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Hello! Benjamin, hope you are doing well. So many people count on you!They are having so much problem to find the best energy solution when they are already using it for their purposes and not revealing it to humanity. "Energy from the vacuum of space"!
One of the scientist that wrote a book about it is Brian O'Leary Ph.D.
"The energy Solution Revolution". Everyone should go and listen to his interview - http://www.projectcamelot.org/brian_o_leary.html

Bix Weir

I would like to make a comment about the economic demise of the United States. Although I agree with most of your take on the pending economic implosion, I believe that the USA will rise from the ashes a much stronger and better country by returning to a gold/silver standard. In the late 1960's Alan Greenspan invented the "financial computer" which he, along with some very patriotic Americans, have rigged the currency and commodity markets in order to "control" the fiat money system. His intention all along was to implode the system in the end and return to a gold/silver backed currency as stipulated in the US Constitution thus taking the banking cabal down.

We are now at that point. The US will default on the dollar and Globalization will end over night. Every country will have to fend for themselves but the lesson of sound money will not soon be forgotten. There will be much work to do to rebuild the manufacturing base in the US (using our own natural resources) so I look forward to a brighter future here. Thank you for your service to us all.



worth the read...


Benjamin, this is a report I just saw that also contains some of my advice in the report for American Prospect never destined to be printed

Ina nutshell I advised

1) that the US should use its strong research base to find the next generation of renewable energy expected to produce cheap, abundant power
2) reorganise and rebuild its decimated manufacturing base to produce the new renewable energy ssytems (including retooling Chrysler etc)
3) exploit geothermal energy - abundant in the US and accessible because of oil companies drilling equipment and know how - and solar thermal
4) build a new energy grid to transmit and store RE power
5) give solar panels and wood stoves to the unemployed to get them through the recession.

The advantages of RE apply to all countries and are a) energy independence b) reducing pressure on the environment c) allowing health economic growth d) allowing for social cohesion in hard times if the government helps people install micro RE generation.

Here is the report. I believe the headline is misleading. Clean energy is a sure bet and increasing renewable sources will be expensive and complex but not doing so will be deadly. Cheers!

Clean-energy efforts a high-stakes bet for U.S.
Increasing renewable sources will be expensive, complex
By Jim Tankersley | Tribune Washington Bureau
February 7, 2009
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama's plans to lead America from recession rest in part on a task bigger than a moon shot and the Manhattan Project, as complicated as any feat of economic engineering in the nation's history.

His goal, which past presidents have spent more than $100 billion chasing with limited success, is to replace imported oil and other fossil fuels with a so-called "clean energy economy" powered by the wind, the sun and bio-fuels.

The stakes are high. If Obama succeeds, he could spark a domestic jobs boom and lead an international fight against climate change. If he fails, he could cripple existing industries and squeeze cash-strapped Americans with higher energy prices.

"We essentially need a second Industrial Revolution that can generate lots of energy cleanly, cheaply, sustainably," Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, said in an interview. "We have a lot of necessity," he added, and the administration and the Energy Department "have to start inventing right, left and center."

Success hinges on whether Obama can nurture alternative energy sources to the point where they cost no more than fossil fuels - a feat that most experts say will require heavy doses of brainpower, cash and market manipulation.

It also requires clearing most of the same hurdles that frustrated Obama's predecessors, including: technology bottlenecks, a shortage of capital to finance innovation and above all, crippling economic factors that have repeatedly trumped good intentions.

To help renewable energy compete on price, Chu and other officials say, the administration wants to revamp energy research and spend more on it, starting with billions of dollars in the pending economic stimulus bill; to create demand for clean energy by forcing utilities to draw from renewable sources such as wind turbines and solar panels; to string thousands of miles of transmission lines to bring wind and solar power to consumers; and to levy a de facto tax on fossil fuels through a nationwide cap on greenhouse gas emissions.

"I'm not going to call it a once-in-a-generation challenge," said Deborah Wince-Smith, president of the Council on Competitiveness, a collaboration of business, labor and academics. "It's even more rare than that."

By the end of this year, the Energy Department's spending on 35 years of clean energy research will exceed the total inflation-adjusted cost of the Apollo program, which sent Americans to the moon, and the Manhattan Project, which developed the nuclear bomb.

That research, economists say, has made wind, solar and other alternative sources of energy cheaper. But fossil fuels remain cheaper yet.

Renewable sources comprise about the same sliver of America's energy portfolio as they did three decades ago, while the nation's reliance on imported oil has doubled.

Experts say more money would help. The federal government spends about the same amount on energy research today, adjusted for inflation, as it did in 1968. The private sector spends more than $1 trillion a year on clean energy research but has only begun to outpace government spending in the past year, University of California-Berkeley economist Daniel Kammen found in a new study.

"Energy is the biggest chunk of our national expenditures," Kammen said in an interview, "and we just neglect it."

Investment ran high in the oil-shocked 1970s then slumped in the '80s and '90s. It was rising again in recent years, until the financial crisis froze lending.

Chu said this week that he will recruit "the smartest people" to the Energy Department and charge them with bringing clean-energy technology to market. But to drive down prices, he said, the government must help those sources "scale up" to a size that lets them compete with Big Oil and other fossil fuel providers.

Price Fishback, an economic historian at the University of Arizona, said that when it comes to bringing technologies to market, "Governments haven't typically done a very good job of picking winners."

But clean-energy researchers say government has long helped fossil fuels, offering tax breaks and subsidizing transmissions systems, such as railroads that carry coal to power plants. Stephen Long, a leading bio-fuels researcher at the University of Illinois, said without those subsidies, many bio-fuels could easily compete with coal as an affordable energy source.


Ben, following my previous comments, I just wanted to say in my report for American Prospect I advised the Us government to retool the teetering US automobile companies to produce renewable technology systems, solar and wind among a list of measures to restructure the economy around renewable energy. In the meantime, I am sure the person contacting me was a Rothschild agent or spy trying to get my views for reasons too long to innumerate here. However, I just saw a report saying that the Rothschild bank is going to restructure the auto companies. I am sure they'll use tax payers money to pep up the industry either for military purposes (tanks, jeeps etc) or for other (renewable energy?) purposes? and then sell it off to themselves officially in an act of privatisation.




Thank you for typing in English as well as Japanese..



The threat of switching over to a renewable energy economy by Japan, Russia, China, India and Brazil in a few years could tip the negotiations going on in London now. Who needs their oil?

Below is a link study by the German Aerospace Center showing a path for the whole world can switch to renewables for 15 trillion dollars if energy saving measures are introduced in parallel - and that is without the next generation of renewable energy products that are expected to produce cheap and abundant clean energy, such as solar dye cells etc


This is a report I wrote recently on the study:


As a journo, who like you has seen the filter in operation, I find it almost impossible to get the word out about renewable energy.

In January, American Prospect contacted me saying I was the best journalist out there on the subject of renewable energy and economics and asking me to write an Op -ed about how America can create jobs using renewable energy. But when I submitted a report outlining a plan for a off switch over to renewable energy in the US that would create jobs and showing how it would help solve many of the uS current economic, social and environemntal problems, the same editor changed her mind and told me to focus only on Europe.

My revised report only on Europe's renewable energy policy should appear in April's American Prospect, even though they contacted me on January 20th and asked for my first version almost immediately.

For 3-4 trillion dollars, China, Japan and Russia could switch over to solar, wind, hydro power making their economies energy indpendent in a few years. This will also reduce pressure on the environment and help maintain social cohesion. Russia could give China and Japan gas in the interim.

If the Chinese and Japanese for example, gave the unemployed enough money to install a social panel and a wood powered stove also with a hot water and cooking facility, then there woul dbe much less social unrest as the downturn bites.

New renewable energy technology breakthroughts could also lead to an expansion in the export base and lay the foundations for future prospertiy.If China, Russia and Japan joined forces with India and even some Atab states forming a global (research) network, they could all convert their economies to renewable energy within a few years.

As I mentioned, Chinese, Japanese and Russians could use renewable energy as a bargaining chip with the Arabs to decouple oil from the dollar but also with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc now. They largely control oil, coal and uranium as well as the banks and the media.



Basically, the Rothschilds and the City of London have no money at all and no prospect of getting out of their trap without reverting to war.
Their banks -- backed by their central banks -- are used to creating electronic money which they lend out at high interest rates and they then seize assets if people default - but if the entire US and Uk and eurozoen economy is in a depression, they can't sell those assets either. They can't finance the military right now without creating more debt. Their only hope is the ibtroduction of the Amero to shed them of their debt, but this will only work for a much reduced economy and if millions of destitute Americans are eliminated.
The entire US and Uk and eurozone economy are caught in an interest bearing inflationary depression cycle.
The Japanese, Chinese and Russians should use their brain power to find a way to tip the entire debt laden collapsing financial system over the brink before it can transmute into a military dicatorship for a last gasp of life, by levering the global financial system and the need of the Rothschilds and the other bankers like JP Morgan to get people to suck in capital from outsie and keep on buying the dollar and the pound and the eurozone.
The system is going to collapse anyway, but the collapse needs to be controlled so as to destroy the bankers and allow Americans to restore constitutional government and rebuild its economy. An America built on law and order whose energies are able to flow towards rebuilding its economy is a safer partner for the world than one in death throes under the control of a banking elite.
Vital also is for the Chinese, Japaneses and Russians to invest in renewable energy priducts and research and development to make themselves independnt of oil in the next few years.
For a 3-4 trillion dollars, china, japan and russia could switch over to solar, wind, hydro power making their economies energy indpendent in a few years. This will also reduce pressure on the environment and help maintain social cohesion. If the Chinese and Japanese for example, gave the unemployed enough money to install a social panel and a wood powered stove also with a hot water and cooking facility, then there woul dbe much less social unrest as the downturn bites.
New renewable energy technology breakthroughts could also lead to an expansion in the export base and lay the foundations for future prospertiy.
The Chinese, Japanese and Russians could use renewable energy as a bargaining chip with the Arabs to decouple oil from the dollar.
If China, Russia and Japan joined forces with India and even some Atab states forming a global (research) network, they could all convert their economies to renewable energy within a few years.


The sooner China and Russia switch to a new currency the better.
The US will also benefit from a new currency. They will have an alternative to the Amero.
The Amero will alow the Rothschilds to buy up all the assets of America that they haven't already clawed up through this artificially engineered banking disaster. The 100s of millions destitute people of America will be packed off into FEMA concentration camps or the military. The incentive will be for the London bankers to build the UNA up as a military power to wage war to make more money, stabilsie their impoverished fiefdom, reduce the population and destroy commerical competitors such as China and Russia.
The Chinese, Russians and any one else who has a stake in a peaceful future -- run on renewable energy -- should take action now because the Obama administration is continuing the same policies that will lead to bankruptcy and hyperinflation and the introduction of the Amero amnd martial law soon.
The rest of the world needs to decouple from the sinking Titanic!
If America manages to push off this banking yoke, then the Americans can use the new currency too because the dollar most likely will be finished whatever happens so great are the debts, and so quickly are they mounting with no attempt by Obama to invest in manufacturing base to pay them off.

big star

この存在の元ですべてが動かされている。あなたも、この存在が誰だか薄々気づいているんでしょう? 今年は、世界の株式市場が崩壊しますよ(早ければ、春にも)。今年から大変な年になります。世界は、多極化どころかシスタールチアの言ったとおり、共産主義化していくでしょう。


What they did is after all,to violate against natural laws or divine providence and it's time to realize and admit their "fault". we'll never let them initiate a war again. Hope some are feeling the sting of conscience as a human. Assure that Japan must logically step in and lead the ring this time.
So grateful for your contribution always.

G O H !




Nice how you posted this at 11:11.


1. Quit playing the finacial game and wake up the people of the globe instead. If you fail behind the curtains then there will be no one to educate or protect the people of the world. Work with numbers of people and not that of finacial.

2. The Western powers have been at this game for Generations not decades. To belive that they will simply step aside is wishfull thinking but in the end all you will end up with is an agreement of sharing power. Which will benifit no one.

3. Get the people of America out of there coma and we could very well end this game our selves. Nothing can stand in the way of American Pride and Ego, that is why we are so good and policing people. The advantage is your's if you can wake the sleeping giant once again.

4. This better not be like the days of the Cold War were America and Russia pretended to be at each others throats when in reality we were in joint space missions and trading UFO secrets behind the people. That's what it looks like now with the West and the Chinese.

5. I cant get this across enough Im sorry but wake the people up.
For gods sake if you belive you can do this alone without the help of 6 billion people then I can not see you making this through. A government fears nothing in the world other than a well educated world.
Look at David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland for example. They may now be able to get a show on TV about 2012.

Listen to the entire thing its good.


Hi Ben...I agree with you wholeheartedly...Russia, China and others NEED to force the hand of the US, otherwise this so-called stimulus pkg isn't worth the powder to blow it to hell. The neo-cons who are holding everything up are scratching their hardest to keep the status quo...I guess it'll take the entire economy going off the cliff, before they will face what is inevitable...their ruin! love and peace, paisley

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