general long term ones and can be understood very well in their geostrategical- and political meaning but are in details mostly hidden ones.

That's the problem!

If the intrigues, the scheming, would end this would imply a declaration of bankrupty of the illuminati-working-system because the latter cannot stand in light for its inhuman course of action that would cause when have been noticed and understood in complete by the public immidiate disobedience, riots and more...

Be sure the then awakening violence would be unedifying for all, I mean, primarily for the formerly suppressed.

So we have to wait best for an intern clearing of the illuminati-control until a realy free world government will be able to establish an ease of handling in all the common problems the integrated nations have to face....







The amusing thing is the Illuminati have as their symbol, the sun, albeit as a plastic, cheap little yellow circle with rays eminating from it that appears as a signature on their vile plans on vans, nuclear bombs.

But they have no conception, no understanding of the power and the nature of the sun. For good reason, the ancient Egyptian statues are shown standing upright, cubic, frontal, attentive, face turned to the sun, watching it. A small change in the activity of the sun, spells huge changes on earth. For good reason, the pyramids are aligned with the sun, the source of life (and death)


The Illuminati take these symbols of the sun and stick them on their own plans but their brains are totally incapable of comprehending that the sun is a law, an energy, a force, an intelligence of its own and the absolute ruler.

Let them discuss whether 9 peoples in hunter gatherer tribes is good or not for them without consulting us, the people, or God.

Let them discuss it while they sip their wine. They will be crushed, wiped off the face of this earth as the new era begins.


Read this about the sun, the solar flares and the changes in the earth's magnetic field. That's what the NWO is up against.

While they sit in their villas, palaces and castles, making human sacrifices, contemplating how they can carve up money and gold and soak the earth in blood calling it peace, the tao, the spirit, is acting.

The energy flowing between the sun and the earth, between the creator and the created, is taking corrective action to cleanse the living body that is the world of the evil energy of so many deluded people and the disturbances that they create by their negative actions and energy in the atmosphere.

It seems that the sun and the earth communicate, the tao is present, aware, alert and flowing to restore balance and harmony. Fanciful? I don't think so.

The sun is slowly acting to change energy level of our planet pouring high energy particles into our atmosphere through a huge break in our magnetic shield, gently, gently so as not to disturb too much our natural environment and our biosphysical conditions.

Inevitably it will lead to a new, different enivornment, an environment were only beings with a high energy level, finer spiritual energies, compatible with the new environment will survive.

The magnetic poles will flip over in a chaotic upheaval around 2012 (Mayan Calender)creating earthquakes, eruptions, and beings will a certain energy level will be crushed, simply crushed as they won't be able to survive in the new, higher energy environment like an empty, thin tin can is crushed by a pressure from outside.

Judgement day? Such a separation of high energy people from low energy people will be perfectly just and impartial because it will be based on physical laws.

The energy of everyone person imprinted in the circutits of their brain, in their aura, created by their actions throughout their lifetime, will determine who will be able to survive or not in a new world, a world of higher energy, where higher human faculties will not have to fight against smothering by so much evil and darkness.

A new Jerusalem? Is Christ, the spirit, coming? Is this the new page of the Mayan Calendar, the blank page of pure white energy?

It looks like it.

Darkness will go to darkness, to aeons of outer darkness. The Sheol, the pit will be the region of space for the Babylonian Kings of the NWO order, who think they can decide how to carve up a world that does not belong to them. They have no idea, no idea, what is waiting for them.

An ant thinks the world is 5 meters by 5 meters and made up on tiny grains of stone or grass. The NWO leaders are the ants of human kind and tao is about to tread them underfoot.

Read about the amazing changes taking place right now.



Fortunately, a new reality is coming and will make the deluded musings of the NWO superfluous because they will cease to exist very soon.


The countries of the world negotiating a world government on the basis of totally corruption of character of so many of our leaders are very foolish. A world government under a corrupt, cruel and oppressive group of leaders spells worldwide disaster. We have all seen in the case of America how corruption of individuals can destroy even the best constitution and the most well thought through checks and balances from within. What checks and balances and agreements to stick to the rules will be effective in a world government when so many of the individuals are corruptible and will sell out their people, country for a profit?

Corruption on this scale is causing chaos, war and violence, oppression in the US and Europe - and ultimately breakdown.

Complex civilisations have been around for thousands of years and endured for relatively long time spans. Look at Ancient Egypt or India, China or more recently Ancient Greece.

They stand unparalleled even today for their cultural, social and economic and political achievements. Every single significant religious text from Taoism to Buddhism has come from these old civilisations.

And all these civilisations had one thing in common: they were based on a recognition of a natural or divine order or pattern underlying and the world and a need to align the actions of individuals and nations to that pattern and that flow for there to be energy, strength, success, prosperity, peace.

Ancient Egyptain statues in their frontal, cubic poses are the most perfect aesthetic manifestation to this day of the attitude of a human being before the infinite. The Sphinx with a human head and a lion body is the perfect manifestation of the law that the mind must control the animal passions.

All these societies placed a great value on justice, modesty and goodness in their leaders. They had very complex education processes for their leaders, where leaders had to learn to integrate ever more abilities and knowledge into their psyche.

The perfect leader was the person most perfectly in tune with the divine pattern and so most perfectly capable of giving instructions to ensure their society upheld that pattern.

All of them placed a huge value of every human being and on law and order to control abuse by their leaders. They prospered in as far as their leaders were virtuous and collapsed in as far as their leaders became deluded, selfish and arrogant.

Being in tune with the natural order, recognising the deeper patterns, going with the flow, the tao, the spirit, the chi, the pneuma, the absolute spirit are the key for any person or world government to survive.

Right now, you have set of individuals who are surely among the most detached from the flow, the natural order and justice in history in power.

They are aiming to form a world government so they can get more power and money for themselves - not out of a desire to see the peoples of this world prosper. This intention alone is counter the natural pattern and order. God is not a racist or a snob and he created all people equal in from, spirit and soul to participate in creation - not just a few.

Every religion condemns the arrogant, vain and greedy who overstep the boundaries, abuse their power, are injust and take what is not theirs from other people. All religions condemn deluded arrogance, killing, robbery and stealing and all religions praise modesty, respect for other people, respect for nature, respect for God.

How could there be any future for the world under the leadership of a group of people who have shown such an arrogant contempt for their fellow human beings, for God, for the law, for justice, such greed, egoism, cruelty and abuse of power.

Read the Tao. Read the Sun Tzu. Read Isaiah and what he says about the Kings of Babylon.

The leaders we have today assembled around the NWO project are among the most evil and deluded the world has ever seen. The more power they have, the more chaos and breakdown there will be - wars, slavery, starvation, violence, fascism.

Their basic attitude is one of hatred for their human beings. The NWO is being created to correct and punish human beings with an iron rod for not being as they think they should be. That hatred manifests itself in the incredible, constant and gratuitous violence committed to human beings in surveillance systems, torture camps.

They want to create a universal, eduring world order for their own egos sake - and not for people's or Gods.

They want to construct an idol, a golden calf, around their personalities.

Their hatred of human beings and of God, their arrogance, make them the least fit for any such rule.

But let them doom themselves if they so wish. Those who are greedy, blind and deaf, refuse to see or hear, can prove that before God in this life - and so face their just deserts in the next world.

There is no escape from the order and energies of the world we live in.
We have no power to alter the laws. We live or die depending on our capacity to adapt to them just as canooists can negotiate a river well or badly depending on their ability to adapt to the current that is an objective reality, a fact.

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