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Today while checking the exchange reports I was getting very astonished about what I've listened to-: After pushing nearly 800 billions $ into the economy the $ by many investors is now seen as a good investment. There is a lot of trust in the power of the US-economy. It's expected that the $ will rise. The Euro however will drop. The Easteuropean countries are getting more and more into serious calamities and it is not clear if Brussel will be able to generate enough means to help them out. Investors are transferring from the Euro into the $.

I think that sounds more like psychology than to be real. Referring to the comment of Frank Bauer on the 02/10/09-Blog-entry of Mr. Fulford in which Frank Bauer said Europe especially Germany (I would add France) would play a mean role in the game between east and west- I agree fully with this- the try for a destabilisation of European real and financial economy could be understood as a tactical manoeuvre to held Europe down, because on the other hand Germany never was such a good place for US-investors like it is now in the crisis of markets.... in this sense a weak Euro would make further business easier and would guarantee a tighter dependence on Northamerican economy, etc..

Please remember: Europe has got the potential to render an Eurasian block with Russia and China as main-protagonists. This would be a nightmare for the USA, their status as a Superpower would be then abolished. In this scenario if would have come true the USA had to do what would be laid on them.

Therefore I hope the Asian secret societies are strongly involved in an engagement in/for Europe. This time more than ever!

I'm looking ahead to get more informations on this by Mr. Fulfords blog.


Hi Ben...do you have any clout with Russia, China, India and others with regard to dropping the euro and dollar? If so...tell them to "go for it". The Fed. Reserve and Rothschilds need to be gone...and this coo would do the job!
BTW, according to scientist Richard Hoagland, Earth is being bombarded with tortion energy from the cosmos. This energy will be raising up people's awareness. It started in '96, and is getting stronger everyday. Many truths are starting to be revealed...with more to come. People in America now know, without a shadow of a doubt, they are being manipulated in many many different ways...and we're sick to death of it! All the dark deeds will be revealed, and there will be hell to pay...that's why the Illuminati are so desperate...they know their days are numbered! love and peace, paisley

Angelo Kabadanis

Dear Mr Fulford,

Please do not approve my comments to appear. I am writing from memory so some of my dates may be out slightly.

I have been researching and find that Rothschilds conquered Japan together with the US in 1893.

Further to that Japan invaded China from 1936 (and in turn conquered). in 1945 US conqured Japan. So would it be fair to postulate that they also took control of China? Firstly 2 things add weight to this being a reality: 1) China adopted a constitution on 25 December 1947, and several years (1951) later signed the world atomic treaty. Where did they get the bomb from in such short time?

The second is the financing of the "cultural" revolution where all the teenagers killed their parents and other elders. Could this be so that their ancestors could not tell the truth to their children about the [new] government (a Rothschild master strategy?).

The third is eerie and likely evident - on a 1 RMB Chinese note, these is what appears to be a "Star of David", however, not with pointed tips, but rounded ones. Also eliminating/blurring-out the "upside-down" triangle would leave us with the symbol of the "all seeing eye"

I would welcome discussion with you with on these and other issues of mind.

Angelo Kabadanis


What are you guys waiting for. The more I read the more It looks like you guys are waiting for a go ahead from the West. Why? Three very powerful nations united along side many small nations and yet you still need an OK from admitted Satan Worshipers. I suggest you now take the lead.
The agriculture of America has always been under fire and I think it goes as far back as the Great Dust Bowl. When the government jumped in and subsidized crops. Later government jump t on the corn bandwagon and all hell broke loose. E85 (rip off), corn syrup, and some other crazy stuff.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ys48bUqP2s there was a good video out there but cant find it anymore but there was this one.


Hello Benjamin,

that was yesterday 10.2 in the very serious french newspaper "Le Figaro"

I don't know how good is your french ... the paper says:

Panasonic ist calling all its employees worlwide back to Japan until the end of september. The reason has nothing to do with the crisis:
Panasonic said, a worlwide pandemic bird flu ist coming, and that's why they told all employees abroad to go back home, because there will be a phenomenal chaos in the whole world because of the disease.

You are a specialist for Japan. So do you heard of it or do you know more about this?

Where did the Panasonic Board got this information from? This walfare is amazing, anyway... Did they really mean the flu or perhaps another catastrophe?


With kind regards

Tony Ruda

Do you think that this genocide plan will go forward or that it will be stopped? Thanks, Tony


What was I thinking?
I take back anything I might have said about any progress for the Palestinians.

*There is no clear winner between Kadima and Likud, Kadima appears to have gotten 28 seats, Likud 27. Kadima has thus been able to position itself slightly under its 2006 result. Both parties claim to have won, both parties will try to form a governing majority. Lots of wrangling negotiations to follow, probably even worse than the horse-trading that torpedoed Livni's first attempt to form a cabinet in 2008.

*Far-right Yisrael Beiteinu came third (15 seats), a historic shift in Israeli politics. Party supremo Avigdor Lieberman has declared that he's willing to negotitiate with both blocs, as long as they can promise extensive bloodshed in Gaza and zero negotiations with Hamas.


Shortsells should be forbidden immediately. Why not pay a tobin-tax? Why not get rid of the interest-and-combound-interest-system? Last point is, I must admit, pure dreaming...

What's about responsebility? When we're talking about politicians- finance-minister or minister for economy- it's normal to want a responsible, experienced one in an older age on this task. But nobody seems to care when 25 young guys are moving as traders billions of dollars with only a few fingertips. That's not logical.

Therefore there must be laws to get the greedy bunch who mostly have not learned more than making more and more money and talking about it while slurping a 2000-dollar-goldpowder-spiced-ultra-cocktail under control.

Apropos responsebility...I am always sceptic when I read about 'satan-worshippers'. I don't think the 'real' elite feels responsible to something/one like Satan. I think firstly they see themselves beyond Good and Evil in a let's say Nitschean way.

Their goal, I think too, is not a static Master-Slave-NWO where they can satiated with their omnipotence celebrate a lifelong enduring party with the best stuff their court-scientifists could bring. I can imagine they're up to a luciferian road that means especially defeating Dead by transhumanistic technology.

This must not be unconditional evil. To rescue human species from the inevitable dead in the flames of the sun one day by using space-travelling and advanced computer-technology in the meanings of transhumanism is definitely a good and great task. Also is the search for individual liveprolonging....

But what they do is riding the evolutionary forces in a satanic way.
They produce wars not only for making money but for the purpose of technological progress too,- TV, radio, telephone, computer, internet, space-travel, medicine, all could be considered as children of warfare. They are testing dangerous and yet uncontrollable technology on humans and animals and don't worry about collateral damage....

I am convinced they achieve a dynamic 'hierachy of the chosen' that can benefit and raise from the fruits that billions of people will have brought and will have paid with their lives for.

The environment is close to an intermediate stage, a technological status which may fit into the statement: 'we don't need them now unusefull eaters any more'.

Surely they hold on to their depopulation-plans they're just not interested to realy share any of their stakes and any of the efforts they get out of them.


benjamin you are being feed a load of apocalyptic bull shit it is not going to happen as each day passes they are being disenfranchised
hoax 1 bird flu
The truth about Bird Flu
hoax 2 modern medicine is a cruel viscous hoax perpetrated upon the the vulnerable souls of this planet so forget your largess we know all about these gifts and the organisations that bestow them
why are these thing's below being suppressed
could it be if the truth came out the heroic medical whores of the the apocalypse who practice their trade from the shadows of the valley of death would be out of a job
hoax 3 education/media(dogma/propaganda) well they have taken the dumbing down to far just listen to the economic pundits, intellectual runts straight out of the Zimbabwean school of economics don't know their arse from their elbow
and what makes you think satan is stupid he is bound to be pretty pissed off with these so called followers who must have put back his plans to get of planet by a couple of Mega-annum also remember he is a fallen angel and related to god and I am sure the fact that most of the murder war and theft has been committed in the name of god is not lost on him and when he forecloses on these faustian contracts it is not going to be pretty it will be a case of dog eat dog


How Monsanto works to starve the world:

The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

How this brave woman works to stop them:



There are crises all across the globe.
The Stimulus Plan will fail as it was meant to do, exacerbating everything else...as it was meant to do.
We fat Americans are trapped here with our neurotoxic laced food(MSG, Aspartame among others), compelling us to eat more and get fatter, and stupider; our digressions and Public Education that dumb us down and create psychotic narcissism, and on and on...and we who are aware(and there are many~many!) feel so helpless as we watch the destruction done in our name go on.
With the Israeli election in a tie(Livni has a 1 seat lead), war with Iran recedes again, and just maybe, the pressure to help the Palestinians will prevail. Anyone for an Israeli War Crime Tribunal..could it succeed???

Demonstrations against the WTO were thought to have won progress for the starving, but they were public relation acts...nothing was truly accomplished.

Monsanto has everyone by the short hairs, and are even suing US Farmers for "stealing" their GM pollen when it gets loose and invades others' fields!
Meanwhile the honey bee colonies collapse because of Monsanto GM plants modified with "ROUND UP" the weed/all living things killer.
And in India, farmers are committing suicide. 'Terminator' seeds doing their job.

Then there is the spreading of the Codex Alimentarius to control vitamin foods as drugs and becoming difficult to obtain in effective doses. That way the fat Western Population becomes vulnerable to even more disease.

All according to plan.

So since the West is so corrupt and truly beyond repair, the Rothschild/Rockefeller minions having dug in their heels, it becomes time to focus on Russia and China and Japan, and the others who still have a chance to change things to do so.
They must take up the mantle.
Will they do it?








It looks like the Rothschilds and financiers are in dire straits and need to take extraordinary measures with the Fed and Bank of England to prop their fiat money up.

On paper, the Rothschilds might have 500 trillion US dollars but this is worthless electronic bank money if they can’t cash it in for real assets - and now the treasure trove of assets, the US and UK economy is broke, they’re broke.

A parallel: a parasite that leeches blood from a dog might get 500 trillion mg of blood out of the dog, but when it brings that dog to its knees, and can’t get any more blood from it, those 500 trillion mg are history.

The Fed eral Reserve, the jugular vein through which the Rothschild parasite leech blood from the REAL economy into their parasitical system, has to keep trying to keep the parasite alive my electronic money because the US tax payers have not enough real money left to give in the form of interest to pay the debts to the parasites.

The whole US and UK system now depeends on outsider continuing to hold the dollar and pound . As soon as China, Russia and India abandon the dollar and pound, the parasite is finished.

Unfortunately, so is America. But it might just recover if the parasite is off its back as long as the parasites don’t get control of the new currency.

I think this is a good time for China, Japan, Russia and India to pull the plug on the dollar and pound and send the system diving - before than waiting for martial law to be declared in the US and the totalitarian police state to be set up in the EU under Lisbon!
Then the economy will continue artificually for a few years through confiscation, terror and war.




Hi ben,

Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones ?
What do you think about those.

After seeing the movie 'I Am Legend' i asked my self, have I just seen a movie or is this the script for the comming years if a obscure few get there way ?

On the surface it seems to be the Rosen Cusians but generally there masters of deception, so one can ask whats the real backend of such organizations.

However, there are more people not amused by the kill a couple of billion scheme. Past year the stones where vandalized it seems.


The more we think in terms of them and us, the more we loose the connection of who we are in essence.

Group mentality.
Be creative, Think for your self.

Once the masses understand by whom its ruled, change can begin.

Love and greetings


Frank Bauer

Very sad and unfortunately nothing new.

Let's remember:

The British "empire" murdered between 15 and 30 Million people in India from 1877 until 1878 by stealing their rice for profit, i.e. for cheaper food supply of the UK itself.

Who today remembers this Holocaust?

Satan's most elegant home is the City of London!


agree that the time has come for unilateral action! Everyone must decouple from this sinking ship as soon as they can or risked getting dragged under.

- there will be starvation in America. Canada's wheat producing area could be dry in 30 years; California's agriculture -- 20 per cent of the US -- decimated in a few decades. I predict a huge genocide in the US through starvation in FEMA camps. In the UK and the EU, they will have to "kill surplus population" directly because of the dangers of revolt by financing extremist groups and pitting them against each other and also by wars.

also vital for the third world is funding small scale renewable energy projects to provide energy for farmers.

microfinance to alleviate debt - the Rothschilds, I've heard, are buying up bit by bit the land of indebted farmers in India through middle men.

Personally, I am optimistic all will turn out well in the end. This will be the last orgy of destruction from the Satan worshippinf financier before they finally go under. They'll take a lot of people with them but I predict their demise will come very soon, and then the world will be cleansed of a terrible energy.

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