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The first statement on this page is incorrect. Rense filed a police report, NOT criminal charges. There is a BIG difference...get it right! For the whole story...The Alex Jones Machine... Putting a new "spin" on alternative news. http://www.alexjonesmachine.com

justin nogosek

I have to agree with jeff rense on this one.i personally believe all the success alex jones has had with his films would not have happened without zionist approval and money backing him.the artice jeff rense posted was from realjewnews.com jeffs a fai and honest journalist and for alex jones to threaten to destroy is just insane.the conclusion i reached was to not listen to alex jones or GCN And support jeff rense on an even wider scale.


so actually basic around the our Japanese male has sensibility,is under
effected of, as I commented below womens chracters..

so,,and they women side often never get apology feel to other ones mens,,as we men side often never has.

that is so wicked thing..



I wanted to clarify the following sentence; here is how it should be written(I think...):
Oil and coal are stone-age technologies, so we are in effect being kept in the stone-age by these corrupt corporations who have stolen the higher technologies for their private use, while they force everyone else to live like Fred and Wilma Flintstone.


This is important:
A Statement By Jeff Rense:

Regarding The Alex Jones Issue
Jeff Rense

Those who know me and understand the enormous effort involved in presenting news and inquiry, fully-realize I do not threaten people. It is anathema to me and all that I stand for. The issues involved in the current controversy are virtually insignificant to the pressing mandate of confronting and exposing the enemy attacking what's left of our Liberty, our Constitution and our very way of life. I have not gone to court for a restraining order against Mr. Jones, nor have I filed formal charges against anyone. A police report and case number are far different and are employed to simply make formal note of an event. The critical nature of the crisis confronting the patriot community and our Republic requires the full energies of all of us, and I therefore consider the current issue closed. As I always have, I wish the Jones family and all honorable Americans health, wellness and security, just as I do for my own family. Both Mr. Jones and myself have been the recipients of many death threats over the years and I have now received even more to add to that sorry total. In bringing this matter to a close, I have removed my private reply to a longtime listener from my MySpace page. Once again, I do NOT threaten people nor have I ever done so in my entire life. I trust Mr. Jones will join with me in moving ahead together to confront the darkness now enshrouding our planet. There is simply no time for anything else.


Alex Jones has a very negative attitude. Anyone who is so negative all the time is really just spreading bad Karma and creating negative energy, even if his "passion" is legitimate. Thinking positively on a mass scale is our best hope for a bright future.







I was miss calculation the amount of one of Japanese criminal at last year,as i commented. Japanese 『ore ore sagi』it`s can be call
(fraud of『it`s me! me! 』)

they trying to do to call any of homes to found target to the criminal.
it`s just try say 『it`s me!! 』and grand mother ages have feel he is own son and believe in shorty he is.

(and this is have the other story)

so give off to 『other name of son`s』accounts as usual,the some peoples.
last year all amount of the damage of them savings,it is a-
totally 30 million dollars of US.im not sure how many people were.

as usual 10000 us dollars,20000 us dollars,sometime one more 0,100000, ten thousand us dollars bills to simple ways of them defraud.

last year amount of the damage of the them savings,30 million us
dollars,even TV news, news paper trying to spread informations.

sometime happened that she never believes some woman of who is mother of,just she say『my son do make some happened! my son make happened!』
every office staffs of the post office just try hold back to tell
it is crime so famous as we all knows!!

she just 『my son do make some happened! my son make happened!』
and try to do transfer,then police officers coming and tells her『stop it! this is in crime!』then she says『yessir!』

and the who woman just stop to do that transfer money to other accounts..you can believe?

the other story is(may it`s hoax..)
some of one girl told to friend some one story in the Train carriage,
and some man heard it.it is girl say,
『i heard one sad story,,』
『what is it?』
『it is my friend`s grand mother as told,some day she took ringging
phone and the some of man told to her (it`s me..)then grand mather say (Yoshio,,ka?)(it`s,,must be Yochio,,)(yeah mother,we need money for I broke business.. )
but now~ Yoshio was die last year by a traffic accident!!』

『wooo that`s sad story,,well,,there`s real story like that,,』
『ye-s,,must be Yochio call from up room,,』

that`s another story of..and the crime been very famous news more than
pop artist,, .

munkey junkie

And of course just as Israel and its partners in the middle east are making the most extraordinary strides in their history, Rense just can't stop his relentless Israeli/Zionist/Jew bashing.
Not for a damn self-serving minute.

Is he living in his own world?

I think Jeff is so self absorbed he doesn't even realize that neo nazis are having a field day using peoples angry towards Israel right now to fuel Jewish hatred. They are all over the web.

Is Jeff naive?

Jeff has proven to me he that he completely lacks any sense of diplomacy or grace.

He is an unbelievable ass...








Don Allen

For all on this thread of comments that claim that Alex Jones threatened Rense, where is your proof? All that has been put out has been only Jeff Rense alleging that Alex Jones called him up and threatened him. This isn't proof, it's hearsay from Rense only as the source.

Alex Jones has stated on his 3/30/09 podcast that he will be filing charges on Rense. The more I dig into this, the more I am convinced that Rense has went off the deep end.


Alex Jones of Infowars.com stated on his monday (30-3) show that the charges are all false. My take is that some people are jealous at Alex Jones' films and radioshow. He can no longer work on those, because of the charges. Anyone who has seen for example Endgame or Terrorstorm knows that he is no zionist. Alex Jones supports liberty, including the freedom of expression. In the audio clip provided he is expressing anger. Anyone who thinks that he is threatening somebody in that clip, apparently cannot handle liberty. Alex Jones has devoted his life to supporting liberty: He basicly has no ego at all.


Those of you familiar with David Wilcock might be interested in an article he just posted regarding the various power elite groups that have influence today. It may not be completely accurate, but still a pretty good run down. Here is the link to the article: http://divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=462&Itemid=70

FWIW, Jones could have handled the entire thing with much more class. Threatening Rense and getting him fired actually lends credence to Rense's claims, where as a more appropriate response from Jones could have dispelled the rumors. Rense simply posted someone else's article, that brought up the question that Jones was possibly a Zionist. He didn't accuse him of such and it was a total overreaction on Jones' part. I don't much like either of them b/c of their constant negativity. The earth is moving toward a higher vibration and I would rather hold that inside of me than stew in fear and anger like these guys do.


You are truly leading by example on this critical issue. The JEWS must explain the difference between "Jew" and "Zionist" or they shall suffer the same fate as whoever loses. If the Zionists win, they will eliminate the Jews they used as a shield the instant they are no longer needed. If the Common People win and have NOT had the Jew / Zionist issue clarified, the tribe of Judea will be lumped in with the Khazars, and that will not be a good thing.
Jones needs to take a break, he is losing it. I agree he has done a lot of good, but he is losing focus. Rense is not "blameless," no human is, but he has the high road here.


Hi Benjamin,
I said in an earlier post that you are one of my favorite people.
Actually you are probably my favorite person these days.
(You don't seem to have an 'ego problem' at all.)
And Steven Greer would be my second favorite. And David Wilcock would be third. Because I happen to love and appreciate positive people who are offering solutions. And there are many other good people out there as well.

In keeping with the topic of Alex Jones and Jeff Rense spatting, I like what David Wilcock says, when he says that he doesn't want to be anybody's guru.
That is where Alex and Jeff need to be, at the place where they don't need to be anybody's guru, because in the world that is fast approaching, there isn't a mountain with a few chosen at the top, but rather there is a level playing field, or plain, where all are equal.
The illuminazis are into the "pyramid with them at the top" game.
I'm sick of the game myself.

Having said this, though, I have to add that Alex is the person who woke me up, and for anyone who thinks Alex is a "zionist shill", they should watch Wake Up or Waco. Would a zionist shill REALLY put out a video about how the American government killed innocent men, women, and children????
And watch the awesome interview of Alex with Aaron Russo.
These are heavy-duty videos.

Now, back to the other subject...

In fact what we need to be doing is getting the free energy technology out as quickly as possible.
When that happens we will no longer be slaves to big oil.
We have to understand that THEY will never free us. Only we can free ourselves.
When we have this technology finally, then the illuminazis will become obsolete, just like the products they force us to buy, because they kill the competition..
Literally and figuratively.
But now we are at a place in time where there are so many awakened people, that they can't kill all of us.
People also need to stop fighting illuminazi wars.

At least we wouldn't have to work to pay for oil and gas.

We also have to work to pay mortgages. And pay for food.
Here is another, smarter idea:
What we SHOULD all be doing is building homes for one another, (even making the bricks) and then we should all be planting gardens.
And with no one to buy their weapons or kill for them, the illuminazis will dry up just like their tornadoes will dry up when we pray to God to make them dry up.

I first became interested in Steven Greer when I heard him talking about the black boxes that really do exist and are able to run home appliances - computers, washers, refrigeraters, etc. I believe it (or a version) runs vehicles as well.

For zero cost. Just for the cost of the energy unit, which could be as little as 2000. We pay WELL OVER 2000.00 for electricity just in one year, so Dr Greer got my attention. After the initial cost of the unit, there is NO cost, ever, for running the unit.
And I have a sneaking suspicion that they would give the units away to anyone who doesn't have the money to pay for the unit itself. Dr Greer wants every family in the world, most definitely including families in Africa, to have this energy.

I mentioned The Disclosure Project because in the Project Dr Greer has - well on his website he mentions 300+ eyewitnesses who have come out of the gov/military, corporate/military sectors who have seen and worked on these things first hand, not only real alien air/spacecraft, but the free energy technology, which Steven says the corporations have on shelves in their corporate dungeons, never to see the light of day, because they LOVE forcing the people of the world to be their slaves. Oil is obsolete and has been for at least 50 years. Oil and coal are stone-age technologies, so we are in effect being kept in the stone-age by these corrupt corporations who have stolen the technology for their private use, while they force everyone else to live like Fred and Wilma Flintstone(HOW do I remember those names from so many years ago. I threw out the tv 9 years ago.)

Take care Benjamin,
Take care All




パッションを感じさせる物、怒りや恨みを軽くする物、食欲の不良から食欲増進、感動の増進、思考、恋人や伴侶との、深い愛情と感情と神的な感動をもたらす性関係、関係、感動、 何気ない物への感動、深い受け取り、














OUT SIDER? women of made

I can not believe Japanese womens attitude to us,they doing like
in society as naked in side home happened goes,and that situations goes make any of political,education,international relationship of one people
of japan,group,political,often very shamely feel up to feel to us.

in Japanese word foreign it is 『out sider.』why does it`s out sider?
i don`t know, but anyway any of men in side Japanese is out sider,
if they feel something kind, to him if scam criminal, he,,is family
to her.

so lot of crime upon now to older people specially to grand mothers age,it is likes 『hey it`s me!!!』『j,,josh?』『yeah!! josh!! how are you?? mom??』
『my company was fire i need money mom?』

w,whos,,going to give off to this, money more than 10000 us dollars to scams?even sometime million dollars.. to gave to them.

the amount of all the sum,it is 3000 millions Dollars for only year to a criminal mafia, how stupid isnt it?this between.

i can not believe this,,and this sort of character they japanese womens has..so in this situation, we done,we sick we going to lost,
we going to outsider, we going to not believe one believe,so.

it is japan. so so ending, going.

my mother is still can not understand which is DVD zap the play bottom still ask me over the 5years,does,, we character of technics?
some of girl bark like stupid dog,so up set stomach to guys.

who treat this?
how technics? made us?

so i guess only patience to womens make us,so Japanese country
does not have any friend in the world,with worst womens.

so actually all women treat men,out sider. so people get sick in
situation. it the society.

stupid tv show and the combination.




I agree with Butch, Jones and Rense have gotten so negative and pessimistic I can no longer tolerate either one! I just let them rant to who ever "out there" wants to hear their offensive and calculating ire. I find them both very tiresome and should be avoided at all cost
love and peace, lou


No offense to Joe, but this is exactly what they did to Ron Paul with racism on his site. Mr. Rense is not responsible for everything on his site, and that's not a cop out, either. He allows a lot of stuff there that he doesn't always condone, but it makes the site bigger to have a lot of content.


On another note, it's insane that Alex would attack Jeff so quickly - Noone has ever praised Alex's work more than Jeff, and illuminati mind games are very effective at dividing to conquer the ranks. Anti semitism disguised as anti Zionism seems to be their most effective mind control tactic these days, but Alex should have thought this through a little better. Very dissapointing.


It seems this site has a little disinfo agent activity. These comments ignore the fact that there is a difference between the elitist tactic of Zionism, and the Jewish people. Anyone who attacks jews is either evil, or cointelpro. It diverts attention away from the central bankers, and erodes the credibility of the truth movement. Alex does not have a big ego - that's a cheap shot that could be hurled at anyone who is famous for any reason.



ベンジャミンさんが紹介したビデオ ロックフェラーとロスチャイルドではデービットロスチャイルドがアレックスの番組に出演して地球を救うんだといったというくだりがありました。あのビデオは面白かったです。エリア51の話もUFOから攻撃されて骸骨になってしまうベンジャミンさんはマイクを最後まで離さないで「日本の皆さん。信じないでください。UFOはエリア51でロックフェラーが作ったものです」と言っていました。





Don Allen

I would like for Jeff Rense to be accountable to why he allowed a vicious smear posting of Alex Jones to be posted on his website?

Why does Jeff Rense put credibility into Milton Kaplan? This guy
is as rascist as Hal Turner.

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