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I've just realized that it might confused you all that I wrote like

this,'Reopold and rather many of young Roth. are fighting with them.'

'fight with O', in the case of this, 'with' can be used in both ways

such as O is an enemy or O is an ally.

Sorry that I didn't write it clearly in the first writing of me.

I wanted to say, 'Reopold Roth. and rather many of young Roth.s( maybe

include not so young ones, too ) have been fighting against Edmund

Roth. and so on, I guess.'

In other words, Reopold and his fellow Roth.s are Our Side, probably.

Tea Cup


You can check this out, http://www.kanteiya.com/column/column.htm

This is the most interesting one;

In the previous sentence, I'll correct some sentece to this;
Bush Family(or Families) is one of Royal X-amily(P.Chales)'s relatives.

Tea Cup

The Devils of ploting N.W.O. are Edmund & Charlotte Roth. and P.Charles & Camilla
(Bushes's relative) and Lynn(maybe deeply connecting with CIA) & Evelyn Roth.(all
in England Roth.), I suspect. Anyway, it's not so far from the truth. Reopord Roth. and rather many of young Roth. are fighting with them, I guess. It is funny
that Zionism,idea of more than one or two hundreds years ago is suitable for
today ? Every one who has right head doesn't understand such crazy old-fashioned ( maybe old fascist )idea.

I found an intresting site;

1.About President Obama, http://www.kanteiya.com/column/11/1109.htm
I think we can change the new president to the right way even though the shadow government tried to control him.

2.About Cristianity and Egyptian riligion,
I think that even if it's a myth , we can learn a lot about ethics from it as well as Buddism or Isram, but not newish religions. So maybe up to coming Aquarius Era
(Spritual Era),we might need something like new sense of ethics which picked up the essence from the universal concepts of those three major religions and Confucianism( Jyu-kyo )and such like. Of course, it should not be the controling means by the governing class.

3.About a Great teacher http://www.kanteiya.com/column/09/1019.htm
I don't believe such a teacher, in priciple. But maybe there might be someone who can enlighten many people.

4.About Atomic Enegy Plants and Green-house Effect & CO2.
I think it is very much dangerous that we have such plants all over the world.
the contaminated waste from there is also very harmful and we don't have any resonable settlement about it untill now.
I still believe that Green-house Effect is deeply connected with CO2.
Because CO2 is just like blankets covering on the earth which keep the heat from the sun and warm the earth , so that's why we say it as Green-house Effect. And actually the many phenomenons are seen in everywhere , in the sea , corals are dying because of rising of sea water's temperature and on the land, the plants and crops are in danger of survive by the climate change.
I don't think the exchange of CO2 discharge right is a good solution.
We should be changing from the resource energy to harmless nature-used energy or biological energy and so on.


フルフォードさんの意見は宗教を、自然科学と分離して考えるからいけないのです。それではイスラム原理主義やアメリカの圧力団体そして戦前の国家神道です。神というのは第5次元の超空間領域の事。人間の第三意識の事で国連カント哲学を理解するのに基礎として欠かせない事項で矛盾していませんよ。我が国の三つ巴やインダス文明トラヴィタ族の卍もメキシコ国旗「蛇を劈く鳥」も総て数学や物理の話なんですね。フルフォードさんの9.11自爆テロ説を私は否定しません。いや、おかしいのですよ。繰り返しますが、大前研一氏の大前は「おおさき」と読む場合があり、「大本」の同義語なのです。大本Foundationのアラビア語版はアルカイダ、なので「日本とイラク」での聖書文言「二人の天使がやって来て木の切り株を倒し人間に獣の心を植えさせよ。七つの時を与えて時を経させよ」に引っ掛けたヤラセの可能性も否定出来ないのです。そういう意味での宗教否定論なら多いに歓迎ですが、問題は何故にオバマ氏がその共通性の疑惑を払拭してくれなかったのかという事です。私みたいな日本人は白人が怖い、と言うのも白人とは名ばかりで直ぐ怒って赤くなるから。黒人のオバマ氏は「太陽の恩み」を体現した大統領であり、日本には優しくあって欲しかった。彼は顔面蒼白しない否、出来ない「強力なタフ・ネゴシエーター」大統領として怖れているが、同様にブッシュのように直ぐにカッカッする事無く、赤くならない大統領であって欲しいと思います。アメリカではChangeと言う言葉が良く飛びますが、物理学の世界では既に40年弱前からギアが4次元から5次元(それ以上)に変遷して学問パラダイムそのものがギアチェンジしてシフトアップしているのに「一体、何時になったらアメリカはChangeしてくれるんだぁ」と私は不審視しています。英訳したらAdam Smithに読めてしまう大前研一氏は学問的内容も40年位前のパラダイムの考え方でトンチンカンなそのもの、何時までこんな世の中が続くのか、世界大恐慌とか言っている御時世に戦争なんか絶対に嫌なので責めて「学問の自由」位は我々日本人に認めて欲しいと思うのです。大前氏のしている事は学問の破壊です。

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