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kathy mattinson

Greetings Ben,
It seems the light is shining on all that was hidden , especially the legalized kidnapping by the UK Canada Scotland Ireland USA , the countries that people belived stood for human dignity and equality liberty in supposed civilized society. The reality is being shattered . What we need to focus on is bringing the children home the perputrators nomatter whom they are at highest level of totem pole are just instruments being used for a more sinister agenda , yes I feel they should be forgiven for there are no more chances this is the second judgement if they do not turn form their ways now Im afraid they will be punished beyond any mans imagination eternally for those that do still have a soul fragment left for those beings that partake and also lead this abominal child sacrifces and pedophilla will be cut short they will not be allowed to live out their usual life expectancy of 35k yrs ,We cannto heal thsi world unless we do forgive we cannto change this world unless we change our own realities and allow forgivenes
In Love and light Aishau aka Kathy


Yes we must all forgive them. Then I want to passout the torches and hang all of them with piano wire. It's the christan thing to do. Can I hear an Amen. Thank You


Hello! Ben, Hope you are doing well.

Forgiveness is for the rependant that will prove by concrete lasting actions, change of heart. But, those people are laughing at humanity, while they do their evil deeds.

I am just wondering, when they are going to be removed from their position and to stop enslaving humanity. Enough is enough!

Listen to Aaron Russo film maker -


We should always forgive!

To not forgive is to live from the EGO and not your heart. All pain, personal, or otherwise, comes from feeding the EGO needs and not the needs of the heart. All happiness and LOVE comes from the heart! Which one do you want? Pain, or Love? This choice, of course, is really simple and because you choose LOVE - you forgive! :>)

Geoff hewitt

yes we can forgive them but they still have to spend the rest of time in jail and surrender every penny they have ever made to rebuild the ecomomies of this world if not we are still sending out the signal that the elite are above the law and somehow better than the average humane being after all arn't we all equal in the eyes of god?

Andres Olalla

So they build their world in great confusion
To force on us the devil's illusion.
But the stone that the builder refuse
Shall be the head cornerstone,
And no matter what game they play,
Eh, we got something they could never take away;
We got something they could never take away:

And it's the fire, it's the fire
That's burning down everything:
Feel that fire, the fire;
Only the birds have their wings, yeah!
No time to be deceived.
Oh, brothers, you should know and not believe:
Jah say this judgement - it could never be with water,
No water could put out this fire:

'Cause now the fire is out of control,
Panic in the city, wicked weeping for their gold!
Everywhere this fire is burning,
Destroying and melting their gold,
Destroying and waisting their souls.

Go ride, [my people], ride!
Go there, Dready! Go there!

Tell you what: now the people gather on the beach
And the leader try to make a speech,
But the Dreadies understandin' that it's too late:
Fire is burning;
Man, pull your own weight!

-Robert Nesta Marley


don't you have it backwards when you mention London=gold, Vatican=pen? I thought it was Vatican=gold, London=pen... but it may be a bit ambiguous really. The Vatican, I was told by a mason, has some huge amount of gold like you mentioned you've seen (I understood it's from a rival holding of vast amounts of gold). And, in fact, came into much more riches through the Nazi era (as you may well know).


I will For GIVE them

But I can not forget what they done .

Never forget! but i forgive even Bad people .

If we say NO to forgive them . but we forget there is some body do same again.

Hope never repeat this Black side of human matter !

Wendy Martin

This argument is like the argument for or against capital punishment. Both arguments are moot. Since we are not God, a lot of money could be saved by not haggling over whether or not someone should be executed.

Same with forgiveness, arrogant humans like to believe that they have this within their power too, when it is perfectly obvious that this lies within the realm of God and the Angels. It's karma, my dear, you can do or not do, that does not change the facts. When you forgive hastily, you take away your own power. I say leave it in the Hands of God and stay neutral. There is no need to feel that you have to forgive any more than there is a need to decide who gets executed and who doesn't. It's all just too barbaric and just another indication of the mindset that prevails on Planet Earth.


Let them come out and tell all they know and have kept secret; let them come out and confess their crimes; let them come out and show that they see what they have done is wrong; let them come out and show that we no longer need to fear these sick wretches. Then let us forgive them and show them how real Human Beings think and act.






The committee of 300 can recieve forgiveness as this is divine. But they get NOTHING from just asking for it as this divine thing they ask for comes with a price. The price of TRUTH spoken from their mouths and publicly on a global scale as the evil they portray and see to fruition each time they plan war etc. is on the global scale. So committee of 300 my ears and eyes are open please commit!










Samurai sorcerer



They ask for forgivness, really? Then why are they still doing what they have been doing for thousands of years? If they ask for forgivness, they see their "sins" and should come out, and immediatly stop all wars, and then spend money helping the billions of people that are hungry. When i see that happening, then ill belive it.


They should not be forgiven because they are still doing what they do best. With mercury in the vaccines, supression of free energy that causes air polution, supression of the cancer cure that has existed since 1974 (google Doctor Holt Australia) the Georgia guidestone depopulation continues unhindered. Forgiveness is usually for the repentant.





They do not need my forgiveness and they know it. Even asking the question is just another distraction, another attempt to buy time before the peasants revolt. Let them pray to their god for forgiveness. I seek truth, peace and justice. Can they provide any of that?


I am not so disillusioned as to think that My opinion on this matter holds any weight, and it is not up to me to offer forgiveness. I personally don't believe that anyone who has enjoyed so much power, the arrogance and power of controlling whole societies, and selecting and sacrificing the life and soul of another Human, has it within him/her/them to be truly sorry enough to be sincere in seeking forgiveness. This asking for forgiveness is purely a maneuver of self and organizational preservation. Thus it should be viewed as such and any form of forgiveness should come at the price of the disclosure and dissection of their entire organization and deceptively obtained gains. Identify them, strip them of their masks, wealth, and power. Then let the proverbial chips fall where they may. The truly repentant may survive until a natural passing of their earthly existence. Only then will the world's inhabitants feel that yoke lifted that has been suppressing the revealing of many wonderful ideas and technologies for the betterment of all.


YES - absolutely forgiven !

and the dark must give back ALL

that they stole...

Mr. Tolazone

Yes, we'll forgive.

But forgiveness only comes after admittance of guilt and full disclosure. We'll take out step if they take their first step, first.


1st- It is not within my jurisdiction to grant any request of that kind.
2nd- The petitioners for forgiveness must ask their own greater self-consciousness for what retribution is personally needed to balance out each previous specific act of non-benevolet conduct.
3rd- Only each individual personality can judge when they have sufficiently balanced themselves to join the rest of the spiritually aware community of benevolent entities.
4th- The return path for many may require multiple lifetimes to fully repay the debt they have incurred.
And all individuals of goodwill should wish them success and god-speed in their own efforts to achieve rehabilitation.


Justice does not mean hate. It does not mean vengeance.
It means holding people accountable for their actions.
When you ask for forgiveness, it needs to come with contrition and a desire to right the wrong.
That is how healing on both sides can be accomplished.

Society has this obligation to its citizens.
This can all be accomplished within the scope of Love and the Highest Moral Road.

With complete transparency, there can be accountability.

In Ben's first interview on Rense, these were the conditions set before the Cabal: I can live with these:

"1. They are going to be allowed to keep their palaces and their servants. They will be given an amnesty, but they must appear before a truth commission.

2. And they must promise - them and their clan - to never, ever try again to enslave the human race.

3. And third, they must spend the rest of their lives doing good deeds.

Those are the conditions. I think they're very good ones, and it's the best they have available. They'd better hurry before the American people drag them out of their houses and hang them from the nearest lampposts, which I think is about to happen anyway."









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