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There is so much contradictory information out there about the New World Order etc, etc, that it seems the only thing we can believe in is but ourselves, and that's it.

Ovis makes some interesting points.

Devil in Heaven !

陰と陽 表と裏 冷蔵庫は冷えるが 後ろは暖かいということですね。
オバマは暖かかったけど あったかくなればなるほど、冷えもきつくなると、、、
バランスをどこで保つか、それとも振り子のように 両極に振りまわり大きくなるか?

ピースでも 悪魔君のサインでもいいけど もう宗教や地下組織の話は飽きたね

私は 人間個人の中にも 陰と陽が 善と悪が あると思います。自然の摂理です。

人は変わります 変わることができると思います。

I think Ovis Your are right! 

If more Darkside coming out may be Angel
Will come to Town...

I have my own FILTER Which is good one .

I think there is all kind things in this world ,But i do‘nt Care !

Cos i can stope them but they can not stop me too.

Ben Keep in Strong !

You can do better than that !


ので)、この手の形は、手話で「I love you 」を表している
「手話 I love you」で検索して確認してみてください。

Frank Bauer


>....the dark site of the universe in general. There is no such thing..
There is a lot "between heaven and earth" that you have not yet understood. This statement is part of your 80% mentioned below.

>Language its self has this limitations.
You won't like this message: Yes, but this is true especially for the English language (as it is an extremely simple one). This is why English's much more complex original pattern (i.e. mother) always was and still is the language of and best suited for philosophy. That is Deutsch, if you like it or not. Unfortunately, most Anglo-Saxons are too lazy to learn languages.

Ben is a very rare exception. And he wouldn't be who he is today without his knowledge of several very complex and sophisticated languages.

If Yanks and Brits spoke more languages, they would understand other people much better and would certainly be far less arrogant, less ignorant and less narcissistic. Simple language causes simple thoughts!

>It also means that probably 80% of this story is bullshit too.
I totally agree!

>are like the colors of the rainbow. Only together they form white light
This clearly is part of your 80%! Or was it more than just 80%?

Please: Next time, stick to the 20%!


















Neil Ross

Indeed the occult language includes the use of hand signs, body language, and also the use of symbols. When one's heart and mind conspire to work against mankind rather than for it, you best keep it quiet like that.

As for a new financial system, is that not to be the master stroke of those upper elite occultists? Please Mr. Fulford forgive me if you have covered this in writings that I have overlooked, but can you address my concern here?


Hi Ben,

Ok let me say a thing or two about the dark site of the universe in general.

There is no such thing i am sorry.

Some theory.

Your refrigerator does not produce cold. Cold is simply the absence of warmth. You fridge is getting the energy out of the box. That why it’s warm at the back.

Same goes for darkness. There is no such thing in reality. There is an absence of light. Or there is only light.

Does this mean that there is no bad stuff happening? NO.

The observation of bad stuff is in our self, we have this kind of judgment. This judgment is shaped by having a body, experiencing 3 or 4 dimensions. That’s how our languages got its shape. And this is the key of all the confusion. Silent knowledge that can only be experienced and not be told does not advertize its self well. This is a significant piece of info. Pay attention 

Language its self has this limitations. It keeps you running in circles. It also means that probably 80% of this story is bullshit too. One has to feel the meaning of things between the lines. It keeps you polarized between good bad right and wrong.

In reality there is only light that we perceive polarized by our nature. Its men’s biggest quest to rise above it. I am certainly not there, I am only a bit aware of it.

There is one thing the ‘dark site’ knows in its upper layers. It will not prevail. As long it give its followers that illusion it works for a while, it flourish. And it feeds on those who fear it.

Satanists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, Hindus, Scientists, Atheist and al the others that I forgot are like the colors of the rainbow. Only together they form white light. How sad it is that individuals claim it exclusively for their group.

The understanding that all is one, and that the modern self is a false ego, that group mentality is the way to herd the masses and that the false idea of us and them divides us, is NOT a rational reality. This can be experienced if you clear the human condition. Do not eat misinformation!!! FILTER STUFF

Give room for you own nature. Reconnect with the light. Become one again with it.

The world is not going to end.

But your ego might if you’re lucky. My love is for ALL the above mentioned groups. I am not fearing them I am not fearing death.

Love and Greets






This Is great I hope this means that you will start disclosing more info about 2012. Most of what you mentioned is well known to be false so I hope you can dig in deeper and be more descriptive.

http://www.jesus-is-savior.com LOL I advise people to look at the page but a heads up to you guys who do is that EVERYTHING is the Devil to these guys. Unless you give your body and soul to Jesus your the devil, is what you well find in here. They don't even recommend that you look into yourself (spiritually) cause its the DEVIL.


You are trading white and "bad" aliens for satanists? How about some reality?



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